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Twelve Steps When Her Crush Asks Her To Fix Him Up With Her Perfect Older Sister, Sixteen Year Old Andi Decides It S Time To Step Out Of The Shadows She Creates A Twelve Step Program For Second Class Siblings To Help Her Steal The Spotlight, And The Guy, From Her Sister, LainaStepAdmit She S Powerless To Change Her Perfect Sister, And Accept That Her Life Really, Really SucksStepMake A List Of Her Good Qualities Even If All She S Got Going For Her Is Really Great HairStepDemand Attention For Than Just The Way She Screws Things UpBut When A Stolen Kiss Ends In Disaster, Andi Realizes That Her Prince Isn T As Charming As She D Hoped And As Laina S Flawless Facade Begins To Crumble, Andi Discovers That The Spotlight She S Been Trying To Steal Isn T Really The One She Wants The Sisters Will Have To Work Together To Find A Spotlight Big Enough For Them Both To Shine

As the second of eight children and the mother of four, Veronica Bartles is no stranger to the ups and downs of sibling relationships She was sandwiched between the gorgeous and insanely popular older sister and the too adorable for words younger sister She uses this insight to write stories about siblings who mostly love each other, even while they re driving one another crazy When she isn t

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    For anyone who s ever felt second best, or struggled to find their place in the world, this book is for you Smart and funny, Twelve Steps perfectly captures the gut wrenching joy and supreme mortification of unrequited love Grab the chocolate, turn off the phone, and prepare to ride the roller coaster of Andi s life as it unfolds, page after humor filled page This is contemporary romance done right

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    Andrea Anderson Andi has to compete with her perfect sister Laina not only for her parents attention, but for the affections of Jarod, who also happens to be Laina s best friend So Andi sets in motion a twelve step plan to get her life back on track When she finds out that Laina has a crush on Shane, who s going out with Laina s ex best friend Rachel, Andi hatches a plan to set Laina up with him so that she can have Jarod for herself Along the way, Andi discovers that Laina is not as perfect as she thought she s got problems of her own What s with the sabotaging behavior of Laina s so called best friend Kendra And what dark secret is Laina hiding from Andi Andi also realizes that Laina s not the only one getting attention from boys she herself has no shortage of admirers, especially the ever present Dave Even Jarod seems to be ambivalent about the two sisters Who will he choose And will he be too late Maybe love is right under our noses the whole time we just have to stop looking in the wrong direction Twelve Steps is a great clean read for teens Even the swearing is cute, for example, Oh My Gobstopper The story is fast paced and written in a great natural style from the point of view of sixteen year old Andi The real life action is cleverly mirrored in the stage production of Cinderella, starring Jarod as Prince Charming and Andi as one of the step sisters Andi s humor prevents her from becoming an unlikeable character, and, thankfully, her shallow and selfish attitude turns around and she finally starts thinking about others instead of just herself In addition, the author subtly hints, through snippets of conversation, that all may not be as it seems, and that Andi s perceptions of reality may be clouded by her own emotions This would make a great movie I received this book in return for an honest review.

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    Twelve Steps is a contemporary high school romance It was an enjoyable book that held my interest There was nothing in it that made it stand out as a favorite but did I like watching Andi finally figure out that the grass is not always greener on the other side It was a filled with some fun moments that made me smile I couldn t help but love Dave and was grateful Andi finally started to open her eyes to what was right in front of her.Her sister Laina s secret was fairly easy to figure out early on but it took Andi a long time to finally put the pieces together because she started out so focused on herself Overall this is a entertaining read with a good message that I m glad I took the time to read.Rating 3.5 Stars Good BookContent couple instances of language, little innuendoSource Ebook Review Copy

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    I had so much fun writing TWELVE STEPS, and I love hearing from you as you read it Thank you all so much 3 Here s a post from December 2012, when I talked about this book and what inspired it

