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December Park In The Quiet Suburb Of Harting Farms, The Weekly Crime Blotter Usually Consists Of Graffiti Or The Occasional Bout Of Mailbox Baseball But In The Fall Of , Children Begin Vanishing And One Is Found Dead Newspapers Call Him The Piper Because He Has Come To Take The Children Away But There Are Darker Names For Him, TooVowing To Stop The Piper S Reign Of Terror, Five Boys Take Up The Search Their Teenage Pledge Turns Into A Journey Of Self Discovery And A Journey Into The Darkness Of Their Own Hometown On The Twilit Streets Of Harting Farms, Everyone Is A Suspect And Any Of The Boys Might Be The Piper S Next Victim

Ronald Malfi is an award winning author of many novels and novellas in the horror, mystery, and thriller categories from various publishers, including Little Girls, this summer s 2015 release from Kensington.In 2009, his crime drama, Shamrock Alley, won a Silver IPPY Award In 2011, his ghost story mystery novel, Floating Staircase, was a finalist for the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awa

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    This time my five stars are doubled To start with, many thanks to my GR friend Manuel whose review drew my attention to the author I had never heard of before Now, Ronald Malfi masterfully creates the atmosphere of a total horror without actually showing you any monster While reading I felt like something dark was looming over me and this is a feeling you do not get too often, only with a truly good piece of writing The plot is perfectly paced and I should call this book a page turner although don t turn the pages too quickly because every word counts, if I may say so The most terrific read

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    If Stephen King s It, The Body Stand By Me and The Hardy Boys had an orgy, this book would be the wet spot.This 500 page book could have easily been 200 pages less, although I suspect I still would have been bored SynopsisA group of five obnoxious high school boys ride around on their bikes, smoking cigarettes and drinking Jolt while trying to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of several teens in their small town Nothing ever really happens Allow me to rephrase that, nothing EVER happens.The boys come across clues that ultimately are never explained why, where, what did they had to do with anything I felt like the story never went anywhere, no progression whatsoever until the final 10% And then the mystery is solved and I m like wtf Where did that come from The explanation for the end result was so out of left field it was asinine This one was definitely not my cup of Jolt.

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    No retreat, baby, no surrender In the fall of 1993, in the quiet suburb of Harting Farms, children begin vanishing and one is found dead Vowing to stop the Piper s reign of terror, five boys take up the search.There s just something very special about coming of age tales, isn t there I think it s because they invoke such overwhelming nostalgia and it s a trope that most people can relate to December Park fits nicely into the same category as Dan Simmons Summer of Night, Robert McCammon s Boy s Life, Stephen King s IT and even his novella The Body as well.I wouldn t classify this one as a straight up horror novel, it s intention isn t to scare or unsettle it s about the relationships our main protagonist, Angelo, has formed with his father, grandfather, brother and the kids in his friendship circle Malfi has included some really beautiful and touching scenes here, particularly between Angelo and his father And I m a goddamn sucker for those child parent moments It s a slow burn as the kids ride around on their bikes and try to carry out their own investigation into the serial killer in their small town the one who has become known as The Piper It s not action packed until the last quarter or so, when you simply can t put the book down as everything comes to a head And Malfi does actually throw in a few chilling moments in the final part as well I cannot let this review pass without commenting on how fucking cool Angelo is and how much we need to be friends He is CONSTANTLY listening to Bruce Springsteen and he loves reading horror and watching slashers, and I am trying not to be offended by sharing so much in common with a 15 year old boy The Springsteen references just had me geeking out on another level I shed a few tears towards the end as well This book really had it all for me I can t recommend it enough One of my fave books of the year

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    My heart has a special room in it set aside for coming of age stories set against the backdrop of something evil happening in a small town.Some of my all time favorites include, IT by Stephen King, Boy s Life and also his new book, The Listener by Robert McCammon, Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz and Summer of Night by Dan Simmons.Someone recommended December Park to me knowing my penchant for these kinds of tales I read the synopsis about children disappearing under mysterious circumstances, the police are stumped but 5 friends set out to uncover the truth so they can catch a killer and I was sold.The most enjoyable thing about Malfi s book, December Park is that the mystery is very slow to unfold just as I would assume real crime mysteries would be but while we re waiting for Malfi to reveal clues pointing to the killer and ultimately, the killer s identity, we are altogether consumed with the lives of his protagonists 5 very different boys around 15 years old who go to high school together.We spend the most time with Angelo Mazzone His dad is a police officer working on the case of the Piper and the disappearing kids Angelo makes the case that while law enforcement have the duty to protect and serve it s the children of Harting Farms that know the underbelly and all the secrets of the town the private lives of kids.It was such a treat having these teens be in high school during the early 1990s because that s my experience so I was instantly relating to the context on a personal level The music references, slang words, literally everything about the setting was striking a chord My favorite scenes were whenever all of the boys were together for pages of dialog it s like you re right there as a fly on the wall witnessing real boys in the summer of their youth all their struggles, joys, attitudes, emotions are expressed realistically by an author who clearly lived it and can pull from a deep well of knowledge and experience.I always say that the best horror books are the ones where the reader falls in love with the characters because the risk becomes so high when our lovable characters are faced with danger This book is no exception, by the end, I was wrecked and I loved every moment feeling those feelings.This is a favorite read this year and I m so thrilled to have found another favorite horror author Check out Malfi s collection of short stories called, We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone.

