Le bouclier Arverne

Le bouclier Arverne La Gran Colecci N Sigue Creciendo En Esta Ocasi N, Ast Rix Y Ob Lix Encontrar N Un Escudo Perdido Durante Mucho Tiempo Y Muy Importante Para El Orgullo Galo Que Dar Al Traste Con Los Planes De Julio C Sar El Mismo Ast Rix De Siempre, Pero Con Una Calidad Insuperable

Ren Goscinny was a French author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic book Ast rix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered the series golden age.Series

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  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages
  • Le bouclier Arverne
  • René Goscinny
  • Spanish
  • 05 August 2017
  • 9788421688687

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    This one features Asterix, Obelix and Chief Vitalstatistix, on an adventure, our heroes take their beloved chief to a Hydro Spa in the countryside, near Gergovia, as he s got some intestinal issuesWhile touring, they meet a Roman envoy, who gets smacked, and a coal merchant named Winesandspirix There s a connection between the new friend and their chief, but not known to anyone yet.Meanwhile, the envoy meets with Caesar, who decides he doesn t like the natives of that particular area getting restless check your history and demands the Shield of Vercingetorix, which he was presented after defeating the Great Gaulish Celtic chief.This sets off a long chain of events, a race to find where the shield is, who has it, and of course, it should transpire that the shield belongs to One other than Chief Vitalstatistix, who was given it by a young Winesandspirix after the Battle of Alessia and defeat of Vercingetorix, to help the young warrior lift his spirits In fact, it s the same shield our chief is already paraded around on by his long suffering shield bearers.This leads to the humiliation of the Roman garrison at Gergovia, and Caesar punishes them all, after seeing Vitalstatistix triumph on the shield of Vercingetorix.Although it features Caesar, he s not the main antagonist, and though he s embarrassed, as usual, he doesn t punish or attack the Gauls Goscinny and Uderzo didn t seem to hate Caesar, and there is a begrudging respect between our Heroes and Julius, which developed over the series This makes him a far interesting character.Not to,forget our chief and his health issues, when he arrives back from treatment at Winesandspirix place, he s skinny as heck, which is how the coal merchant recognized him from all the years back Of course, things are what they are, and by the time they return to our village, the chief is back to his robust self, and even though the compulsory feast is held, his wife refuses to allow his attendance

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    Asterix and the Chieftain s Shield Asterix, 11 , Ren Goscinny

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    Der Lieblingsasterix meiner Kinderzeit.

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    Me meo con Ob lix haci ndose el enfermo sin querer hacerlo

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    100 2019 RCGenre Graphic Novel

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    Chief Vitalstatistix has had one too many banquets, so the druid orders him off to a spa for a healthy dose of exercise and boiled vegetables Asterix and Obelix go for the journey, if not for the treatment They run into a Roman envoy whom they beat up The envoy reports that the Gauls are as rebellious as ever Julius Caesar decides to come show who s boss, especially by showing off the Shield of Vercingetorix, the Gaulish chieftain who was the last to surrender, thus completing the conquest of Gaul never mind Asterix s village But the shield is missing The envoy is sent in search of it When Asterix and Obelix get wind of the scheme, they also search for the shield.The plot runs around in a great big circle with plenty of comedy along the way This particular volume has lots of Latin puns one drunk fellow is always going, Hic, haec, hoc It s a lot of fun.Recommended.

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    Lost in translationSigo con la campa a de lectura de Asterix para mis ni os Mi hijo decidi comprar este volumen que no conoc a y no me result tan bueno.Ya sabemos de qu se trata b sicamente Asterix los h roes galos van recorriendo diversas regiones de Europa y hacen chistes relacionando sus costumbres con la actualidad en el medio los galos obtienen fantasiosas victorias que en la realidad sabemos que no ocurrieron, los romanos se los comieron crudos En este caso bajan a la regi n de Augverne y el efecto c mico no es muy satisfactorio Por empezar se hace muy engorroso leer todos los di logos con esas ch , no s si hac a falta traducirlo, y adem s uno no est tan empapado de las costumbres de esta zona francesa como sucede con otros pa ses de la hoy eurozona En un momento hacen un comentario sobre la virtud de las aguas de Vichy ya que no pueden hacer menci n al gobierno pronazi durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial A m tambi n se me hizo muy previsible el final.Pero en realidad, todo esto que digo ac arriba no importa nada desde el momento en que cada noche mis hijos me ped an que se los leyera y siguieron toda la historia con entusiasmo.

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    I like the plot, our Gauls getting in trouble and turn everything in chaos everywhere as usual but they have to find the shield Vercingetorix threw at Caesar s feet after his defeat The most cute scenes when Indefix has to bath or when Ovelix and Asterix are fighting each other

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