Tempting Meredith

Tempting MeredithAstrophysicist Meredith Burke S Professional Life Is Perfect Her Personal Life Is Another Story Years Ago, A Menage With The Man She Loved And His Roommate Left Her With A Broken Heart And A Secret She Hasn T Trusted Anyone Since, But When She Meets Rugged Hunting Guide Charlie Connor She Figures She Doesn T Need To He S Got One Night Stand Written All Over HimAfter One Night With Meredith, Charlie Needs She S Intoxicating, And Shockingly Willing To Give Him Total Control Of Her Body When She Agrees To Spend An Entire Week With Him At The Lodge Where He Works, It S Than He D Hoped For But Blaine Bridges, Charlie S Best Friend And Boss, Has His Own SecretsBlaine Hasn T Seen Meredith Since That Disastrous Encounter Eight Years Ago, But He Still Has Feelings For Her Now She S Dating His Best Friend, The Man He Wants For Himself When Meredith Invites Him To Join In Their Naughty Play, His Pleasure Is All Consuming But Will The Secrets They All Hold Close Destroy A Beautiful Beginning Or Bring These Three Lovers Closer Than They Ever Imagined

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 245 pages
  • Tempting Meredith
  • Samantha Ann King
  • English
  • 19 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Tempting Meredith

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    I have to say, the sex in this book is top notch The scenes are hot and the menage oh yea its awesome, but other than that, the book is quite flat I really didn t care for Meredith at all She was one dimensional, boring, doing very little for me at all The men however, I liked Blaine attracted me a bit than Charlie but I liked the good ole boy.The Beginning, taking place years earlier, was actually quite good, but once we got to today, the author lost me It just didn t have any spark at all, other than the sex The main character, Meredith didn t have any personality at all The author hits it quite well In the sex scenes and definite writes a good m nage, but she needs to work on the characters personalities a bit I did, however find the book well written and the grammar and spelling are good The book does have potential but would need to be re worked to give the characters some personality They are just too one dimensional and NOT in your face, for my liking I need less monotone and BAM .hi I m Meredith Blaine Charlie etc

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    This book grabbed me in the beginning.Had me.But, as I read on I started to loose interest Which Really is a shame because this book had so much potential.I ve read a lot of m m m, m m f, m f m, f f m books This book was a little hard for me I wasn t really feeling Meredith.Charlie was ok I loved Blaine.There were a couple of things that just didn t work for me.Some parts in this book were too technical Meredith s science talk The way she played pool in the beginning of the book rubbed me the wrong way. The way Meredith acts like a ditzy blonde the topper for me was her BIG secret Why keep another person that has every right to know about that secret from that person UghhJust overall Meredith personality rubbed me the wrong way I just wasn t really feeling her at all And once she revealed her secret at 87% way to long to reveal that secret I just couldn t stand her Her reasoning for it all Her brushing away Blaine When he wanted to go with her She s a very selfish person Hello Of course he would want to go It s not all about you any Even after When Blaine just went surprised Meredith She still couldn t be an adult about Blaine wanting to know the secret She made every decision wasn t thinking about anybody else but herself.She has no right to tell someone else what they can can t do or keep it from him she should have been sympathetic.Ughh I swear The only reason this book is not a 1 or 2 star for me is because of Blaine Charlie I think they should have kicked her butt out it should have just been the guysAlso tooThe book just didn t float easily for me It was hard for me to get into The parts that did flow were between Charlie Blaine I wanted of just them together Book provided by Carina Press via Netgalley Michelle

