SavageThis is a hot mmf book I did enjoy it and I loved how loving Dalias mates are. If I were to use one word to describe Savage, it would be yummy This fifth entry in the Luecross Wolf series by Jenika Snow is a quick read but packs quite the punch We first meet Alric and Sam and from the very beginning, these two are sizzling hot Then you add in Dalia and things heat up evenOkay her dark painful story is not so pleasant but Alric and Sam manage to turn things around for her There is just enough character development in this short read to have me liking all three There is hot and heavy M M action as well as MMF m nage trois are oh so yummy Ms Snow ties things all together quite nicely in the epilogue, which leaves this readerthan happy This is the first book I have read in the Luecross Wolf series at no time did I feel I was missed out on anything by not reading the previous titles Savage works very well as a stand alone Altogether, this was a wonderful read I received this book from JeepDiva in exchange for my honest review The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars 4 Flames 4 Alric and Sam are wolf shifters and mates who decide to leave their pack and be on their own Moving away was hard but was something they wanted to do so when they hear something thump against the door during a blizzard, they are curious To their surprise, they find Dalia, their third She is running from an abusive wolf shifter who raped her and made her pregnant Together Alric and Sam bring her in and start taking care of her As time goes by, she starts falling for them and they all form a trio, but Dalia s past catches up with her and it s up to her to save herself, her unborn baby and her two mates The story keep me engrossed from the beginning and I found myself wanting to be her Wonderful book and since I hadn t read it the first time around, it was all new to me. Luecross Wolves They were an ancient race, a society of shape shifting creatures that, at will, could morph into humans or wolves Humans saw them as a myth, as nothingthan creatures in horror movies Werewolves they had been called, but they were so muchthan that They lent strength and power to each other, gave encouragement and knowledge They are known as the Luecross Their hearts were untamed, but their souls were free Always searching for their mate, they would do everything in their power to find that one being that would make them whole, that would complete them in a way that was unimaginable to mere mortals For without that one person, they would forever be lost, submitting to their animal nature and letting the wildness consume them The Luecross knew there was nothingimportant than finding that one person that could connect them in a way no other could Their mate was the reason they were still here, forever searching for them until they finally possessed them and showed them pleasure the likes of which they had never experienced Once they found their mate, they would never let them go Savage by Jenika Snow Book Five in the Luecross Wolves series Dalia wants to start her life over, but she didn t count on that life involving two shape shifting alpha males When a fight with the Alphas of the Luecross pack forces mates, Alric and Sam, to either submit or leave, the males take the latter option They could never bow down no matter how much their instincts tell them to obey After leaving the pack they d always known, Alric and Sam take residence high in the mountains, answering to no one but themselves But when Dalia, a lost and injured female wolf stumbles upon their home, the two wolves know that they have found their mate in a female Two males finding out they share the same mate isn t a rarity, but for these two Luecross wolves, it will take everything in their power to curb the beasts inside that demand supremacy Dalia is running from an abusive past When two rough and savage looking men save her from imminent death, Dalia senses safety and protection with the unknown wolves As she heals physically and mentally, she finds herself fighting the powerful pull her mind and body have towards the two males But submitting her body and emotions to the two wolves isn t the only thing she has to worry about With her past threatening to take her away from the only happiness she has ever felt in her life, Dalia must decide if she is going to submit to a dark past, or give in to the men that have taught her there isto life than fear and pain Jenika Snow About the Author Jenika is just your average woman She lives in the too hot northeast with her husband and their young daughter Thankfully, he shares her unusual sense of humour and naughty nature, so finding material for her stories isn t a problem. Alric and Sam are mates that want to leave their pack to have a life of their own Dalia has lived a nightmare, until she escapes Outside the