The Dark Duet (A Musical Interlude, #3)

The Dark Duet (A Musical Interlude, #3) Nikolai Belikov Doesn T Believe In Happy Endings, Or The Possibility Of Finding Acceptance In Others Who Can Understand His Darkness And The Way He Craves Revenge Until He Meets Alese, A Woman As Drawn To The Shadows And Lost In Her Past As Nikolai Himself Their Paths Crossed Once Before In Another Lifetime, And The Two Strangers Were Forged Together By The Whim Of A MadmanAnd Then Alese Vanished Forgotten Until Now Fresh On The Heels Of Recovering From Heartache Caused By His Best Friend S Sister, Nikolai Plunges Into His Greatest Relief Revenge For The Pain Caused Him By His Family, He Decides They Must All Be Punished To Do So, He Leaves His Old World Behind, Forging A New One As An Employee Of The Man Who Enslaved Him Years Ago But Alese After Having Her Mind Wiped By The Man Who Hired Nikolai Suffers From Amnesia And Holds The Key To Evidence Nikolai Needs In Order To Succeed Having No Other Choice, Nikolai Agrees To Train Alese As A Negotiator, A Hitman Who Decides The Ultimate Fate Of Others He Not Only Tries To Get Her To Recall Her Past Because She Will Be The Key To Destroying His Former Enemies But He Also Vows To Protect Her From Rudolph Burkenstein, The Man Who Wants To See Her DeadBut Alese Is A Light In The Darkness That Nikolai Has Refused To Let Inside The Shadows Of His Soul After Several Months Of Training, He Finds Himself Struggling With His Quest For Revenge, And His Growing Feelings For Alese Because He Knows That Loving Her, Means Giving Up On His PlightWill Their Love Thrive Inside The Light, Or Will Darkness Consume Everything They Ve Fought To Achieve This Novel Contains Mature Content And Situations That Some Readers May Find Disturbing It Is Intended For An Audience AtYears Of Age I absolutely love this series Dark Duet can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend all the books in the series It ties everything up in a pretty little bow Plus you gethotties to drool over KaSonndra s characters are flawed, each with their own demons that haunt them I adore this and find it makes themtrue to life and emotionally connectable I tend to be drawn to these type of characters and cheer them on as they fight through their struggles Nikolai Belikov is one dangerous and HOT Russian He s tormented and emotionally closed off due to the abuse he was forced to endure when he was younger His hands are deadly weapons and his conditioning to use his charm and sexual magnatism to draw in his prey is formidable My heart races every time I think of him dancing his frustrations away and all I want to do is wrap my arms around him and fix all that is broken sigh Alestasia is another victim brutally abused by the same men responsible for inflicting pain on Nikolai and so many others As soon as Alesa meets Nikolai she feels an immediate attraction and pull to him The chemistry between them is explosive The Dark Duet has romance filled with sensuality, danger and intrigue A definite must read formature readers I highly recommend this book I received this book in an exchange for an honest review This book is about Nikolai and Alestasia As soon as they meet the chemistry between them is off the charts At first I thought Adriana would end up with Nikolai but thank god that didn t happen Nikolai was better off with Alestasia It s like they were meant to be together they re truly perfect for each other I really enjoyed this book the only thing I didn t like was that there wasn t a lot of sex scenes, but overall it was a great read thank you. I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review3 StarsThe thing is, with this book I didn t do my research and didn t know this was the third book of a series, have I known I would ve read the other books first because even though you can read this as a standalone it was confusing at first and I just accomodate into getting at half the book.Nikolai s the assasin that works for Dr Crazy because of some debt his parents payed buy selling him When he s summoned by the Dr orders him to train another assasin he runs into Alese Alese s a former CIA that was captured and they wiped her memory so the Dr can use her for his purposes, Nikolai s knows this but he can t do abything but train her and hope for his revenge.He s a damaged soul, an abused one, getting over a heartbreak and grieving a woman who told her he has no soul oh he s also kinky in bed and he feels no one can love him, he only loves his dance crew yeah he s a ballet dancer too the irony Alese s a strong woman who was made to believe she has to be an assasin to protect her grandparents but she can t scape the appeal of Nikolai, she s drawn to him.There were things that didn t add to me, besides the whole dancer being an assasin thing, like the view spoiler struggle Alese should ve had when she wakes uo and remembers nothing, that would ve been great to add to the book instead of just leave it, or how they knew things that weren t mentioned, Alese knew is company was build with blood money but no one told her Also I felt there should ve beenof her life as a CIA, there was no description of that hide spoiler This is such an awesome series with of course Love, but with so muchThe banter between these two is quite good to read, they get one another They both have had very traumatic things happen to them and they both need one another to combat the darkness they feel inside them They are also perfect for one another sexually I really love all the intrigue in this story and all the spy mafia scenarios, it made for a very exciting