オール・ユー・ニード・イズ・キルI knew about this novel due that it s the basis for the incoming movie Edge of Tomorrow and I am truly glad that I was able to read the original Japanese novel before of watching the movie.The novel itself is something odd in the Japanese literature culture, since it s a prose novel I say this, since on Japan, the Manga culture is quite spread and even there are mangas for all tastes, genders and ages And I must say that the topic and story of this novel could fit quite easily in a manga format presentation, since it s military sci fi with cibernetic battle suits, involving time travel and an alien invasion So, finding that the author chose to present this story in a prose novel was something quite brave.I just found out that it will be a manga adaptation of the story, most likely since the prose novel got a lot of hype due the incoming live action movie I am a huge fan of manga, but I am truly glad of being able to read first the story on its original format.To explain quick what you can expect here, it s like Groundhog Day meets Halo.I really like how smart is this novel It presents a great characters development Also it s a festival of genres, while the military science fiction is the main genre, you can find too elements of dystopia, mystery, politics and romance Also, the author did a great work establishing his own sci fi technology, how it works and how the pilots must use it Everything in a total adult way.The main characters are Keiji Kiriya and Rita Vrataski Something quite amusing when the characters are described is that Rita Vrataski is a petite woman with red hair, but due she is a hero of the army forces, it will be done a movie on U.S about her, and it s said that the chosen actress is a tall blonde woman, that it s how Emily Blunt will performed the character on the incoming movie.The interaction between the main characters and the interaction of them with the secondary characters, everything is done masterfully with realism and depth.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Aliens combat an Earth force made up of Japanese, American and other nations in All You Need is Kill The Japanese soldier is caught in a Groundhog Day nightmare of kill, be killed, sleep, and repeat He doesn t know what is happening to him until he meets an American soldier who is also caught in a time loop.Together they can defeat the aliens, but they have to solve the puzzle in time A quick read with an interesting premise. I loveGroundhog Day movie, especially how the character grew from hopeless person into a great character that proficient using the time loops so, when I realized the premise in this book is time looping mixed with military SF, I am sold When Apple, my GR friend, recommended me this book, I have never heard about Japanese light novel format Later I learned that It was basically another name of shorter novel, or novella So it was an exotic recommendation a fiction from a Japanese author, a SF story mixing military and time loop, in unfamiliar format.From the start, the story is an easy 4 star rating, with a lot of action scenes and the character developments But when I was reading the table of contents, I was struck 1 The timeline of the story is not linear, and there is flowchart explaining the timeline of the story The author is serious in making non linear story and I admit the flowchart is effective to making the reading experienceenjoyable.2 The book is divided into four parts The book structure is reminding me of a japanese poem I read a poem at which is Two sisters of a Kyoto silk merchant, pretty as flowers,One aged twenty, the other eighteen.Swords of militia can kill multitudes of life,Seductive glances from these two beauties can slay entire armies.I had high expectation reading this book After I finished it, I am satisfied because this book fulfilled my expectation I was expecting the book was divided into four part Just like the poem above the first line contains the initial phrase the second line, the continuation of that phrase the third line turns from this subject and begins a new one and the fourth line brings the first three lines together Oh, I risk indirect spoilers just by quoting the poem P view spoiler The first and second part are the story from POV of Kiriya The third part has POV from Rita Vrataski The fourth part is where two protagonists join forces hide spoiler This book is a great read I watched the movie, Edge of Tomorrow first, so read this book with that perspective.I have to say, the book is fast paced, introspective, and very in the moment I felt that I could understand the feelings of the characters much better through this novel than I could through the movie.Whereas the movie focused on the war, the book focused on the individuals and how they dealt with their situation The movie was a singular event, the book was a continuum of events. As a kid, when I d first laid eyes on those guns, I thought they were the coolest things I d ever seen.The black lacquer finish of their steel instilled an unreasonable sense of confidence in me Now that I d seen real battle, I knew with cool certainty that weapons like these could never repel a Mimic