Iron Axe (The Books of Blood and Iron, #1)

Iron Axe (The Books of Blood and Iron, #1) In This Brand New Series From The Author Of The Clockwork Empire Series, A Hopeless Outcast Must Answer Death S Call And Embark On An Epic Adventure Although Danr S Mother Was Human, His Father Was One Of The Hated Stane, A Troll From The Mountains Now Danr Has Nothing To Look Forward To But A Life Of Disapproval And Mistrust, Answering To Trollboy And Condemned To Hard Labor On A Farm Until, Without Warning, Strange Creatures Come Down From The Mountains To Attack The Village Spirits Walk The Land, Terrifying The Living Trolls Creep Out From Under The Mountain, Provoking War With The Elves And Death Herself Calls Upon Danr To Set Things Right At Death S Insistence, Danr Heads Out To Find The Iron Axe, The Weapon That Sundered The Continent A Thousand Years Ago Together With Unlikely Companions, Danr Will Brave Fantastic And Dangerous Creatures To Find A Weapon That Could Save The World Or Destroy It

Steven Piziks

Steven Harper Piziks was born with a name that no one can reliably spell or pronounce, so he often writes under the pen name Steven Harper He lives in Michigan with his family When not at the keyboard, he plays the folk harp, fiddles with video games, and pretends he doesn t talk to the household cats In the past, he s held jobs as a reporter, theater producer, secretary, and substitute teacher He maintains that the most interesting thing about him is that he writes books.

Steven is the creator of The Silent Empire series, the Clockwork Empire steampunk series, and the Books of Blood and Iron series for Roc Books All four Silent Empire novels were finalists for the Spectrum Award, a first

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  • Iron Axe (The Books of Blood and Iron, #1)
  • Steven Harper
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  • 24 July 2019
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    In Steven Harper s The Books of Blood and Iron series we are introduced to a world where trolls, dwarves, and giants are known as the Stane elves, sprites, and fairies are known as the Fae and humans are known as the Kin.The main character, Danr is 16 years old, his mother was Kin and his father was Stane When Danr was brought into the world, his mother was frowned upon for the birth of her half troll child, and she was forced to accept work as a thrall to an unkind farmer Danr has suffered the cruelties that the world has to offer by being born as socially unacceptable and touted as a monster Now his mother has passed away and he desperately misses her He also knows that he must never forget to abide by the one piece of advice she always gave him, which was not to unleash the monster inside him One of Danr s few friends in the village is Aisa, who is a couple of years older than Danr Aisa has also suffered a hard life She was sold into slavery by her father and after being a slave to the elves in Alfhame, she is now a slave to a man named Farek, who sexually abuses her Aisa hides from the world by keeping herself covered from head to toe in a dark cloak and never allowing her face to show But she dreams of one day travelling to the South Sea, healing the sick and earning enough money to buy a small boat so she can sail out among the merwomen and regain her face As these two try to escape the harsh realities of the life they ve been given, a series of unusual events takes place which will change their paths Rumors are heard that the Stane have come down from the mountains and killed some villagers Now those villagers spirits are haunting the village and cannot be laid to rest As the rumors spread that the hated Stane are responsible, Danr s place in the village becomes precarious Danr decides to flee the village and he sets out to find the truth behind the rumors and to learn about his Stane heritage Danr is joined in his travels by Aisa and a new friend, Talfi, who bears no memories of who he is or where he came from Danr s quest brings the group into contact with Death herself, who tells them that they must recover a powerful weapon known as the Iron Axe in order to tip the balance of the world back to its rightful place As they pursue the Iron Axe, they also wind up on a deeper quest for the truth about themselves and the world around them Iron Axe features strong, loveable characters that each have their own personal struggles It is written in a straight forward, no frills manner Harper has also effortlessly included gay characters within the story While the story at times seems simplistic, the characters have been through a lot of darkness Told in the style of traditional fantasy, the story moves along at a good clip and comes to a satisfactory end, with two books to follow in this series I can also easily see this as a graphic novel, appealing to young adults and adults alike If you re looking for a good book with a Beauty and the Beast crossed with a Norse type Mythology vibe, you will enjoy this one.

