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Anything to Have You Originally posted at read Paige Harbison s other book, New Girl, I knew I had to get my hands on Anything to Have You So, I jumped at the opportunity to be on the blog tour and have the chance to finally read it I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one, because there are so many negative reviews I actually found myself really engaged by the story even though I thought it was a bit too long but I really thought that while this had the same bones of many contemporaries in YA, Harbison s latest novel had a spark There was something different and something unique about this story it s clearly not a fluffy read, but has some darker elements to it It reminded me of Elizabeth Scott s The Unwritten Rule, but had a different twist of events at the end.A lot of the negative reviews had problems with the characters, and I could kinda see why I liked Natalie because I could relate to her I would honestly rather stay home and watch movies than go out Sometimes I wish that she hadof a spine, but otherwise, I did love her character because I could see where she s coming from and it was easier to empathize with her in contrast to Brooke Brooke just straight out annoyed me Throughout Natalie s narrative she annoyed me, but it was only when the perspective shifted I could kinda see why she acts the way she does Nonetheless, I still disliked her immensely until the end of the book Aiden was probably the only character I whole heartedly LOVED His character is an absolute sweetheart, all around good guy and wants to do the right thing.I wasn t expecting a switch in perspectives because I thought the story would be completely from Natalie s side, but I liked how we got to see both sides of the story, and it really gavedepth to the story While I did like how the perspectives go over the same events giving us the story from both sides, at times I felt that Brooke s side wasof a recaps, because it rushed through the parts that Natalie s story already covered, and I feel that this is what contributed to my lack of empathy for her character.There s a big twist at the end that I definitely did not see coming It isn t what you d expect actually from the blurb, it s pretty obvious that one thing is going to happen, but there s another HUGE something that happens It was quite a jolt, a punch to the stomach that had me going, WHAT , but I feel that s what made the story a lotinteresting.The end was great, but what I really loved surprisingly , was the end of Brooke s story Something from the beginning comes back at the end and had me smiling with realization Completely clich , but in the best way Paige Harbison s take on contemporaries is unique in style and captivating in narrative Anything to Have You was engaging, capturing the ups and downs of friendship and love in a voice that teens will find riveting and one that they can relate to Paige Harbison s third novel has me excited for what will hopefully be manyto come. This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea s BookshelfI requested this book for review before I went to Goodreads to check out if there are any reviews written already I just really liked the description and went ahead and requested it Then I went to Goodreads and saw so many negative reviews What was going through my head was, WHY did I request it But I ended up reading it and decided not to trust those people The first chapter was terrible I wanted to DNF the book I don t know why, but I continued reading it And I ended up really liking the book, can you believe it The first chapter in this book is actually just a really long and boring conversation that makes you want to throw the book into the trash can so you never have to see it again But if you manage to get past that first chapter, like I did, you may find yourself quickly engaged in the story We meet Natalie and Brooke, two best friends While Natalie is the quiet one, a girl who prefers to stay in and just watch a movie, Brooke is the wild one, always partying and the social butterfly One night she gets Natalie to come with her to a party, but what happened is that they get wasted and some of them even blackout Natalie ends up sleeping with a guy, but she doesn t know which one Is it Aiden, her best friends boyfriend with whom she woke up in the same bed with, or is it Ethan, a guy with whom she made out earlier in the night I liked Natalie muchthan I did Brooke and I preferred reading from Natalie s POV I realized whenever it was Brooke s POV, I was just waiting for it to switch back to Natalie because Brooke really irritated me She was selfish, jealous and manipulative, and I just wanted to be out of her head Natalie was really a sweet, kind and thoughtful person and a great friend I don t see what happened that night as a mistake, I see itlike what goes around comes around kinda thing Brooke knew exactly what she was getting herself into from the beginning, but I won t go much into details so I don t spoil the story for you Brooke s boyfriend Aiden was a real sweetheart, I loved him There is a twist that happens near the end of the book, but I could see it coming from miles away so it wasn t really a surprise for me But, I did like the ending and I think that Brooke will finally be ok Even though Anything to Have You