Intoxicated by the King Cobra (Venomous Mates #1)

Intoxicated by the King Cobra (Venomous Mates #1) When Desperation Has You Seeking Help From Your Worst Nightmares It S Been Seventy Five Years Since The Toxins Dropped And The World Became Dark No One Knows This Than Reese And His Friends On The Verge Of Starvation, Reese Will Do The Unthinkable He Ll Steal Away Into Venom City To Get The Food They So Urgently Need Kalder S Been Infected By The Cobra Venom, And Even As A Third Generation, The Toxin Has Passed On To Physically Alter Future Generations Forever Known As Ruthless And Cruel, He Ll Kill Anyone That Threatens Those He Protects When A Desperate Anti Venom Shows Up To Steal Food, His World Is Irrevocably Changed

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  • 75 pages
  • Intoxicated by the King Cobra (Venomous Mates #1)
  • Jackie Nacht
  • English
  • 10 December 2017
  • 9781771118927

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    Wow I can honestly say that was DIFFERENT I loved it The blurb gives a pretty accurate overview of the story My daughter has a fascination with venomous creatures so I was familiar with the characters here Good world building for only 40 pgs it kept my interest the entire time I am definitely looking forward to the next book.

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    Interesting beginning, and very different plot I m hook now with this series.

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    I was vastly disappointed that basically nothing was done with all these creatures that are half human, half something venomous Like, their bodies are warped and changed by the magic dust or whatever it was, but there doesn t seem to be any cost to those effects They re just window dressing I mean the MC here has a forked tonguebut he doesn t struggle to speak or anything A forked tongue cannot make the same sounds that a normal human tongue can It s not physically possible But the author completely ignores that, and all the other elements she gave other characters.I m so tired of insta love in shifter stories, the whole we re mates, we get together without real conflict It s a cop out, it makes everything too easy, leaving none of the tension and thrill of watching a new relationship build And the MC seems to have done a complete personality shift, from violent and ruthless to sweet and fawning There was no struggle or anything, he just flipped.And I m not at all clear why they hate the anti venom people so much They re immune to what changed everyone else, they can cure any poison given the society the author built, I would have expected anti venom people to be highly prized and kept as slaves or something It doesn t make any sense the venoms want them dead.

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    Interesting world and creative characters Great start to the series Can t wait for .

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    This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site.4.5 starsSeventy five years ago, a toxin infected the world, killing or infecting a majority of the population with deadly venom Only a small portion survived unscathed Now, the world is divided into venom and anti venom where the venom have taken over cities and the anti venom hide and fight for their safety Now, Kalder, a third generation king cobra, is one of the leaders who ve taken over a portion of Venom City He s ruthless, dangerous and enraged that his twin brother was killed by a rival leader Reese is an anti venom who s just trying to survive in the wild but when him and his friends become desperate, he risks going into Venom City to steal food for them Unfortunately, before he can make his escape, Kalder catches him Knowing instantly they re mates, Kalder doesn t want to let Reese go but he knows he has to, especially with the threat of the rival leader But when one of Reese s friends falls ill, Reese goes to the only person he can think of to help to the very place he may be at his most vunerable to Kalder.It s been a VERY long time since I ve loved a short story as much as I loved this one Right from the start, I knew this series would be one I d follow closely I loved that Ms Nacht decided to create a world such as this one where the toxin that infected so many people altered them into venomous creatures From snakes to spiders to octopus and everything in between, I was instantly drawn into how these people were changed to resemble their venomous counterparts Even so, I loved that those humans that weren t infected by the toxin became the anti venom, and as such, provided a cure to any poison ever used on someone.As characters, I loved Reese and Kalder Kalder is a scary, ruthless leader who won t let anything get in his way in protecting his people He s gutted when his brother is killed but he s determined to get the bastard that did it Reese is similar but much different He s physically weak but he s also determined in sacrificing himself to save his friends I loved the way that Kalder was so cold hearted when it came to others but so gentle and caring when it came to Reese It was sweet and definitely put a smile on my face.My biggest issue and why I can t give this five stars is that it was so short Due to the length, it wasn t as in depth as I would have liked it to be I was instantly captivated by the world but I felt like the world AND the characters could have been developed This could have made a great novel, if it were expanded to one It has a lot of potential and a lot details and descriptions would have only aided the story in becoming better, IMO.Overall, though, I adored this story It s very short so it didn t take long to read but the world is awesome I loved that it was so unique and dealt with venomous animals while also having the mates theme that I can t help but love A great start to a new series, one that I can t wait to continue reading and seeing what other couples will get their stories, I know there s already one or two that I m DYING to read right now

