Mark of the Gladiator

Mark of the GladiatorIt fell short for me a couple of times It felt like it was dragging me somewhere but not convincing me this is the right way I don t know, maybe I should reread the second half for better judgement, but for me it was not convincing or believable Both the plot and the love story which, of course, were intertwined Credit where credit s due it was crazy hot, and if there are scenes I ll be rereading, these will be the ones. What a Tragically Beautiful Love Story Gladiator Style Anazar, aka CyrenaicusAnazar is a Gladiator and a Roman slave He s been tasked to train female gladiatices to fight in the arena A job he takes seriously, because they will be fighting for their lives Anazar also lives to please his Dominus, Marianus and takes pleasure in pleasing him sexually But things start to change when a murder attempt goes wrong Anazar finds his alliances torn He must protect his Master, even as he fights to resist his attraction to Felix, Marianus s younger brother I m going to kiss you now, he warned in a whisper, transfixed by Felix s smothered, glassy expression Make a sound, and I ll stuff my cock down your throat to silence you, and then your pretty hole won t get fucked at all He d never used words this way with a lover, but Felix inspired him Felix was his muse Felix is the attractive younger brother to Marianus He drinks, gambles, and parties, pissing away money and causing trouble He hates Anazar, for he is just another evil gladiator But Felix learns that Anazar is different from their previous trainer You re perfect A strong man, a good manoh gods, I don t want to lose you Felix and Cyrenaicus love is doomed from the start How can a gladiator slave and the brother of his owner find their Happy Ever After Amidst deception, and murder for hire, these two fight to be with each other, even as they both fight to survive Hot tears streaked his face and he didn t care He was tired of bearing his slave s burden with noble, quiet dignity All he d worked and strived for, and what had it gotten him He cast aside the last of his hope of freedom Gave in to the weight of the chains Let them anchor him to the dirt.And wept I fell in love with Anazar He was truly a good, loyal man I was disappointed when Felix turned out to be his love interest He just didn t seam worthy on the surface It took me a while to figure Felix out, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he did have a very generous heart This story was full of deceit, and murder Very few people were what they presented themselves to be And I thoroughly enjoyed it This was my first book by Heidi Belleau, and I look forward to reading manyThe writing and the descriptions were wonderful But I have to say that I was surprised by Felix s declaration of love to Anazar The authors gave no hint that there was any attraction on Felix s end Follow my reviews at Reading Haven After An Inconvenient Display Of Mercy In The Arena, The Gladiator Anaz R Is Pulled From The Sands And Contracted To Nobleman Lucius Marianus To Train His New Stable Of Female Gladiators His New Charges Are Demoralized And Untested, And They Bear The Marks Of Slavery And Abuse Anaz R Has A Scant Four Months To Prepare Them For The Arena, And His New Master Demands Perfection Anaz R S Surprised By How Eager He Is To Achieve It Far Eager Than A Man Motivated By Only Self Preservation Perhaps It S Because Marianus Is Truly Remarkable Handsome, Dignified, Honorable, And Seemingly As Attracted To Anaz R As Anaz R Is To Him But The Rivalry Between Marianus And His Brother, Felix, Sparks A Murder Conspiracy, With Anaz R And His Gladiatrices Caught In The Middle One Brother Might Offer Salvation But Which And In A World Where Life Is Worth Less Than The Pleasures Of The Crowd Or The Whims Of A Master, Can There Be Any Room For Love As A Gladiator, Anaz R S Defenses Are Near Impenetrable But As A Man, He Learns To His Cost That No Armor Or Shield Can Truly Protect His Heart Word Count , Page Count A brilliant MM Romance with a Gladiator Twist Complete with all the debauchery and backstabbing you expect from ancient Rome Death made love all theurgent. This book absolutely blew me away Why did I pick it up It s MM March, so I m reading MM Romances all month This Historical themed book was the perfect addition to the line up The Authors are also working on The Flesh Cartel Series which is wonderfully written This book is part of a larger series but can be read as a stand alone Which is a good thing, because I ve not read any of the other books in the series It was a free e book found on .ANAZAR He was tired of worrying about later He d live like he did in the arena, one passionate horrible glorious moment at a time. Taken form the battlefield and given the slave name Cyrenaicus, Anaz r has become a formidable Gladiator in Rome After refusing to slaughter helpless opponents, he is traded to a wealthy Roman household with a new mission training a ragtag troupe of female slaves to