Girl on a Wire

Girl on a Wirei have a lot of thoughts that are tangential to this book, so 1 i don t understand how LITERALLY NO ONE IN THE BOOK commented on the fact that these two families who hated each other had kids about the same age who were LITERALLY NAMED ROMEO AND JULIETTA, even after they were caught sneaking around and making out.2 i was trying to figure out why i was so unbothered by the problems in both this and the paper magician, and then i realized that i probably just really miss reading i ve been doing mostly audiobooks this year, and that s nice, i like the audiobooks, i like experiencing the stories a different way, but jesus lord i fucking love reading i also love having hands that can hold my phone or kindle or GASP an actual book long enough for me to read it, WHAT A REVELATION 3 i saw this author at dragon con, and she talked about this book for a bit and i wish there had beenof the things she talked about i wish we had seenof jules obsession with old glamour, for instance for someone like that, she shouldn t have to come out and SAY that she finds cell phones and texting inelegant, that should be obvious.4 ireally loved the romance whatever, i am a sucker for dumb circus boys, and jules and remy s relationship was really sweet and built up over the course of the book in a believable way also sam and dita 5 view spoiler ok but sam was just no i finished that scene just as i got to work and it ended up setting the tone for my whole day and i MAYBE cried at work four times i also got some disappointing work related news that morning, BUT SAM i get that the stakes had to be raised, but UGH also the novio reveal was bullshit hide spoiler DNF MC is a brat. Damn This was much better than expected, but it still left me wanting .It did a lot of things right, especially in regards to Jules and her character arc, and it didn t fall into any of the gross YA tropes I brace myself for when I read a new author The problems I had weremetaphysical Because while it was good, I knew the entire time reading that it could be better That was constantly going through my head I like this, but good god it would be fantastic with a littleoomph This book takes place in a circus but had very little of the atmosphere or energy one would expect from such a setting From the writing, the pacing, the little nuances in the characters that make a good book amazing it was just missing that spark of dark charm and otherworldliness that I want in a book about circus magic. So fun and different You don t read many modern stories about running away to join the circus, so this was very refreshing Also contains mystery Drama Romance And descriptions of high wire walking that made my palms sweat I really wanted evenfrom this I could have read about Jules previous family life , and would have liked to have seen Nan in action as a fortune teller Spoilers This book was definitely entertaining I loved the look into the circus life I think I m on a circus kick and I loved the strength of the main character It kept my curiosity, stressed me out when she was on the high wire, and made me want to see what would happen However, my one disappointment was with the ending The story built up so well, asking questions about magic and who had it in for them, etc that I was expecting a epic of a conclusion Instead, the story was concluded in all of two pages with no feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment Novio wasn t deeply connected to the earlier conflict, so it felt kind of false that he was the one waging the battle In fact, he was so separate from the conflict, that I felt the antagonist had to be Kat, the only one around form the original conflict But instead she was simply a passive secondary character with really no purpose So while I enjoyed the story, I think it petered out at the end when it could have ended strong The magic that was woven throughout seemed to be dismissed in the conclusion, as well as the severity of the misdeeds And that is why I would rate it 3 stars You have got to end strong to get a stellar rating. 4 StarsFull Review I knew I wanted this book as soon as I saw it because CIRCUS I absolutely love circus And one of the best things about this book, as opposed to other circus books, was that the author really delved into the descriptions of the acts and made the practices and performances an integral part of the story rather than just using the circus as a backdrop.Not only that, the descriptions of the wire walking and trapeze not even of what skills the performers did but rather of how they carried themselves and what was going through their minds were so beautifully written and somehow felt both real and surreal all at once, which was just kind of perfect.The way he moved was enough, so easy that everyone watching believed gravity had given up on trying to keep him tethered to earth He simply walked on air.I also appreciated the descriptions of Jules s costumes because they sounded gorgeous and because getting into costume is just as much a part of performing as the rest And I couldn t help but smile at the part about her getting ready in the nondescript women s restroom because anyone who s ever been a performer of any kind circus, gymnastics, drama, dance, etc can relate I can t tell you how many times I ve done that, and I love that it was mentioned because it s always struck me as an interesting part of the experience, that contrast of getting all decked out in makeup and glitter and hairspray in such a plain, forgettable, random public restroom, but I digress.As for the characters, Jules was a great protagonist, especially for a YA book, because she was relatable and a great role model She worked hard to achieve her dreams and was mature, intelligent, and confident But she was only 16, so she wasn t perfect, she sometimes got distracted by boys, she didn t always have the answers, and she sometimes acted on impulse But in the end she always learned from her mistakes And then there was Remy, who managed to charm me the same way he did Jule s with his good looks, witty banter, hard work, and sincerity Even the side characters were well developed with their own lives and story arcs Plus the relationship between Jules and Remy was a supportive, healthy one.The plot was also interesting, with bits of magic trickled throughout I was so glad the mystery was never forced like it is in some books I can t stand it when characters are vague for no reason.Ok I m about to wrap this up because it s getting kind of long, but I