The Remnant

The Remnant Lt Commander Hrothgar Tebrey Is Assigned As A Military Attach To An Archaeological Expedition As Light Duty To Recover From The Disaster Of His Previous Mission But Things Quickly Begin To Go Wrong On Cedeforthy Someone, Or Something, Is Manipulating Events To Sabotage The Expedition When The Science Team Becomes Marooned On The Planet By The Tides Of War, The Sinister Force Reveals Itself, And Tebrey Must Fight Against A Seemingly Unstoppable Enemy To Save Not Just Himself, The Expedition, And The Woman He Loves, But His Very Soul Some Things Are Worth Dying For It Is The Things Worth Living For That Matter

I m a mouse in a mechanical man s body Okay, that was Pinky and the Brain, not me I am a writer, archaeologist, anthropologist, and geologist I currently live in New Mexico, where all the cool kids hang out, with too many cats is there such a thing Like most authors, I ve had an eclectic career path I ve worked as a retail gofer, a food service monkey, brute laborer, a rennie, a writer fo

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  • The Remnant
  • Paul B. Spence
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  • 03 February 2019

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    I had a chance to read this while it was still in beta, and I ve been anxiously awaiting the day that it was published so that other people can enjoy the characters and story that Paul B Spence introduces to us to in his debut novel The Remnant I wouldn t bother to try and classify it as specifically science fiction or fantasy Like a lot of good genre fiction, it steps stealthily along that line, depending on what elements define the distinction for you, the reader For me I could care less which it is as long as I m enjoying myself, and I enjoyed myself a lot with this book.The main character Hrothgar Tebrey is like a warrior poet in battle armor with a bioengineered panther, no less He is a smart, capable military guy that s had it a bit rough to say the least and he s looking forward to spending time on light duty with a scientific expedition on a remote planet As you might expect, the duty quickly turns into anything but light and he ends up helmet deep in trouble than he could possibly have imagined Except he doesn t have to imagine it, because he thinks he may have experienced it before cue ominous music, grab popcorn, enjoy The Remnant could have devolved into a shallow, pulpy yarn, but instead it s a well written adventure in a very deep, well thought out world It reminds me a bit of classic science fiction where you had sound science to establish the basics how your spaceship moves, what it uses for weapons, power, etc but there is still room for a bit of the fantastic, unexplainable, stuff It s engaging and fun, and well worth the read.And I m ready for Hrothgar s and Hunter s next adventure.

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    The Remnant is an authentic sci fi page turner Spence builds a futuristic world with some hard science fiction details, exciting space battles, and a hero main character that is intense and likeable The setting moves from spaceships to a planet that is almost medieval, technologically speaking Normally, this would annoy me, honestly I like fantasy and other genres, but I generally like my sci fi hard and unmixed with other genres , but there are layers here, and all is not as it seems So, it worked It worked very well I could not put the book down and found myself quite drawn into the mythos about Earth and its ancient past that was being hinted at and explored by the main characters along the way.This is a book in need of a sequel if you need the larger scale details filled in which I do , though it is not one of those books that leaves you feeling like a larger book was just split in half and now you got left hanging It s really just right The smaller scale story as if about the immediate dangers our hero and his cohorts are caught in comes to a head, yet you are left knowing that there is to this story Plus, it s not a short book the paperback version says its 550 pages This is a plus, in my book This is enough story to craft the world and the characters, draw you in, and make you a fan I didn t find that the book dragged for its length actually, I wasn t ready to leave Spence s world and his characters when it ended You re gonna wanna grab up the next book right when it comes out.I ll comment on this because it s always a question with Kindle books This book reads like it was written by a professional There are a few minor typos, mostly towards the end, but I can find them in a George R R Martin book, too They don t take you out of the story, and they aren t of the type that makes you wonder about the author s vocabulary or word choices This is a school teacher with an English concentration speaking here Overall, this read like a paperback I pulled off the shelf at the bookstore one I would recommend to a friend.So, The Remnant is a great read that sets up a new series that I would love to go back and live in any time It s got plenty of action, and it s smart, slick sci fi Also, the antagonist eventually revealed is pretty freaky and scary I m ready for the sequel I was given a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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    The book begins with the mystery of how a ship can be overtaken and boarded in hyperspace, with the culprits disappearing and leaving only one nearly dead survivor The story then follows this survivor, a special agent, to his next duty after he recuperates The author is a great tale spinner, and keeps you interested to the last page, but the book itself has a few problems The formatting of the ebook is well done and pretty consistent the first couple of chapters are the best written, and really pull you in But after chapter 3 or 4 you start running into typos, and a somewhat lower quality of writing In fact, the quality of the writing varies throughout the book This doesn t mean that the writing is illiterate or hard to understand it just means that the author should go through it again and produce a finished product There are consistent grammatical errors throughout, mostly the common mis use of the word like, which is distracting In addition, the entire book needs to be edited to trim down the numerous redundant words and phrases, especially in the dialog, and the constant over explaining of things that are obvious These make this a far longer story than it needed to be Also, the dialog itself often seems stilted and clumsy At other times it s very good Overall, the book reads like a second or third draft, not the finished product, and if the author went through it a couple of times he could probably fix some of these and end up with a much better book perhaps even at the 4 or 5 star level As it is, the story is fine, and it s certainly rewarding enough for the time spent reading it If you like a worthy Science Fiction thriller, and don t mind a few problems, I recommend this book.

