Snow Kissed (Woodlands, #1.5; Games, #4.5)

Snow Kissed (Woodlands, #1.5; Games, #4.5) Reindeer Games By Jessica ClareWhen Mouthy Luna Is Voted Off Of Endurance Island Alaska First, She S A Little Bitter About It The Only Thing That Assuages Her Pride Is Knowing That Owen The Sexy But Douchey Guy That Ousted Her Was Out Next This Means, Unfortunately, That They Re Spending A Lot Of Time At The Loser Lodge Together But Will Their Fiercely Competitive Natures Bring Them Together For The Sexiest Christmas Of All Undressed By Jen FrederickNoah And Grace S Happy Ever After Hits A Stumbling Block In The Form Of One Shady Professor Threatening Noah S Scholarship Eligibility Noah Is Given The Choice Of Throwing His New Year S MMA Fight For A Big Payoff Or Accepting That The True Meaning Of Love Isn T Measured By The Thickness Of His Wallet But The Depth Of Grace S Big HeartThe Sound Of Snow By DS LinneyWidowed Billionaire Gabriel Trentham Never Expected That The New Nanny He Hired Would Be The Same Woman He Spent An Unforgettable Night With Six Months Earlier She S Determined To Keep It Professional Between Them Now, But Will A Blizzard Provide Him The Opportunity He Needs To Change Her Mind

Jill Myles.Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood She reads all the naughty parts of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super sexy situations She prefers her heroes alpha and half dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

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    Wow The stories were wonderful as were the excerpts from other books by these authors that I read The anthology truly captures the feelings of the season and I ve got some reading to do Woodlands series, here I come

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    I didn t finish the last one, just due to the situation the guy was in when they found each other again Sad face.

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    5 stars purely for Jessica Clare s contribution Reindeer Games I haven t read the other 2 stories yet

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    Reindeer Games by Jessica ClareReindeer games was a sweet, fun and romantic Christmas story and I really enjoyed it Luna and Owen are both contestants on Endurance Island, a survivor type reality show It s the Christmas version and thus they are thrown together in frigid Alaska to compete for 1million dollars They both end up on the same team and butt heads immediately I think they are both very competitive leaders but Owen was kind of a douchebag He was on Luna s case from the get go and he never listened to her ideas He made her look like a fool despite her logic in the games and ended up getting her voted off first Unfortunately for him but very deserving, he s voted off second and they end up alone in the Loser s lodge There was chemistry and attraction there for sure but Luna thinks he s a Neanderthal and Owen thinks she s a loud mouth Being stuck together forces them to interact and as they get to know one another, sparks fly and they are able to see the good qualities in each other that they were blind to before I liked the idea of enemies becoming lovers and found it fun and refreshing However, I found Owen s major turnaround in character a little too convenient He goes from a total dickhead to these sweet and charming guy in a matter of minutes and I m not even sure I can believe they were the same guy.Undressed by Jen FrederickThis is a Woodland Hills novella centering around Grace and Noah s first Christmas together If you ve read Undeclared, you know who I m talking about and you re as giddy as I was to get a little of these two Noah and Grace are spending their first Christmas together as a couple and despite their solid relationship, there s always something that threatens to get in there way Noah has a big fight with huge financial potential on New Year s day but his shady professor wants him to throw the fight and is promising him an even bigger payout He s also threatening Noah s scholarship Noah has a lot of insecurities when it comes to money and they really show through in this novella He can t get past his tough childhood and he really thinks that money is the solution to all his problems and that it is the only way to keep Grace around forever Grace doesn t care about money one bit and she definitely goes out of her way to try and prove this to Noah and be sensitive of his feelings.Noah s insecurities bothered me a little because I loved him and he is this really amazing guy so seeing him so insecure was tough I loved the way Grace respected Noah s feelings and she did some pretty amazing things for Noah to prove her love for him As irritated as I was with Noah for acting like a fool, I was proud that he made the right decisions in the end and he overcame those insecurities about money He finally saw through his money hungry gaze to see that Grace would choose him over money any day of the week Also, I am a huge fan of Jen s weekly story from her newsletter, the Charlotte Chronicles, so the epilogue in this novella made me smile so hard I loved it The Sound of Snow by D.S LinneyThe Sound of Snow was sweet and sexy and a fantastic Christmas novella Gabe is still wallowing over the death of his wife 4 years earlier when he meets Ria at a hotel bar They hit it off and Gabe is instantly attracted to her like no one before They spend a sexy, steamy night together but Ria is gone when Gabe wakes up in the morning Six months later, she shows up at his door to interview for the new nanny position, unaware that he is one and the same The chemistry is definitely there and six months hasn t negated any of the sparks.I liked the way Ria instantly connected with his children and she was like a real life Mary Poppins Gabe has such a strained relationship with his kids and Ria helps reignite it She definitely puts his family back together again and this only solidifies his feelings for her This definitely had a little insta love which I m not a big fan of but it didn t hinder my enjoyment of the story I still really liked the characters and the plot and found this to be a great Christmas novella.

