Off Stage (Off Stage #2)

Off Stage (Off Stage #2) Lenny Stevens Was The Lead Guitarist Of The Up And Coming Grunge Band Firefly Until He Crossed The Line With The Band S Lead Singer Now He S Faced With The Impossible Task Of Rebuilding His Life Without The Music That Had Kept Him Together Struggling With His Fear And Rage, He Creates The Same Damaging Patterns In His Relationship With His Lover, Vance Ashcroft Vance Knows That Lenny Is The Submissive Meant For Him He Is Convinced He Can Save Lenny From His Demons And Puts Faith In His Ability But When Len S Temper Leads To Him Physically Hurting Vance And Destroying Property, Both Men Realize Len S Issues Are Too Big For Them To Work Through Alone Seeking The Help Of The People Who Know Len Best, Vance Invites His Former Bandmates To The Ranch For Len S Belated Birthday Party Together, They Try To Create A Safe Haven For Len To Come Apart And, Hopefully, Rearrange Himself Into A Man Who Can Live With His Past And Create A Future Worth Having 4 Stars This book is raw and powerful Intense and insightful Lenny s story is muchintense than Damien Trevor It had me from the beginning and I couldn t put it down I recommend it for those interested in BDSM. Title Off Stage In the WingsAuthor Jaime SammsSeries Off Stage Book 2Publisher Dreamspinner PressReviewer MollienRelease Date April 24, 2014Genre s Rockstar, BDSM Male Male RomancePage Count 326 pagesHeat Level 3 flames out of 5Rating 4.5 stars out of 5Blurb Off Stage Set Two Lenny Stevens was the lead guitarist of the up and coming grunge band Firefly until he crossed the line with the band s lead singer Now he s faced with the impossible task of rebuilding his life without the music that had kept him together Struggling with his fear and rage, he creates the same damaging patterns in his relationship with his lover, Vance Ashcroft Vance knows that Lenny is the submissive meant for him He is convinced he can save Lenny from his demons and puts faith in his ability But when Len s temper leads to him physically hurting Vance and destroying property, both men realize Len s issues are too big for them to work through alone Seeking the help of the people who know Len best, Vance invites his former bandmates to the ranch for Len s belated birthday party Together, they try to create a safe haven for Len to come apart and, hopefully, rearrange himself into a man who can live with his past and create a future worth having Review This is the second book in the Off Stage series Before I go on, if you have not read the first book, Off Stage Right, go and one click it right now You will need to read that book before tackling this book Be prepared, the characters in both of these stories havebaggage than anyone should have to deal with This is Len s story and begins about halfway through the first book time wise After Len s breakdown, Vance takes Len back to his horse ranch Len is just so broken that Vance is having second thoughts on whether or not he can help Len If you have read the first book, you pretty much know the outcome, but this book takes you on the journey that Vance and Len take together The chemistry between Vance and Len is protective, frustrating and loving There is not intense heat in this story Even with touches of BDSM, this book is cool in comparison to other stories In my estimation, this adds to the validity and realism of the characters I am still struggling with the flow of this story The author jumps back and forth between which character s point of view we are reading about too often Also, I feel that sometimes the story jumps ahead to a new situation without warning The ending takes us past the ending of the first book Yes, I did get what I was looking for This series is still in my estimation character development in its finest As a reader, you get to know every aspect of these characters I felt their pain as well as their joy evenso in this book There is a third book in this series that has just been published It is about one of the characters that played an important part in helping Len and Vance My hope for the next book isLen, Vance, Trevor, and Stanley to go with Kilmer and Tanner s story Review to follow soon PLOT 5 StarsCHEMISTRY 5 StarsPACING 4 StarsENDING 5 StarsCHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 5 Stars Review Copy of Off Stage In the Wings provided by the Dreamspinner Press I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club I have been giving less and less 5 Star ratings for books recently I read and review so many books at the moment that it has to be something pretty special to get the top rating I read some great books every week for Prism and I am always looking for the one that has something a bit different or a bit special, a book that touches me and leaves me wantingimmediately.This was one of those books Not because it was about hot, raunchy rock stars Not because it contains BDSM Not because it was a sequel to a book I had previously loved Not because, as usual, Jaime Samms writing was fantastic All of these things helped to make the story what it was and they are also elements that I really enjoy in a story..who doesn t like Rockers and BDSM No, the thing that sold this story to me was simple It was the Relationship Dynamic Nothingand nothing less.Let me explain.I love a good BDSM book I love a good D s relationship I am becomingandwary though of it being a quick fix to a broken sub with an abusive past It is something that personally doesn t sit well with me There isn t a quick fix or easy answer to someone who has suffered years of abuse and I feel sometimes that we undermine a persons hurt and anguish by implying there is.If you have read Book 1 which you should you will remember just how damaged and volatile Lenny is His previous relationship with Ace left him nearly dead and the consequences of that, among other things, led to the damage and abuse that he inflicted on his best friend and fellow band member Damian At the end of Book 1 Vance steps in and removes Lenny from his band, his friends and his destructive lifestyle, and takes him to live at his ranch Book 2 is the start of his healing.Vance has got his head screwed on He has a successful career and is pretty comfortable with who he is It wasn t always like that though A recovering