Pride and Perilous

Pride and PerilousThis is the 2nd Kyle Callahan mystery and it should be noted it is not a romance The MC s are an established ciuple in their 50 s wit Kyle about to have his own one man show at Katherine Pride s gallery, but people connected with a previous show ate being murdered and it s Kyle, with the help of Lindsey, the newly out lesbian detective who is visiting him to put the pieces together.This isn t a who dunnit as that is know from the start as the narration is shared between various characters including the murderer Like the first book it s well written with some nice characters but in places it falls a little flat in particular the side story of Kyle s partner Danny, his employer and long term rival which kind of fuzzled out and went nowhere. I found this book on a list of LGBT books I read the blurb about it and downloaded it, not knowing what to expect I will say, in not knowing what to expect, I thoroughly enjoyed it The author does a great job introducing characters who had previously been introduced in Book 1 of the series which I had not yet read but have since started reading and it does not feel like overkill in how he introduced everyone The author sets the scene and brings alive the story of murder in real locations, including Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, and the Gayborhood While many of the characters are LGBT, not all are, and this book does not have any LGBT erotica that has become all too synonymous with books in this genre For anyone in the LGBT community or allies who enjoy fiction, this is a good book to put on your list. Manhattan S Katherine Pride Gallery Becomes The Center Of High Art And Low Death In Pride And Perilous, The Second Of The Kyle Callahan Mysteries Amateur Photographer Kyle Is About To Have His First Photo Exhibit At The Gallery, Just As Someone Begins Killing People Connected To It Bodies Start To Fall And Kyle Realizes Somebody Wants This Gallery Closed Forever Joining Kyle And Danny Are Several Of The Characters From Murder At Pride Lodge Kyle S Down But Never Out TV Reporter Boss, Imogene Landis Margaret Bowman, Aging Owner Of Successful New York City Eatery Margaret S Passion The Odious Linus Hern, Restaurateur From Hell And Danny S Nemesis And Detective Linda Sikorsky From The New Hope, Pennsylvania, Police Force She Worked On The Pride Lodge Murders And Became Close Friends With Kyle And Danny She S In Town For The Opening Of Kyle S Show And To Fill Them In On The New Woman In Her Life No Sooner Does She Leave The Train At Penn Station Than She Finds Herself Joining Kyle In The Chase To Stop A Killer As Time Ticks Away Can They Do It Before The Clock Strikes Death Again 4.5 I enjoyed the first book in the series but this book the second was even better The dual story ARC s the murder mystery and the underhanded Business revenge story, which is continued Knowing who the murderer is from the beginning doesn t decrease story s effectiveness Following the the murderer s actions and finally discovering the reason for his actions is the heart of the story Can t wait to read the next in the series, hoping it is as good as this one. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The interweaving of the stories, Danny vs Linus and Kyle vs Kiernan, was done masterfully The book is not a long one, so the author does not waste a lot of time on non essential sidetracks and is very concise The characters of Danny, Kyle and Linda are well done and endearing Set in the world of emerging artists, this book can give the reader a great feel for just how desperate people are to find success and get ahead in their fields as well as find satisfying relationships Also, the insiders view of NYC is fascinating The author definitely knows how the city works and how the art world works I loved the fact that Kyle and Danny s friend Linda just happened to be in town and how the author flawlessly integrated her and her detective skills into the storyline without making this feel phony The mystery involves Kyle working to uncover who is killing emerging artists, while he and his partner prepare for a visit from his mother and a first showing of his photographs at a gallery However, though important as a backdrop, it is obvious, from the start, that photography is not Kyle s first love solving mysteries is The way the author portrayed the affection and love of the two main characters, Danny and Kyle, without going overboard only added but did not detract from the story Finally, by integrating the story of Danny and Linus and keeping it to one of the main themes, the search for relationships, was well done and didn t muddy the book with a lot of extras I have not read the first book, but, after reading this one, I am definitely going to look for it as well as any other in the series I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and who is looking for one that is great but not like the usual run of the mill books out there I received this book from a goodreads give away to read and review. 