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    Snow Kissed is three short stories, all with a Christmas or snow theme They were all well written and lots of fun Reindeer GamesJessica Clare Jill Myles is one of my favorite authors I ve read everything she s written, and have yet to be disappointed Reindeer Games is a short story to compliment her Games series Everyone has that one series that you go to when you need a smile or just a good laugh The Games books are mine They are based loosely on reality T V shows In the first book, Wicked Games, we are introduced to Endurance Island, think Survivor This story takes us back to Endurance Island, with a twist This is Endurance Island Alaska And it s a Christmas theme Luna and Owen, have issues from the moment they step foot into their canoe to start the game Luna is mouthy and a bit of an Alpha female Owen is totally an Alpha male, and extremely competitive To say she doesn t take kindly to Owen s pushy attitude is putting it lightly They hate each other And lucky for them, they are the first two voted out That means they get to spend lots of quality time together at the Loser Lodge And after an epic food fight, the producers punish them by changing up the rules of the game After all its the Christmas show, lets add some excitement That means that Owen and Luna, are excluded from any further activity, where the game is concerned So now it s just the two of them, alone, in snowy Alaska, until the conclusion of the game.UndressedMy introduction to Jen Frederick was the book Last Hit The first book in a new series by Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare and really loved it This short story is about Noah and Grace Two people from way different sides of the track Grace grew up with a very lavish lifestyle, lots of money, the best schools and the ability to have anything she wanted Noah grew up in the total opposite His mother had died when he was young, and his father lives on food stamps and spends most of his time drunk He struggled for everything When he was old enough he enlisted in the Marine Corps That s where he met Grace, when she became his pen pal Knowing he needed to find a way to make some money, he took up MMA fighting, bought a frozen yogurt franchise and is completing his education All in the hopes of being good enough for Grace But when a shady professor, proposes a deal that s almost too good to resist, Noah is tempted to take him up on his offer And even ready to accept the plan, of throwing one of his fights, when his scholarship is threatened But does he really need all that money to win Grace over Or does he just need to love her That s the question he needs to find the answer to The Sound of SnowDS Linney is a new author for me But I m going to be looking for books, I loved this story.This story almost had a modern, updated Sound of Music vibe going A young ex nun, hired by a widow to care for his children Billionaire, Gabriel is finally accepting the loss of his wife, and moving on with his life He s newly engaged Just hired a new nanny to care for his four children and his business is thriving Little does he know, that the new nanny is the same woman he spent an incredible night with six months earlier And has spent months trying to find.Maria has taken the job as the new nanny to finally start paying off some of her student loans She has yet to meet with the man who has hired her, only dealing with his assistant so far.Now she needs to help put this family back together It s obvious that Gabriel loves his children But he doesn t seem to know how to show them So it s up to Maria, to put him back together with his kids And to keep her hands off of her new boss And her thoughts about him strictly professional If she can.These were really fun, quick reads With a couple of excerpts for upcoming books thrown in I had a lot of fun reading them.

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    Rating only for Reindeer Games by Jessica ClareReindeer Games was a cute little read that had me smiling throughout it.The story is about a reality show like Survivor, but instead of Boa Boa and skimpy bikinis, we have cold Alaska As you can see from the blurb, our MCs are the first two to be booted off Their relationship starts off much like Abby and Dean from Wicked Games if you have read that So they start off on the wrong foot and end up bickering and hating each others guts I personally am not a fan of love hate relationships because most of the time they say do nasty things that makes it hard for me to root for them And most of the time it s totally unnecessary But that was not the case with Luna and Owen They do bicker and get in each other faces, but it never made me cringe or hate them.So they arrive at the loser lodge and are at each other throats, or just avoiding each other After learning that they have to spend weeks with each other alone for reasons, they decide to call a truce, and this is where the story gets amazing What I Liked Owen was this big alpha type who wore t shirts with cupcakes on them Since he was a pastry chef How adorable I thought I would be annoyed with him but after the truce he was totally book boyfriend material The mistletoe scene was adorable I could not stop smiling Their competitiveness It starts out as a problem between them and they slowly turn it into a cute game Seeing who can make better cookies, snowman, find a better christmas tree, and eventually who can kiss better Their nicknames for each other Luna calling Owen Cupcake was the best thing ever Low angst This is the novella if you want a quick, cute, pick me up that will leave you smiling I know a three star rating may seem low but for me it really isn t For a short story, three stars is the highest I usually go.What I Didn t Like It was too short Yeah, it was meant to be a novella but I liked Owen and Luna wayyy better than some of the other couples in Jessica Clare s Games series Favorite quotes I m not hating this whole Loser Lodge thing, I have to admit But Luna s being kind of thick headed How many times do I have to pick a fight with the girl to get her to realize I want to kiss her Why you d want to kiss me He didn t look in my direction, and I could have sworn there was a hint of a dark flush on his cheeks I thought it was pretty obvious, Boston I like you

