Factory of Tears

Factory of TearsMortstrives To Be An Envoy For Her Native Country, Writing With Almost Alarming Vociferousness About The Struggle To Establish A Clear Identity For Belarus And Its Language The New Yorker Valzyhna Mort Can Justly Be Described As A Risen Star Of The International Poetry World Her Poems Have Something Of The Incantatory Quality Of Poets Such As Dylan Thomas Or Allen Ginsberg She Is A True Original Cuirt International Festival Of Literature T He Searing Work Of Valzhyna Mort Dazzled All Who Were Fortunate To Hear Her And To Be Battered By The Moods Of The Belarus Language Which She Is Passionately Battling To Save From Obscurity The Irish Times Mort Is Most Characterized By An Obstinate Resistance And Rebellion Against The Devaluation Of Life, Which Forces Her To Multiply Intelligent Questions, Impressive Thoughts, And Alluring Metaphors, While Her Rhythm Surprisingly Arises As A Powerful Tool For The Most Dramatic Moments Of Her VersesOne Of The Best Young Poets In The World Today World Literature TodayValzhyna Mort Is A Dynamic Young Poet Who Writes In Belarussian At A Time When Efforts Are Being Made To Reestablish The Traditional Language In The Aftermath Of Attempts To Absorb It Into Russian Known Throughout Europe For Her Live Readings, Mort S Poetry And Performances Are Infused By The Politics Of Language And The Poetry Of Revolution, Where Poems Are Prayers And Weapons When Someone Spends A Lot Of Time Runningand Bashing His Headagainst A Cement Wallthe Cement Grows Warmand He Curls Up With Itagainst His Cheeklike A StarfishValzhyna Mort Is A Belarussian Poet Known Throughout Europe For Her Remarkable Reading Performances Her Poetry Has Been Translated Into Several Languages, And She Is The Recipient Of The Gaude Polonia Stipendium And Was A Poet In Residence At Literarisches Colloquium In Berlin, Germany She Currently Lives In VirginiaElizabeth Oehlkers Wright Earned An MFA In Translation From The University Of Arkansas Franz Wright Won The Pulitzer Prize In Poetry For His Book Walking To Martha S Vineyard It wears its sadness lightly, but its impact is anything but light The collection is very strong formally and quite moving Ms Mort clearly reckons with a personal and national inheritance that is both complex and ever changing Let us hope that her success allows forpoetry to come from Belarus, a nation clearly struggling to find its voice. Some of these sucked me in while others went over my head under my feet It s a vibrant collection full of magical realism and some surrealism One that I d had checked out for a year before opening, and finished reading it in a little less than a day Life is like that sometimes. Valzhyna s poetry is hard to capture in a few hundred words Her words smart, sly, sexy, striking, evocative, crude, beautiful Her performance is unlike her words her poetry bursts to life in firecracker pops when she speaks.I reluctantly say that I ve read the volume, because I ve read only the English translations and what I can puzzle out of the Belarusian Belarusian is similar to Russian, but there are enough differences that I d need a dictionary to sort out certain words, and even then I suspect I d miss a nuance Still, I can see here and there where the translators chose to say something in a slightly different fashion, implying the we of the Belarusian when they write every night is winter, and capturing the nuance very well.The translations are excellent, as is Valzhyna s original poetry I want to compare her to Anna Akhmatova, but such a comparison would be inadequate and unfair to Valzhyna. white apples, first apples of summer,with skin as delicate as a baby s,crispy like white winter snow.your smell won t let me sleep,this is how dead menhaunt their murderers dreams.white apples,this is how every july the earthget heavier under your weight and here only garbage smells like garbageand here only tears taste like saltwe were picking themlike shells in green ocean gardens,having just turned away from mothers breastswe were learningto get to the core of everything with our teeth so why are our teeth like cotton wool nowwhite apples,in black waters, the fishermen,nursed by you, are drowning A Poem about White Apples, pg 11 when someone spends a lot of time runningand bashing his headagainst a cement wallthe cement grows warmand he curls up with itagainst his cheeklike a starfish or medusaand senseshow the body uses memoryto bind it to the earthand he waits there for the momentwhen his eyes turninto wobbling topsand the whole colourful universeappears