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    I absolutely loved it First of all I want to say that I can totally relate to Andi Alaina relationship and feelings for each other And let me tell you that it was right on being perfect is no easy feat, and I think the author has captured all the tension plus drama between two sisters superbly, without giving any negativity which could have spoiled the whole story We could sit around and chat about how our flawless family members are systematically destroying our lives Laina is perfect and her perfection has haunted Andi for ages Everyone keeps comparing her to her perfect elder sister and she is sick and tired of it The boy she has been crushing on for years is also interested in Laina and not her In fact every single boy in school is interested in Laina, not that she pays attention to them Still they keep following her around and ignoring Andi.Andi thinks that she is powerless because of Laina s perfection and she should just take charge of her life So when Jarod asks her to help him win her sister, she starts work on her own agenda instead A twelve step programme which will make all her problems disappear Most importantly it ll make Jarod realised that she was the sister for him no Laina When Shane entered the picture, it gave her a perfect opportunity to make her dream come true But things rarely go the way one plans.She has always acted as if it didn t matter, as if she didn t notice people comparing her to Laina and finding her less than perfect And she is good at acting too, no one sees her like she really is except Dave He is the only person who sees through her lies Didn t anyone ever tell you that you re supposed to keep things vague when you re lying through your teeth So she is not as clueless as her sister She knows when someone is interested in her but she cannot by anything than friends with Dave She has always been in love with Jarod and that will never change or so she thinks..Its a beautifully written story, which is perfect for young readers I m no teenager but I loved it too All the characters are well crafted and I especially loved Dave s character Didn t like Jarod though He was no hero material if you asked me He was stringing Andi along while pining for Laina But the book demanded that character so it was perfect in its own way Everyone was as they should be and this made it a 5 star read.For Giveaway go to link below

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    I absolutely adored this book I first heard about TWLEVE STEPS during Pitch Wars when the book s author, Veronica Bartles, shared, via Twitter, the story of how she ended up getting published and got her agent It s story of a girl living in her sister s shadow drew me in not only because of the girl s humorous yet practical approach to dealing with her problem aka her twelve step program , but because I m the older sister and my siblings are always saying things like, I m not you, Patrice That being said, I m not Laina, maybe my siblings see me as that, but I strongly identify with Andi her feelings of being lost and wanting to be something than who people see you as, especially And I LOVE theater I actually recited a monologue from Our Town during a UIL competition senior year of high school I love Cinderella so that only brought back great memories Also, in musicals I NEVER got the part I wanted plays were my strong suit so, like Andi, I had to learn how to steal the show from the shadows There were so many great lines in the book It read so well, I could easily see this staged, as a play or movie I think it s the theater person in me my junior year of AP English during which my teacher made me fall in love with sentence structure that had me highlighting lines Here are a few of my favorites from Andi I picked them from early on so as to not spoil anything It isn t as easy as you d think to keep up the I am who I am, and I don t really care what you say about me act, but what other choice do I have They believe me, because they want to You never have to actually answer most questions You only have to make people think you did I resonate so much with these lines I like to think I m a reformed manipulator and I can definitely say that acting like you don t care is often much harder than letting your emotions show.I focused a lot on the sister sister relationship 1 because you don t see a lot of that in YA and 2 because that s what really drew me in, but the romance is equally as good It s sweet, bittersweet at first, but all s well that ends well I love how Andi gets to see that Laina isn t as perfect as she thinks she is I try to be very honest with my siblings about that, even though it s hard to let those who look up to you know that you have made make mistakes.It s a fast read that ll have you laughing during one chapter and crying during the next, but it leaves you feeling refreshed and so much content with yourself I m definitely going to give this to my little sister s to read when they re a bit older my brother would likely say, ugh, I already know I m awesome, duh completely missing the point, LOL It s 2.99 so you should definitely go buy you a copy, it s worth every penny I received this book from YA Bound Swoon Reads to read review for the tour This is a 100% honest review.

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    Don t get me wrong, it s not all daisies and roses, but this story is SO SWEET I can t wait to share my full review with you after it goes up on the blog