fight as Gladiatrices.In the arena, his enemies are obvious, but in the corrupt and wealthy circles of Rome, Anaz r discovers that danger lurks around every cornerThe cast of characters in this story would give any Epic a run for its money The fact that the author was able to pack so much emotion, intrigue, and action into 238 pages is nothing short of astounding.MARIANUS AELIA Marianus s Power the ability to command without threat, to have his expectations fulfilled without voicing them.That same touch guided Anaz r to his knees. The wealthy Lucius Marianus and his wife Aelia have acquired Anaz r to train their female fighters The former trainer for the gladiatrices was farconcerned with availing himself of their feminine charms sometimes against their will than he was with training the women to fight Anaz r, however, has no such desire It s why he was specifically chosen for this task.Marianus appears to be an honorable man and a fair master He is both powerful and attractive and uses his these traits to his advantage to gain the respect and loyalty of Anaz rFELIXWe are all the same Bags of bones and blood and brillianceFelix is the black sheep little brother of Lucius Marianus Openly disdainful of both his brother and the elite of Rome with which he surrounds himself Felix prefers to enjoy the pleasures of life poetry, wine, and sex This lust for life and lust in general does not go unnoticed by Anaz r.As the attraction builds between Felix and Anaz r, their forbidden romance could quite possibly turn deadly When Anaz r saves Felix from an assassin, he finds himself enveloped in a murderous plot on the house of Marianus and everyone is a suspect.THE GLADIATRICESEven though these women weren t necessarily the main characters in this story, the female warriors were incredibly badass I tip my hat to them.This story keeps you on the edge of your seat as you attempt to unravel the murderous plots surrounding the Marianus household It seems that everyone has the means and motive to kill each other, and Anaz r is trapped in the middle of it all Seems aristocratic Romans are just as bloodthirsty as any Gladiator Anaz r has ever challenged in the arena.Anaz r s loyalty is split As a Gladiator, he has only himselfAs a Slave, he must protect the house of MarianusAs a trainer, he must protect the fate of his fightersAs a man, his heart is bound to FelixThe emotional forbidden romance between Felix and Anaz r was both beautiful and erotic I feel that this book would be enjoyed by all lovers of Romance even if you don t usually go for Historical Romances, even if you don t necessarily read MM Romance, this book transcends those genres to create a moving and lasting love story I highly recommend it I absolutely loved it. Back to Rome with a romp I was at first a little sceptical about this book, but pleased to say that I was proved totally wrong A great read that transports you right back to Rome in all it s glory, debauchery and thirst for blood Anazar is a gladiator that is bought by the house of Lucius Marianus to train his team of female gladiators A hard job as the previous trainer had treated the women badly and Anazar first has to win their trust Then an intrigue and murder is uncovered which threatens his lifethan once with his fate always hanging in the balance on the whims of his master and mistress Then love enters in the form of Felix, a character I loved, but this love can only be doomed to failure with Anazar as slave and Felix being the brother of his master All I will say at this conjecture is that love wins through after some breath stopping action and unforeseen twists in the plot which keeps you on the edge your seat I liked the idea of the gender angle with this book Gay male gladiator training female gladiators to fight This is handled well and made totally believable The writing style transports any reader right back to Rome with all its might and grandness, but also its seediness and debauchery The only niggle I had was the use ofmodern expletives during the dialogues that I felt were totally out of character for this time and therefore jolted me as a reader every so often I m sure that the vulgar origins of words such as snatch or twat are far too modern, therefore not being in total character or keeping with a story set in this era Grated on me a little All in all a very enjoyable read and will definitely be returning to the other titles in this series to see what they also have to offer. The writing and world building Perfect, absolutely faultless prose and dialogue I can only sit back and admire the execution of this novel.It is ever so easy to immerse yourself in this era with the poetic descriptions setting the scenes of historical Rome The phrasing and dialog is in harmony with the era, and although it is authentic , it had me confused, stuttering over the meanings and rushing off to Google search certain phrases I am oblivious to ancient Roman culture, so this was a great education The authors research and knowledge