Dark Omens

Dark Omens I really got into this one since he was dealing with snow and ice, and being old and creaky, and we were dealing with snow as I read, and am creaky As usual, great characters, fun plot twists, convincing setting. So very glad I received this book for a review from Netgalley I must go back and look at the series to find when Libertus rejoined his captive wife, as his family life adds a fine dimension to the series.Rosemary Rowe s descriptions of Roman Britain and those who lived there are superb and historically possible, at least in my estimation The darkness of the period is hinted at but seldom overwhelms Libertus is an increasingly cheerful character despite his earlier history as captive and slave.Characters are very well developed and humorously portrayed, if a bit modern in their thought processes.The mystery in Dark Omens weaves religion and class structure in a very entertaining and intriguing tale of murder and exile A complicating blizzard grinds the Empire to a halt with exciting consequences Recommended for historical mystery fans as well as this who enjoy this ancient period. Another adventure for Libertus the ex slave, now a Roman citizen Libertus lives the English town of Glevum now Gloucester under the rule of the Romans He has a great talent for solving mysteries and somehow they seem to just pop up wherever he goes In this story he investigates the disappearance of a Roman Citizen Genialis, a far from genial chap The story is easy to read and I love all the everyday detail of life in England as a Roman colonia Set in the year AD 193 with the new Roman ruler Pertinax things are changing in Glevum, it is a bitterly cold winter and this makes looking for the missing man on foot and on horseback a slow and painstaking affair An interesting and accurate tale of the England under Roman occupation. This very exciting mystery tale is the 14th volume of the delightful Libertus series by the author Rosemary Rowe.As always the historical author s foreword is very well researched and explained in a very clear fashion and thus making every detail concerning this tale very understandable.Story telling is onceof a top notch quality, for the author has the ability to keep you attracted and spellbound to these very likeable Libertus mysteries from start to finish.As in the other books and so likewise in this book all the characters come vividly to life within this exciting and gripping Roman mystery tale.The story begins on New Year s day of the year AD 193 and it s situated in Glevum Roman Gloucester , like so many others of this fine series.The story itself is also set against the backdrop of Roman Britain in turmoil after the death of the Emperor, Commodus, and in these turbulent times Libertus accepts a contract to install a pavement for Genialis at his Glevum house, but when Libertus waits for his promised bonus for laying the mosaic in time Genialis goes missing in the snow.So what will follow is another thrilling murder mystery, in which two mutilated corpses are found and a sacrifice goes wrong, and against these circumstances and superstition after the confirmation of Emperor Commodus s death, Libertus sets out to find the truth behind all these mysteries and solve these crimes in the end, and thus stop the Dark Omens at the same time.Really recommended, for this is another superb Roman mystery by this lovely author, and one in which Our Libertus Thrills Again Like the other books in her Libertus series, Rowe places her story firmly in Roman Britain in the late second century In this case, to be specific, January 192 The date is significant since the death of the emperor Commodus and a harsh cold British winter have a lot to do with the plot Readers of other Ancient Roman Mystery writers like Saylor and Roberts may have wondered what life was like for the Client of a Patrician I d say Libertus, a mosaic maker, has a Client like relationship with his Patron Marcus That is, he s a Roman citizen at Marcus beck and call, but receives enhanced status and backing because of the relationship One thought for people who avoid reading series because they don t like coming into the middle of things although characters and their relationships have a history shown in previous novels, it s not necessary to have read them in order to enjoy this one That s true for the entire series. This is book 14 in the Libertus Mystery series of Roman Britain The main character is an ex slave granted citizenship with his freedom He is a pavement maker which is a maker of mosaics He is also called upon by his patron, the most powerful citizen in Glevum, to occasionally investigate mysteries that occur.This particular story deals with the issue of guardianship of a woman and her property At the time a woman was considered to always need a male guardian no matter her station or age There is also quite a bit about Roman superstitions and sacrifices This series is very well written and full of details of the period At times the pace is on the slower side but I think fans of historical fiction will enjoy all the added details the author has put in the story I have to say that I find myself left with a great desire to go and take a class on Roman Britain after reading one of these books Always good to return to Roman Gloucester, this time in the grip of a severe winter storm, and mosaic pavement maker Libertus The murder mystery plot isn t Rowe s strongest but the historical setting and characterisation are second to none, pushing this up to 4 stars This is quite possibly the most convincing depiction of living and working in Roman Britain that I ve read the story is almost secondary. Reallyof a three and a half star or even 3 and 1 4 star story The plot is okay, but the writing is plodding and it s somehow boring I ll read almost anything about Roman Britain, apparently Ruth Downie s Gaius Petraius Ruso series about a legionary doctor married to a native Briton is much better, but she writes or publishesslowly. It did take me a while to sort out the names and the hierarchy of the times, but that was mostly just unfamiliarity I raced through the book eager to find out who the murderer was Justice was served in many respects. Libertus Accepts A Contract To Install A Pavement For Genialis, A Self Important Citizen From A Nearby Town, In The House Of The Customer S Intended But Unwilling And Young Bride, Silvia However, The Winter Is Exceptionally Severe, And Although The Mosaic Is Laid In Time To Earn The Promised Bonus, Genialis Goes Missing In The Snow Before Payment Can Be MadeMeanwhile, At An Important Feast, The Sacrifice Is Spoiled As An Aged Priest Lets Go Of The Sacrificial Ram And When News Arrives That The Emperor Is Dead, It Seems That These Dark Omens Are Being Realised The Subsequent Discovery Of Not One, But Two Mutilated Corpses Only Adds To This Who Holds The Answer To The Mysteries Everyone Had Motive Libertus Attempts To Solve The Mystery Against A Backdrop Of Superstitious Fear Of Auguries, And Public Riots Following The Confirmation Of The Emperor S Death

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