Nothing Between Us (Loving on the Edge, #7)

Nothing Between Us (Loving on the Edge, #7) Love this series and this book is no different It is one of the few series I pick on release day and I don t regret it at all I didn t want to put it down and kept reading it at work Which considering how HOT it is I probably shouldn t of but just couldn t help myself Keep m coming Ms Loren Keep m coming I always love a Roni Loren book but NOTHING BETWEEN US was A Ma Zing It s probably one of my favorite books in this series, and that s a tall order because I love every single one Roni Loren has such a talent for telling stories that it captivates me And this was an unexpected one I wanted to read Colby s book but I wasn t anxious for it.We ve met Colby throughout the series, and we always see him as the third, or the big bad Dom But there are so many layers to Colby to peel back in this book I love how complex he is and I m so happy he gets exactly this HEA because it fills in all the spots he needs He needed this triad relationship, and he deserved to be happy.I always feel that writing a permanent menage story can be tricky because you really have to feel a sense of connection between all three, but at the same time that same connection should be individual as well And I rarely see that done as well as Ms Loren did in this book There is a thread that binds them together and the chemistry when they are together is off the charts But at the same time when it s just two of them, it tugs at your heart just the same Excellent job Keats was Colby s student years ago, and back then he was coming to terms with the fact that he was attracted to Colby Discovering this notion that he may be gay, experiencing the rejection and ridicule of his own father, and Colby s rejection, was too much for Keats and he ran away Colby has always carried the guilt that Keats may be dead because of how he handled the situation, that maybe he could ve done for him So I especially loved the fact that this reunion happens, and that Keats gets a second chance to get the man he loves and idolizes And don t confuse anything I just said with lack of strength Keats is total alpha male, he just melts for one man.Then there s Georgia She s Colby s neighbor, a writer, and a woman that s been hurt by her past Her ex boyfriend went psycho stalker on her and killed her sister and friend All because he was the only one that could have her While he s in jail and she awaits going back for the trial, she s been just hiding out inside of her house And spying on her neighbor s sexcapades through her window Colby and Keats together are exactly what she needed to come out of her shell and accept who she is, what she likes.NOTHING BETWEEN US is intensely emotional and brings the heat to a whole new level There are so many taboos broken and limits pushed And as a reader of erotic romance, I couldn t ask for Student teacher relationships, voyeurism, exhibitionism, a triad, a sadist There were so many elements to this book that that go much deeper than the superficial or just sex Now don t get me wrong, the sex is BEYOND hot But the storytelling is what will keep you wanting of Roni Loren.Are you still not reading this series You need to ARC provided by publisher I have been anticipating this story from the moment I started feeling sorry for the poor Dom who kept ending up as the third wheel or the extra in everyone else s happily ever after stories He was a nice, fun guy and I just wanted him to get his own turn andwish granted I was a little tentative because I do tend to have some soft limits and hard limits in my erotic romance reading and one of those is SM scenes and the another is voyeurism and exhibitionism and yet a third is some menage relationships But, as I keep saying each time I read this series and get a bit reluctant, I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about.Though this is part of a series and there are characters from previous books that drift through a few scenes, this one can work as a standalone The bonus novella in the back however, is a follow up story to book four so doesn t work so well as a standalone, but the reader can get by if they want to jump in there.The story opens with a lady writer who suffers from an anxiety disorder that won t allow her to leave her house much further than her own yard without her strong meds Georgia sees the world beyond through her windows and that world includes a view into the bedroom window and backyard of her hot, kinky neighbor She is ashamed of her actions, but not enough to put aside her binoculars and close the curtains while Colby is entertaining Getting turned on by Colby s exploits in the bedroom as he dominates both male and female lovers and sometimes than one at a time are the highlight of her pathetic life right now She has a book to write and a life to get back together She needs to be able to get on a plane and fly back to Chicago to testify against her ex boyfriend who pushed her into this fear filled existence with his crazed and truly