alcoholic he still has to fight his own demons and remind himself that the answers are not in the bottle He is a Dom and when he first met Lenny he was convinced the broken and struggling man was the perfect Sub for him The thing that really strikes you with Vance is his lack of arrogance and self importance He is only too aware that he doesn t have all the answers and isn t too proud to ask for help when he feels he is losing control.Lenny has been losing himself to inner turmoil since he was a small child He is volatile and angry and in a really bad place when he first arrives at the Ranch He struggles to talk to his therapist and Vance about his past abuse It is a vicious circle of pain and anger until he finally breaks when the band visits for his birthday At this point a lot of the ugly comes out and for the first time there seems to be a chance that he can move forward.What I loved most about this pair is they were both out of their depth at times and that was ok As I said before there was no quick fix and the issues were very real and not swept under the carpet It was a battle that was sometimes nasty and neither one of the men had the answers but nor could they just walk away As much as Lance needed to be dominant in the relationship and Lenny craved to submit it was never pushed and felt natural to their relationship The main emphasis was trust and this was something that Lenny struggled with throughout the story His nightmares and flashbacks were very real and very violent At the end of the story Lenny is strong enough to slowly start facing his past and begin making amends in his relationships but he is nowhere near as strong as he could be I would love for there to be another chapter of this story where we see both Lenny and Damian or moving on with their lives and perhaps getting to a point where they could once again be friends and leave the damage and anger behind. Off Stage In The Wings is the second book in a series about the rock band Firefly I didn t read the first book, Off Stage Right For the first few pages of this book, I thought that might put me at a disadvantage, but that turned out not to be the case I would have preferred to read them in order and would recommend that you do it that way, but enough background was given so I didn t feel like I was coming in at the middle of the story It just seemed like the back story was really good and I wish I had read it.Lenny Stevens used to be the lead guitarist for the grunge band Firefly He was involved in a torturous violent relationship with a lover, which he thought was a D s relationship It was, in fact, just plain violent The anger that relationship ignited in Lenny spilled over into the band and ruined his relationship with the lead singer, his lifelong best friend.Lenny is now involved with Vance Ashcroft, a very successful country singer Vance is also a Dom Lenny thinks he is ready for a D s relationship with Vance, but he has too much rage and violence to be considered safe, sane and consensual, which are the watchwords of any D s relationship, for lovers or just players Vance knows Lenny has a long way to go to be ready for the relationship that they both want He loves Lenny enough to be patient with him.At least he thinks he does, until Lenny destroys a guitar that meant everything to him and lashes out and physically hurts Vance one too many times Vance tries everything he can think of to help Lenny get past his rage He realizes that he can t do it alone and engages the help of Lenny s band mates and friends, as well as Lenny s and his own manager, a fellow Dom.Things go downhill fast when they come together to celebrate Lenny s birthday It is the first time the band has all been together in a long time, and the one person Lenny wants to see the most, the lead singer whom he hurt, doesn t feel ready to see him so he doesn t come That s when the train runs off the rails.Jaime Samms does a great job of taking the reader inside the mind of the abused and damaged Lenny and making us feel his pain Not to the point where it is painful for us, but so we understand what is driving his behavior He truly has no control over himself The rage just takes over and he s left standing there, dazed, looking at the pieces surrounding him afterward.Ms Samms also superbly shows how hard it is for Vance to stay by Lenny s side during all this The question of whether love really is enough is brought to mind And is it domestic violence if the guy doing the hitting is really terribly damaged and doesn t intend to hurt his lover I say yes, definitely There is never an excuse for hitting a lover or partner, male or female But the internal struggle Vance takes us on is insightful If he gives up on Lenny, he ll be reinforcing all the negative feelings Lenny has about himself, and he ll be onein a series of losses in Lenny s life This could be the loss that pushes him over the edge.As a backdrop to all this you have two musicians from very different genres who have put their respective careers on hold Those of you who are creative types know that your creativity is a part of who you are If it is left to die, part of you goes away with it Vance and Lenny both have to decide how much of a role their music will play in their lives going forward This is, of course, complicated by intermingling relationships of friends, shared mangers and ex lovers Off Stage In The Wings was a good book It left enough open ended that a third in the series is a possibility I might even say a probability If there is a third, I will be right there ordering it.Reviewed by Tina at The Novel Approach You always hurt the one you love, the one you should not hurt at all You always take the sweetest rose, and crush it till the petals fall You always break the kindest heart, with a hasty word you can t recall So if I broke your heart last night, it s because I love you most of all The Mills Brothers In the Wings , by Jaime Samms, is about Lennie Stevens and his horrific ability to hurt the ones he loves in particular, his life long friend, Trevor Lennie and Trevor have an unhealthy co dependent relationship They are so close they are almost literally part of each other Their boundaries are so blurred that neither can be objective about the other Being close is one thing not