started really bad, it turned out to be a great read and I really did enjoy it There was a lot of high school drama, but if you are into those kinds of books, I am sure you will enjoy this one Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest Nothing Should Come Between Best Friends, Not Even Boys ESPECIALLY Not BoysNatalie And Brooke Have Had Each Other S Backs ForeverNatalie Is The Quiet One, College Bound And Happy To Stay Home And Watch Old MoviesBrooke Is The Life Of Every Party, The Girl Everyone Wants To BeThen It Happens One Crazy Night That Natalie Can T Remember And Brooke S Boyfriend, Aiden, Can T ForgetSuddenly There S A Question Mark In Natalie And Brooke S Friendship That Tests Everything They Thought They Knew About Each Other And Has Both Girls Discovering What True Friendship Really Means This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryThis book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and or violence.I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.SUMMARYNatalie and Brooke s friendship is put to the test when they and those they love keep secrets from each other.WORLDBUILDINGFor the most part I bought the contemporary setting of Anything to Have You The dialogue was almost hyperreal and the depiction of the landscape changing throughout the seasons made me yearn for snow The depiction of teen behaviour seemed over the top to me, but I know that the legal drinking age in the US is 21 and I always have such a hard time believing that American teens get such easy access to alcohol and don t really suffer many consequences That being said, I don t believe this story was a typical teen story that it meant to represent every teen in America I believe the teens represented here are of privilege and wealth and this is their own special story and should not be taken to represent all American teens.CHARACTERS RELATIONSHIPSNatalie and Brooke were horrible to each other, but not in an obvious way and not in a way that made me dislike the book Similar to Wuthering Heights, where the two main characters treat each other and the other characters horribly but I still enjoy reading the book, I found myself invested in this story despite not really liking either character.Natalie was bland She was a typical glasses wearing brunette good girl who didn t socialise yet somehow got nominated for Prom Queen Her relationship with Aiden was sweet and I liked seeing her tear herself apart over crushing on her best friend s boyfriend I found their connection to be very realistic.Brooke was a typical bad girl, flirting with everyone despite having a boyfriend she thought she didn t want to lose, cheating and then getting angry when she was cheated on But somehow I found myself sympathetic with both Natalie and Brooke, even though Brooke treated Aiden like rubbish and I really disliked her farthan Natalie She actually reminded me of my high school best friend, a girl desperate to be lusted after by all the boys and admired by all the girls unfortunately, my high school bestie sucked at both of those things because she had an awful personality.As for Aiden, well, it s hard to hate someone written to be so obviously well liked, but he is an asshole of all kinds and really I should hate him farthan I do He did the most horrible ,despicable thing to both Natalie and Brooke, and yet all I m thinking is how nice his final situation is.WHAT WORKED DIDN T WORKI just don t buy that a girl who makes a point of never going out and socialising could be nominated Prom Queen I m not American, so I can t be sure, but isn t it a popularity contest How can you be popular when no one knows your name I also don t buy that Natalie and Aiden s end of year project was omg so totally cool like the most awesomest thing ever I don t understand how they could get other students to donate their sentimental keepsakes so some giant wall, let alone pay to put their shitty crap on it and then think it s so awesome they want to take photos of it It just seems like a really lame, stupid idea and I was totally surprised when both Aiden and the teacher fully supported it as original and awesome.On the other hand, I do totally buy that Natalie would fall pregnant, especially as her own mother was a pregnant teen I ve read that it seems to be a cycle that teen mothers and daughters find themselves in and I totally think it s acceptable to write that.I also buy that the teens are absolutely terrible at communicating with each other, and that s really what drives the plot People keeping secrets or not confessing true feelings, which is exactly what immature, undeveloped teens do.I m still trying to work out the relevance of the title While at first I thought it implied that Natalie would do anything to have Aiden, that wasn t the case, because she didn t plan or scheme to steal him away from Brooke, she was just herself Possibly it could mean that Brooke would do anything to have Aiden, but by the way she treated him and other boys, it is no longer relevant I thought maybe it could refer to Natalie s relationship with Brooke, considering all they go through they still remain friends, but then again they are pretty horrible to each other, whether they mean to be or not I mean, in high school, my best friend went after the guy I d been crushing on for ages and it ended our friendship I m