scary behavior He ll walk free for serious crimes and continue to terrify her if she doesn t work through her issues.Colby loves his job as high school counselor and just wants to make a difference in the lives of the kids He is concerned about a socially awkward boy who is being bullied and talks to him when the boy s regular counselor isn t available That one act of kindness backfires in his face and is like the past repeating itself when the boy tries to take his own life The parents are looking to place blame and Colby is the target He is put on suspension pending an investigation and he knows what that investigation will find That incident in his early days when he was a music teacher when he tried to befriend one of his students who was confused, scared and being bullied by his own parent Colby hadn t had training then and the boy ended up disappearing with his dad s gun after leaving a note Colby felt he deserved being blamed and left on his own Now here he was again But suspension isn t as bad as he thought as he finally starts to make headwaves with his skittish neighbor who has to her than meets the eye when he starts testing her limits Into the mix, lands a face from Colby s past that leaves Colby, Georgia and the new arrival Keats confused, excited and scared all at once They all know whatever it is they are doing has an expiration date and its just fun and exploration or is it Meanwhile Georgia s stalker and her fears, Colby s suspended job and Keat s young age and uncertain future keep them grounded They ll need each other if they are to keep what they have and find their happiness.The story is told in shifting perspectives with all three of the main players taking turns narrating This story grabbed me from the beginning as I learned to feel sympathy with Georgia s debilitating issues brought on by a fiend of an ex boyfriend and I watched as she grew bolder and stronger under first Colby s care and then the attention and affection of both men Her secrets were like bars on a cage, keeping everyone at a distance while simultaneously holding her hostage With secrets, she was only a character playing a role, a fake So throwing back the curtain and putting it all out there had taken some of the power out of the memories and had brought her closer to the two men she d confided in. p 247 Georgia from Nothing Between Us Keats had gone through some abuse of his own that left him battered, but still standing when Colby finds him It was fascinating watching Keats work through all his confused thinking and feelings under Colby s guidance and Georgia s encouragement Then there was Colby He s been a bit player in the other books, but now I got his background and got to know him Colby is a prince among men a lusty prince, but a prince nonetheless He is honest about himself and others, he is dominant to the core, but he is also a caring, tenderhearted lonely man He wants a relationship and a family, but doesn t think he ll ever get one of those because of his bi sexualism and sadistic needs I just loved watching these three tentatively come together all three are equally into each other in case you were wondering with stops and starts and had to watch with horrified feeling as it unraveled too making that hard fought for ending all the poignant She lifted her head and brought her face close to Keats I think we re done with the movie night Yeah Keats asked, his voice strained Yeah She stroked him gently through his pants and put her mouth to his, letting the pent up desire she d been feeling for him from the very start pour into a slow, rolling kiss.Colby s mouth touched the back of her neck, his hands sliding over her waist, and it was done The three of them.No lines in the sand No pretending.They were all tumbling into the churning ocean together Not a life raft in sightp 261 Georgia, Keats, and Colby from Nothing Between UsThe additional story finally finishes off a loose thread of a side plot from book four, Wyatt and Kelsey s story The young masochistic submissive football player, Hawk, that was under Kelsey s care and had to out his needs to his vanilla innocent girlfriend, Chris, and watch her work through the shock and truths about him Now in this story, it is Hawk s turn to work through some truths about Chris not being as vanilla as he assumed I enjoyed the follow up story even though they both had to go through a bit trouble to find their way.To wrap it up, Colby s story was riveting and it was everything I hoped for and I loved the two he was given to warm his kinky, sadistic, dominant heart I seriously could have just kept reading a few chapters about these three and the novella was a nice extra too Can t wait for Pike s book This is a great series for Erotic Romance lovers who enjoy their heat and passion to have heart, character and story development too.My thanks to Penguin Group and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 Amazingly Steamy Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley Heat First, I gotta say Holy Shit does Roni