front door, Alric finds Dalia freezing and passed out They know there is something special about her and want to bring her back to health Dalia doesn t know what to make of Alric and Sam being her mates She has never had men treat her with love and it s all foreign to her Evil comes knocking at their door wanting to bring Dalia back where she came from Will Dalia get the HEA that she so deserves Can Alric and Sam save her from her past I really enjoyed this book I m hoping there will be a book 2. Sam and Alric are already comitted to one another when they decide to leave their pack to be on their own Alric doesn t follow direction too well, so he needs a break from the alpha structure The two guys are isolated in the cabin when Dalia shows up, clearly from an abusive situation and pregnant after being raped by the guy she s supposed to marry They instantly recognize that she s the third to complete their little triangle But they have to move gently since she s so skittish already My thing here is that I wanted this to be longer and better developed We don t get a lot of falling in love time for Dalia, nor does she get much time to recover from her abuse It just feels like she gets over that really quickly the whole insta love thing She goes from having been raped to taking two wolf shifters at the same time, pretty quickly For an erotica novella, it s pretty good, but the romance needed . Yummy MMF shifter story from the steamy writer Jenika Snow Sam and Alric are wolf mates and they are happy with eachother They decide to leave thier pack and start life on thier own terms Along comes Dalia a injured female shifter who is also mate to Sam and Alric Dalia has been abused her whole life and is on the run until she stumbles across her mates Right from the very beginning there s lots of steam Expect to need to change your batteries and panties after reading this story I loved every minute of this short amazing story Once again Jenika Snow kept me up fantasizing about alpha shifters and the hot things they could do to me Wow Yet another great book by Jenika Snow I just absolutely loved this book I can t wait to see what she will come out with next A definite must read Happy Reading Alric and Sam are lovers, mates They also happen to be wolf shifters Alric is an Alpha who is feeling restless and tired of being told what to do by the pack After meeting with the council, he and Sam are free to strike out on their own, and settle in a cabin on a strip of land.During a snow storm, they find a body out in the snow It s a young woman, almost frozen, and she s been hurt by someone But, their wolves know their mate Dalia Cooper is on the run from hunters and an abusive alpha who would stop at nothing to have her back As much as she feels the mating call between her and the two sexy wolf shifters, she doesn t want to put them in danger Alric and Sam want to show her what protective, loving mates would do to protect her.This was an enjoyable book, and I ve always loved Jenika s stories This is fast paced and the sex scenes are hot, especially for fans of M M F books.I received this ARC in exchange for an Honest review. Dalia Wants To Start Her Life Over, But She Hasn T Counted On That Life Involving Two Shape Shifting Alpha MalesWhen A Fight With The Alphas Of The Luecross Pack Forces Mates Alric And Sam To Either Submit Or Leave, The Males Take The Latter Option They Could Never Bow Down No Matter How Much Their Instincts Tell Them To ObeyAfter Leaving The Pack They Ve Always Known, Alric And Sam Take Residence High In The Mountains, Answering To No One But Themselves But When Dalia, A Lost And Injured Female Wolf, Stumbles Upon Their Home, The Two Wolves Know That They Have Found Their Mate In A Female Two Males Finding Out That They Share The Same Mate Isn T A Rarity, But, For These Two Luecross Wolves, It Will Take Everything In Their Power To Curb The Beasts Inside That Demand SupremacyDalia Is Running From An Abusive Past When Two Rough And Savage Looking Men Save Her From Imminent Death, Dalia Senses Safety And Protection With The Unknown Wolves As She Heals Physically And Mentally, She Finds Herself Fighting The Powerful Pull Her Mind And Body Have Towards The Two MalesBut Submitting Her Body And Emotions To The Two Wolves Isn T The Only Thing She Has To Worry About With Her Past Threatening To Take Her Away From The Only Happiness She Has Ever Felt In Her Life, Dalia Must Decide If She Is Going To Submit To A Dark Past, Or Give In To The Men That Have Taught Her There Is To Life Than Fear And Pain Fifth Book In The Luecross Wolf Series, But Can Be Read As A Standalone Reader Advisory Contains MMF M Nage Trois, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, MM Sex Also Contains Some Violence, Non Consensual Touching And Mention Of Rape

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