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Boken om Pippi Långstrump An Enticing, Newly Illustrated Collection Of The Enduringly Popular Pippi Stories Since Pippi Longstocking Was First Published In , The Escapades Of The Incomparable Pippi,the Girl With Upside Down Braids And No Parents To Tell Her What To Do, Have Delighted Boys And Girls Alike Now, For The First Time, Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes On Board, And Pippi In The South Seas Are All Together In One Bumper Volume, With New Illustrations In Full Color And Black And WhiteThe Collection Is An Ideal Introduction For Anyone Discovering Pippi For The First Time, While Confirmed Fans Will Enjoy Revisiting Their Favorite Episodes And Recalling Some They Ve Forgotten Her Admirers Will Also Find Fascinating New Biographical Information About Author Astrid Lindgren And The Origin Of The Pippi Stories Astrid Lindgren Was Awarded The Hans Christian Andersen Medal For Her Contribution To International Children S Literature

Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren, n e Ericsson, 1907 2002 was a Swedish children s book author and screenwriter, whose many titles were translated into 85 languages and published in than 100 countries She has sold roughly 165 million copies worldwide Today, she is most remembered for writing the Pippi Longstocking books, as well as the Karlsson on the Roof book series.Awards Hans Christian A

[PDF] ✅ Boken om Pippi Långstrump By Astrid Lindgren –
  • Hardcover
  • 290 pages
  • Boken om Pippi Långstrump
  • Astrid Lindgren
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780670876129

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    This time I am going to be THAT guy everybody hates The one that did not like a beloved children classic I can only say that I am not always bad and kicking puppies is not my favorite pastime I promise I will find something good to say about the book I also promise to buy a blackboard, write 100 times I have been a bad boy on it and put myself into a nearest shame corner Pippi Longstocking was an orphan although she did not think her father died when he was swept from a ship deck by a big wave She came into a quiet Swedish town where her father bought a home Short time later it turned out she was very independent, rich, did not suffer from excessive shyness at all, had no education to speak of and was very strong physically she favorite exercise was carrying her horse around She befriended neighboring kids Tommy and Annika The book talks about their games and adventures As I stated in the beginning I do not like the book much I love some other books of Astrid Lindgren In this case I cannot even justify my dislike by saying that I read it when I was too old as my first read was during my teens Was it still too old So during my first read I did not like the idea that there was not plot, strictly speaking just short stories with no connections between them I understand that this is exactly what Astrid Lindgren intended, but I do not have to like it.My adult reread revealed even bigger problem Pippi never had to face consequences for her crazy antics By looking around or reading news it is clear people around us have exactly the same problem they cannot take responsibility for their actions often blaming anything and everything else Free of consequences Pippi is not exactly the right role model here Yes, I realize that I sound very grown up and boring, but it is not any less true On the positive side kids around the world love the book It earned a status of a children classic One extra star to the rating is due just for this Only make sure you read it the first time before it is too late when you are around eight years old.

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    Cuando la hija de Astrid Lindgren, Karin, ten a siete a os, tuvo una pulmon a Mientras estaba en cama, Astrid le contaba historias, pero tras horas y horas de cuentos, el repertorio se termin , y Karin pidi cu ntame algo de una ni a que se llame Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter L ngstrumpf Y as naci Pippi Unos a os despu s, en 1945, se publicaron los libros en Suecia Aqu los ni os y ni as de la poca fueron privados de la compa a de Pippi, ya que, por supuesto, fue v ctima de la ignorancia y la censura y se prohibi por impertinente Demasiado mal ejemplo Antipedag gica Hasta 1962, bajo el t tulo de Pippa Mediaslargas, no se public el primero de los libros, aunque no salt a la merecid sima fama hasta 1974, momento en el que comenz a emitirse la adaptaci n televisiva yo, que nac muchos a os despu s, la ve a entusiasmada precisamente en ese instante, se abri la puerta de Villa Mangaporhombro y apareci una ni a, la m s extra a que Annika y Tommy hab an visto en la vida Era Pippi Calzaslargas, que se dispon a a dar su paseo matinal.Despu s de que su padre, Efra n Calzaslargas el Rey de los can bales , se cayese por la borda de su barco, Pippi, sola con su caballo y su monito el Se or Nelson, se instala en Villa Mangaporhombro y pronto se hace amiga de sus vecinos, Annika y Tommy Juntos se dedican a, de forma muy resumida, disfrutar de la vida En esta preciosa edici n de Blackie Books se incluyen las tres novelas protagonizadas por Pippi Pippi Calzaslargas, Pippi se embarca y Pippi en los mares del Sur. M s que novelas al uso, son una sucesi n de an cdotas y aventuras protagonizadas por los tres ni os, aunque con el paso de las p ginas el argumento s va adquiriendo algo de consistencia Lo mejor, lo verdaderamente disfrutable de esta obra, es el enorme personaje que es Pippi, la ni a m s fuerte del mundo, mentirosa, con un coraz n enorme, rebelde, con un optimismo brutal y contagioso y un modo de ver la vida m gico y acertad simo No os preocup is por m , que yo s cuidarme solita.

