Sunset Rising (Sunset Rising, #1)

Sunset Rising (Sunset Rising, #1) 4.5 stars I didn t really have many expectations going into this, so I was pleased at how enjoyable it was This book is what I call dystopian candy , though it has some dark moments and the subject matter is serious, it is a quick and easy read only took me a few days It is YA, yet miraculously this author managed to avoid using the insta love that is so common in YA with romance I for one dislike insta love so really appreciated reading a different approach for a change.These days, with To Read lists longer than Santa s Naughty list, for someone like me who prefers new experiences, doesn t rewatch or reread much, it is difficult to commit to a series rather than just read the first one only Oftentimes I read the first one, like it, but don t feel compelled to read .In this case, I actually want to readof the story Book one has a moment where it seems like it will end with a little closure, but then you re hit with a cliffhanger I guess that means you get both I always have a twinge of annoyance with cliffhangers, but in this case it is mitigated by the fact that is follows at least some closure, and the cliffhanger was interesting enough to make me really curious There are also satellite stories on the author s website, I ve already read the first one there are six so far Basically they are stories that you can read after tbe book if you want to learn a littleabout some of the characters Don t read these first as they occur after book 1 ends.Memorability Factor 8 10Follow this author Yes. I m sorry, I hate to say it, but this book needs a LOT of work As it s written right now, I could not finish it there were just too many grammatical errors, repetition, and spelling mistakes Some errors are understandable in a self published book, so I tried to overlook them as much as possible Even if all these mistakes were fixed, however, I still don t think I would like this book, simply based on the fact that I could not relate to the characters Sunny is not smart, or funny, or witty she s extremely flat She ll do anything for her father or her best friend, but there is no real back story as to why Why does she love them so much They are also very flat characters, mirrors of Sunny but with different names and features I do have to say that I love the cover, and the premise the whole nuclear war, surviving in a dome thing is kind of cool, but at this point, these are the only positive comments I have. My actual rating is closer to 4.5 starsI really loved this book This was one of the best dystopian novels that I ve read all year I wish the cover was better because I think it would give this book a lotattention But hopefully my review helps with that What I loved about this book was similar to what I loved with books like Divergent I like the reality of the situation Often times a novel isn t real about what a situation like that would truly be like I m so thankful that the author gives all the nitty gritty to us and doesn t pull any punches The characters were all strong and well developed and interesting It had the two worlds collide thing going with Sunny and Jack being from opposite sides But, the way they came together felt very natural and not forced or rushed The world of the Pit was really awful and crazy The author painted a very vivid picture of Sunny s world and it was easy to be inside the story because of it.I really loved the ending I kinda suspected it would end the way it did and I was happy to be right I can t wait to get my hands on the next book and see what happens to Jack and Sunny. Overall, an enjoyable read that gets better as the book progresses, in terms of both the plot and the writing Although I found the MC somewhat dimwitted and annoying at times, I liked Jack A LOTFor me the turning point came a little ways in, when the plot took a really nice twist that left me genuinely surprised and created the action and suspense from that point on Well done, S.M., I have a feeling your books are only going to get better and better from here on Imagine not being able to feel the sun upon your face, or the wind caressing your skin After World War Three in 2024, Nuclear Warfare forces 567 people underground bringing a halt to a Democratic Government and forcing people to adopt a Dictatorial Government Almost 283 years later, Seventeen year old Sunset O Donnell has never been above ground and she s never been free She will never be free, unless she rises up for what she believes in But, she can t do it alone One man, Jack Kenner, who has always lived freely, will take an extraordinary and unanticipated journey with her They will, against all odds, fight for the freedom of an entire community of peoples, uniting them against an unjust and abusive Government.I ve always been a big fan of dystopian novels and have read a few interesting ones, but Sunset Rising is one of the best ones I have read What makes it so remarkable is the realism illustrated in this story It s not incredibly far fetched to anticipate Nuclear War and what that would mean for desperate people seeking shelter, fighting to stay alive As a reader, I was hooked early on in the story because I kept on asking myself, What would I do It s almost too scary to think of in great detail because it isn t an unfamiliar fear One of my favorite themes in this story is the possible love developing between the two main characters because, throughout the entire book, even as they are fighting to stay alive, the possibility of love overcoming all obstacles is always beautiful I liked how the author, S M McEachern, didn t allow the main character s feelings for each other dominate the storyline She tastefully and realistically evolved their relationship throughout the story, which not all authors have the ability to do I ve read too many books, where the main characters fall in love way too easily and have an unrealistic relationship, seeming forced and unnatural I am honestly glad that I gave this book a chance and look forward to readingof what S M McEachern has to offer, including the next installation of this promising series. