The Accidental Keyhand (The Ninja Librarians #1)

The Accidental Keyhand (The Ninja Librarians #1) Twelve year old Dorrie Barnes has never been orphaned, kidnapped, left for dead in the wilderness, or bitten by anythingbloodthirsty than her little sister She has no supernatural relations, nor is she particularlydeserving than anyone else She is the UN Harry Potter And that s a good thing Because she s a heroine with true ninja potential and has loving parents and a brother who feeds the chickens from a shoot in his bedroom.The Ninja Librarians Accidental Keyhand paints a portrait of a loving family, with a house alive with layers of people, objects, and plans We get the idea that the best order is one that is always in flux Later in the book we read, Someone s cleaned everything up Always a mistake, panted Marcus, expressing a long heldbelief There is a mysterious great aunt living in the house and sometimes in conversation with suspicious visitors And there is room for dreams of sword fighting and heroine ism.Dorrie has wielded a pretend sword for a while now, but when she is challenged by the character challenged Tiffany she has to examine her real fighting abilities Tiffany has had years of fencing experience The Ninja Librarians proves that the saying, The pen is mightier than the sword, sets up a false choice You can have both the pen and the sword, and one can help the other While Dorrie and her brother Marcus fall into Petrarch s Library, they learn about authors who risked their lives by writing the truth, and they learn about the Lybrarians who protect them at different times in history, times that are all accessible from the central library The writers universe is constantly shifting in energy and situations that Dorrie and Marcus learn to navigate eventually with the same deftness that they live the rhythms of their own bubbling household Dorrie meets Tiffany again, after sword fighting lessons from Cyrano de Bergerac and after Lybrarian training But as is often the case, when the foes meet, the stakes that were once high have become lower, and what is really important to protect becomes knowledge and truth. I think many of us have a longing to identify the Enemy from the stream of bad news, suffering, and despair that plagues our world And we secretly hope that just beneath our skin lies a sword wielding hero who will take that enemy on, once identified In this wonderful adventure, Dorrie, awaiting and preparing for just such an opportunity, unexpectedly finds herself along with her brother, Marcus, embroiled in a battle against Oppression that is being fought in the noble houses called Libraries those sanctuaries of free speech by the great warriors, Lybrarians The author, Jen Swann Downey, heroic herself, in her quest to shine a light on the heroes throughout history who have bravely asserted their right to speak in spite of threat of imprisonment, torture, and death has skillfully created a warm, humorous, and intelligent adventure in the exciting world of Petrarch s Library with just enough historic name dropping to incite that noble ally, Curiosity Great characters, exciting adventure, and a heroic quest makes this book a very good read. Group Age MG Just A Little Story About Your Average Sword Swinging, Karate Chopping, Crime Fighting Ninja LibrariansDorrie Barnes Had No Idea An Overdue Library Book Would Change Her Life When Dorrie And Her Brother Marcus Chase Her Pet Mongoose Into The Janitor S Closet Of Their Local Library, They Accidentally Fall Through A Passage Into Petrarch S Library The Headquarters Of A Secret Society Of Ninja Librarians Who Have An Important Mission Protect Those Whose Words Have Gotten Them Into Trouble Anywhere In The World And At Any Time In HistoryDorrie Would Love Nothing Than To Join The Society But When A Traitor Surfaces, She And Her Friends Are The Prime Suspects Can They Clear Their Names Before The Only Passage Back To The Twenty First Century Closes Forever When I got my ARC of The Ninja Librarians by Jen Swann Downey over the weekend, I was thrilled It seems like I waited forever to get approval for the ARC I must admit, it was the title itself that attracted my attention Ninjas are awesome Librarians are awesome r Put the two together, and it s an explosion of awesomeness At least, that s what was going on in my mind as I requested the preview of The Ninja Librarians from NetGalley The Ninja Librarians is Downey s first novel, which is already being set up as a series of books In this first novel, swash buckling Dorothea Barnes aka Dorrie , and her brother, Marcus, accidentally stumble into Petrarch s Library, and a secret society of fighting lybrarians Although most of the story is set in the time bending Petrarch s Library, the theme of the book is linked to modern day as recent news reports point to an increase in world wide censorship The purpose of this secret society is to travel through the history of mankind and try to save some of the world s greatest thinkers from torture and death for challenging the status quo Did you know that a jury convicted Socrates for impiety and corrupting youth and condemned him to death by