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    I don t know if books are planned for this series, but, so far, Waiting for Ty is my favorite While I enjoyed this one, it was a bit slow to catch me and I found Meredith hard to connect with She seemed too self absorbed and passive aggressive for my overall tastes There were definitely things I admired about her, like her calling Charlie s foot reading a party trick If she would have thrown the rules of evidence, the scientific method and Occam s Razor right out the window after a couple party tricks, that would have been a deal breaker for me but she didn t, so that went a ways in redeeming her in my eyes.Charlie is very observant and is good at reading people, but I didn t see any reason to believe in his psychic abilities He was essentially employing cold reading techniques, though he may not be consciously doing it Regardless, I didn t get the impression he took it all that seriously though he may a little bit , anyway, so I can live with that His was a very likable character dominant, caring, hot, with a willingness to push his own boundaries.Blaine is someone from Meredith s past A past she is rather uncomfortable with, although she admits it wasn t Blaine that was really the problem, but her douchebag ex boyfriend that was the problem Trouble is, Blaine reminds her of a time in her life she has been running from for the past 8 years Blaine has been in love with Charlie for years, but has never made a move because Charlie is straight I also really liked Blaine Overall, I enjoyed the book I really liked the dynamic between the characters and the sexytimes were super yummy.

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    2 1 2 Stars I am not sure what it is about this series but I just can t fall in love with these books When I read the blurbs I am always excited to read them thinking I will love them but it just never happens I am disappointed that this book did not live up to my expectations It had so much potential but seemed to fall flat The idea of a woman having a disastrous experience with a menage while in college Years later falling for a guy and be introduced to his best friend boss who turns out to be one of the guys she had had that disastrous menage with, seemed intriguing to me I am pretty sure I would have found the story a lot enjoyable if I would ve like the main female character but I really couldn t stand her.I did like both of the men in the story, Blaine and Charlie Blaine so than Charlie and in truth I could ve been happy for the story to be about the two of them falling in love and having Meredith as of the catalyst that made it happen When I read menage I look for that undeniable chemistry between the characters, the naturalism for all three of them to be together they have to work better together as three than just two I didn t feel that with Meredith, Blaine and Charlie.As for the story outside of their relationship the subplot, I didn t find it interesting enough to truly pull me in I wasn t invested in it and found myself skimming through it.

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    The idea of a scientist, who is female, in a romance was my gotta read this moment when I found about this story Smart girls are fun because they re usually so caught up in their own head and in their work that it leaves them socially awkward and sometimes a bit angsty about romance Then if that s not interesting enough, m nages are one of my favorite categories of romance erotica, and yes I do like romance and not just sex here, there and every where Oh, and a believable storyline is always good See where my problem is I ve already got expectations I ve not read King s other books in the Lovers and Friends series but I do believe that this story is some how related to that series because Landon is Meredith s sister Jen wrote a review on that story, Waiting for Ty , if you want to check that out Meredith s story starts as it means to go on It s a sex scene during her college years with her then boyfriend, Dylan, and his roommate, Blaine Everything about that scene spelled warning to me because Dylan was too excited about having a threesome with Blaine and Meredith and come to find out from Meredith s thoughts that Dylan had been prepping her by using a sex toy along with his penis in her vagina when they would have sex But I guess when you re in love, young, stupid and in college those things don t ring a warning bell Is that what we re learning about in college boys and girls In the harsh light of morning when the goodnight has ended, Dylan doesn t call her and she doesn t hear from Blaine again until she accidentally runs into him, years later.Meredith plays, have always played, the ditzy blonde so she can be accepted socially and those same people that she s trying to fit in with won t figure out how smart she is She s almost 30 years old and still playing that game how old do you have to be to find that balance between being open to meeting new people and thinking that everyone around you is too dumb to have a conversation with you unless you dummy yourself down I didn t like Meredith I didn t find anything likable about her actually She came off as a woe is me kind of person and I don t find passive aggressive to be an attractive trait Everything about her including that secret that she hid not only from Blaine but from her family bothered me to no end view spoiler She got pregnant during the threesome with Dylan and Blaine and didn t tell anyone other than her sister, Nikki She then gave the baby up to a couple, Chris and Larry, in an open adoption I think she chose a male couple because the guys would have to explain to the child who the mother is But during 8 years of correspondence which including multiple please from the guys and the child Meredith never responded Why have an open adoption if you re not going to correspond hide spoiler