of Roman history, ancient languages carried out to pull this off boggles my mind I applaud the authors in their brilliance.The Plot Engaging to a point, filled with treacherous back stabbing, murderous plotting and debauchery The Romans where a rather indecent lot who tend to seek their own gains regardless of others, especially ones they own It is with a heavy heart that you learn the true depth of evil disregard these rulers had over their assets The plot is evolving but rather transparent, so not too many shock horror OMG moments I also found it unwieldy and confusing with emphasis being placed on the secondary characters a lot of the time, when it should have been developing the Felix Anazar relationship.Do not fear my romance junkies, It s all wrapped up and presented quite nicely with a tidy little bow just for those who love a HEA I could have done without the sickly sweet epilogue to be honest gags The Characters Marianus Despite his so called patience and dignity, Marianus is a pig and a rapist There is absolutely nothing arousing about his relationship with Anazar, nothing His character is very one dimensional and flat, without substance or consequence He could have and should have beendeveloped, he is a nothing character, a weak wraith.Alea The Domina, totally transparent in her motivations Yep, saw that one coming from the beginning.The Gladiatrix secondary characters who feature dominantly I struggled to figure who was who with their overly complicated mythological names necessary I know, but not easy to follow Each with their own story of horror and abuse, it unsettled me but it also gives credence to Anazars relationship and kinship with these woman.Felix Did not win me over at all He is nothing but a snivelling little snot with a sadistic craving for scandal No just NO Anazar deserves so muchthan this promiscuous little twerp and his box of USED dildos Anazar A revered gladiator who has had his spirit and fire beaten out of him He submits willingly to EVERYTHING without a fight because he has no choice It s not easy reading, his treatment is often violent and despicable There is no choice for the reader not to sympathise with this man.To sum it up, I liked the book for the writing and graphic imagery All the characters lacked for something, somethan others The romance between Anazar and Felix is fickle and unbelievable I just do not see the attraction between these two at all Toward the end I just didn t care what that relationship was developing into There just didn t seem to be a fixed focus in this unwieldy plot If this had been set in modern times without the perfect prose, this would have been a total bust for me. A riveting read, wonderful world building , the authors did an exceptional job as far as their research is concerned, the lies and deception, plotting and scheming, forbidden love, the fight for freedom, this story is amazing in so many ways A big and 4.5 stars from me.As some really good reviews have been done already for this book, I ll just add my voice to their praise The storyline is very plot driven and fast paced, with a wonderful cast of characters, some of whom you will love, and others, well, I could have thrown them to the lions myself.yes Aelia, I m pointing the finger at you Mark of the Gladiator is full of mystery and intrigue, love and betrayal It is a beautifully written tale of lies, love, trust, and murder. As some of you already know because I can t shut up about it I really, really love Spartacus, which is one of the best things I ve ever seen My love for the show made me read The Gladiator s Master, which was a complete disappointment and that s why I was afraid of reading Mark of the Gladiator I truly don t enjoy giving books less than 4 stars But I decided to give this book a chance And I was not disappointed this time The fact that the main character, Anaz r, was forced to train female gladiators was a big plus I love strong females in literature, TV shows and films one of the reasons I love Spartacus so much Even though the story was focused on Anaz r, a man, the women were still important and interesting I also liked that there was a lot of action something I always appreciate It s not an easy task to keep my interest I m a bloodthirsty reader and viewer fighting and intrigues are essential to me In this book there was plenty of action, the atmosphere was great, and it kind of made me feel like watching Spartacus.The main character was okay, but he was not as nearly fascinating as view spoiler his lover, hide spoiler Review completed February 14, 2013 Overall rating 4 stars 3.5 stars for the first half and 4.5 stars for the second half of the storyThe time for hate and outrage had passed Even the bitterest seeds of resentment and despair, sown the day of his capture and watered ever since with an endless string of humiliations and degradations and pain, had dissolved into something else, something there wasn t a name for Not in any victor s tongue, anyway, and that was all that