still surprised Natalie and Brooke could work through everything in the end It doesn t help that when I tried to make up with my high school bestie years later, and ask her why she hurt me so much, and she confessed that she d been a selfish bitch , I saw that she s written in her online diary after meeting me for coffee that it was so nice to see losers from high school all fat and lonely OVERALLI don t think it is necessary to like a or any character to enjoy the story I think if a reader is looking for a slightly heavier contemporary novel that explores infidelity, alcohol and drug abuse, while still being a story about the drama and angst teens go through, then this will be the novel for you. Rating 2.5 5 I usually like Paige Harbison books They have a realism and edginess that authors can sometimes not quite nail Unfortunately I didn t connect with this one at all and was still trying to figure out the message the book was trying to convey.Natalie and Brooke have been BFF s since a young age When a new, hot guy arrives at school Brooke is the one to take a step out with him, although Natalie told her to put in a good word for herself Brooke, who is a little jealous of her popular but introvert friend appears to take this as a challenge and soon enough Brooke and Aiden are dating One year on, Natalie is still popular and quiet, Aiden is the nice, kind boyfriend, but Brooke isn t happy with her life This is where the book picks up from.The characters are very real Brooke is obsessively jealous of her best friend and boyfriends friendship and thinks the only way to try to bepopular than Natalie is to drink and party She seeks attention, craves it, wants guys to ogle her even though she has a boyfriend Her jealousy soon gets mixed with antagonism She hangs out with like minded people who are not like Natalie She begins to see how Natalie and Aiden aresuited as a couple but she refuses to give him up.Natalie however goes to a party, a rarity for her She wakes up the next day knowing something happened with a guy but is unsure who it was Eventually, she sees a change in Brooke and keeps her growing feelings for Aiden undercover After all, you do not get with your best friend s boyfriend, big no no The story is told from two POV s, Natalie and Brooke My honest opinion is that the author wanted readers to warm to Brooke To understand the whys and wherefores of how she works Personally it only made me hate her evenTopics covered as our two best friends free fall are drugs, alcohol abuse, pregnancy and cheating I would say that they were all covered sympathetically, the author could have gone for a farshocking story than she did Two things strike me as I finished Firstly, the book title was wrong It should have been Anything to be you Certainly Natalie didn t do anything to get Aidens attention, she was just herself And Brooke didn t want Aiden, not really so that doesn t work either The second thing was that none of the characters talked Even though they re all supposed to be very best friends and shared a lot of time together they never aired their laundry with each other I mean, don t teenagers break up and make up all the time, not sit on problems and let them escalate as badly as they did in this book I honestly think the author took her finger off the pulse on this one and therefore it just didn t seem quite accurate But that s just my opinion CBx Parliamo questa volta di uno Young Adult autoconclusivo di una giovane autrice americana.Devo dire che io ero molto curiosa di leggere questo romanzo, per vari motivi, la trama mi attirava, l autrice era nuova per il mercato italiano, e non per ultimo il fatto che dividesse il pubblico di lettori Molte recensioni su Goodreads infatti non erano affatto positive.In questo libro si parla soprattutto dell amicizia, c la storia d a certamente, e anche molto intensa, ma il tema attorno al quale ruota tutto il rapporto tra le due protagoniste, la storia d a non altro che un mezzo che l autrice utilizza per parlare del tema fondamentale.Un amicizia tra due ragazze, con dei caratteri diametralmente opposti, ma questo lo avevamo capito dalla trama che in realt non ci svela molto, anzi che definirei abbastanza ordinaria.Sono stata veramente colpita da diverse cose in questo libro, innanzi tutto parliamo del tipo di narrazione, che io definirei fuori dai soliti schemi.La scrittrice utilizza il punto di vista di Natalie, e fin qui nulla di strano, una cosa che al momento va molto di moda, funziona e crea empatia con i personaggi Ma qui entra in gioco quella che io definirei la novit , tutta la prima parte del libro raccontato con POV di Natalie la brava ragazza e quindi noi viviamo solo i suoi pensieri le sue emozioni e non ci dato di sapere quello che passa nella testa di Brooke l anima della festa e del suo ragazzo Aidan, poco prima della met del libro l autrice inizia invece con flashback di Brooke ripercorrendo con questi la sua storia d a con Aidan, b devo ammettere che stata una trovata geniale perch , bench inizialmente la cosa ti stupisca, non crea confusione e anzi aggiunge un certo numero di informazioni indispensabili, che non protremmo avere se non cambiassimo punto di vista, si, devo dire che io ho apprezzato.Questo escamotage con me riuscito sicuramente ad ottenere un effetto, farmi apprezzare a momenti alterni l una o l