simply can t resist sharing oneamazing quote Remy stilled It was impossible not to notice when he went motionless, because he was usually so filled with energy He was rarely truly still Some part of him was always swinging through the air at high speed, even when he was sitting next to me.So overall, this was a wonderful book with beautiful writing about circus, love, and magic, and really, I can t think of aperfect combination Recommended For Anyone who likes circus, love, and magic Also anyone who wants a YA book with a great female lead and a healthy relationship Original Review on Blog At first glance, this seems like it should ve been my jam a Romeo and Juliet retelling set against two rival families of circus performers Pretty great premise, right I love circuses But nah Most of the time, I was waffling around 2 stars the ending made me straight up want to take yet another star off, but I m going to be forgiving since the high wire scenes were tense and well written, and there were some good elements here, they were just never utilised the way they should ve.Various thoughts in no particular order If you re going to be a transparent Romeo and Juliet retelling Romeo Remy Garcia, Julieta Jules Maroni , then for the love of god, you cannot have your character s parents explicitly name him after the Shakespearean character. And then you cannot have Julieta make fun of him for it It s far, far, far too on the nose and if she can mock him for his name, then why doesn t anyone in the book point out hey, wait, they re named Romeo and Julieta and started dating even though their families hate each other, ha ha isn t that cute Not that I wanted them to point that out, I would have hated it if they did but the point is that they half acknowledged it, which raises that weirdness of Girl On A Wire occupying the same in text world as Shakespeare The key is just don t acknowledge your source material. In fact, I would ve preferred it if their actual names had just been Remy and Jules the initials are all we need, that s enough to allude to it True Love At First Sight is boring as hell to me I grew tired of reading about Remy s Sculpted Biceps and Jules attraction to him was always in your face there are farsubtle ways to show it I guess our two leads are plucky and funny, but I don t really have a good sense of their personalities beyond Generally Likeable YA Characters As a minor character, Dita was actually the most interesting, but seemed a bit like she was just there for a touch of flavour, since she didn t get to do anything and we didn t delve into her character much I would ve loved to seefrom the bi curious sister who dresses in snappy suits On the other hand, the one I personally found intriguing characterisation wise right from the start was Remy s asshole older brother, Novio view spoiler Who turns out to be the villain, and yet there s still plot holes in how he was able to be the villain at all how did he search and trash their trailer if he was busy fighting Sam at the time If this was explained, it wasn t adequately And the end resolution is that he s just going to be a part of the family anyway and Nan will work to tame the darkness within him Oh my god FUCKING BARF I wish he d been built upas a character, too, so that the ending would have meanthide spoiler Reading this book I realized that I know wayabout circus life then I thought I did Since Water For Elephants I have noticed a lot of books are using the circus as a whimsical setting for their novels and this knowledge seems to be rubbing off on me I think that s one of the reasons that, although I enjoyed this book, I found myself comparing it to a lot of other stories and it ended up losing some its magic.Jules Maroni is a high wire walker just like her father She s been performing for as long as she could stand on the wire and Jules wants to be just like her high wire walking hero, Bird Millman Early in the novel Jules convinces her family to join the Cirque American despite the presence of the Maroni s rival family, The Flying Garcia s.I liked this old family rivalry and all the secrets that it held It gave the story a fantastical feel I m also a total sucker for curses, tarot cards, and other sorts of magi Initially the mystery and the secrets behind the rivalry of the Marioni s and Garcia s drew me in But I was able to figure out everything around 60% in to the story So the ending felt very drawn out and I found myself getting a little bored.Luckily, the relationship between Remy and Jules kept me reading I liked their late night training rendezvous It was a sort of forbidden love, although the only characters that really cared were grandparents so it didn t feel all that forbidden Still, I liked both of these characters and it was the slow burn kind of romance you can t help but root for.Overall, Girl on a Wire was a fun, although rather predictable novel I enjoyed the setting and characters and plan on readingof Gwenda Bond s writing I ve heard good things about her other novel Blackwood. Girl on a Wire started out really strong I cared about the characters, I felt my heart speed up during the tense scenes, I didn t want to put the book down.And then, the ending came And it was pretty much a Scooby Doo moment where the Bad Guy just explains Why He Did It I gave it 4 stars because up until the last couple chapters, I was in love with the book But those last two get 1 star. Sixteen Year Old Jules Maroni S Dream Is To Follow In Her Father S Footsteps As A High Wire Walker When Her Family Is Offered A Prestigious Role In The New Cirque American, It Seems That Jules And The Amazing Maronis Will Finally Get The Spotlight They Deserve But The Presence Of The Flying Garcias May Derail Her Plans For Decades, The Two Rival Families Have Avoided Each Other As Sworn EnemiesJules Ignores The Drama And Focuses On The Wire, Skyrocketing To Fame As The Girl In A Red Tutu Who Dances Across The Wire At Death Defying Heights But When She Discovers A Peacock Feather An Infamous Object Of Bad Luck Planted On Her Costume, Jules Nearly Loses Her Footing She Has No Choice But To Seek Help From The Unlikeliest Of People Remy Garcia, Son Of The Garcia Clan Matriarch And The Best Trapeze Artist In The CirqueAs Mysterious Talismans Believed To Possess Unlucky Magic Appear, Jules And Remy Unite To Find The Culprit And If They Don T Figure Out What S Going On Soon, Jules May Be The First Maroni To Do The Unthinkable Fall gwenda Visit her online at

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