attack.I ve had my eye on All You Need is Kill for some time now When I saw that the book is being adapted into a film, I thought that now is as good a time as any to read it And I m glad I did, too.The beauty of Science Fiction is that there is so much a talented author can do with it This novel is a case in point All You Need is Kill is a Military Science Fiction story, complete with power armour and malicious Aliens However Attempt 99 KIA forty five minutes from start of battle. the novel has a great hook Perhaps things are not quite what they seem In some respects All You Need is Kill shares DNA with Armor, especially the converging story lines of Kiriya and the Full Metal Bitch Genocide was the only way to win this war.The writing style can be a bit jarring This could be a side effect of the translation from Japanese, or perhaps not, since it actually complements the general feel of the novel quite well.And that is that Really notto say The fear that permeated every fiber of my being was relentless, it was cruel, and it was my best hope for getting through this. DNF at 23% Because And becauseNow that s what I call an in depth review But that s all you ll get Because I have no time for this And because that s how little I care about this story And I won t even bother rating this That s how little I care about this story I said that already, didn t I Oh well. I ve only recently found out that the 2014 fun action adventure movie Edge of Tomorrow was based on this 2004 Japanese Sci Fi light read.Young recruit Keiji Kiriya soon discovers that he s caught in a time loop against the alien Mimics , after each death he awakes on the eve of battle and attempts to progress future with the knowledge he s previously learnt from the last loop.It s been so long since I d watched the Cruise movie adaptation, but I felt that even though the basic premise was similar this feltcharacter driven.I really like this kind of story telling and it s becomingcommon place along with Happy Death Day and Russian Dolls, I love the Sci Fi elements of these Groundhog Day style stories.I can really appreciate the fact that this book has helped spurn that genre.It s so distinctive and different which is mainly due to the great characters, that those who like similar stories should also read this book. I had a very hard time starting this review There is much to say and reflect upon, yet All You Need is Kill is unlike most novels the American and the European audience has had experience with Prose, length, storytelling, characterization, internals and general take on the genre all these elements create unfamiliar alien scenery, which needs discovering and an adventurous spirit to experiment with the unknown.Science fiction is as wide as the universe it explores, virtually endless and while the Western culture has taken up the undying space exploration themes, colonization and the such, the Eastern have adopted the apocalypse by aliens humans and made it their own Try an anime and you will see what I am talking about All You Need is Kill portrays the final stand of humanity against an invading alien force, devoted to turning Earth into a colony In a sense this is military fiction, but it doesn t get boring or falls into clich.The Japanese are known for their brevity in literature, mostly with the worldwide celebrated haikus, but their sense to get down to the point and write the distilled and concentrated essence of their topic crosses into speculative fiction Sakurazaka builds his novelaround the internals of the characters and how they process the occurrences in their life much like a report Compared to what we are used in the West dialogue is overall scarce and actual combat scenes are also few in number, but Sakurazaka creates the illusion that writing war and combat scenes is like the easiest thing in the world.Despite its 169 pages by Hiroshi offers a full novel experience much like any title ranging from 300 to 600 pages This proves to show that length in literature is quite subjective and the page count steps down in importance to the use of words, which combination will reduce an idea or image to one concise power pack to the reader.Characters Depth Remarkable in All You Need is Kill is the rapid character evolution Keiji on page one is a rookie with no battle experience and meets his death in a cowardly manner, while Keiji from the last chapter is a veteran with steel nerves and body turned into a killing machine This metamorphosis once you have invested all your enthusiasm in the story is invisible so to say You pick up a change, but it is so natural given the situation that he is in a time loop and every day is a struggle to end it But once you stop to think about it you get the wow effect At least I have This wouldn t have worked, if the novel itself was longer.The story is told in third person POV and changes from Keiji to Rita aka the Full Metal Bitch, who has become a legendary soldier, because a time loop herself Her role in the novel is quite interesting and dramatic following the guidelines of Japanese sense of tragedy She highlights the events that occur in the time loop through her own experience, which gives credible