altra, bench naturalmente avessi la mia preferita.PER LEGGERE IL SEGUITO DELLA RECENSIONE CLICCATE QUI You can findof my reviews at Forever 17 Books.2.5 stars I was really looking forward to this read A boy coming between two friends is quite common in the teen years, at least as far as I remember and from my personal experience In fact, I m surprised it doesn t come up in YA booksoften, to be honest Needless to say, I was looking forward to seeing how these characters handled the delicate situation in Anything to Have You The result in 2 words HOT MESS.I literally have a whole page of notes on issues I had with this book and I apologize now that this review might be a tad spoiler y to get my thoughts across The overall plot, like I mentioned above, was good A girl goes to a party with her best friend and fears she might have made a mistake and slept with that BFF s boyfriend And honestly, I was enjoying the read for the most part for quite awhile It was around the 40% mark, right when things were getting interesting, that the book took a terrible, HORRIBLE turn.The book starts out from the POV of Natalie Natalie is a quiet girl who prefers to stay in and watch movies with her dad than go out and party like her best friend, Brooke I HATED Brooke from page one Seriously Brooke is selfish She wants everyone s attention to always be on her Even though she has a long term boyfriend, Aiden, she wants to be wanted by every boy in her vicinity She is constantly contemplating cheating on him and doesn t seem to care for him at all, only staying with him as someone to fall back on who she knows will pay her the attention she craves She was so superficial She had an obsession with partying and drinking and was bound and determined to get her best friend out to enjoy the rest of their senior year of high school This is all stuff you learn very early in the book about Brooke I m all for characters having issues and being unlikable just to watch them grow and mature but I could not for the life of me stand this girl.I didn t mind Natalie s character I mean, she was a bit naive and a pushover but I was determined to see potential in her character development We are unsure what exactly transpired the drunken night of the party, though it s obvious to us readers I don t condone cheating whatsoever, but somehow I found myself rooting for Natalie and Aiden, despite his attachment There was some unresolved sexual tension floating between them and you could see how much they clicked together I had my fingers crossed Aiden would wise up and end what needed to end and move on But just when I felt things were getting good for these two, the POV suddenly switched to Brooke s at 40% WHAT NO.And this is where the book failed Brooke s POV At this point we are invested in Natalie so the switch so late in the game did not fit Brooke s POV went back in time a year and highlighted specific events leading up to the present And basically it only succeeded in showcasing evenof how horrible a person and friend she was So the next 15% of the book was a recap of sorts of previous events from her perspective I do not like this style at all We see her purposely go after Aiden when it was Natalie who was interested first And we find out that the amount of drinking and partying she does is 10 times worse Hey, I fully admit that I may have partook in quite a bit of partying at that age myself, but this girl was taking it to a whole new level She d drink during the school week, carry a flask around, etc And of course, flirt with everyone and anyone in the process Let s not forget her jealousy when Natalie, the best friend she pushed to get out there and meet boys, gets a kiss from a boy not Aiden Instead of being happy for her she gets upset because she feels irrelevant and no one is actively in her face lusting after her Are you kidding me with all this Moving on, we eventually get back to Natalie and I m happier, finding myself starting to enjoy the story again Things were getting good and falling into place with even a twist added in And just when I felt like we were getting what I d been waiting for, I m sure you can guess what happened We switched back to Brooke Once again we go backwards a bit to check out what we missed on her end in the last couple chapters and then spend almost the entire rest of the book watching her downward spiral And you know what We never got to see her change and mature We never got to see her character development There s no redemption Again, I don t condone cheating, but she did horrible things to both Natalie and Aiden as well She was no victim She played the part though, all the way until the end There was even an implication that everything she was doing to herself was because of the cheating and I did not like that whatsoever She was responsible for her actions and honestly, she was heading in that direction way before the scandal The only touch of a change of character for Brooke came in the epilogue What a huge letdown to go through all of that with her just to be told about it, not given a chance to be shown.I can see why the author chose to make this a novel with a dual POV, but if it had to be done, it could have been handled in another way than this If we got the switches done consistently from the beginning, perhaps If we had gottenof a payoff with Natalie s POV at the end