El Llano en llamas

El Llano en llamas, Holding the spine of the book in the palm of my hand, having read Rulfo s great novel Pedro P ramo , I felt the sear of my skin before opening the front cover This short story collection s primal bleakness, savagery, rumbled within Hazemat gear in toe I pried open the book and stood back My hand burnt, cracked the pain oozing upward, outward, I stared at the sparse simple prose A style any writer might be proud of to cover many examples of a staid story line An aesthetic which yearns to be read out loud Indeed Rulfo s voice speaks in one s ear, remains unruffled in one s mind.Bandaging my hand my wife says there is nothing there I beg to differ with her That I didn t take first aid forty years ago for nothing Asking for some room I pointed out this was first responder work.It is It is Reader First Responder Work There is no training even though I thought I was well trained These stories instantaneously jump into the bleakest of environments The sun is either blazing down with such heat as to rip the stamina of a persons soul or so cold as to freeze internal life in favor of the necessity of survival with little time for endurance to dream of hope Rulfo has bared the land where almost nothing can grow Decimated, sheared, it has not been placed to support and propagate human life So, why not leave Move elsewhere Go North where money is to be made by crossing the border into the United States and returning as others have Return Yes You see this is where their dead are One cannot leave one s dead The living maybe.This is a collection of leavings More important it is a collection of being hunted From story to story characters are hunted by the unremitting sun, the soil that is no , onemountain of jagged rock to be scaled, the last bits of food to be eaten, false religions, government armies, soldiers of rebellion, outlaws, the steaming blood of revenge no matter how many years passed Time seeped by long enough where the people appear indifferent Cold blooded, cold calculated Rulfo with the slenderest of brush strokes crosses these people, we readers, over the line from indifference to acceptance This is merely the way life is and is expected to be Laying out on the arid plains he hones us in on a look at the primal savagery of the human heart A broodingly dark place to live within while reading though Rulfo s aesthetic of the writing of the plains works well as a geographic location and writing style is so skilled it underlines, setting fire, to the brutality while providing a sumptuous feast to those who appreciate the temperance of great literature.Where has he been He wrote very little Raising a family and working common jobs he wrote when he could at night producing I believe another collection of short stories and a short novel which all readers have a responsibility to themselves to explore,Pedro P ramo.This collection is not a series of linked short works building up to a common theme It is the same theme from the beginning explored in a number of fascinating examples with fascinating characters Rulfo s ability to focus on details opens worlds in short spaces The only fault I found but resulting in the loss of a star in the dust of the plains is that, though still enjoyable, a few stories were repetitious This slim volume is but 147 pages I think it is possible the editor publisher needed to fill it out so that It would look filled withpresents and thereforemarketable This was a great read in understanding these people, myself, others, the static beat of the human heart and the ways surroundings carve the niche.I give much thanks to Ben Winch for introducing me to Rulfo I doubt I would have found him otherwise and life would have been that much less. Staggering, bleak page turners that leave you wanting stories,Rulfo Each story is complete nothing left wanting and nothing extraneous.Imagine stories told by a character from one of Cormac McCarthy s southwestern novels Imagine that character retelling a story by Flannery O Connor e.g., A Good Man Is Hard to Find I almost almost suggested imagine a dictionary less Cormac McCarthy doing Flannery O Connor, but I knew what the perverse among you would make of that It doesn t require much of a creative leap to imagine John Grady Cole or Billy Parham the Border trilogy or the kid Blood Meridian hearing these stories of gloom, ominously, on any of their excursions into Mexico No Dogs Bark the negative, reversed image of The Road.I m not one ordinarily attracted to short stories, but I m so impressed by this collection that I m evenanxious to pick up the compilations of Javier Mar as I suspect he won t suffer, given my predisposition, but DAMN, Rulfo s concision seems a direct challenge to my expectations for anything written by JM Bravo, Se or Rulfo Gracias, Se or Bola o, for bringing him to my attention It sucks that the thanks and praise must be offered to the dead.I almost can t believe it one friend and one reviewer I follow have rated this book something s wrong here, something s terribly wrong , ,, ,, 5 5 4.75En un principio este libro me confundi bastante, el lenguaje me abrumaba y me perd a entre sus letras pero una vez que le agarr el modo aprend a disfrutarlo Entend que la voz del pueblo es importante y valiosa, aprend mucho, y am demasiado.El llano en llamas es la gran recopilaci n de cuentos que Rulfo escribi , y aunque