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    All in all this is a fun book with good winter romance I love reading novellas when I have a little time here and there or if I don t know what I feel like reading not ready to commit to a full length novel I think these are the best way to get the cute and fluffy fix quickly I love winter romances, always did Think that snow is way romantic than spring Maybe because the flowers distract me from gazing into someones eyes Or I am too busy running round discovering the show nature puts on who knows Maybe it s because I meet Mr.O in the snow who knows I can recommend this to lovers of the genres and to others like me who love novellas Reindeer Games 4StarsSeriously cute and fun story loved the MC their bickering soooo much The storyline really unique i am a sucker for winter romances so up my alleyThe character building is really well done and I totally got them both, despite not being competitive at all I enjoyed the courtship, loved the battles and the smut was nice as well The end is a bit abrupt and to suddenly all HAEUndressed 3StarsThis is the follow up novella to Undeclared So if you mind some spoilers, best stay away They are minimal though, and this does work as a standalone as well I am not so sure about the storyline It was too typical romance for me on one level a bit too melodramatic The epilogue was way to happy clappy for me I would have been fine without it But I do see the appeal of it for fans of the series I guessThe character building is done so well, that I in only 100pgs really cared for the characters, the MCs and their friends So I will definitely pick up the series at some point Oh and the smut Yeah definitely, a yes Sound of Snow 2Stars if i wouldnt have liked the kiddies parts it would have been 1.5 This is definitely some Sound of Music and possible some Mary Poppins and a dose of lust, melodramatics and smut To be honest I enjoyed the soppy Sound of Music family winter bits sigh I know I should be hard ass, well I am But 5years of no snow and a childhood spent playing in the snow I am a sop when it comest to winter cuddlies and winter romance atm,and we add kids in the snow to it apparently S.O.P I know I know But besides that, I didn t like the smut, the romance was insta lust love with melodramatic dialogues so not my thing And in the last scene Gabriel was so patronizing I felt like smacking him Ria was to innocent on one hand and too blunt on the other I just didn t believe it It is really well written though, and I am sure many lovers of the genre will feel enchanted and delighted I however, once I woke up form my kiddiessnow trance ended up flinching and rolling eyes.

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    I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley Shel It s no longer the Christmas season but these are still fun for the inevitable snow days still to come They practically beg for you to be snuggled under a blanket or sitting by a fire as you read a freezing cold day slip away Court Right I loved the winter feel and the steaming up the sheets, both in these character s beds and the pages of our books Shel When I started this collection I had only read Jen Frederick s work so this was a nice introduction to the writing styles of Jessica Clare and D.S Linney Here s what you have to look forward to Shel In Jessica Clare s Reindeer Games you ll get to experience two people learn to adapt to harsh conditions think Survivor in the dead of winter in Alaska Court Ack, that would just be awful Shel and each other She writes screenplays and he is a pastry chefa very interesting dynamic between these two This one reads super fast Court I loved how much fun this one was It is a lot of fun Shel In Jen Frederick s Undressed we get to see how Noah and Grace get to their HEA as we gain insight into Noah s insecurities and Grace s family I loved seeing how these two ended their story Court Me too I am now fully connected to Grace, as much as I have been Noah Yay Shel In D.S Linney s The Sound of Snow we see two people meet with a bang and find each other, surprisingly, a few months later It was a sweet ending with very little angst and some seriously steamy scenes Court I wanted even out of this one to develop their relationship a little bit , but being that it is a novella it was a very nice introduction to this author Shel These are novella length stories so be prepared to wish for about these characters Luckily it looks as though things are in the works for all of these writers so keep your eyes open so you can buy their books Court I did want way too, but I had a great time reading these I ve been all about the novellas lately I think y all will like these even if you re not familiar with these author s yetYou ll wanna get to know them a little better before you re done

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    So, this is 3 novellas by different authors, reviewed by each story.Reindeer Games by Jessica Clare is TOTALLY AWESOME and everything an adult contemporary should be, great fun story, sizzlin chemistry Loved it.Undressed by Jen Frederick was, unfortunately, a DNF for me.The Sound of Snow by DS Linney was a surprise to me my natural dislike for the venture capitalist asshole dad hero character was sort of overshadowed by the story s unintentional I really couldn t tell hilarity, it being basically a modernized Sound of Music where the cast is mired in ethical quagmire Picture Maria and the Capitan humping in snow in front of the children and I think you ll see where I m coming from It s also guaranteed to piss off anyone who has ever been cheated on after humping AGAIN mostly clothed It s not cheating if there s no penetration in the library or wherever they take time out to reflect on the fact that he s engaged to another woman, and he is like, No, trust me Maria, we aren t cheating So the happiest ending I could envision for these people is a hasty marriage followed by his tragic painful death and then her raising his children, since he was doing kind of an indifferent job of it in the first place.

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    This review is based only on the story by Jessica Clare.I sort of feel let down by this one I had hoped that things would have ended differently for Luna and Owen I hoped that they would have changed the focus of the filming from the Alaskan outdoors to the Luna and Owen antics It was funny how they seemed to have a hate right from the start and it only got worse I thought that Luna made the right choice to just let things ride, knowing she was going to get voted out right away I really didn t expect Owen to be the next one voted out, although it made for some funny reading.Even though things didn t end how I thought they should I was happy with how they did I would love to see of these two for an update.

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