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    4.5 heart review by VickiYes A whole new world to explore.This is the start to a new series for me, I ve read Jackie s Paranormal Dentistry series and loved them They are humorous and light, this series is dark It s a post apocalyptic world, something happened seventy five years earlier that did one of three things to all humans on earth death, toxic infection venoms , or non infection anti venoms Venoms have been infected by the toxin, and take on the characteristics of a venomous creature They are by far the most populous group, they are in control, but fighting amongst themselves, dividing land in to territories This book is set in Venom City, which is split in to four territories Constant fighting seems to occur between the respective groups In to this world we fall.Kalder s line has been infected with king cobra venom, he s a big bad ass snake, leading his band of venoms in their small part of Venom City We find him as he and his crew are torturing information out of a couple of enemies Kalder s brother had been killed and he d like to know who ordered it They all get nice and bloody Reese, the other half of this romance, is a human unaffected by the toxin An anti venom as his type are called Not many survive, they are pretty weak and are hunted by the venoms Reese and three others are banded together trying to survive They are moving, trying to find a new location that might provide better food and shelter Reese decides to head in to Venom City to look for food He encounters Kalder.This sets up the meeting of mates Venom and anti venom.It s a short book, with a small plot, but it s set in a big, dark world And it s very cool Part of me wants to say I wish it had been longer, but the other part of me thinks it s just fine as a series of short stories with quick little plots I liked this one a lot and I m looking forward to reading the others.I like Jackie s writing style, she comes up with great characters, both the light ones in the Paranormal Dentistry series, and the much darker ones in this series I loved the descriptions of the venoms, Kalder has a hood, a mohawk, scales and a forked tongue There are mates in this one, so we skip right past the courtship phase and go straight to sex and I love you s I m ok with that A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit to see this and many reviews, author interviews, guestposts and giveaways

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    Jackie Nacht is kind of a bad writer I get what she s trying to do with these stories, and aspiring to be on par with the likes of authors like Charlie Richards shouldn t be an unattainable goal Sadly for some like Nacht , it is The premise is cool, but that s about all this series has going for it The pacing, characterization, world building, dialogue, technical writing It s just all bad And where Charlie Richards can usually make her stories engaging enough that you want to ignore the glaring shortcomings, Nacht just doesn t have that same knack for storytelling Because on top of everything else, these stories are boring Formulaic to the point of sleep inducing.

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    I thought a pretty good start to a new world Could have used background info on Kalder and Friends sit rep though.Also, it did feel like they jumped the gun with the full on sex Kalder is recovering , Reece is not back to full strength yet, and even though Reece is technically on his second time ever, they progress real fast with him doing the prep and Kalder told to sit back and relax The only other thing was it was too short Oh and hopefully we ll get info on mates in the coming books.

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    3.5Ended with a lot unfinished It s possible to complete a couples sorry without completing the series I dont like when the story feels like it just got cut short as opposed to having a natural ending point until the next installment But i like the concept of venomous creatures instead of regular shifter storylines.

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    Cute story I love the different idea of the characters They aren t really shifters but a half human half venomous creature It is interesting I thought the story sweet if a bit shallow This is a fun comfort type read.

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