The Death of Sleep

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One could argue that this was a middle book intended to be resolved in another book, but that doesn't make for a satisfying read.

I was also troubled by the mixed message on racism and prejudice. Lunzie hated heavyworlders, which earned her more than a few lectures, yet heavyworlders were the constant bad guys. They were often portrayed by the authors as ignorant, burly, excessively violent savages, so the reader was led to dislike them. Then the reader was chastised constantly for judging the heavyworlders everytime Lunzie was chastised. In fact, we were told to not be prejudiced against all the humanoids, and even intelligent triangles. However, it was perfectly fine to detest conservatives—Lunzie's "shallow", capitalistic descendants. That message was pounded in several times. It's also OK to despise scrawny, infirm people because they are secretly pirates.

Is prejudice wrong or not? Why lecture the reader about the issue if you fall back on the traditional method of describing bad guys as physically deformed and grotesque? Is the message: "Being prejudiced against people who are different from you is wrong, unless they are greedy, disgusting conservatives. Ptui! Ptui!" I remain baffled. Depending upon what way you look at it, this is either the first or the second book in the trilogy. Either way it is well worth the read. This was written back in the day when Anne McCaffrey was fostering new authors, and coauthoring books with them. Ah, the last glory days of Anne McCaffrey before the slide in quality she finally started to have in her writing.

At any rate, this is a great book typical of this era of science fiction writing, and has long been one of my favorites. I actually own a copy of this book, but it is currently buried in storage so I checked out a copy from the library instead of trying to dig it out of storage. Books like this I tend to return to every few years simply because they are such a joy for me to read. They aren't heavy on the military or the combat, though there is some of both, and are heavy on character interaction and character growth, both of which are things I tend to enjoy in my reading material.

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