If Brooke hadn t been so despicable until the last page I m not sure but I feel like I might have enjoyed the novelin those cases.Weirdly, I didn t hate this book completely when it all comes down to it I do love when a read brings out emotions in me, even hate of a character It was like a train wreck I just couldn t help but watch I just kept reading and reading And I really did start to like Natalie and Aiden I m just so disappointed we missed out on every payoff we built up to in Natalie s POV s, when the story suddenly becameabout Brooke and less about Natalie So while I had so many issues, I can t say this book lacked drama and entertainment. When I first read the synopsis I was intrigued, but also wary because books of betrayal like in this one are a complete turn off for me I avoid them as much as I can But a lot of people were raving about the author, so I thought to give it a shot as well However, I went back to being wary when I saw the reviews recently out, and I can t say I blame them This is a rant that quite possibly may contain spoilers I m very angry and need to vent Now why this book rubbed me the wrong way Well, for a second there, let s ignore the parts where there was betrayal and whatnot.Let s focus on the valentine party, rager, whatever It reminded me so much of Veronica Mars, but at least there Veronica herself has dealt with the whole situation rather magnificently, she understood what it meant With Natalie it didn t feel like that at all, and I m not sure what kind of message would that be sending She was so drunk out of her mind that she passed out, whoever slept with her in that state has pretty much taken advantage of her It wouldn t be wrong to consider it as actual rape, she wasn t conscious of the fact, and the way Aiden dealt with it made me hate him so so much All Natalie did was feel weirded out about sleeping with some guy she didn t know that well, and that she didn t remember much about him touching her She didn t even have the guts to actually talk to him to know for a fact what exactly happened, oh no, she just assumed, and then rolled with it What the hell And that s basically telling girls that hey, drunk out of your mind or not, if you sleep with a guy and don t protest too hard it s consensual.Second point still not dealing with the betrayal side of things would be the portrayal of the high school life I mean, I get that I have never been to high school in the US, but it can t possibly be all about getting drunk and getting high The relationships and the people can t be as distorted as that, to the extent that it shows as if it s the norm That it s okay to be doing that Whenever Natalie told her father that she drank alcohol and stayed the night at someone s house with a group of strangers both boys and girls, he was okay with it What kind of father would be okay with that Fine with his underage daughter drinking and having boy girl sleepovers, really I m not saying they don t happen, but less with the parents knowledge.Now finally tackling the important part The betrayals.Why Brooke was a horrible person 1 Brooke is a very messed up character I didn t realize how much until the point of view of the story switched to hers She s a selfish, egocentric attention seeker I hated her when it was from Natalie s point of view I then hated herwhen it came to her point of view She has this incredible and amazing boyfriend, a guy who is ever so sweet and friendly to not only her, but her best friend as well But even though she definitely won t break up with him, she still wants to flirt with other guys and make them want her She won t cheat per se, but she wants the thrill of knowing the other guys want her, because apparently her relationship with her boyfriend has gone stale Now, the thing is, her boyfriend is hot sure, but she always knew they weren t exactly perfect for each other, she just wanted to have fun for the months till they graduate, and the real kick She s always known he would have been perfect for her best friend, who had begged her to introduce them repeatedly when he had first shown up.2 Brooke knew for a fact that this Reede guy had horribly mistreated her friend years ago, he had taken advantage of her drunken state at a party, slept with her, and dropped her just like that Reede made Natalie feel like dirt and avoid all parties and gatherings for years Does she show any sort of support to her best friend over this No, absolutely not She pretends to hate him, but personally I don t think it had anything to do with her being a good friend, and everything to do with the fact that she didn t want anyone to know that she was attracted to the horrid player scumbag.Why I didn t like Natalie Okay to be honest there are many reasons I didn t like her, but frankly sleeping with her best friend s boyfriend wasn t one of them Because you know why She wasn t lucid She wasn t aware of doing it, especially since she had started drinking due to peer pressure The blame here falls entirely on Aiden I hated how Brooke of all people had started slut shaming her, when for the majority of the book she had no idea what happened to her For all they knew she may have been freaking raped, why was that never a point of discussion I hated how everyone said she had this strong character and wasn t afraid of being who she is, but I felt like that