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    Originally posted at Geeky ChiquitasReviewed by KimiTwelve Steps is a book about two sisters who go to the same highschool, and both think one is better than the other Andi and Laina have a tight sibling relationship and are very close, but both have their own problems and insecurities Andi is in love with Laina s best friend Jared, but Jared has been in love with Laina ever since Laina, on the other hand, has her own troubled past which she keeps bottled up in her diaries This is a story of how these two sisters find themselves and break out of their own shells.Twelve Steps is something that I was immediately drawn to right after reading the first few pages I love reading stories about sisters, it s a kind of trope that I haven t been exposed to I think this book would ve been very problematic if not handled as light and cutesy as it was This one s premise is basically We re both popular but we think the other one is better than the other Not that I am undermining other people s problems, but that kind of premise would ve lacked depth and emotional value if not treated correctly It is not so relatable or rewarding to read, and would not have worked as well Reading contemporary has always been difficult to me as I m usually presented with books that contain the same premises and characters and love interests that it has gotten way too tiring Twelve Steps was an enjoyable book that definitely exceeded my expectations I read it expecting to read something with fluff, but got out with something .What I loved the most about this book is Andi Andi was a compelling protagonist who spoke her mind and did whatever the hell she wanted no matter what It was very easy to relate to this girl, as I myself am the second child in my family, and do strive to be better than my older sister I found Andi to be a strong and independent character, and though she came off to me as manipulative with her schemes, bottomline is she had a good heart who put her sister first before anything else This was proven throughout the book when every time she felt second best or hurt, she was always concerned about her sister s welfare rather than her own She also came off as very feminist to me, and I found myself cheering you go girl every time she delivered a piece of dialogue that made me root for her Her snarkiness and witty humour all came hand in hand First of all, you need to drop the competitive attitude Dating isn t a contest And no girl in her right mind actually wants to have guys fighting over her like she s some kind of prize Laina s a person with feelings, not a trophy for the winner And you re going to lose her entirely if you don t stop treating her like the toy at the bottom of your cereal box She doesn t belong to you I don t know what hurts worse the fact that Jared is such a male chauvinist pig that he can t see why turning my sister into the prize to be won in a stupid pissing contest with Shane Crawford is a bad thing, or the fact that he s never even thought about fighting for me Laina was an okay character that I felt was underdeveloped She didn t seem to progress from Point A at the beginning to Point B at the end I felt no substantial character development I was hoping that she would be the one to finally confess about what had happened to her no spoilers but it was Andi had gone to tell the truth But overall, I thought Laina was a great sister What I didn t like about this book the most though are the male characters Shane and Jared Jesus, where do I even begin I think I have had enough of scumbag misogynists, but they keep popping up everywhere Again, there is no problem with creating problematic characters, but I hate it when they stay that way and don t develop Shane was a crappy character, and yes he doesn t get the girl in the end, but with all chances to change, he never makes an effort and just keeps screwing things up I was glad to see him go in the end Jared, Oh God I can vouch for Andi about how annoying this guy is He is in love with Laina, but he leads Andi on and even kisses her and thinks it s okay I don t like how the ending makes it seem like he s such a great guy who defends Laina you spent the entire year thinking Laina was okay about what had happened just because it didn t technically happen so you automatically assume it was okay I don t like how in the end he kind of gets Laina it is implied when he clearly doesn t deserve her or Andi If Laina had known how poorly Jared treated Andi, I m sure she d leave him on the curb to die.The only formidable guy character in this whole book is Dave, who treats Andi like a real person and doesn t use her at his disposal But I wasn t too sure about the ending as I kind of saw Andi as someone independent and wished she hadn t ended up with any of them I couldn t see the chemistry between her and Dave, so that contributes to that too.Overall, Twelve Steps was a cute and fascinating read which I recommend to anyone who s in for something light and funny It was really enjoyable and had some underlying themes, which were best to be just subtle given the tone of the book It was well written and had great plot pacing as well Twelve Steps is definitely a great book of sibling rivalry and finding your place in this world.

