From Pain to Parenthood

From Pain to Parenthood Follow One Woman S Incredible And Heartfelt Journey From The Pain Of Miscarriages To The Joy Of Becoming A Parent Through Adoption Witness The Many Struggles That Can Permeate Your Life In The Aftermath Of Pregnancy Loss Take A Glimpse At The Overwhelming Desire Some Women Have To Become A Mother And Finally, Celebrate The Joy Of Overcoming Adversity And Achieving Your Dreams From Pain To Parenthood Takes An In Depth Look At The Entire Experience Of Trying To Become A Mother, Despite Unexpected Obstacles The Author Discusses The Grieving Process Of Miscarriage To Remind Others Who Have Lost A Baby That They Are Not Alone And That Their Pain And Suffering Is Normal And Justified She Also Provides Useful Strategies For Dealing With Grief And Anxiety, Based On Her Personal Experiences And, She Discusses What Is Involved In The Adoption Process, Including Types Of Adoption, Requirements, Pitfalls And The Wealth Of Feelings Many ExperienceFilled With Honest, Raw Emotions And Helpful Coping Tips, From Pain To Parenthood Promises To Touch Your Life With A Real Story That Shows The Power Of The Human Spirit And The Beauty Of A Mother S Love

Deanna Kahler is an accomplished writer and a proud parent Her work has been published in numerous corporate newsletters and magazines across the country She began writing as a young child and enjoys the opportunity to reach others and make a difference in their lives She writes from the heart and uses her own experiences as the foundation for her work.Deanna holds a Bachelor s Degree in Commun

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    Thank you Deanna Kahler We adoptive mothers have a special bond Unfortunately, it often comes from a lengthy, dramatic, yet beautiful story that follows suffering I felt kinship with Kahler from the first pages of From Pain to Parenthood She is a thinker She puts her writing skills to use by outlining the crucial emotional, medical, familial aspects of miscarriage,infertility, and adoption while filling the book with personal accounts, backed up by research based fact Thanks to Kahler, women have a guidebook of forgiveness, hope, and inspiration If you are affected by infertility, miscarriage, or adoption, you should read From Pain to Parenthood

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    A review for readersFavorite.comWhen I chose this book to read I knew it would bring feelings I though where gone in a corner of my mind I was right So many things resonate with me as I read the author s experience of loosing a baby I know this book will resonate with many women that have experience this trauma in their lives I too remember that The hard part of it was grieving alone with no one to share my sorrow The author recognized that this is often a problem for women who miscarry You feel so sad and devastated, but many times your friends and family don t get it They don t realize how much love you can feel for a baby you never saw, met or held It truly is a devastating experience in the live of a woman It is a trauma that you carry all your life no matter how long it happened to you I till remember the pain and aguish that I felt The author also mentioned that the pain will lessen, and the hurt subside I know and I too am a witness that that is true Do you forget no but all become a experience of faith and love You do keep going and become whole I enjoyed this book as it help me in a way to heal a little bet I know it will help other women who have or are suffering from this sad experience This book was written to tell you that you are not alone and that it is hope FROM PAIN TO PARENTHOOD also has the author s experience through adopting It will bring you new hope and ideas of what to expect from the system Great job.

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    This was a very well written book and as someone who is suffering infertility and has had two previous miscarriages I would highly recommend to those women who have suffered a miscarriage It has a message of hope and a reminder some things are out of our control and we just have to try cope and try again when we are ready I have not yet given up on a biological child so I was not ready to read the second half of this book which tells the author s experience with adoption I would assume that the tone and helpfulness continues and so I would expect it to be very helpful to those considering adoption as well.Overall this is a great telling of a very personal and difficult journey that makes the reader feel they are not alone in their struggles to have a child of their own.

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    This book was won through First Reads I greatly admire Deanna Kahler for sharing her story considering how heartbreaking her journey to motherhood was This book provides some great suggestions and resources for couples looking to adopt after infertility issues or miscarriages The only things I wish is that Deanna Kahler went a little deeper into sharing her personal story and provided of the stories of some of the other families she mentions in the book Perhaps allowing them to have a guest chapter in the book to provide their own personal insights Thank you again Mrs Kahler for writing this book I wish you and your family the best.

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    The emotions in the book are real Its not an easy book to get through emotionally at times it is heartbreaking But in the end it is very inspirational and provides great hope to any woman who has fertility issues.

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