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Astérix gladiateur Asterix takes his talent to the arena19 June 2012 As a kid I would read and reread the Asterix and Tintin comics over and over again My primary school library and local council library had quite a collection of both, and at least with regards to Asterix, between them had pretty much all of them with Tintin I had to go and persuade my parents to purchase the ones that were not available, so with the exception of the first two, I had read all of the Tintin comics, and the Asterix comics that had been released at the time However, after a very long hiatus, I borrowed a collection of Asterix comics from my friend and reread them and found them amusing That was about fifteen years ago Now, being a young adult and working fulltime as well as having access to the internet which means that I can get copies of the albums at least half of what I would be paying at a bookstore in Adelaide I have now managed to collect and read all of the Tintin comics and I am slowly obtaining the Asterix comics as well for some reason I seem to have moved away from borrowing books from the library, I guess because if I purchase them, not only can I then give them to by Dad, but I can take my time reading them I must admit that this one had me in stitches This is number four in the series but we are seeing the development of the characters and the albums continuing We saw that with the Tintin comics as well with Herge continuing to develop the characters and their friends asandalbums were produced, and it is good to read them in order to see this development In this album see Obelix begin his little game of counting the number of Romans he beats up by collecting their helmets After every fight Obelix walks away with a pile of helmets in his hands, and of course in the final combat in the arena, we see a huge pile of helmets stacked in the corner Also in this one we meet the pirates, who end up being another one of those groups that Obelix loves beating up Ceaser s birthday is coming up and the prefect of Gaul decides that he was to get Ceaser a special present, namely one of the indominable Gauls for the arena, so they decide to capture the weakest link, Cacofonix the Bard Despite the fact that absolutely nobody likes his singing probably because he has absolutely no musical talent whatsoever he is still a Gaul and still a member of the village, so Asterix and Obelix go on a quest to Rome to rescue him Along the way they meet up with the arena boss, who also happens to be the main villain of the peace There are some really amusing anecdotes in this album, particularly where Obelix looks for somebody to take care of his menhir delivery business while he is away and I am still puzzled as to why the village actually needs all those menhirs , and then you see Obelix passing it on to Geriatrix, the village old person elder would be an inappropriate word as Vitalstatistix is actually the leader of the village, Geriatrix is just an old guy with a very young wife who looks at him oddly and says I don t think this is the right job for me What is also amusing but as I said this one had me on the floor in stitches is how they just seem to wonder through Rome with impunity If there is one thing that does not bother Asterix and Obelix and that is Roman legions, and in fact Romans It is interesting how they painted Rome in the book because while historical accuracy is limited to an extent Ceaser, in reality, was fighting a civil war when he returned from Gaul and then he was assassinated, so I suspect that the entire period of the Asterix comics is actually set over a period of only a few years Oh, and the Latin that they throw around is actually heaps amusing, particularly when the entire Circus Maximus the Collesseum hadn t been built at this stage, so kudos to the authors for at least being somewhat accurate here is applauding Ceaser with the exception of Marcus Brutus, who sits behind Ceaser with a sour look on his face, and Ceaser then turns around to him and says et tu brutae. Los Cuatro Primeros Lbumes Cl Sicos De Ast Rix, En Una Nueva Versi N, M S Grande Y Restaurada, Que Les Devuelve El Esplendor Al Peque O Guerrero Galo Y Todos Sus Amigos Y Enemigos Las Traducciones Est N Revisadas Y Corregidas, Y Adem S En Las P Ginas Finales Se Incluyen Una Serie De Detalles Que Har N Las Delicias De Los Fans De Ast Rix Planchas Originales En Color O Blanco Y Negro, Ediciones De Otros Pa Ses, Curiosidades El Mismo Ast Rix De Siempre, Pero Con Una Calidad Insuperable The village bard Cacofonix is captured by the Roman Prefect for Gaul The prefect needs a unique present to offer in Rome to Caesar Cacofonix s singing is indeed unique happily so he is quite terrible and the villagers aren t so worried when he s disappeared As soon as they discover he s been kidnapped by the Romans, they start a rescue mission The mission will take Asterix and Obelix all the way to the Circus Maximus in Rome to save their fellow villager.The story is the standard mix of puns and jokes along with the mild, ridiculous violence that comes from an ancient tribe with a potion of undefeatable strength This provides the standard good fun of an Asterix comic. I bought this back in1975 and I have read and reread it many times It brings back very happy memories of my childhood when I would read this with my nephews whilst translating it into Polish as we went I m happy to say that I still found it funny on the latest rereading, and as always, I LOVE looking at the fantastic pictures by Uderzo.Who else loves the bit where Asterix asks Obelix to knock on a door only to find he smashes it in because to Obelix the two things are one and the same Or when Obelix discovers that he can make a fight with an opponent last a tad longer if he shakes them rather than simply hits them All innocent, juvenile fun Second hand book stores in my place tend to lump oversized European graphic novel albums with the children s books because they don t know better Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I go over those dusty bins to find hidden treasure like Asterix albums This was just my latest find, Asterix the Gladiator, and it may be the best Asteriz I ve ever read.Asterix is from a village of indomitable Gauls who are among the few holdouts of Roman rule This small village is surrounded by three garrisons but they haven t been overwhelmed This village has a secret weapon in a potion brewed by the village druid which gives them super strength and indestructibility Asterix has a best friend in Obelix and they share a favorite pastime in beating up the hapless Romans I enjoyed this story because it feels different from the other Asterix tales I ve read The two friends actually have a legitimate quest to rescue the village bard who was shanghaied to Rome On the road to Rome, they encountered other ancient people who were their contemporaries like Phoenician traders and pirates In Rome, they find a countryman who runs a Gaulish restaurant, and they got to experience the public Roman baths This story is different from the other I ve read because the root of the quest is based on honor, and not just to beat up Romans for fun, although they did that too The duo even chastised a boatful of pirates, which would referenced as a gag in later volumes In Rome, they even freed several gladiators and taught their trainer a lesson.The story is paced well and it is never boring I wished the later Asterix are like this, although there is still hope because I still have many gaps in my Asterix readings. El bardo cantor Asurancetourix es secuestrado por los romanos para ser llevado Julio Cesar como regalo Asterix y Obelix en su rescate llegan a Roma donde terminan compitiendo en el gran coliseo Excelente tomo repleto de humor e iron as. . Como siempre muy divertido Me gusta mucho esa mezcla de realidad hist rica, modernidad e iron a. The Emperor s Babe , , , , GLC flat Greater Latin Council GLC Greater London Council My first is a hundred, my second is a sign of the zodiac, my third is a Hibernian , my fourth is the Egyptian god of the sun, and Julius Caesar loves my w hole Who am I C, LEO, PAT, RA PS PPS , ,

Ren Goscinny was a French author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic book Ast rix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered the series golden age.Series

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