and emotional read I really love this authors writing. How far would you go to protect your family only to have your heart open to love Well that is what dear our dear Nicolas has done for the past eight months try to protect his family by distancing himself from all of them only he finds him self opening his heart to his student With out knowing it the phantom has found his ghost and together they fight to make things right well a huge ass step to putting things right I ve read the first two books in this series as well and must say I was sucked in even further with the sexy dark duet I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good suspense with a good helping of sexual under tones and lots of family love and well drama it s worth the read Can t wait to get my hands on what s comes next My goodness this was another intense, but insanely good book by the author KaSonndra Leigh I read this book in one sitting and it grabbed my attention immediately and held it until the end At the end of this book she leaves us wondering, what is going to happen next I literally cannot wait until the next book comes out This has been such a fantastic series and I am definitely highly recommending this book, along with the first two This gets 5 from me all the way around. 5 StarsGoodreads Meg s Review KaSonndra did a wonderful job making em fall evenin love with Nikolai I was primed and ready to finally get some answers and kick some butt in this novel I was ready for revenge After everything that has happen, these characters deserve answers.I found Nikolai s story to be the darkest yet It was raw and really dove into the dark that we have been skirting around with the first 2 novels The Novella gave us a better look at him, but there are still things you won t see coming This is Nikolai s story, his battle of revenge and love Favorite Quote I raise my eyebrows I had heard the Dostovsky s arrogance factor was legendary, but this guy makes King Tut appear to be humble Nikolai had a story to tell A story that I have been waiting for since book one in this series I, as well as many other readers, thought that Adriana was going to be the happen ending that our broken Nikolai was going to get, but I was wrong But after reading her story in the novella I know that Luca was her match That left us wondering where Nikolai was going to end up Enter his dark past and Alestasia With them in the mix things were about to get interesting.This was a dark read that had me hurting I was on the board with the revenge plan, but I was horrified to see where that led Nikolai With so much wrong in his past, what is a littledarkness We find out everything that happened in the past to make Nikolai into who he is, and we find out why he is as damaged as he is.Alestasia isn t who she thinks she is She has a past full of secrets that she has no idea about it She is a victim though, a victim of this horrible organization that Nikolai is trying to destroy She is also a weapon, and our main man Well he is the man priming that weapon for detonation.This is a must read novel for the series It can be read as a standalone, but I don t recommend it You should dive into every novel in this series and devour them KaSonndra weaves a world that you get lost in I can t wait for what comes next Synopsis Family.What does that word mean Kindness Generosity Love None of that applies to mine.I think we should try vicious, corruptDeadly.I am not an innocent.I do not believe in fate.Revenge should have its moment to shine.I ve been a slave to circumstanceA child of the shadows.Now, I embrace the gloom and thrive inside it.Revenge Love.Vengeance Salvation.The battle inside me rages on.At least it does until one day when I find her.I do not understand.I cannot allow myself to believe thatThere is light inside the darkness Nikolai Belikov This novel contains mature content and situations that some readers may find disturbing It is intended for an audience at 18 years of age. You all asked for it, so here we go Nikolai Belikov s full story D Since he was a teen, Nickoli has been part of a life he wanted nothing to do with Saved for a part of that life by a family he doesn t think he deserves, revenge continues to be his sole purpose With a plan in place, he has pushed everyone out of his mind and hearteven the girl he let walk away The last thing he expects on his mission, is to meet a women who will break down all his walls and make him question his entire plan.From the start of this series, Nickoli was my instant favorite and I couldn t wait for his book He is such a tortured soul and refuses to let himself have any happiness It was awesome to see him meet his match in this one I was pulled in right from the start but then parts started to drag a little which was disappointing You learn a lot about Nickoli and why he is the way he ismost of it is heartbreaking and explains so much I was hoping to see the story of the series progress overall but this book takes place at the same time as the second book in the series and ends with the same cliffhanger from a different point of view My thoughts Quick hook or slow starter 4 it hooked me but then the pace changed POV 4 told in dual with smooth transitions between the characters Character development 4Level of Romance between characters 4Passion Heat level 4 chemistry is instant but slow to get to the sex Angst Heartbreak 4 Nickoli has a heartbreaking past Cliffhanger Yes, still a big question left openOverall, I liked it and look forward to seeing what happens next in this series.

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