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    Because of the lack of hype around this book, I had no expectation going into this book So this was quite the surprise because I ended up really liking this book.The book starts off a little rough but smooths out as you move forward It took me a while to get into it because, although I expected this to be an Adult fantasy novel, I didn t expect it to be as gritty as something similar to A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin The fantasy world seems like a dystopian since there isn t much order or governing going on and where slavery and rape isn t as big of an issue for the population as I would think it would be But thankfully, the focus shifts to Danr s story quest forward and less on the cruelty of the world as you get further into the story.But despite the fact that Danr is the main protagonist of the story, half troll half human, I actually liked Aisa and to a greater extent, even Talfi than any other character Considering she is a sex slave and constantly abused by her master and his wife, she is a very strong female protagonist She is at times sassy, sharp, and loyal to the bone towards someone who looks after her Despite the fact that her father sold her into slavery, at one point in the book, she even comes to let that past go For someone who bares physical scars of rape and abuse, covers herself in heavy clothing so the world can t see, I can imagine that forgiving the man who became the reason for it all wasn t an easy feat She is incredibly strong and I loved her for that Talfi, on the other hand, is just as lovable a sidekick as one would want Although there isn t much humor in this book, Talfi s trustworthy attitude contrasting against Aisa s dark sorrows and Danr s self deprecating musings was a refreshing change at times.Danr, as good a character as he was, was sometimes a bit too annoying Not for any particular reason honestly, simply because of this constant good vs evil fight he has with himself I sympathized with him, because of the way he has been treated all his life, but often I just wished he would get over the notion that everyone thinks he is a monster and move on with life In retrospect, he did have the potential to be a bad person as do we all but he never lets out the monster within him so I really felt bad that he wasted so much time scolding himself over nothing.There is a bit of confusion in terms of what is the targeted audience for this book In reminded me slightly of The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson because of this The world itself definitely deals with a lot of adult issues but because the main characters are quite young, sometimes their narratives can make feel as if you are reading a young adult novel Then something awful would happen, or someone would swear some of the swear words seemed out of place at times actually and suddenly, I am snapped out of the misunderstanding that this is not a young adult novel.Overall though, I was than satisfied with numbers of twists and turns this story takes, as well as the fantastically neat ending It was a little too neat perhaps, in terms of what happens with Talfi, but because I like him so much I don t really care The mixture of orcs, humans, elves, etc also never felt as overwhelming as I thought it might everything felt as if it belonged in the story If there is a second book in this series, I am certainly looking forward to it.Disclaimer An audiobook copy of this book was provided by Audible in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any exterior motives.

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    This book was on my to read list of fantasy books with LGBT characters Since I m always on the lookout to support OwnVoices, I was delighted to discover that Steven Harper Piziks has a blog where he talks about his boyfriend husband and LGBT rights issues among other things.Iron Axe was an interesting read for me From its tags, I didn t think it was YA, but that s how it read to me YA in a fantasy setting, tackling some very heavy issues such as recovery from sexual abuse, death of a parent, and homophobia, in greater depth than typically found in epic fantasy.I really liked the setting and the three branches of beings Most of them trolls, orcs, elves have been portrayed pretty widely in Western European folkore, fairytales, and the kind of modern fantasy that grew out of that mythology, e.g LoTR I loved that the main hero in Harper s story Danr is half troll, half human That was definitely something different and made him instantly sympathetic to me, having a soft spot for misunderstood heroes Harper s take on elves, and their family branches fairies and sprites, was really innovative too Their seductive power and quest for domination made for an intriguing spin.There are a lot of magical elements that drew me in like twisting a kind of teleportation , eye splinters which every child is born with, and those that can take them out can see truth , and Death being a goddess who can be held hostage with an unexpected impact.As a reader who likes seeing LGBT characters front and center, I was a little disappointed by the actual screen time the couple of gay characters get And view spoiler I wasn t crazy about the handling of those few sideline characters In a sense, the book takes the Bury Your Gays trope to new heights in that the main gay character Talfi gets graphically, gratuitously murdered multiple times The saving grace is that he s magical and keeps coming back but still, it read to me like a vicious bashing for his defective gayness I have to believe the author did not intend to promote that message, but the overall portrayal of gay folks in the story felt problematic to me Talfi s true love kind of bursts onto the scene in the last few pages, and there s little development of who he is, or how the two guys reconcile after Talfi was brutally killed by his boyfriend s father As a result, their relationship comes off as really shallow, fawning over each other all of the sudden, in the midst of a huge war breaking out And then Talfi gets his head cut off again By his best friend It s just not the best treatment of a character who the author is trying to position as unfairly judged by others based on his sexuality hide spoiler