Loren know how to write erotica Yowza Oh heck yes I didn t think any character could top snicker Jace OR Andre, really, but Ms Loren accomplished it with ease Colby Keats Major book boyfriend crushing going on right now.Unbelievable back stories packed some serious emotional turmoil in this latest title AND, said stories created a perfect fitting of three characters who belong together who complete the others.All I can say is, WELL DONE Now bring on Pike. 4 Yee Haw StarsPretty good I love a good voyeur story, though using binoculars seemed a bit excessive Lots of internal and external tension in each of the MCs There was a ton of POV switching And while I liked getting a peek into everyone s head, I wish these switches could have been labeled The length was good The balance of POV was good I liked all of the MCs equally Well, truthfully, I adored Colby and Keats a bit Maybe it s because Georgia was just acting the damned fool, lol My biggest hitch was having a difficult time picturing the HHh But, that didn t stop me from enjoying this, not at all. This book is so tasty like a chocolate bar I can t stop reading.We have met Colby in previous books in this series He is tired now of being the single one out of all his friends from the Ranch He doesn t mind playing third for a night He just hates going to bed alone every night.Now Georgia moved away from her hometown of Chicago to Texas She is hiding away from her ex boyfriend Hoping he stays in jail for killing her friend and sister Now she meets Colby her sexy neighbor from across the street There are times were she can t stop watching him from her window Especially when he s naked damn that man is a hot dominant.Colby bumps into one of his former student Adam whom he could never forget Which makes this book so much better I wish I can be Georgia for a night is all I can say for now and DAMN.Plus there is an added novella in the end. Roni Loren can do no wrong in my mind Her Loving On The Edge series keeps getting better and better So full of passion, suspense, and emotion, with this kind of pull, you can t help but to connect with each and every one of her amazing characters The intensity of the passion and eroticism in Nothing Between Us was so powerful and so beautiful I couldn t help myself from smiling, blushing, and tearing up throughout the entire story Nothing Between Us is a story about taking risks, not giving a damn about what people think, and of course, getting out of your head and following your heart This story started off so naughty, with a woman looking through her window at her gorgeous neighbor, witnessing some pretty sexual acts, fantasizing about what would happen if she was in his home, in his bed, under his body Kinky right Ugh, it was so delicious But the story became so much when Georgia let down some of her walls and let Colby in The connection was immediate, intense, and sensual Everything was moving along, and walls were being broken down That is until a small complication came into the picture Some may call it a complication, a road block, a disaster of the heart, but in all honesty, it was EXACTLY the kind of curve ball that Georgia and Colby needed to grow their relationship.Colby, Georgia, and Keats are characters to be rivaled in Ms Loren s amazing series They are beautiful and amazing together, but stand strong on their own The chemistry between all three was off the charts The synopsis of the story drew me in right away, but it was the characters, their adoration for one another, the fact that they were so comfortable with one another, that kept me hooked the whole way through Nothing Between Us will be a book that I will want to revisit again and again I hope this series never comes to an end Read of my reviews at Shayna Renee s Spicy Reads Gifted copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating CGeorgia Delaune is hiding from a dangerous man, her ex boyfriend, who she s supposed to take the stand against during a trial that s coming up The big problem is, Georgia suffers from debilitating panic attacks brought on by her ex and his stalker behavior, which is just the tip of what he s put Georgia through She struggles to leave her house and for the past year, she hasn t She forces herself to go out and run errands once a week, but has to be medicated to do so She can t let anyone into her home, and she s been living a very lonely, isolated life, stuck inside while the world lives around her But, she s found a way to live vicariously through her next door neighbor, Colby, by spying on him Yes, she knows what she s doing is horrible but when she realizes the type of sexual life that Colby s living, she just can t put the binoculars down She s also a writer and her books have taken on a steamier angle since she started spying on her sexy neighbor While she thinks she s being secretive, the reality is Colby knows exactly what she s doing, and has been giving her a show for months He s had enough of their silent game and wants to get to know his neighbor on a much personal