The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment Katrina Jaitley Doesn T Expect To Find A Piece Of Forgotten Movie History During A Bout Of Retail Therapy After Watching The Coil Of Film Found Tucked Inside Her Purchase, She S Shocked To Witness The Brutal Murder Of A FamousS Star By A Fellow ActorYear Old Mystery Aside, Someone Will Stop At Nothing To Get The Film Away From Her And Silence What She S Discovered

Melanie Surani is an author with a heart for international travel She lives with her husband and cat in Edinburgh.

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    I received a copy of The Silent Treatment by Melanie Surani in exchange for an honest review Kat Shergill is trying to rebuild her life Escaping from an abusive boyfriend, she ends up back at home thanks to her friend Bridget convincing her she needed to get away, and quickly finds herself knee deep in a mystery from the past While at an estate sale, Kat finds an old movie reel inside the item she purchased showing the murder of a famous 1920 s actor by another high profile actor Before Kat can figure out what to do with her discovery, the word is leaked out While trying to make the right decisions along the way, Kat still finds herself fearful of her ex, and also has trouble fitting in with her family once again Kat learns along her journey how to find her backbone that she thought had disappeared, and when it s time to simply leave the past alone.I was really intrigued by the mystery of this book, especially that the core was from the past It was super interesting piecing the puzzle together, and than a few times I caught myself gasping from revelations My big complaint is that I thought the book was too short It took me just a few hours to read, and I think depth could have really helped it I never quite understood Kat s past relationship or even her family dynamic So while I think it could have benefited from plot, I still thought the overall story was very good It kept my attention throughout, and I think this is one to read if you like a good mystery.

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    This book reads like a really well thought out outline for an actual book I just wish there were some meat on those bones.The premise is great woman finds old film reel in estate sale purchase Film reel contains a sinister surprise Woman sets out to find man who sold it to her Neat, right I thought so, too But that s pretty much all that happens There s very little characterization, and the subplots the MC s trouble with her ex, the instalove between the MC and Peter, the issues between the MC and her pointlessly overly religious family are never resolved These were all brought up, so they should have had some sort of closure to them I m hoping this wasn t an attempt to interest readers in a sequel.The simplistic language and the straightforward, point A to point B plot made this a short, quick read, but not really in a good way It feels like either this novel was never expanded to where it should have been, or someone had an overly savage editor s pen, and what was needed to make this an actual book instead of a ridiculously bloated short story was left on the cutting room floor.TL DR Quick but unsatisfying.I was provided a digital copy of this book by Netgalley and Booktrope in exchange for an honest review.

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    What would you do if you found out that your favourite star could be a murderer Would you report it immediately or would you try to cover it up That s one of the quandaries in Kat Shergill s life, besides witnessing an 80 year old murder on film, being followed, having her apartment broken into and escaping a fierce past This is one of the few Suspense Thriller books that has a leading lady and what a lady she is She is real, she is flawed, she has baggage of her own and she is just like you and me She is a regular girl who needs retail therapy to cheer herself up but at the same time she also steps up and meet a challenge when she needs to What s is that the author, Melanie Surani, has managed to keep the language simple and the story gripping The plot as a whole is fairly a good one though it could probably use a couple of twists Then again, I am a hardcore suspense thriller fan for whom a couple of twists are always welcome.The good news is that this is just the first book is the Kat Shergill series If this first book is any indication, I think, the books plots are only going to get better.

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    I was definitely surprised by The Silent Treatment it s one of those books where the synopsis made me expect something hugely different to the finished product Because it mentioned Kat being stalked and a brutal murder, I was expecting something a bit adult in content, but it feels much like a new adult story than a murder mystery novel.This isn t necessarily a bad thing, though As a new adult book The Silent Treatment excels Kat has just finished her relationship with her abusive ex, Jeremy, and has moved back home This means that a lot of the novel is focused on her finding herself again and recreating an equilibrium with her family, as they had been extremely disappointed with her when she moved away in the first place She s just found a new job the graveyard shift at a call centre and is hating how her life has turned out, feeling uncomfortable in her new apartment and jumping at every noise in the night in case Jeremy has come to find her There are very psychological aspects to the novel and Melanie does a very good job of making it easy to empathise with Kat she is a very lovable character and it s horrendous to see her so beaten down and broken because of the actions of a horrible person.Similarly, I really cared for Peter s character as well We meet Peter at the estate sale at his grandmother s house, as he s needed to move her into a care home for her own well being He struggles with this decision, and other decisions from his family s past, but it s obvious how much he cares for the people closest to him and to what extremes he will go to for them.Read the rest of my review, and my guest post from Melanie, here

