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Annaleise Carr Over Eight Months Worth Of Planning, Hundreds Of Hours Of Hard Physical Training, Amassing A Team Of Dedicated Crewmates, Approaching Sponsors And Collecting Donations And Finally, Swimming For Twenty Seven Hours Across The Cold, Rough Waters Of Lake OntarioWhy Would A Fourteen Year Old Girl Take On Such A Challenge For Annaleise Carr, The Motivation Came Not From A Desire For Glory Her Ultimate Quest Was To Raise Money For Her New Friends At Camp Trillium, A Charity That Provides A Camping Experience For Kids With Cancer What Kept Her Going Through The Cold Water, The Exhaustion, And The Terrifying Night Swim Was The Thought Of Those Kids And Their Families That She Was Helping In August Of , She Became The Youngest Person To Cross Lake Ontario, Breaking The Record Set Than Fifty Years Earlier By Marilyn BellReaders Will Meet An Extraordinary Fourteen Year Old Girl In This Book As She Tells Her Story, It Becomes Clear How Idealism And An Intense Desire To Help Others Can Lead A Young Teen To Almost Unimaginable Achievements Fry Reading Level Title Annaleise CarrAuthor Annaleise Carr as told to Deborah Ellis Note I believe this link to Ms Ellis page is correct, but the book is not listed on her page If this is incorrect, please advise and I will correct it Publisher James Lorimer Company., Ltd PublishersYear September 1, 2014Pages Nook e Book via NetGalley 63Camp TrilliumFollow on Twitter Annaleise Disclaimer I was provided a free e book copy of this book in exchange for my fair and unbiased review Visit NetGalley forinformation This was a short book about a young girl 14 who got an idea in her head one day to swim across Lake Ontario in order to raise money for a camp Camp Trillium specializing in helping children who have cancer It is not a long book, 63 pages, and it was easy to read because the paragraphs are nicely separated and the print was large at least on my Nook version it was.The book is laid out nicely and actually takes the time to build in intensity as the reader waits to see if Annaleise will be permitted to do the swim by her parents, if she will raise the money she wanted to raise, and if she will complete the actual swim There are eleven chapters that build this intensity for the reader insofar as a book of this nature can build intensity before concluding with a helpful epilogue, glossary, bibliography, and index important tools I always look for when reading a book The glossary will be helpful to younger readers who may not understand all of the language being used in the book although, I found that even though there was help from a professional author I don t know what percentage the book comes across very much in the language of a fourteen year old girl She has an enthusiasm about herself and took this challenge very seriously that enthusiasm comes across very well in the book To me it seemed genuine and not feigned for the sake of an audience.I also liked that the book contained a variety of pictures for the reader to enjoy It helped me to know who I was reading about and what I was reading about too.Throughout the book, there are intermittent sub headings within each chapter such as What is Cancer After this sub heading, the author gives us a paragraph or two of definition I was happy to learn about many of the challenges that come with such an ambitious undertaking She was blessed to have so many supporters working with her to make the attempt.Finally, I was pleased that the author and publishers didn t decided to squelch the young lady s faith There were a couple of times when she made reference to her faith or to a Bible verse which was refreshing Some teachers schools may struggle with this aspect of the book, but it doesn t come across as preachy or condescending It is matter of fact like everything else in the book.All in all I enjoyed the book It took me about two hours to read and I believe it will be a wonderful addition to any classroom library The book will be useful for helping students see a progression of thought and perhaps also for making predictions given that the end of the book has a rather surprising twist I recommend this book for students fourth grade and up It will be a book of courage and hope for those struggling against cancer and perhaps inspirational for other young people who want to help or make a difference in the lives of others.5 5 Short, simple, inspiring story of a 14 year old who worked hard to swim across Lake Ontario to raise funds for an autistic summer camp. Awesome book for young swimmers age 10 and up perhaps Writing is definitely simple and geared for middle school students Great story of leadership, motivation and perseverance. Great Read A Girl With A Cause Annaleise Carr is the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario, and this book is her story Already a competitive swimmer, she was inspired to raise funds for Camp Trillium, a camp for children with cancer and their siblings, in Canada, when she was told she was too young to volunteer at the camp This is the story of Annaleise s remarkable swim across the lake, how she derived strength on this arduous journey by thinking about the kids she was helping, and what she learned about herself during the swim She was very resourceful in raising money for the camp, learned how to be a good public speaker while seeking donations and sponsors, and was blessed to have the total, unwavering support of her family and coaches as she prepared for and actually completed the swim The book is interspersed with interesting facts about cancer, the Great Lakes, nutrition, Marilyn Bell The Lady of the Lake and other timely observations, and contains some lovely photographs of Annaleise and her family The author s voice shines through this tale, and by the end of the book, I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to meet this dedicated, and friendly , young woman Her dedication to her cause is an inspiration to any who read her story While the book is appropriate for middle and early high school age students, it is appropriate for all ages As an adult, I was captivated It would make a good read aloud chapter book for middle school classrooms, and it is a book that could be read aloud to younger children This young woman will go far She will achieve anything she sets her mind to, and I await her next adventure I received this as an ARC from NetGalley On August 18, 2012, Annaleise Carr