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Complete Future Shocks Before Watchmen, Before V For Vendetta, There Was Tharg Together For The First Time In One Volume Are All Of Alan Moore S Future Shocks Darkly Funny And Deliriously Twisted Tales Of Sci Fi Terror, Where Nothing Is What It Seems This Thrill Packed Collection Features The Art Of Many Legendary Names In The Comics Industry Including Ian Gibson The Ballad Of Halo Jones , Bryan Talbot Luther Arkwright And Dave Gibbons Watchmen Also Included Are Over A Hundred Pages Of Bonus Material Featuring Dozens Of Complete Stories Scripted By Moore ForAD This Comprehensive Collection Should Not Be Missed By Any Comics Fan

Alan Moore is an English writer most famous for his influential work in comics, including the acclaimed graphic novels Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell He has also written a novel, Voice of the Fire, and performs workings one off performance art spoken word pieces with The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels, some of which have been released on CD.As a comics writer, Moor

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Complete Future Shocks
  • Alan Moore
  • English
  • 01 October 2019
  • 9781904265887

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    A nice collection of Alan Moore s short comics that he wrote for 2000AD I ve encountered some of them in the past while reading individual issues of 2000AD so it s nice to have it all collected together in one place.This collects not only Moore s Future Shocks, but also his Time Twisters, other shorts and a hilarious series of stories involving Abelard Snazz, a mutant genius with four eyes that can solve problems with flashes of genius only to create new problems.Among my favourites collected here are The English Phlondrutian Phrasebook a funny collection of English to Phlondrutian phrases you can use at various locations like the Spaceport, the Hotel, while being interrogated and imprisoned on a slave satellite, and so on They Sweep The Spaceways the job opportunities you have as a member of the Trans Galactic Garbage Disposal Corps You get to replace burned out suns, get rid of pesky civilisations and clean whole galaxies with novas The Regrettable Ruse Of Rocket Redglare when the world is at peace for many years, what is a forgotten hero who is running low on cash to do Why, create a crisis with his old nemesis But things may not turn out the way you want them to be The Wages of Sin if the universe of full of heroes, what you need is a school of villains to turn out bad guys to keep them busy Do you have what it takes to be a bad guy and rule the Universe The Reversible Man what would it feel like to live your whole life, but going backwards in time Chronocops on the life and times of cops who patrol the past, meeting each other and giving tips to their past selves, yet never creating paradoxes unless the life of your partner is tied up in a peculiar way with yours Dr Dibworthy s Disappointing Day on the life of a scientist who discovers the secret of time travel and tests it out by trying to change history But nothing keeps happening or does it The Lethal Laziness of Lobelia Loam when a slothful and messy girl discovers a time machine, it appears to solve all her messy problems But you have to be careful that the mess doesn t come back to you someday.

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    3.5 rounded up Alan Moore s early short pieces for 2000 AD, the UK comic magazine famous for producing Judge Dredd These are Moore s entries for a regular 2000 AD feature called Future Shocks, which is typically a 2 5 page comic short story with a futuristic but jokey premise While the plot and punchline are telegraphed from the beginning of each strip, Moore made them his own by applying his hyper creative powers Despite the shortness of the medium and Moore s artistic youth, there is so much material here Moore s shorts are so dense, I could only read two or three a day There is a story about retired gods, who are banished to a retirement netherworld and forgotten because they are no longer worshiped This premise prefigures, and is central to, Neil Gaiman s work on Sandman and American Gods There is a story about a metal band whose concerts lead to planetary destruction and kill large populations, prefiguring Metalocalypse and Dethklok I am not suggesting theft, but surely creators of such works were inspired by Alan Moore s work at 2000 AD As mentioned elsewhere, Gaiman views Moore as a mentor Moreover, Gaiman and Grant Morrison also worked on Future Shocks at 2000 AD and their work is collected in another book All Star Future Shocks.

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    Early Alan Moore is my favourite Moore era of his longform work, as much as I love Watchmen I love Halo Jones This collection of Moore s short 2000AD work Future Shocks, Time Twisters, one offs and Abelard Snazz stories is an absolute gold mine of neat concepts, 2000AD style humour and bite size delights Some of the twists can be seen coming from a mile off, but most of this dates from the early 80s so can be forgiven seeming hokey now What s critical is that even the hokey ones are never lacking in the playfulness that 2000AD excels at I borrowed this, but will be getting my own copy to re read, and fans of both Moore and Tharg should do the same.

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    Genial Alan Moore antes de ser Alan Moore uma for a da natureza Historias muito criativas e ir nicas, algumas com finais surpreendentes, e todas brincando com temas de fic o cient fica Dif cil destacar uma, mas gostei muito da hist ria em que uma nave espacial fica com dem ncia senil, da hist ria dos alien genas que eram ideias, da hist ria do zool gico de seres humanos reunindo reconstru es gen ticas de homens e mulheres famosos e da hist ria do curso de vil es interespaciais.

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    Still trying to decide overall how I feel about this, but it is impressive to see the stories being told happening so quickly But that is also one of the drawbacks, the brevity of these pieces do not really suit the kind of storytelling I enjoy and which Moore excels at There isn t quite enough to sink my teeth into most of the time.At the least this warrants a reread in a different prose consumption creation context.

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    Paranoie in stile anni 80, humour british, un po di fantascienza e un po di horror, uno scrittore geniale e una cascata di eccellenti disegnatori.L Alan Moore giovanile e quello di nicchia i suoi primi lavori ed i racconti brevi lasciati da parte Nessun vero fan di Moore pu lasciarselo sfuggire.

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    Creo que la peor de las historias de este tomo rozar a las cuatro estrellitas si le hiciera una rese a por separado, pero en su gran mayor a son peque as joyitas de relojer a Historias de terror, de ciencia ficci n, de fantas a todos los g neros pasan por la mordaz regurgitaci n de un Moore jovenc simo y afilad simo que ya entonces perfilaba como uno de los mejores artistas del noveno arte.

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    The Shakespeare of Sequential Art s first stories Yes, gimme With level of ranking art, I hold Essentials higher than simple Classics This is a lesser known Essential book for comic readers and writers entertaining and educational.

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    Before he hit it big over at DC, Alan Moore worked for 2000AD writing short 3 4 page stories with twists at the end.

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    Took me longer than it should have to finish this, which is weird since I thoroughly enjoyed it Most of the stories were hilarious, and a lot of them had a nice twist.

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