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    If you read one MMF book this year, it should be this one TEMPTING MEREDITH packs both an erotic and emotional punch that is rare in this genre, and Ms King does it incredibly well.Eight years ago, Dr Meredith Burke s college boyfriend and his roommate Blaine introduced her to the exoticness of a threesome, but the fallout left her heartbroken and carrying a heavy secret Meredith hasn t trusted any man enough to get involved since that night, but when she meets hot firearms instructor Charlie Connor, the rugged and sexy republican makes her want to dip her toes in the water again Unfortunately, no matter how many times Meredith tells Charlie she only wants him for his body and some down and dirty sex, he still manages to sneak under her defenses, making him a danger to her heart Charlie knows that Meredith is the one for him almost from the moment he sees her Between her blonde bombshell looks, kinky proclivities and Mensa member intelligence, she s a study in contrasts that both fascinates him and turns him inside out Stunned when she takes him up on the offer to visit him for a week at his lodge, he s nevertheless thrilled about the developmentand that he ll get to introduce her to Blaine Bridges, his boss and best friend Oh, but Meredith and Blaine already know one another in the most delicious way possible, and to Blaine s amazement, he s just as attracted to her now as he was back in college But it kinda sucks that the man he loves is also in love with Meredith When Meredith realizes that Blaine once again wants the same man she does, she s got some tough decisions to make Can the three of them come to terms with their secrets and desires and learn to trust in love Do not delay, pick up TEMPTING MEREDITH immediately if you re a fan of incredibly well written and emotionally poignant MMF erotic romance stories This book is off the charts fantastic, every word methodically planned out to make this an effortless read that will stick with you for awhile It s definitely one that I will pick up again and again with pleasure.Meredith isn t your typical heroine She s socially awkward, insanely intelligent and totally clinical in her inner and outer dialogue I absolutely adored her I could definitely see how, for someone so crazy smart and literal, the results of a kinky sexsperience resulting in a baby had to really mess with her The sexual tension between her and Charlie is phenomenal, and his easygoing country boy charm really complemented her in all the best ways And when he became the boss in bed, I think I fell a little in love with the rugged ginger myself One of the best parts of TEMPTING MEREDITH was the thoughtfulness to which Charlie approached a sexual relationship with Blaine once he knew that the other man wanted him as well as Meredith He wasn t opposed he just hadn t ever considered it before He had to reevaluate who he was, if not the prototypical straight, white, monogamous man He didn t jump in with both feet immediately, but instead took some time to think and consider and made a decision based on a longtime friendship with Blaine that allowed him to push past his nerves, giving the reader an emotional and raw erotic relationship that we can root for This book didn t feature a ton of scandal or drama or mystery or suspense It didn t feature unrealistic characters who get down and dirty every five pages or relationships that went from zero to sixty upon meeting Instead, Ms King took her time, letting us savor the slow seduction of this trio for all the right reasons If I could give TEMPTING MEREDITH a twenty star rating, I would This is one of the best books I ve read this year and I truly can t wait for from this very talented author.

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    AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Once again I am blown away by this author Another truly amazing story with a real plot, with real people, who have real problems The main character Meredith is a young genius who is socially awkward and is in her first relationship with a guy named Dylan She believes they re in love and that they have a good relationship Enter Dylan s roommate Blaine who is struggling to identify his sexuality and come to terms with his attraction to his roommate Dylan is also attracted to Blaine but is not committed to exploring those feelings without someone as a buffer So Dylan comes up with the brilliantly insensitive plan to use his girlfriend to help his sleep with his roommate but not sleep with him at the same time Needless to say everything goes according to Dylan s plan but Blaine is horrified at what Dylan has done and comforts Meredith Seeing how Dylan ignores Meredith s emotional struggle with the menage shows just how much of a jerk he is and how he s taking out his insecurities out on everyone else.Blaine leaves Dylan, and Dylan blames Meredith so he ends it with her She is of course devastated and confused This event hampers her ability to love and she throws herself into her career and her research to distract her from life.Eight years go by and she finally meets the man who would bring her back and get her to love again Charlie This rough and tumble outdoorsman is highly lovable and definitely a gentleman And the story is just beginning I don t want to give too much away or spoil the surprises, so just buy it already