became the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario Even better than her achievement is the story of why she undertook the challenge.Annaliese is an avid swimmer who belonged to both a pool swimming club and an open water swimming club Every year, her open water swimming club put together a 10K swim on Lake Erie as a fundraiser One year, a teammate suggested they raise money for Camp Trillium, a camp for kids who have been diagnosed with cancer When they visited the camp, Annaliese was so impressed with it that she wanted to volunteer Unfortunately, she was told that the minimum age for volunteering there was 18 Not wanting to wait years before she could help out, she came up with the idea of swimming across Lake Ontario, the smallest of the Great Lakes, to raise money for the camp Her family was supportive of the idea, and she got to work.Annaliese had to find a trainer, and discovered that there was a governing body who controlled these long distance lake swims There were many rules to follow and a hefty registration fee, but Annaliese wanted to do this right Of course since the reason for the swim was to raise money for Camp Trillium, she had to overcome her natural shyness and start asking companies to help sponsor her Eventually, she began to get noticed by the media who publicized her cause She hoped to raise 30,000 for the camp By the time she was through, she had raised 90,000.There were a number of things I liked about this book Even though written with a professional co writer, Annaliese s voice shines through She is a smart, good hearted teen with a great family She acknowledges that she did not go through this alone even when she was alone in the water she was surrounded by family, friends, and well wishers She meets some of the families whose kids went to Camp Trillium and realizes that they, too, were not alone they had the support of their families and health care workers These kids never gave up, and that gives her the spur to not give up She admits that she was scared, she was tired, and at points had doubts, but she could not let everyone down.This is not a long book It tells her story very simply without a lot of embellishment And yet I became unexpectedly emotional when she made it across and was greeted by her sister.I read this book as an e ARC from NetGalley. I read Annaelise Carr How I conquered Lake Ontario to help kids with cancer, written by Annaelise Carr, as told by Deborah Ellis This book was a very good book I was going to pick a different one, but I m glad I chose this instead It was all about Annaelise having the idea to visit Camp Trillium and wanting to raise money for the kids diagnosed with cancer at that camp.This book was very informative, and there wasn t very much action, but overall, this book was the most inspiring It took a little less time to read than I thought it would, but that was because it was a short book This book was written about a year ago and started when Annaelise was 13 but in order for her to swing across the Lake Ontario, she had to be 14 She mentioned in the start of the book that she was 15 so, This book was written a couple of years ago.The personality I got from the book was an overall inspiring story, and made me want to do something too, like swim across a lake, but the I remember I live I Arizona and that is way to far Not only was this book inspiring, it was also very informative Whenever the book would mention something, there would be a little bubble around a paragraph with the information next to it Example She mentioned lamprey eels, after that there was a bubble below it with a bold word saying Lamprey, and below it was the information, if you needed it I would recommend this to people who love inspiring stories, and who love to be informed about events that happened in the past that were some amazing things I would also recommend this book for someone who would rather read a faster book that a longer book. Several things attracted me to this book it as a true story told by the middle school student who accomplished this record setting feat, it had plenty of photos to bring the story to life, and author Deborah Ellis Parvana s Journey, The Breadwinner had helped Annaleise to write it Once I started reading, I went straight through it without stopping Annaleise s personality shines through so clearly her generosity, determination, courage, and humor all become clear as she talks about her famous swim She decided to swim across Lake Ontario to raise money for Camp Trillium a camp for children with cancer and their siblings when she found out she was too young to be volunteer at the camp Rather than waiting for 5 years and then volunteering, Annaleise came up with another way to help.The book takes us through the events that led to her decision to swim the lake, her preparations for the swim, and then the details of that amazing 26 1 2 hours of the swim itself Photos show Annaleise, her family, Camp Trillium, scenes from the swim and her return to dry land It is amazing that a 14 year old not only completed the swim, but also organized all the sponsors and support necessary She is remarkably humble about her success and makes sure to thank everyone involved from her family to the corporate sponsors and everyone in between Annaleise is a great role model for other teens and her book is an inspiring read for all ages.I read an e book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. VERY good I really liked it I know it was super short but still Very inspiring This is the autobiography of Annaleise Carr a 14 year old girl who swam across Lake Ontario in 27 hours to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer In 2012 she broke the world record becoming the youngest person to make the swim Not only is Annaleise an amazing person, she s a pretty good writer, too Her story is engaging and heartwarming She talks about what gave her the idea to take on this challenge her friends at camp Trillium and how she went from fund raising, to training, to the actual swim She also talks about the terrifying night swim and how she pulled herself through the 27 hours in frigid waters This was an easy read and well targeted to middle grade readers The language is simple and the story thought provoking I would recommend to middle grade readers Grade Range 7 9Genre Biography, nonfiction Literary Merit Good Characterization GoodRecommendation Recommended

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