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    Acepto que Pippi es uno de mis personajes favoritos y que tengo recuerdos de mi infancia en los que ella era mi dolo, pero ahora que ya estoy m s grande me gusta pero ya no me fascina, lo cual no es que sea malo sino que ya no tiene el encanto que me cautivo cuando era ni a desgraciadamente no todos los libros tienen en mi coraz n la trascendencia de Alicia y Mafalda.Pippi es una ni a peculiar, con muchas cualidades que hacen que tre agrade el personaje, aunque s conociera una ni a as en la vida real probablemente me desagradar a, aunque me quedo preguntandome Una amistad como la de este libro funcionar a en la vida real La primera vez que le esta historia fue de las cosas que m s me gustaron y hoy me doy cuenta que no, no funcionar a Pippi es demasiado fant stica, demasiado libre y demasiado ella por lo que termina opacando a todos a su alredor, en un entorno real Tommmy y Anika estar an con ella por notoriedad, por admiraci n y por fascinaci n pero, entre tantas mentiras, no estar an por amistad porque no puedes amigarte de lo que no conoces.Guardar con cari o las historias de la vaca, del picnic, de los matones y de su padre Rey de los canibales, pero no creo leer nuevamente esta historia porque siento cada vez ser menos reluciente para mi Lo que si debo decir es que Pippi presenta muchos valores que hoy las ni as y ni os deben aprender la chica no es debil, tonta ni necesitada Los ni os no son quienes deben salvarlas y no eso ellos son menos Las chicas tambi n pueden ser femeninas y no por ello menos valiosas.P.D La pel cula y la caricatura es aboslutamente genial, y retoma las historia del libro as que tambi nes una buena opci n.

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    It was fun to reread Pippi s adventures and revisit her playful approach to the life Five stars because of my emotional attachment to this book

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    Pippi no es feminista como quiere subirse al carro Blackie Books en el pr logo del libro Pippi es Pippi No hay valores ni nada, solo es diversi n Es la historia de la ni a m s fuerte del mundo y sus aventuras disparatadas.El libro es entretenido, gil y tiene un puntito de melancol a que le da otro regusto a tanta aventura loca.

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    Rese a pendiente, tengo mucho que decir.

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    Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim s Daughter LongstockingIf you loved Pippi as a kid, you probably had that memorized My sister and I used to repeat it to each other frequently Very useful for annoying the older siblings With adulthood came the memory dump of all nonessential information, but as soon as I started re reading the book it all came back to me Maybe I should give the sibs a call and recite it, just to remind them how lucky they are to have me as a little sister I really envied Pippi Longstocking when I was about ten years old What kid wouldn t These are the things that made me jealous 1 She lives alone in her very own house.2 She has a horse living on her veranda.3 She has a pet monkey named Mr Nilsson 4 She doesn t have to go to school.5 She s uncommonly strong stronger than the strongman at the circus She can even lift her own horse.6 She has a suitcase full of gold coins that never seem to run out.7 She says whatever she wants to say, and gets away with it She s really quite obnoxious and rude, which I never noticed as a kid This volume contains three Pippi books, but I only read the first two One chapter into the third book, I was ready to move on to something else When I was a child I strongly favored the first of the Pippi books, and that preference still stands I was never as fond of Pippi in the South Seas, although I do love looking at the illustrations.

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    lo mejor de lo mejor es le rselo a los peques en voz alta Creo sinceramente que este libro naci para ello Leerlo en voz alta, disfrutar de esta ni a imposible, de darle vida con nuestras palabras, de darle rienda suelta a esa Pippi que llevamos dentro y que nos hubiera encantado ser De modo que os animo a acercaros a este hermoso por dentro y por fuera libro Mi rese a completa en Libros Prohibidos

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    Me encanta Pippi y sus aventuras Adem s sus p ginas est n repletas de buen humor y chascarrillos c micos que funciona tanto para ni os como para no tan ni os Langstrump o Calzaslargas es un personaje que me provoca mucha ternura adem s de ser una revolucionaria total Seamos todos un poco Pippi en la vida y la disfrutaremos m s.

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