2 in the Kyle Callahan series Disclosure I obtained this book from the author through First Reads I have severely mixed feelings about this novel The multitude of settings and the flashback opening made the book difficult to get into however, once in, I found it had a strange appeal The plot flow seems to be leading up to a Bridge of San Luis Rey like convergence at amateur photographer Kyle s debut gallery show Several things interrupt the flow and enjoyment of the novel Mis placed trust in Spellcheck allows several homonyms to slip into the manuscript lack of spacing between scene shifts has successive lines p.173 placing the killer with his intended victim and a seeming incongruous question about traffic actually asked by a detective in a cab and, p 175 the killer takes a photograph but he is called Kyle, the protagonist, which is confusing because Kyle is a photographer Last is the matter of sexual orientation Chap 2 has the murder of a transsexual Kyle and his gay partner, Danny, attend the gay wedding of Kyle s first partner two of the three other murdered artists are also gay, and the third is lesbian, partnered with a lesbian bus driver interviewed by Kyle the receptionist at the gallery is gay the killer and the person plotting to ruin Danny are both gay the visiting police detective and her domestic partner are both lesbian The only significant straight characters are all older women The gallery owner, the minor celebrity Kyle works for, the woman who own the restaurant Danny manages, and Danny s mother The lack of diversity is disconcerting.Kyle Callahan series The Katherine Pride Gallery is the center of high art and low death in Pride and Perilous, book II of the Pride Trilogy and the second of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries Kyle, an amateur photographer, is about to have his first exhibit at the gallery, in Manhattan s Meatpacking District As time ticks away, bodies begin to fall and Kyle realizes somebody wants this gallery closed forever Join the chase as Kyle and his partner Danny Durban reunite with Detective Linda Sikorsky from the New Hope, PA, police force They met solving the murders at Pride Lodge, and Linda has come to town for Kyle s opening, only to find herself joining forces with him again to capture a killer before he captures them. Format Audiobook We used to be outlaws What a pleasure to meet up again with Kyle and his six year long partner, Danny Life for this couple is pretty hectic at the moment Kyle is best man at his friend s wedding, he has his frst photographic exhibition coming up in a few days and their friend Inspector Linda is coming to stay Meanwhile, Margaret s Passion, the restaurant where Danny works, is under threat Then an artist acquaintance is murdered Time for Kyle to investigate The joy of this book goes well beyond the story, though it is a good one a psychological thriller with the killer s own point of view interspersed between the chapters on Danny and Kyle No, the greater pleasure lies with the characters themselves, a comfortable older couple with their everyday hopes, fears and friendships, so well portrayed that they become real people And this fully three dimensional roundedness is enhanced by K.C.Kelly s reading His voice is gentle but clear, pleasant on the ear and conveys emotion without hysterics He is the perfect narrator for this excellent series.Each of the Pride novels is a stand alone and this is no exception But beware, they are addictive My deep thanks to the rights holder, from whom I received a complementary review copy of Pride and Perilous, via Audiobook Boom, for reuniting me with this delightful couple It s like meeting old friends Highly recommended I requested this mystery through First Reads because of my fondness for novels about art, artists and the gallery and museum scene I also am a genuine fan of a good series If I love one book by an author, I am thrilled to find twenty with the same characters.This is one of a handful of self published novels that I have received through the First Reads program In return for the privilege of receiving one of these books I try to be open minded, fair and constructive in my comments The element that Pride and Perilous shares with the other self published novels I ve read is that it needs a gifted professional editor Someone who is paid to be brutal, constructive and critical.Despite the potentially interesting subject matter, I never managed to escape into the novel The language, the characters, or the plot never managed to engage me but they could have, or should have I m going to re read and edit this review before I push save and I encourage Mr McNease to do that with this book. We meet again with Danny, Kyle and Detective Linda in a new murder mystery But there is also the matter of Margaret s restaurant and how Linus trying to get revenge on Danny and let s not forget that Kyle is showing his photographies on a gallery for the first time As a matter of fact, Katherine Pride Gallery, where he s doing his presentation, it s right in the middle of the murder mystery.This is a truly engaging story, with a loving relationship in the background, a great friendship and a mystery that keeps the suspense until the end, so yes another series to keep listening Yes, the main protagonists are gay but the focus of this book is on the murder mystery So if you are looking for romance in the foreground this is not the book for you.There is evidence of loving relationships but they are in the background instead we have twisted love arising from the harm we do when we think we can discard other people without a backward glance.The book can be read as a standalone but is best understood having read the earlier book in the series.The ebbook I give 3.5K C Kelly as always does a sterling job with the narration so I give this 4

I ve been writing since I was eight or nine, quite a long time in the brief span of any life I m the author of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, two of which have been best sellers on Kindle My first Detective Linda mystery, Last Room at the Cliff s Edge , was released in September, 2016, and called a winner by Publishers Weekly I released Murder at the Paisley Parrot in 2017 and Black Cat White

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