hemlock It s mentioned in the book Other influential persons in history mentioned in this book include Cyrano de Bergerac, Timotheus of Miletus, and Saul of Tarus who is also known as Paul the Apostle During their time in Petrarch s Library, Dorrie and Marcus have to deal with difficult circumstances None of the lybrarians anticipated an opening between the 21st Century and Petrarch s Library, and the two newcomers are regarded by some as spies, members of the Foundation which wants to destroy the lybrarians s work to undo censorship Nonetheless Marcus is allowed to start an apprenticeship with his new love interest, and Dorrie talks her way into a sword apprenticeship with Cyrano de Bergerac, who teachers her a valuable lesson about her own desire to censor a rival back home There is a lot of action in The Ninja Librarians It is full of sword fights, spying, close calls and double crossing But there are also lots of funny moments, a la Marcus and his Star Wars fascination In fact, Marcus persuades Casanova to change some of the dialog one of his plays and title it The War of the Stars The writing in this book keeps the story moving along at a fast pace But what I think the message in the book is evenimportant than its ability to keep readers engaged It is imperative for our young readers to understand the dangers faced by the greatest authors and philosophers in our history Without their courage to challenge conventional wisdom and unwillingness to back down, Western civilization would not have advanced to the point which it has today We owe these great thinkers our gratitude for being brave and refusing to bow down to political pressures We also owe Jen Swann Downey our gratitude for keeping their memory alive by honoring their work in such a way that incorporates the interests of today s youth The book is set to be released in April 2014 Publisher recommends for ages 9 and up I highly recommend to teachers, librarians and parents of middle grade readers Author website Oh, I loved this book, mainly for the author s delicious way with words This is the kind of writing that just zips along and carries you from one character to the next It didn t hurt that the book tackled one of my personal favorite topics secret and lost libraries I really hope there will beninja librarians to come It does make me feel like a sub standard librarian but only because I m so tied to my college classes that I am too busy for SAVING THE WORLD, TIME TRAVELING, FENCING LESSONS, AND SWORD AND PEN FESTIVALS Or, my drafting papers for the Lybrariad were lost in the mail and are somewhere in outer Mongolia I m favoring the latter Heartily reccommended with two nitpicks The main character s brother is cooler than she is, and the author spells librarian, Lybrarian It s worth reading anyway.Original review This might make me feel like a sub standard librarianbut I m going to read it anyway. Jennifer Swann Downey s The Ninja Librarians The Accidental Keyhand is an action packed, super creative, and captivating middle grade read that combines all my favorite things books, libraries, adventure, and swords Dorrie Barnes, swords woman adventure seeker overdue library book offender, and her brother Marcus stumble upon an ancient secret and the thrill of a lifetime when they chase a pet mongoose into their local library They fall through a passage into Petrarch s Library, home of a thousand libraries and a society of sword wielding, ninja librarians These ninja librarians protect writers and their words, and their secrets must be protected at all cost Dorrie wants nothingthan to join this society, and when a traitor turns ups, she gets her chance to prove her worth.The Ninja Librarians The Accidental Keyhand is bursting with excitement, mystery, thrills, and imagination Fresh and fun, clever and charming, this story delighted and entertained me from beginning to end Let s be honest, it just doesn t get any cooler than fierce, sword wielding,ninja librarians who can visit libraries all over the world and throughout time Downey has taken this spectacular premise and, using her wonderful way with words, has created pure book magic With a library full of sparkle and shine, Downey s storytelling is pitch perfect for the middle grade crowd Readers will love falling down that hole with Dorrie and Marcus and exploring the massive world it leads to Petrarch s Library, with its connections to other times and places around the world, makes for an inspiring and endless setting Part Hogwarts, Camp Half Blood, and Narnia, this world is brimming with wonders, amazing things to be learned, and fantastic discoveries to be made Dorrie and Marcus adventures in this world take them from sword lessons with Cyrano de Bergerac to Ancient Greece to putting on a play with the Casanovaand, of course, there s danger Wonderful, spine tingly, exhilarating danger But, luckily, our young heroine and hero arethan capable of dealing with such danger Dorrie, Marcus, and their new friends at Petrarch s Library, make for an exciting, eccentric cast of characters I just love Dorrie s feisty, courageous spunk and Marcus s goofy, amusing humor Young readers will easily