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion Everything you are about to read is my full and honest opinion about the book This Book was AMAZING Unlike ANYTHING I have EVER read I enjoyed this book thoroughly and am eagerly awaiting the sequel The writer has done a remarkable job with the descriptive writing and the plot was out of this world AMAZING I look forward toof her books in the future She is definitely up there on my top favorite list of authors The Plot Past Time Year 2024 The World has crumbled In the year of 2024, World War III has begun Fighting for survival and searching for any signs of hope, a innocent group of survivors seek refuge with the Bio Dome Government But all is not as it seems They have to pay a very high price for admission They have signed over their lives and their unborn children s lives and all their other children to come after that They had to sign a treaty agreeing to become slaves for the Bio Dome Government and in exchange they were to be granted shelter and protection from the outside world and whatever food they were offered They are living and breathing, but they are pretty much dead inside, and you could say they just sold their soul to the devil Present Time Year 2307 283 years later Sunny O Donnell is born into slavery Forced to do what she s told, when she s told, if she wants to live to see another day The citizens are subject to the cruel cruelty from the corrupt government called the Bourge They are forced to do hard labor, while suffering from being beaten from the government They are hardly given enough food and water to survive and are ALL killed off at the age of 35 prevent overpopulation And to make matters worse the women are considered play toys and men and women in slavery will be beaten or killed for any reason the government sees fit Things are not good for Sunny and the other citizens of the Bio Dome and their in NO sign of hope That is until Sunny ignited a uprising she did realize she was starting until it was too late Now tricked into a marriage and on the run from the Bio government with her husband in tow and marked as a traitor, Sunny must figure out how to fix things before she is caught and put to death and made an example out of Doesn t that sound AMAZING Yeah, I know it was This book is my one of favorite books of 2012 So Overall I give this book an EASY 5 stars Sabia que me iba a gustar y tenia razon ME GUSTO Y MUCHOUna de las cosas que me gusto un monton de este libro es lo directo que es,la escritora no se enreda dandote informacion innecesaria sino que va directo al asunto importante te dice claramente quienes son los buenos y quienes son los malos por asi decirloLa trama es simple gente oprimida bajo un gobierno de mierdaPero como digo todo esta muy bien escrito para mi gusto porque a pesar de no ser un libro corto 400 paginas se me paso super rapido y entendi todito todito algo que me cuesta con las distopias jeje La protagonista Sunny me gusto bastante tiene bien puestos sus pantalones de ni a grande y su vida amorosa la dejo en un segundo o tercer plano y se concentro en lo importante que es tratar de ayudar a su gente y sacarla del hoyo literalmente El chico de este libro es Jack y OMG ME ENCANTA es demasiado adorable ademas su relacion con Sunny se fue dando poco a poco en defintiva a estos chicos el amor nos los vuelve estupidosEn resumen un muy buen comienzo de trilogia sin exageraciones sino como tiene que ser FebruaryDesperate To Find Refuge From The Nuclear Storm, A Group Of Civilians Discover A Secret Government Bio Dome Greeted By A Hail Of Bullets And Told To Turn Back, The Frantic Refugees Stand Their Ground And Are Grudgingly Permitted Entry But The Price Of Admission Is High Years Later Sunny O Donnell Is A Seventeen Year Old Slave Who Has Never Seen The Sun She Was Born In The Pit, A Subterranean Extension Of The Bio Dome Though Life Had Never Been Easy, Lately It Had Become A Nightmare Her Mom Was Killed In The Annual Cull, And Her Dad Thought It Was A Good Time To Give Up On Life Reyes Crowe, Her Long Time Boyfriend, Was Pressuring Her To Get Married, Even Though It Would Mean Abandoning Her FatherShe Didn T Think Things Could Get Any Worse Until She Was Forced Upstairs To The Dome To Be A Servant Girl At A Bachelor Party That S Where She Met Leisel Holt, The President S Daughter, And Her Fiance, Jack KennerNow Sunny Is Wanted For Treason If They Catch Her, She Ll Be Executed She Thought Leisel S Betrayal Was The End Turns Out, It Was Just The Beginning EDITORIAL REVIEW Reviewed by Molly Burkemper for Readers Favorite 5 Stars Sunset Rising is thrilling there is no better word for it It lures readers in with its fresh and tempting plot, and then hooks them with nonstop action that leaves them reading late into the night The beginning doesn t do the rest of the book justice, but if readers allow themselves to be taken in, they will have a heart stopping ride until the very end Romance, intrigue, and action all come together beautifully here to create an experience that will leave anyone asking for . se parece un poco como los juegos del hambre , y la profecia del angel de susana ha gustado mucho para ser una distopia , quiero seguir con el siguiente.

S.M McEachern who also writes new adult as Susan McEachern comes from the rocky shores of Canada s East Coast She is a graduate of Dalhousie University, with an honors degree in International Development Studies with a focus on ocean development Throughout her academic studies and early career, Susan had the privilege to study and work with Elizabeth Mann Borgese, daughter of nobel prize winn

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