mattered here Ten lashes for laziness, ten for cowardice, and another ten for disobedience, shouted the lanista s right hand manAfter an incident in the arena, Anaz r s lanista he buys, owns and sells gladiators is punishing him severely and is sending him to the nobleman Marianus He s contracted Anaz r to Marianus for a period of two months to train a team of female gladiators As it is, Anaz r, the loyal and stoic gladiator, is perfect for the task because he is not interested in women, he won t touch them In fact, he will solely focus on the task to show them how to fight, to kill, and to win in the arena Though once arrived at Marianus s house, there isfor Anaz r to handle than a group of female gladiatorsAnaz r pulled him roughly closer I ll have the truth from you yet But the truth had undergone a metamorphosis into something embodied, held warm in his arms view spoiler Felix, hide spoiler SPOILERS too tired to actually write a review but believe me it is a must read read from down to up Blacky already told me to fix that PPP 100.0%perfection beautiful 88.0%I ll die touching you That s all I ever asked86.0% omg noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomg 85.0% this scene reminds me of gladiator when joaquin phoenix yelled at her AM I NOT MERCIFUL hehehehehe 79.0% this needs to be a movie 79.0% need a break plots plots plots 65.0%I love the voice you speak with when when you abandon yourself, said Felix Let it speak Speak through you I ve been so eager for this You re perfect A strong man, a good manoh gods, I don t want to lose you62.0%Just think how beautiful it ll look inside you I AM THINKING ABOUT THAT WHOLE EFFING DAY well not the dildo part,like your part DDDDDD 62.0% i see you are all hungry for mm gifs so to tease you at which part am i.lots of playing here honestly didn t know they had marbled dildos back then DDDDD 62.0%If you don t like it, we ll stop at once and I ll ride you like a pony Can t we skip directly to the pony bit Before Felix could answer, Anaz r regained his courage No, wait, I m curious I ll submit to you You can take me as I did you I m not that athletic Gods, but that was a lovely fuck i love them so much i don t want this book to end 59.0% HE SAID IT 3 3 3 SWOOOOOOOON 59.0%He let his hand drop from Felix s mouth, memorizing the intimate sensation of warm breath against his palm Why Felix smiled and answered with no hesitation at all Love knows not the meaning of the question why58.0%Anaz r fought back the urge to lash out and strike Hit him Fuck him Like an animal Felix unmanned him48.0% OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG SOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOT OMG OMG OMG every sentence is yellow for 3 pages can not stop highlightingThe friction against the drum tight skin of his cock wasit was ecstasy..To submission, to satisfaction Mine to give, mine to take Yes, oh yes47.0%I m going to kiss you now, he warned in a whisper,transfixed by Felix s smothered,glassy expression Make a sound,and I ll stuff my cock down your throat to silence you,and then your pretty hole won t get fucked at all He d never used words this way with a lover,but Felix inspired him Felix was his muse,better than any of the nine the poets called on I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK IN LOVE 47.0%I said quiet Anaz r silenced him with a hand over his mouth Felix s freed hand went straight to Anaz r s cock, and his eyes were wicked as they peered out over Anaz r s fingers46.0%I have to see your eyes again.Then he took a deep breath and raised his eyes,and oh gods,he looked nothing like his brother everything he was,every tortuous contradiction,was right there on the surface of his face.No barriers,no masks Love s a crazy whore, he said That s all there is,really Anaz r couldn t reply.He couldn t even breath I LOVE THIS BOOK I NEED THEM TOGETHER 46.0% Felix Anazar i want them together asap pronto like now 30.0%He d taken the full length of his master s c ck down his throat before,but gods,up his was another matter entirely.He ached.No,it wasn t quite pain, but it was almost unbearable nonetheless, that feeling of helpless invasion.Trying not to moan or hiss,Anaz r kept his mouth shut tight as Marianus gripped his thighs and levered him backward onto his engorged prick26.0%Buy us some pastries for when I get back from my laps in the pool A man can t live on a belly full of cum alone, but I suppose you already know that13.0% i believe the gif says it all at what part am i 13.0% really, really liking this

Heidi Belleau was born and raised in small town New Brunswick, graduated with a degree in history from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and now lives outside of Edmonton, Alberta, with her tradesman husband and two kids A proud bisexual woman, her writing reflects everything she loves diverse casts of queer characters, a sense of history and place, equal parts witty and filthy dialog

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