Hasty Wedding

Hasty Wedding Clare Gilroy Was Sunshine And Rainbows And Strictly No Dice To Darkly Taciturn Reed Tonasket, Whose Native American Blood Made Him A Misfit In Her Lily White World Damning His Forbidden Passion, Safeguarding Theharsh Solitude Of His Soul, Reed Vowed To Steer Clear Of The Tempting Anglo Until A Las Vegas Evening And A Dizzying Spin Of Fortune Cast Him Into Clare S Arms

Debbie Macomber is a 1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today s most popular writers with than 200 million copies of her books in print worldwide In her novels, Macomber brings to life compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring friendships, uplifting her readers with stories of connection and hope Macomber s novels have spent over 1,000 weeks on the New York Time

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 253 pages
  • Hasty Wedding
  • Debbie Macomber
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
  • 9780373097982

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    Reed Tonasket and Clare Gilroy go to Vegas for their friends wedding They end up doing the deed themselves too But regrets soon follow Reed is Native American and doesn t want to even try to fit into the white man s world, even though he is half white himself So when he makes the mistake of marrying a white woman he regrets it It was a nice little romance but I felt Reed was too obsessed with his being Native American and can t have the white woman mentality But Debbie Macomber is a good writer and even though this one felt a little dated, it was a good read.

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    Clare Gilroy was sunshine and rainbows and strictly no dice to darkly taciturn Reed Tonasket, whose Native American blood made him a misfit in her lily white world Damning his forbidden passion, safeguarding theharsh solitude of his soul, Reed vowed to steer clear of the tempting Anglo Until a Las Vegas evening and a dizzying spin of fortune cast him into Clare s arms

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    I quite enjoyed this book, I like the author s writing style and found I connected with the characters well

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    I enjoyed the journey of new relationship that Clare and Reed

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    Um, before I start, I will say, this book was completely a guilty pleasure It was just one of those days, ya know Quit judgin me while you re ahead, though Just keep on moving along I needed one of these brainless romances today and this novel sufficed More than sufficed, really.Reminiscent of another story with a similar plot, I normally don t read Vegas married romances But I was intrigued And even so when it turned out our male interest is half Native American Clare and Reed s romance was almost tangible There was never any doubt about that The crazy things that went on after their so called hurried romance took the brunt of the story It was kind of understandable so it didn t infuriate me as much as other stories did thank goodness Clare was kinda innocent but she wasn t as weak as Reed thought she d be when confronted with the hardships of life Meanwhile, Reed had a lot to think about He may have thought his actions that caused so many problems were noble to him, but it really wasn t the best for them both Thankfully, this story touched a solid conclusion and didn t just abruptly end there when the two decided things were all hunky dory Oh no I m glad for that It may not resolved too deeply into the issues that may come up when marrying someone of Native American descent, but it left us with a taste of hope that things at least could turn out well for this couple.Altogether, for a guilty pleasure indulgence, this book wasn t bad If you ever have one of those days well, look no further, I guess.Overall Recommendation Clare and Reed s fast paced romance could be considered insta love but it didn t quite feel so bad since their chemistry was clearly tangible Would this happen in real life Heck if I know, but one thing s for sure This satisfied the criteria of a guilty pleasure novel for me It wasn t all brainless romantic craziness It covered issues of racial prejudice as Reed is half Native American I thought it probably was what made all the misunderstandings and problems for the married couple bearable because it was somewhat understandable Overall, it was an interesting read Interesting being the key word cause I don t know what else to describe it as For of my reviews, check out Down the Rabbit Hole

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    There s than one way to capture a man s heartOn the day of her best friend s Las Vegas wedding, Clare Gilroy fears that her own walk down the aisle will never happenuntil she finds herself falling for best man and town outcast Reed Tonasket.After a dizzying night in the glitter of Vegas, Clare wakes to find a ring on her finger and a husband by her side It should be everything she s ever wanted, but can a man like Reed ever fit into the life she left back home Clare Gilroy was sunshine and rainbows and strictly no dice to darkly taciturn Reed Tonasket, whose Native American blood made him a misfit in her lily white world Damning his forbidden passion, safeguarding the harsh solitude of his soul, Reed vowed to steer clear of the tempting Anglo Until a Las Vegas evening and a dizzying spin of fortune cast him into Clare s arms..My ThoughtsThis week end I just wanted something light and fluffy to read and noticed this book by one of my favorite Mind Candy authors, Debbie Macomber She is my comfort food reading author when I can t seem to arrive at what I m craving to read This definitely was the kind of Mind Candy I was craving, sweet cotton candy to be sure It just kind of melted onto my brain leaving me in a sweet sticky kind of state of mind, somewhat predictable However, I enjoyed it enough to give it 3 chocolate kisses.This book is part of my Nook library.

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    I love a good shotgun wedding where the people involved are gungho about getting married but one person in the party might have a change of heart the next day well that is exactly what happens in this book Reed has loved Clare for years but has never had the courage to ask her out because of his one concern He is a Native American and Clare is bot But once they arrive in Las Vegas for their best friends wedding they find out that they both actually really like each other and are attracted to one another After the wedding Reed sees how this wedding could affect Clares reputation in her small community and there would be no way for him to protect her because his life is on the reservation BUt like all romance novels one person realizes the others mistake and tries their hardest to change the other persons mind So Reed does everything he can to get Clare out of their wedding but he finds himself fitting the urge to make love to Clare.

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    clare Gilroy has helped her friends with their weddings but she has been engaged for 3 years with no sign of going to the alter to soon.when her boyfriend jack blows her off at the rehersal dinner she is mad he knew about it for weeks.the next day she flys to vagas for her friends wedding she tells jack its over.while in vagas she spends time with the best man reed a indian and she begins to have feelings for her not knowing that reed has been in love with her they end up getting married when they return home jack is there with a dimond and finally wants to marry her.

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    In Macomber s romantic novel, Clare Gilroy is on the rebound after ending her engagement to her longtime fianc At her friend s wedding in Las Vegas, Clare finds herself running on high after a couple of wins and the attraction that has blossomed toward best man Reed Tonasket is growing After a night of fun, the couple find themselves married to each other Now as they look each other in the eyes, they each must ask the question Is what we feel real or was it simple impulse What a great story by a master

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    I stayed up late reading this book It wasn t the greatest book but it was a good enough story line that it made me want to stay up late Of course I always like reading about arranged marriages or spur on the moment weddings and I enjoyed the characters.

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