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    I thought this was a promising book with the potential to be full of drama, angst, secrets and the tearing of hearts all rolled into one It started well with great writing and compatible storytelling but that unfortunately did not continue to spread into the rest if the book Whilst I did not guess the secret it was all fairly transparent, clear to see the direction the book was headed.The Author can write a reasonable love scene, but the story did not hold up.

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    My review will appear in June issue of RT Book Reviews Magazine

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    4 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.Back when all I read was fic, I shied away from poly because I kind of felt like it was cheating, even though I m totally wrong except for MsKathy s The Trip Home , of course, because pool side 69 FTMFW How can someone want and love two people equally Because of this, I haven t read very many books that feature a m nage relationship I m always intrigued by them, though, and not just for obvious reasons The few stories with that I have read with m nages have been mostly one time occurrences, the path that led two of the characters to their forever I haven t read a book that really dealt with the emotional journey to discovering that being in a poly relationship is where they belonged Tempting Meredith shed a light on this path and the characters feelings that I hadn t considered before The story starts off with Meredith in college, crazy about her boyfriend, Dylan Dylan and his roommate, Blaine, are playing video games when Dylan makes a suggestion You are so fuckin hot She didn t say anything, just tried to catch her breath as his hand swept across her chest above the tight pink cami Through half closed eyes, Blaine watched them His lips were slightly parted, his chest rising and falling as quickly as hers Know who else thinks you re hot Dylan asked.She couldn t imagine Still found it hard to believe that Dylan was into her Huh uh, she said breathlessly Blaine His whisper tickled her ear.The admission stunned her She didn t know what to say.Dylan chuckled Know what he wants for graduation She s apprehensive, but Dylan is pretty reassuring My best bud and my best girl Fuckin hot And I ll be with you It s not like you ll be doing it behind my back It ll be the three of us together Both of us inside you You know what happens next What you might not expect is for Meredith to feel ashamed rather than empowered Fast forward eight years and Meredith has been through a lot She s not interested in a romantic relationship but she can t deny the chemistry when she meets Charlie She lets him know that she s only interested in sex, but he wants After a few dates and some hot no strings hookups, Charlie invites Meredith to spend a few days with him at the ranch She reluctantly agrees and can t believe it when she comes face to face with Blaine, who owns the ranch Charlie works at.I don t really know what else I can say without giving everything away What I can say is that I was totally surprised at the emotional depth of this story When Meredith was in college, she didn t set out to be part of a polyamorous relationship, and eight years later, she s still dealing with the shame she associated with that Charlie has never wanted to be with another guy before and learning about his own sexuality is a journey in and of itself.It was a different way of perceiving himself, his sexuality Because if he was attracted to Blaine, he wasn t straight And if he brought Blaine into his bed, he wasn t monogamous That was probably the scariest aspect of the m nage While he hadn t spent a lot of time contemplating marriage and a family, when he did, he imagined one woman and a couple of kids Nowhere in his imaginings had a man appeared Until now.The three of them discover things they never knew about themselves as well as each other, and I loved that about this story I loved their strengths as well as their vulnerabilities I thought the reactions they had were realistic, and the sex was smoking hot There were some things I didn t like I wasn t crazy about Meredith s personality You can t like everyone, though I also felt like some things were really drawn out, like the play by play of a pool game, and there were moments that felt a little too PSA to me The end was a little too nicely wrapped up, but you re not going to hear me complain about HEAs Ever Tempting Meredith was so much than I expected it to be A hot m nage, yes actually two But the authenticity of the characters and the realistic feelings they had toward each other and themselves sets Tempting Meredith apart You ll want to check this one out if you re looking for depth and emotion in addition to the sizzle For reviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool

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