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    This review was not solicited in any way, nor do I in any way benefit from the sale of The Silent Treatment As with all my reviews, this is my unadulterated opinion.I give The Silent Treatment 4 out of 5 stars.It s a very different book from Awake, which is of a thriller and very suspenseful The Silent Treatment is laidback Surani takes her time introducing the main character, Kat, along with her history The plot unwinds slowly as well, with plenty of foreshadowing.The characters were all very three dimensional and engaging I identified with Kat and her background, especially coming from a conservative background and everything that entails as I ve come into my own, although I m not the aficionado of silent films that she is Having gone to film school, I do appreciate that aspect of her character, though And my goodness, everyone needs a bestie like Bridget Heck, everyone should be a bestie like Bridget I loved how she would push and prod Kat at times throughout the story.Surani is a master mistress at foreshadowing I loved the elements she included throughout the story that subtly pointed where things were headed Truly brilliant.This story also shows a glimpse of how painstaking it is to regain life after abuse Although The Silent Treatment is a mystery, I think this is actually the most serious plot element or at least, it was for me.I highly recommend The Silent Treatment for lovers of mystery It s a great read for curling up on the couch on a rainy day Or a snowy icy day if you re somewhere in the world where that happens.

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    I finished this book in one sitting It was a short but good read The main character was fleshed out really well, and the others were described okay we mainly scratch the surface of the surrounding people Not that it didn t work I did get a sense of who everyone was I could tell that there was a lot of research that went into this, especially into the silent film era The only other comment is that some of the side pieces almost felt too short SPOILERS AHEADI feel that the bit about Flores family trying to get a hold of the reel should have either been just a mention or expanded I wanted to find out about them I left feeling like they at least deserved to know the truth.Sometimes also, it seemed like Peter was being written younger that he was in the novel 35 like when the security guard asked if there was a dorm they could be in Bits like that took me out of it for a small while but the story moved along so well that it was easy to overlook.I kinda want to find out what happens with her ex, but there is a second book so I ll reserve that until I finish that one All in all I did enjoy the book Quick, simple, and a good story.

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    The story centers around Katrina who has just escaped an abusive relationship Trying to find her feet, evade her ex and evade her extended family she just wants to lie low and recover from the blows to both her mind and body She wants to start afresh but knows that getting rid of Jeremy from her mind is easier said than done, despite the abuse, she feels that an attraction still exists.Dragged to a garage sale by her friend Bridget she discovers a box of jewellery which she buys Hidden within it is an old film reel which is the beginning of the actual story A murder captured on film, hidden by the studio, covered up for a very long time and one which will be of interest and worth a lot to several people.Peter, the grandson and person who ran the garage sale is obviously one of those interested along with several others and trying to keep it in safe hands is Kat s job The storyline was good, the dialog and characters true to themselves and the author did the mix of mystery with a touch of romance deftly.

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    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest and objective review The Silent Treatment appears to be the first in a series of cozy mysteries, always a fan favorite and perfect for those just looking for a few hours of enjoyable relaxation Katrina Jaitley has moved back home, tail between her legs, after finally leaving her abusive jerk of a boyfriend She s terrified her somewhat traditional aka judgmental family will rub the failure in her nose, but fortunately, she has her best friend Bridget to help smooth her anxiety and welcome her home with open arms.The plot thickens when Kat and Bridget shop an estate sale hosted by a handsome stranger about to sell the house for his elderly grandmother Kat purchases an ornate jewelry box from Peter and then returns later to help him clean up shop But when she finds a reel of film that depicts something terribly frightening, the action really picks up I thought the book was very readable, I liked the characters, but I think I would have enjoyed it if there was a bit villain in this cozy mystery.

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    I received a free download of The Silent Treatment by Melanie Surani through Smashwords.This was an amazing book to read.Kat Shergill doesn t expect to find a piece of forgotten movie history during a bout of retail therapy After watching the coil of film found tucked inside her purchase, she s shocked to witness the brutal murder of a famous 1920 s star by a fellow actor 80 year old mystery aside, someone will stop at nothing to get the film away from her and silence what she s discovered The characters were very believable, and their actions were strong.I will definately look for novels written by this author If you enjoy reading mystery suspense thrillersthis book is for you.

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    I found this book a bit too short to develop the characters and plot Many things seems unfinished or unnecessary to me Why was Kat s mother so controlling and religious Her dad was Indian, but we never really meet him or know if there s any significance there Why mention that if it has no bearing on the story Her sister Sonal is mentioned toward the end, but didn t seem to have any connection to the story I did enjoy the mystery surrounding the missing piece of film from the silent movie era and how she goes about solving the mystery and finding a relationship in the process This book was received from Net Galley.

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