being able to discern your needs and fears from each other s is another In Len and Trevor s case, it has the power to destroy them and everyone around them.Lennie learned, early in life, that those who are supposed to love and protect you don t always live up to that expectation Lennie grew up believing he was unlovable Lennie has gone through life surmising that bad things happen to him because that s all he deserves Until he can regain his self worth, he s not capable of doing anything other than spewing his venomous negativity on everyone and everything He almost destroys Trevor whom he claims to lovethan anyone The harder Trevor tries to help, the worse Lennie treats him As damaged as Lennie seems, he s actually the stronger of the two He s the one who realizes what he s doing to Trevor is wrong and removes himself from the situation When Lennie leaves with Vance, he makes a commitment to change which takes an enormous amount of courage Learning how to accomplish it is farmonumental than either he or Vance can imagine It s a rough, long road with lots of setbacks, but for every layer of sludge Len exposes and dispenses from his nightmarishness past, is another layer that feels that much better.Vance Ashcroft whisks Lennie away, realizing he has problems, but confident that with time, patience, and discipline he can help Lennie get himself under control They love each other, but soon realize that Lennie s problems are far deeper than either of them anticipates Vance is so afraid of doing something wrong that he doesn t do enough Without enough guidance, Lennie is left out there hanging in his misery and anger, without knowing what to do about it and with no one to catch him when he falls This only leads toviolence and anger, making matters worse Frustrated, Vance admits that he s been taking the wrong approach, and calls in Lennie s friends After Lennie reaches his limit and confesses all the gory details of his past, they are able help get to the root of Lennie s problems With everything out in the open, Vance and Lennie are able to make a stronger commitment, setting them on a better path toward healing.Reading this well written, intense story was all consuming, but quite emotionally satisfying Lennie s story is difficult to accept, but it s enlightening and cautionary Abuse isn t an easy topic to discuss, much less comprehend The dynamics are so intertwined and seemingly contradictory that it takes a lot of digging to even begin to understand its how it works But one of the points made in this story is that with enough desire, courage, and commitment it can be overcome people like Lennie can turn this vicious, ugly circumstance into something healthy and strong I recommend this to everyone who appreciates a book that will entertain, educate, and satisfy Thanks, Jaime, for a thought provoking, intense reading experience NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Close to 4.5 starsI really wish I d re read the first book before I started this one as it made getting into this story slightly harder as it carries on straight from the first This time the focus is Len, as he works his way through his very traumatised past, the bust up with his best friend, Trev, and leaving the band There is also the relationship with Vance, the man he wants to be his Dom, who has is own problems to deal with There is a lot in this story about trust and growth, and how a BDSM or D s relationship isn t a cure all for a history of past abuse There were just a couple of jumps in time that threw me a bit and the end wrapped up a little too well I am not sure if there will be anyOff Stage books, particularly as the characters I want to see work on their relationship aren t part of the band but Vance s mentor and his ranch hand. Jaime Samms has turned into one of my favorite authors this past year and this book lived up to my expectations.Off Stage In The Wings is the second book in the off stage series and is Len s story after he beats up his best friend and lead singer in their band Firefly Len has been abused and raped in his past by his ex boy friend as well as others and he needs someone strong to help him hold everything together Len is a submissive and gets involved with Trevor who is also a submissive and everything goes to hell between Len and the rest of his band becuase he isn t getting the help controlling his emotions so he is asked to leave.Vance,a dominant country singer , who has had his own problems takes len away to try and help him but the relationship is falling apart because Len won t tell Vance what has happened to him Vance is afraid to push Len and doharm based on the little information he has so they both are floundering and Len is falling apart emotionally and lashed out physically when he feels too over whelmed.I loved Len and Vance and wanted to cry because they were in such emotional pain and yet there were times that I wanted to shake Len and tell him to try to open up and tell Vance about his past like his psychiatrist is pushing him to do and yet Len is so damaged that he cant even voice some of the horrors he has endured.I won t give away the rest of the story but if you like M M stories about a rock singer that is full of angst and includes BDSM then this will be a book you will enjoy All of Jaime Samms books involve characters that have been abused in some way and tend to draw you in from the first page.I really hope there arebooks in this series A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsMy favorite part of the book is the confrontation between Trevor and Len, after so much time apart and having seen each other last when Len had hurt him so badly The relationship between these two is the most interesting and exciting part of this series They have a fierce, primal attraction to each other, yet they know they aren t good for each other and need their Doms and lovers to keep them grounded Regardless, the chemistry they have with one another is intense, and I love reading the scenes when they interact Even though, especially in this book, it s fraught with pain and hurt feelings, it s sexy You can feel the attraction between the two that is fueled by the energy of the band.Read Amy s review in its entirety here.

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