be able to connect with these two and root for them.Crazy twists and turns, unexpected friends and foes, and some surprising revelations all lead to a pretty epic showdown and endingan ending that left me wantingand so excited for further books My Final Thoughts In The Ninja Librarians The Accidental Keyhand, Jennifer Downey brings history to life and celebrates literature through page turning adventure and addicting storytelling A wildly fun must read The book is fantastic Dorrie and her older brother Marcus are participating in a summer festival in which they will perform mock sword fights Dorrie especially loves sword fighting, and dreams of being a real swords woman, heroically fighting real battles In a rush of bizarre circumstances, Dorrie, Marcus and a pet mongoose named Moe find themselves one instant in the staff room of the Passaic Public Library, the next in the labyrinth corridors of Petrarch s Library, outside the bounds of place and time The library turns out to be populated with sword wielding lybrarians who both know the art of library science and the way of the warrior Their mission is to defend free speech while time traveling throughout the ages Will the lybrarians of Petrarch s Library accept Dorrie and Marcus as apprentices, thereby making Dorrie s dream come true Will Dorrie and Marcus ever make it back to Passaic Or will sinister forces defeat the brave lybrarians You ll have to read it to find out This book is very literate You can definitely tell that the author reads a great deal, because there are a lot of good vocabulary words at work within its pages I can t imagine better incentive for a kid to learn a few new words than seeing them worked into a really good story I m really glad her editor didn t tell her to revise it in order to dumb it down, which I understand does happen My son 9 and I both give it two thumbs up My son likes adventure stories for sure, but they have to have heart and also a sense of humor This one hit a home run The book is clearly meant to be the first of a series and we can t wait to see the sequel I had only one minor quibble with the book, which arose because I was reading it aloud to my son The author refers to regular, ordinary librarians, and then refers to the specially trained staff of Petrarch s Library as lybrarians The distinction is confusing initially to her main characters, who are hearing the word lybrarian spoken and not understanding that there is a distinction They in turn confuse others towards the end of the book by using the word lybrarian This isn t really an issue if you are reading the book to yourself and see the spelling difference, but it is quite confusing if you re reading it aloud I d hope an audiobook version would get produced, but this would be a conundrum for the voice artist. Wanda s Summer Carnival of Children s Literature Dorrie is not your typical little girl she lives to re enact swordplay and loves her acting coach So imagine her excitement when she and her brother Marcus fall through a hole in a closet in their public library and discover the mysterious world of Petrach s Library Training for lybrarians here is somewhat different from our world, including cataloguing, deception and impersonation, publishing law, stealth and illicit entry, library organization, unarmed combat, research skills, armed combat, book repair, fire and explosives, patron relations, horsemanship, water training, espionage, escape and concealment, meteorology, geography and field survival, amongst other skills Her desire to learn swordplay can be indulged and used for good.I never went to library school, but this one sounds a bitintriguing Dorrie and Marcus have lots of obstacles to overcome and it is a grand adventure Very entertaining even for adult readers at least those who love libraries. THE NINJA LIBRARIANS is a rocking middle grade of total win I loooooove the world the author has set up It rivals Hogwarts, in my opinion, for sheer awesomeness I mean, a library floating in the ether of space time with portals into all the ages of the world Librarians who fight, sometimes with swords , all acts of censorship ever perpetrated in the history of everything Sign me up Against this fantastic backdrop, our intrepid heroine Dorrie becomes an accidental key hand with access through all the portals connected to the library She races to learn everything she can about the library while trying to find an important item she accidentally stole and then lost The best part of the book is the action packed ending, complete with sword fights, surprising reveals, and the fate of the world at stake Loved this book It blends the best of swash buckling adventure with a profound reverence for books.

Jen Swann Downey s non fiction pieces have appeared in New York Magazine, the Washington Post, Women s Day, and other publications She is the author of the middle grade novels, THE NINJA LIBRARIANS THE ACCIDENTAL KEYHAND Sourcebooks 2014 and THE NINJA LIBRARIANS SWORD IN THE STACKS Sourcebooks 2016 So far in life, Jen has learned how to fail at growing broccoli, dismount a horse by slidin

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