algunos no me encantaron, otros s que lo hicieron, y esos fueron Es que somos muy pobres.Macario Diles que no me maten Luvina.Paso del norte.No oyes ladrar a los perros.Anacleto Morones. Di Juan Rulfo avevo gi letto il breve e intenso Pedro Paramo e in La pianura in fiamme ho ritrovato le stesse atmosfere in un tempo immobile, sospeso tra sogno e realt , in uno spazio indefinito, dove vita e morte si incontrano e si confondono.I racconti di questo libro ricompongono come tessere di un mosaico persone e luoghi di un Messico che Rulfo riprende sia dai racconti dei suoi compatrioti che dalla propria vita personale Le vicende narrate rivelano una visione crudele del mondo disperazione, miseria, grida, preghiere, imprecazioni di uomini braccati e ammazzati, stremati dalla fame e da una natura maligna Dalla vita stessa.https youtu.be qjmcE4QiBkc Estoy feliz de reencontrarme con este libro Hac a a os lo hab a le do La prosa seca, directa y austera, algo tosca, es en lo que pienso cuando pienso en la literatura ideal Es la poca de la revoluci n, o por ah , pero no es sobre la revoluci n Es sobre padres e hijos, sobre mujeres robadas, sobre traiciones, sobre miseria y hambre Es una belleza, y tiene uno bastante c mico sobre un pol tico dando un discurso, que les juro que es lo mismo que siguen haciendo hasta el d a de hoy los pol ticos mexicanos Rulfo es sin duda de mis escritores favoritos de la vida, siempre que regreso a el me reencuentro con algo nuevo Maravilloso. Publicado em 1953, A Plan cie em Chamas uma colect nea de dezassete contos, de cunho realista, que t m em comum um cen rio in spito, poeirento e abrasador, e uma humanidade moldada sua imagem pobre, impotente, desesperan ada, rude, por vezes b rbara O conjunto de uma enorme coer ncia Todos os contos s o magn ficos e agregam se para compor um retrato mais abrangente o retrato de um certo M xico rural, inclemente, em que a tristeza, a solid o, a crueldade e a feiura s o contadas de uma forma crua, mas muito bela e pungente Um retrato f sico pintado em tons de ocre, aqui e ali manchado de vermelho de sangue, com sabor a terra poeirenta, ressequida pelo sol e pelo vento um retrato humano que evoca rostos pardacentos, sulcados e endurecidos pelos elementos e pelas prova es Cai uma gota de gua, grande, gorda, fazendo um buraco na terra e deixando um empaste como de uma cuspidela Cai sozinha N s esperamos que continuem a cair mais N o chove Agora se olharmos para o c u, v se a nuvem aguaceira correndo para bem longe, cheia de pressa O vento que vem da aldeia arrima se lhe empurrando a contra as sombras azuis dos cerros E a gota ca da por engano comida pela terra que a faz desaparecer na sua sedep.10 Do conjunto destaco Luvina, que me deixou simultaneamente embevecida e destro ada talvez o conto que melhor condensa o esp rito de todo o livro San Juan de Luvina Aquele nome soava me a nome de C u Mas aquilo o Purgat rio Um lugar moribundo onde at os c es morreram e j n o h quem ladre ao sil ncio pois assim que uma pessoa se acostuma ao vendaval que ali sopra, n o se ouve sen o o sil ncio que h em todas as solid es. p.95 An outstanding collection of snippets, ever literary and uniquely blissfully Mexican These stories are timeless And it is precisely that quality, that of timelessness, which best describes the setting which pervades throughout these incendiary vignettes The best are short enough to be parables We re Very Poor heart wrenching , The burning plain epic a.k.a where Cormack McCarthy got his prose Anacleto Morones the anti 8 1 2 were my favorites The leitmotifs are beautiful and meaningful they are exceptional in many respects Like strong, strenuous gulps of mescal from different times and areas, each one represents a reality that is harrowing pinpoint specific to Mexico el llano en llamas it still burns Mis ria , pobreza, morte , revoltas, assassinatos,suic dios, vingan as, pai contra filho, filho contra pai entre outros assuntos, s o os temas desse excepcional livro de contos de Juan Rulfo.Em uma linguagem simples, por m arrebatadora, o livro encanta.Com personagens pobres, desdentados , desesperados, famintos etc, o autor retrata as injusti as , pobrezas e a viol ncia das plan cies mexicanas S o os elementos da natureza que se rebelam contra o homem a poeira que sufoca , as montanhas que tornam lugares inacess veis, as enchentes que levam os animas o vento que traz o gemido do oprimido o sol escaldante que queima as id ias tal como Meursault , personagem de O estrangeiro de Camus que, em um del rio induzido pelo calor e pela luz forte do sol, atira em um rabe causando sua morte e depois d mais quatro tiros no corpo j morto.Tudo contribui , em um ambiente de pobreza , viol ncia e mis ria, para que a maldade do homem apare a Amei o livro muit ssimo.

Juan Rulfo naci el 16 de mayo de 1917 l sostuvo que esto ocurri en la casa familiar de Apulco, Jalisco, aunque fue registrado en la ciudad de Sayula, donde se conserva su acta de nacimiento Vivi en la peque a poblaci n de San Gabriel, pero las tempranas muertes de su padre, primero 1923 , y de su madre poco despu s 1927 , obligaron a sus familiares a inscribirlo en un internado en Guadalaja

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  • 227 pages
  • El Llano en llamas
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  • Arabic
  • 10 February 2019

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