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    Goodreads Autograph CopyWhat really happen to a scientific group and a military soldier as they were left stranded on an archaeological dig on another planet for almost a year due to war Their story unfolds as the learn to survive with the aid of Lt Commander Hrothgar Tebrey.As things go out of control they learn to survive hunger and cold while losing fellow members They battle sinister forces and beasts along the way with people trying for power.The Remnant is about surviving and what choices we make to live despite what we were told to believe in What we are willing to do for surviving and the people we care for.The story keeps the reader engrossed as you never what will happen next.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book It has a clear direction, there is nothing missing and nothing is superfluous Both the space and and planet side stories are well connected And when you think, that you have it all figured out, then the plot takes a pleasantly surprising twist.My only complaint is that there are too few pages there are characters, places and plot items that very well could bear having depth, but that is just testament to the rich universe that is build And luckily there are books in the series.

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    This book had potential that it didn t live up to The plot was interesting, the characters, especially Hunter and Tebrey, were awesome, and the setting had some intriguing features.The main problem was the pacing For instance, they don t even get marooned until about a third of the way in Most of the story before then is just establishing characters and setting I know some people prefer that sort of thing, but I m not one of them I like stories that start where the action starts After the slow start, the story gets further slowed down by sub plots that have too much page count devoted to them.Another problem was the amount of infodumping in conversations At times it felt like people were reciting lessons to each other than talking Despite this, there was some great dialogue, especially between Tebrey and Hunter.The final major problem was that the story couldn t seem to decide what it was Was it an archaeological mystery, a space opera, a horror, a thriller, what Combined with the pacing problems, it made the book feel a bit too unfocused.More minor issues were that characters sometimes weren t quite consistent in how they acted and that the narrative tone was so dry that there were bits it was difficult to push through.Also, the blurb is somewhat misleading, as some things it mentions don t come up until the very end.Wow, reading over what I ve written it seems like I didn t like the story at all That s not the case The plot was good I just wish it d moved faster and had time spent on it instead of subplots The setting seems very interesting though this is the third sci fi novel featuring a war between humans and aliens in a row where I ve thought the aliens were interesting than the humans, but I m pretty sure that s just because I m weird, so that s not the author s fault All in all, it was a good read, it just could ve been so much better.

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    First of all, there were too many errors in this book for me to give it a really good rating I can understand a few errors I know how easily one can miss an occasional misuse of a word, or omission But toward the end it seemed there were one or two egregious errors on every page Sometimes they were so bad I had to re read paragraphs to try to understand what was intended There is no excuse for that It makes me angry because that level of errors is just laziness, and it seriously undermines my enjoyment of the book.Second, I think the book was too long I got the feeling the author couldn t really decide what he wanted the story to be about There were too many plot threads, some of which were dropped early on in the book, some of which seemed to come out of nowhere And there were some things which really needed back story For instance, the two human alliances needed a lot explanation I think some of the character development was lacking too I liked Tebrey, and I think he and his companion were pretty believable and well developed, as were most of the scientists But I didn t believe the love story I suspect that is partly because Ana was one of the least developed characters, and partly because he didn t spend much time on the romance It s really a shame, too, because the story had real possibilities The world building was pretty good, though it had some holes, and the plot was decent, if a little complex And there seemed to be a lot of potential for future stories I haven t decided whether to give any sequels a try.

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    This was free download for me, as an introduction to a new author.I have to say, this book did grip me straight from the start with suspense, horror, immensely well developed characters and serious fast paced story progression.Then we met Tebrey, a burly special forces soldier He does not give away much in the beginning, but soon he is showing a human side that is very likeable By the end I want and thus I immediately purchased the second volume, knowing I want to read this author again.As Indy published books go, this was a good one compared to some I have seen, but not top perfect There are small formatting errors and minor spelling mistakes, which are noticeable, but simply because the story is so solid, you quickly forget them, and you let yourself be drawn further and further in Tebrey s worlds.Huge potential as a future science fiction writer.

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    The Remnant ties together themes of love, loss, and sacrifice in a distant future that is both frightening and hopeful Set in the latter half of the 30th century, this story, the first in a series, focuses on a fallen colony world on the edge of human settled space Bigger picture elements, such as an interstellar war, play out in the background but still impact the characters in profound ways The main character, Hrothgar Tebrey, is a soldier who is deeply conflicted about the things that he has had to do in his career He begins the story alone and without hope, but matures and grows over the course of the story to become the hero for the rest of the series You see him here at the end of his career, but the beginning of his journey.

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    3.5 to be precise The book s starting is promising but somewhere down the line there are too many sub plots spring up and the book loses focus At least that s what I felt

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