level.Colby is a counselor at an alternative high school and when one of the students he counseled tries to kill himself, everyone is quick to the throw the blame at Colby for not catching the signs He s not at fault, but it brings up things that happened in Colby s past with another student when he was a teacher trying to help a teen, Adam Keats, come to terms with an abusive father, bullying at school and his sexuality While no teacher student lines were ever crossed, Adam left a suicide note, disappeared and once again, accusations were made painting Colby in a bad light He left that job, went back to school to become a counselor and is now right back in a similar situation, being blamed for something that s not his fault Now on leave from his job, he has nothing but time and puts that time to use by getting to know Georgia better What he didn t expect was to randomly cross paths with the missing Adam Keats, who s now 23 and barely getting by working day to day in construction and doesn t have a place to call home Colby takes him home and gives him some help whether Keats wants it or not and a lot of questions from the past come rushing forward Keats is still confused about his sexuality, he s straight, but being around Colby brings up a lot of feelings he s not sure he wants to acknowledge Colby too starts to realize that he s feeling something for Keats and it s a struggle because he still sees him as his student even though they re both older now Toss into the mix Georgia who, even though she s lived a solitary, single life for a year, is desperate to find the woman she once was She s attracted to both men, both men are attracted to her and to each other and they start a relationship that could either be the best thing any of them have ever found, or it could destroy them all.I m split on my feelings about this book I really liked Georgia s story and her struggle in dealing with her ex s actions and how Colby and Keats help her get past her panic attacks and anxiety She has great chemistry with both Keats and Colby, but I found myself drawn toward her and Colby then I ever did with all three of them together I also enjoyed Colby and seeing his own struggles with desperately wanting to get his job back and seeing how much helping the kids he works with means to him What I had a hard time with was Keats and his past relationship with Colby.Colby and Keats did nothing inappropriate when they were teacher student That s made perfectly clear, but it was a relationship that I couldn t get past when they started to act on their attraction to one another I just couldn t separate their previous relationship with the one they were trying to figure out in the present I think a lot of that has to do with Colby and Georgia being in their 30s and Keats being 23 The age difference didn t work for me here for some reason as it felt a lot bigger than maybe it really was I just didn t buy in that Keats, even though he comes across as a mature 23 year old, would really fit in the relationship dynamic that plays out on page.Ultimately, I m torn about how I feel about Nothing Between Us I d say give it a read for Colby and Georgia s story, not only their personal relationship but what they re each dealing with outside the bedroom Although Georgia s storyline with her ex is a bit predictable, I got caught up in her own personal struggle in dealing with the trauma she went through But I had a hard time buying into the triad relationship they have with Keats He s a sweet guy and an interesting character, but he just seemed too young and I couldn t let the teacher student relationship go. From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Need You Tonight Comes A Steamy Loving On The Edge Novel That Proves Watching Is Only Half The Fun Unlike The Heroine Of Her Popular Thriller Series, Georgia Delaune Can T Afford To Take Risks Or Push Sexual Boundaries Unless You Count Spying Through Her Neighbor S Bedroom Window, And Never Missing A Single Move He MakesColby Wilkes Is Than Willing To Put On A Show For The Alluring Woman Next Door But His Dominant Side Aches To Show Her The Pleasures Of Submission Up Close As A Counselor, Colby Is Sensitive To Georgia S Fears As A Dom At The Ranch, A Private BDSM Retreat, He S The Perfect Teacher To Unleash Her PassionBut Just As Georgia Lowers Her Emotional Barriers, An Unexpected Complication Arrives A Bad Boy Musician From Colby S Past Who Adds Fuel To Her Heated Imagination Now, The Lonely Author Has Two Gorgeous Men Eager To Fulfill Every Fantasy She S Ever Written And One She S Never Dared To Dream

Roni wrote her first romance novel at age fifteen when she discovered writing about boys was way easier than actually talking to them Since then, her flirting skills haven t improved, but she likes to think her storytelling ability has She holds a master s degree in social work and spent years as a mental health counselor, but now she writes full time from her cozy office in Dallas, Texas where

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