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    We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know about this book, go to the post in our website Twelve Steps by Veronica Bartles If you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Rate 3 starsReview Twelve Steps is for everyone who s ever felt second best, for those people with a gorgeous sister or friend that overshadows everyone else Veronica Bartles wrote a funny, sweet and lovable story where Laina must stop being the second best of her sister, and she s willing to do anything Laina s in love with Jarod, but Jarod doesn t see her that way thanks to her gorgeous and innocent sister Because she s a good friend, she tries to discover who her sister likes, and it turns out to be Shane, who s going out with Laina s ex best friend, Rachel So the master plan is helping her sister get her crush aka Shane , so she can have Jarod for herself Sounds like a good plan, right However, throughout the story Andi gets to truly know her sister and discover she s not as perfect as Andi thought The two sisters get to spend time together and the once broken bond starts to heal In the meantime, Jarod seems to be willing to leave Laina behind so she can be happy with Shane Losing Laina, means that now there s nothing between Andi and him But how can Laina keep being the second best She wants someone who loves her for herself, not being a second choice because her sister wasn t available.As the story keeps going, we meet new characters, new awkward and funny situations, we will discover Laina s deep secret and we would know what Andi decides to do with her love life.Twelve Steps is a clean read, with funny situations and with a character that has a strong and powerful personality It reflects perfectly how someone must feel after being in love and end up rejected for your lovable sister, but always being there to be the second choice just in case the first plan doesn t work Veronica Bartles brings some humor to the situation but putting her main character in some situations like when she has a place in the production of Cinderella, and she s one of the step sisters and Jarod Prince Charming What I liked about this book was Laina s personality You could know just by reading her point of view that despite her not so lucky love life, she s a strong girl and secure of herself She s not afraid to go after what she wants and she has to have some guts to play matchmaker for her sister Her snarky comments and whatever attitude create some wonderful and funny situations throughout the story.I think that my problem was that there were an overwhelming amount of boys in the story I couldn t place my heart with only one and I must confess that I was kind of confused I also liked how this story changes from my life sucks thanks to my sister just for being beautiful to a mature and rational aspect like understanding what s best for her sister and try to do the right thing Also the author wrapped up everything, by giving Andi her shot at true love Although, I would have like of those moments not saying who she ends up with, sorry And by the way, just saying that I m team Dave all the way down and I didn t like how she treated him sometimes.Overall, Twelve Steps is a hilarious, sweet and romantic YA story Entwined and complicated relationships, a group of friends and a main character seeking her happy ever after along with some sister rivalry, this YA story will make you smile and think about what s like to be left as a second choice If you like this type of stories, Twelve Steps is definitely your story

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl Twelve Steps was just too cute to pass up Oh YA, how I ve missed you I knew I had to read this book I have a younger sister, and although I m the older one, I don t believe I outshone her But she always thought I was our parents favorite, able to get away with a bunch of stuff while I felt they were way harder on me than on her You know, typical sister stuff Reading about Andi and Laina in Twelve Steps reminded me a lot of growing up with my sister with all of the fun times, sad times, and the inbetween as well as the awkwardness I experienced during my teenage years This book is exactly why I love the YA genre The Second Class SiblingAndi has labeled herself the second class sibling after years of feeling like she can never measure up to her older sister, Laina After crushing on Jarod, the guy who s close with both sisters but only has eyes for Laina, for years, there s a hugely awkward moment involving a kiss that had me clutching my chest in a bit of heartbreak for Andi I felt so bad for her She s a firecracker always entertaining and witty, there s never a dull moment with her She would be loads of fun to hang out with At the same time, she can be manipulative and sneaky in order to get what she wants She doesn t mean to intentionally hurt anyone, but that s usually what ends up happening She isn t selfish, just a lovesick teenage girl with a massive crush on someone who possibly might not ever give her the time of day The Most Perfect Girl in the SchoolWhen you have the kind of personality Laina has, eager to please, I think you put much pressure on yourself than anyone else ever could Once you ve achieved certain things like being on the A honor roll or being the top flute player in band, then it becomes expected you stay there The pressure may not even necessarily come from others it could be coming from you so strongly that you might perceive it as coming from others I was surprised Laina isn t superficial and stuck up and went out of her way to be a good sister to Andi because from the synopsis, I figured she treated Andi like she s better than her That isn t how Laina is at all, and it was refreshing to find that out She s clueless about the way Andi is jealous of her she doesn t think there s anything special about her The Scheme HmmmJarod Is he really worth Andi s time anyway Or Laina s The further Andi went to send Laina into Shane s a guy Laina likes arms, the hilarious the situation became Shane couldn t stop making creeptastic comments, and I couldn t stop laughing at them Poor guy He was so nervous around Laina He didn t mean to come off creepy, either facepalm The Unexpected HottieI became interested in Dave for Andi and wanted Jarod out of the way Dave saw right through Andi s facade, and I think she s met her match in him One of my favorite moments is when he tells Andi that she s beautiful and of course guys are attracted to her, and I was cheering The Bottom LineGood Lord I love this book I haven t been reading much YA lately, and Twelve Steps has made me realize just how much I ve missed it All the teenage angst and drama I ll never get tired of any of it Bartles has done a fantastic job of writing a YA novel that s screamingly hilarious with those moments of embarrassment and angst I remember from my own years as a teenager Twelve Steps is the kind of book that s the perfect example of why YA rocks.

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