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    Young teens are disappearing from the small town of Harting Farms It s the early 90 s, and five friends decide to do some investigating of their own, soon becoming obsessed with the hunt for The Piper.I thoroughly enjoyed this story, even though it is a variation on the theme of other fine coming of age tales Boy s Life, The Body I will say the boys maturity level seemed several years younger than their 15 years I grudgingly accept the preoccupation with farts and mooning and flipping the bird, but view spoiler it made me really wonder about the one who was caught wiping boogers in a classmate s textbook seriously hide spoiler

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.The I read Malfi, the I want to read him He s about to become my discovery of the year He s able to surpass genre limitations expectations, he never takes an easy way out and his dark fiction is exceptionally well written.The transaction between reader and text that creates what I like to call the horrific effect is complex and to a certain extent subjective Although the horrifying event may be quite overt, a death, a ghost, a monster, a killer, it is not the event itself but the style and atmosphere sourrounding it that creates horror It s the atmosphere that suggests a greater awe and fear, wider and deeper than the event itself This is what makes a Dark Fiction novel stand out from the crowd as far as I m concerned.You can read the rest of this review elsewhere.

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    This book is simply brilliant It s the kind of book that you don t want to end yet don t want to put down either I honestly became so emotionally invested with these characters that I sobbed at the end Oh, and the end There is a twist One I NEVER saw coming This is only the second book I ve read by this author and he has quickly become one of my favorites Check out his work I assure you he is as talented a writer as they come You will not be disappointed.

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    An excellent novel that combines coming of age with thriller as a group of boys hunt for a serial killer.Malfi remembers what it was like growing up, and his writing rings true.

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    Welcome to Harting Farms Home of The Piper Oh wait, that s not really a good thing.Simply calling this one a coming of age tale really doesn t do the story justice It is than that It is a nostalgic tour of small town childhood in the early 1990 s, as five schoolyard friends are thrust into a hunt for the serial killer that has gripped their town in fear and paranoia Everyone is suspect Every one of their acquaintances is a potential victim Including them.I have really become a big of Ronald Malfi Dude can write Thrillers, horror, mystery, crime drama Whatever Doesn t matter He s good Real good Definitely earned a spot on my must read author list If you haven t read him yet, then you are missing out.The dialog and action in this one really rang true for me I was a child of the 80 s than 90 s, but kids are kids and Malfi deftly navigates the wonder and thrill of being on the younger side of the teenage years in a somewhat small town.Very well done and put together A solid 4 Stars and Highly Recommended.

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    I love Ronald Malfi There I admitted it Though it shouldn t come as a surprise if you follow my reviews His Floating Staircase was haunting The Narrows Frightening And The Mourning House is the single finest piece of modern horror fiction out there today But here s the thing Typically, when I read a book I really like, I don t read by that author I know, I know That sounds strange But I have this fear that the next book I read will be lacking, that it will somehow take away from what I ve read before Greatness, after all, is hard to maintain So when I picked up December Park, I had concerns What if it wasn t as good What if I was disappointed Oh but my friends, how foolish I was I had nothing to fear Wellalmost nothing December Park is a part of a sub genre I don t particularly like the coming of age tale I don t really enjoy stories about kids, especially teenagers Not sure why I know it s popular But not for me So I approached December Park with some trepidation That was the first page By the last one, I was tearing up I had connected with the characters in a way I could not expect The story is one you are familiar with A group of kids find their peaceful town under siege by a serial killer who is stalking their own numbers They begin to realize they are the only ones who can defeat this evil, and they must face it, no matter what the cost If it sounds like It, that s what I thought too And the comparison isn t favorablefor It at least That venerable Stephen King bestseller pales in comparison to December Park Put simply, Malfi has knocked it out of the proverbial park again with this one You cannot go wrong with Malfi, no matter which of his books you decide to pick up But you could do far worse than starting with December Park 5 Stars

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