wasn t true, she let herself be pressured into so many things she didn t want to, especially by Brooke But the worst thing of all in this entire story No one called Brooke on her bullshit The fact that she had emotionally cheated on Aiden repeatedly, that she d made out with Reede, that she was just stringing Aiden along, even though she may have personally known he wasn t for her.Why didn t Natalie call her on that Why didn t she ask her why she d rather have a horrible relationship with Aiden and all three of them be miserable rather than let her and Aiden get a happily ever after Why was she so unbelievably selfish about everything and wanting only her way to go Why did she get to make them all feel like shit, but personally not look into her life and all of the things she s been doing wrong to everyone around her The characters all felt very flat, hard to like, and hard to get attached to.This book was just bad Really bad. Anything to Have You was a really surprising read Despite some obvious flaws, I whipped through this book in one day I normally don t do cheating books, but books which involve two best friends and one of their boyfriends I find highly addicting I blame my obsession with programmes such as Sunset Beach and The OC for this.Natalie is the stay at home type of girl, she prefers spending quiet time reading or knitting whereas her friend Brooke is always at parties and getting crazy drunk Brooke decided that this year would be different, it was their senior year at school and Natalie had to be a little spontaneous So Natalie agrees to go to Alexa s party and it does end up being a memorable party for a long time to come Natalie wakes up in bed next to Brooke s boyfriend Aiden she remembers kissing Eric that night so knows that she couldn t have slept with Aiden Also she d woken up beside him half decent, but she can t shake the niggling feeling that she slept with somebody else.This is where Natalie messed up if I was in her shoes I would be committed in trying to find out who I slept with But she asks one person who denies it and then automatically assumes it s the other guy without confirming it and then ends up telling her best friend This was a stupid thing to do and of course there were several tell tales signs of what was to come view spoiler she was pregnant hide spoiler Oh my goodness, this book Sigh There were so many things wrong here So, so many This is the second book I ve read by Paige Harbison, and I m noticing a trend Apparently, this young author thinks that all teenagers spend their out of school hours at lavish parties full of sex, drugs, and alcohol Wow, I basically summed up the whole plot in one sentence Huh I cannot begin to express how annoyed I am with the way teenagers were portrayed in this book If they were young college students, I would bewilling to accept the plot But these kids were 17 I know there are some pretty uninvolved and clueless parents out there, but I find it VERY hard to believe that a father would willingly let his only daughter sleep over at boys homes during parties I also find it hard to believe that that same father figure would give his consent to his underage daughter s drinking at said party Are you kidding me Am I really supposed to buy that I feel insulted because it s so far fetched So, daddy o irritated me But it didn t stop there There were some seriously messed up characters in this book For starters, let s examine Brooke Can we say psycho Best friend from hell Hands down She s a liar, manipulative, and a complete skank It was a train wreck that you just couldn t pull away from If her character is supposed to portray teenage best friends, then girls take this as a warning you are better off alone Brooke was everything I would find in an enemy, and nothing worthy of being a friend Then there was Natalie There wasn t much difference in her character either She tries to be honest, but she leaves a lot of truths out You might as well tell a bold faced lie if you re only going to tell half truths Natalie is supposed to be super smart and with it but she s a complete idiot in the game of life I could not believe how willingly she accepted her party outcome No trip to the doctor No second guesses She just rolled with the punches like you might do when you bomb a test you know you didn t study for Um, no When STDs and pregnancies are on the line, I need the characters to beintuned with reality You don t just shrug and go about your business Then there was Aiden a sneaky pile of flaming poop I wanted to like him because he channeled my inner nerd, but I just couldn t not get beyond what he did AND what he continued to do Why was is portrayed as okay in this book to have a guy take advantage of a girl that was so wasted she blacked out at a party It was if it wasn t a big deal, and that he didn t actually date rape a girl If I had students reading this book, I would be livid I would not want them to read this and think it s not a big deal if a guy advances on you because you were drunk No way Wrong is wrong This book screwed up every message that young females need to learn It was a disgrace It just pisses me off because it makes light of very important issues, and paints teenage life in a horribly unrealistic way Do not waste your time reading this.


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