like the deephole in the sink Hospital, pg 25 books dieout of dark bedroomswhere the only roadpaved by a yellow lampled to their pagesthey are stuffed in every corner of a housethus turning it into a huge book cemeterythose whose names do not ring any bellare taken to the atticwhere they lay twenty books in one box a mass gravebooks become windowsin empty apartmentsnobody s heart beats above themno one shares with them a dinneror drops them into a bathtubnobody watches themlose their pageslike hairlike memorybooks age aloneand the most sensitive bookstays foreverin a cold bedcovering its head with a pillowsuppressing the scream of its black lettersold booksneglected graves in memory of a book, pg 37 39 at night from far awaythe city looks likea huge overturned christmas treedecorated for a holidaythen thrown awaynowit s lyingwith its branches scatteredand its lampsstill glitteringin the dark On a Steamer, pg 65 you area train choked with people,who speak, argue, yell their heads off,who nail your backwith their elbows.you are a train, a vehicle,gasping for breath.ho come everybody found a place.and i m the only passenger with a ticket,but i won t manage to squeeze to the exit in time,i ll have to keep travelling till the terminal.you are a train, choked by peopleto death for I, pg 101 A bilingual Belarusian Englisih book of poetry The poems are passionate and powerful, reflecting Belarusia s complicated and tragic history, and culture In Grandmother , Mort writesmy grandmother doesn t know pain she believes that famine is nutrition poverty is wealth thirst is water , 1 I moved Mort s book Factory of Tears to the top of my reading list because I liked the poem that Sarah posted in the online poem section of the group, and I heard Mort reading on the Poetry Magazine podcast I was impressed by both her reading and her writing I am still impressed after reading her book Her images are very often surprising and she seems to write simply, but the poems are somehow heavy and they stick to you They are gorgeous, even when their subjects aren t This book was translated, but Mort has started to write in English I only heard one of her English poems, but if all of her future Enlish poems are as good as the one I heard read on Poetry Magazine The poem is Jean Paul Belmondo , I can t wait for her next book I missed the chance to see her read in Massachusetts last month Even though the drive would have been an hour and a half away, I am mad I didn t go.My favorite poems in the book New YorkGrandmother 4th poem from the top White ApplesOn a Steamer Valzhyna is the most astonishing poetyou must read this book, and if you ever have a chance to hear her read, you must drop everything go there At once She is a dynamo Only 27 and living in D.C for the past 2 years, Valzhyna is Belrusian, a former accordionist, opera singer, and ballet dancer her words are not former, but failed Her first book, I Am as Thin as Your Eyelashes came in out in Sweden in 2005 Factory of Tears is published in a bilingual edition and translated by the poet husband wife Pulitzer Award winning team, Franz and Elizabeth Wright.Drop everything and read Valzhyna. Do not eat the fruit from your family tree Mort, a 30 something poet from Minsk, Belarus, warns her readers I liked her work so much that I read both her two books of poetry She writes in different styles lyric poetry, prose poetry and the personal often interacts with the historical and the geographical I take the Factory of Tears to be Belarus itself, or else the fragments of the former Soviet Union, where we gorged on dirt thinking it was bread It s difficult to find authenticity in life how can you tell the good from the bad when you ve been fed refined food and reality tv Some of the poetry is delightfully domestic the poet dethrones an omelette from a frying pan , for example All of the poetry seems fearless and very smart Probably the most impressive is the 19 page prose poem, Aunt Anna, about the poet s aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, and the Soviet fiasco of the 20th century on a woman s family Mort takes inspiration form visits to their cemetery Mort has emigrated to the USA and currently teaches at Cornell University.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Factory of Tears book, this is one of the most wanted Valzhyna Mort author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 116 pages
  • Factory of Tears
  • Valzhyna Mort
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9781556592744

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