explanation to the constant resurrection of Keiji Being a tough person in the present, by the same rules we are introduced to her own personal anguish and shattered existence In the end Keiji and Rita represent two aspects of the super soldier, Keiji is the process of hardening yourself and carrying an unimaginable burden, while Rita is the broken person left in the process There is this yin yang polarity so to say Worldbuilding Believability I wasn t a great fan in the beginning, when I found out this whole book will revolve over a battle that repeats itself around 160 times I have seen the idea done before in the show Tru Calling and in some movies I don t remember very clearly, so I wasn t charmed But then again the focus came on the internal development of the character and how he tries everything to stop waking up every day on the same date before the same battle If you view it gamer terms, it s having to reset the same level 160 times and every time gain new experience after failing, try new strategy and develop mad skills.The Mimics are the core of the very problem In the book they are described as dead bloated frogs and are basically made out of nanobots and have evolved from a remodeling tool for colonization to weapons They even have the technology to reset time and are the culprits for the constant time loops I won t say , because the whole situation is definitelycomplex than that and offers twists and thrill rides that leave you awesome ing all the while.Perhaps the last element in the whole world now that we mentioned the aliens and time loops is the so called Jackets They are your simple full battle armor with major artillery and a constant in the whole novel, plus they create this whole subculture in the army with special training system, slang and all that to make it interesting The Verdict I love it and advise people to give it a chance Speaking from a globalization point of view, nowthan ever we have the ultimate freedom to touch another culture and explore it So take a chance and see how the other side of the world does it You know you want to. The Original Novel That Inspired The Sci Fi Blockbuster Film Starring Tom Cruise When The Alien Mimics Invade, Keiji Kiriya Is Just One Of Many Recruits Shoved Into A Suit Of Battle Armor Called A Jacket And Sent Out To Kill Keiji Dies On The Battlefield, Only To Be Reborn Each Morning To Fight And Die Again And Again On His Th Iteration, He Gets A Message From A Mysterious Ally The Female Soldier Known As The Full Metal Bitch Is She The Key To Keiji S Escape Or His Final Death For some reason this Tom Cruise movie was a blockbuster bust, but it was because of the excellent movie that I wanted to delve into this concept a bitAfter picking up the book, it s clear almost immediately that the film whitewashed the book and that destroys one of the very simple yet profound themes of this book, which I ll get to in a sec.Keiji Kiriya is a simple Japanese soldier who finds himself in a time loop, experiencing the same couple days and deaths over and over only to wake up in the barracks onceand experience it all again The war he s in is against an alien race named the mimics who are all but unstoppable, until humanity created mechanized suits, jackets, to be able to deal with them.And that s pretty simply it There s some slight exposition about the aliens and the future this world finds itself in, however, it s mostly focused on Keiji and his time loops I don t want to spoil anything too much so I ll give this warning first In an afterword, the author, Hiroshi Sakurazaka, explains that he got the idea for this book from playing video games You respawn so much throughout the game, you get really good at it You also get really good at seeing the things that will be coming at you In the end of the video game, you re praised as a hero, but really you re just an average Joe who had endless amounts of retries so you ended up getting good And that s the brilliance of the book There are no superpowers, unless you count the futuristic jackets and accompanying weapons It s just an average guy, a novice even, who finds himself in a really crappy Groundhog Day scenario at least Bill Murray s deaths were of his own volition , and decides to make the best of it by trying to get better every time.Great concept both in book and movie form and the book s different enough from the movie or vice versa to make it worth reading, especially given the 266 pages mmpb The only real problem is I want .4 out of 5 Stars highly recommended

Sakurazaka made his debut in 2002 at the second Super Dash Novel Rookie of the Year Award with the novel Mah tsukai no netto, which was later published in December 2003 under the name Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mah This work has subsequently been expanded into a series of light novels and has also been made into an anime In 2004 he was presented the S F Magazine Readers Award s best short story award for The Saitama Chain Saw Massacre His 2004 novel All You Need Is Kill, received high praise from other authors in Japan and has subsequently been published in English by Viz Media.

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