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    I m always hesitant to review books that I really didn t like No matter your opinion, books are written by real people who really do read reviews, after all So in the interest of that, I m going to start with the good If you liked Skyrim, you ll probably dig this book The worldbuilding is very Bethesda esque, actually From trolls to orcs to fairies elves to dragons, there are quite a few parallels Even the magical system of transportation Twisting works just like fast traveling Some of these overlaps might be coincidental, though According to the author note in the back of the book, Harper teaches high school English There s no way he s not teaching Beowulf. Either way, there s heavy Norse influences here, which generally appeals to me as a reader But other than thatsigh There s not a lot of positives I can add to this review The writing is literally the most utilitarian I ve ever come across in a published novel It s all grammatically sound, but there s very little play in the language Rather, Harper writes only as a means of telling a story, and unfortunately, the story suffers for it The characters are two dimensional, and a lack of expository writing doesn t help matters Characters decisions and motivations seem to come out of thin air, and the general lesson of the story that we must know ourselves falls flat I could go on, but I think that s enough to help you understand why this book is a one star read for me I m not familiar with Harper s other books, so there s a chance that the issues in Iron Axe are the result of a stylistic choice In fact, his other steampunk series looks interesting Regardless, the purpose of style is complimenting plot and theme, which it doesn t do here This novel misses the mark, I m afraid.

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    Has a sort of grown up fairy tale vibe happening Very clear influence in Norse mythology in terms of setting all the classical races, a World Tree with dimensional nexus properties, clear parallels to the Aesir pantheon though no Thor expy weird Some changes, with the addition of orcs not all Chaotic Evil, and the most distinctive racial reinterpretation , trolls much brighter and moral than usual , and light elves straight out of Pratchett s Lords and Ladies Actually, even worse.Characters are generally likable, and not shallow caricatures, but no one s an ocean of depth, either Danr the half troll hero shows the most at the beginning, and gets one note ish in the last third, though his heroic breakdown in letting the monster loose at the end is fun All have somewhat unique consequences and problems.Final villain shows up in person far too late to be properly imposing, and is dispatched a bit too easily and neatly, though he and his plan and the cosmic problem being solved take a backseat to the companions own personal struggles, which may account for the slight lack of heft and seriousness in the overall feel of the narrative That and Harper s clear love of goddesses as mostly cuddly old grannies that could easily kill you.A quick read, not ponderous or slow in any way That s not all bad, but there s little true darkness to be had, even in aid of lending the atmosphere some balance Narrative ties up neatly, and leaves no clear idea where things will go next, much like the first Matrix or Pirates films This is also part of a trilogy Your Mileage May Vary.But overall, not bad at all, and certainly not the kind of tale one thinks one would get given the title.

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    his book was ok Narration was a bit cartoonish but story was average The characters are generally one sided you know who the good guys are, you know who the bad guys are The main character isn t as likable as I think he is supposed to be He comes off like he s throwing the world s longest pity party at times The supporting characters are much engaging but take too much of a back seat to make the series worth continuing with.

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    This was a fast read for me, till the end where it slowed down Thought the main character Danr was good, being half troll half human and being mocked for what he is Really like how he made friends with the misfits in the book Some areas in the book could of been better explained or had further development When the second book comes out I will check it out.

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    I immediately had empathy for the main character A different genre of book than I usually read, relaxing , but gripping enough to maintain that just HAVE to keep reading joy I was very deep into the book when I found myself forgetting the fact that I know this author personally I would read it again but I am waiting for the second book Harping about it daily.

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    Read 3 4, didn t care enough to finish Not horrible, but some silly plotting and shallow characters.

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    Started off very strong I liked the main character and the internal and external struggles he dealt with as a half human indentured servant, and for that I give it an extra half star but it fell into formulaic traps about halfway through cue plucky entourage of friends of every species I finished it just to see what happened, but even though everything that needed to happen did happen, the wrap up felt too tidy The author does show promise, so I hope to see better from him in future.

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