Nothing Like Love

Nothing Like Love Ramnanan has created a lovely novel that centres on the life of Vimla, a strong willed young woman living in Chance Trinidad The reader can feel the heat and turmoil of life on this beautiful island I have two minor complaints I find my attention starts to wander with novels that exceed 400 pages I think the length of the novel accounted for my flagging interest in the use of the local dialect While I started off entranced with it, my interest faltered as the novel continued. Nothing Like Love really surprised me The Trinidad and Tobago setting was unique and a pleasant change from the novel s I typically choose I also really appreciated the religious aspects of the lives of the characters being interwoven into the story which made it feel realistic The lives of Vimla and Krishna seem predetermined by their parents but through a series of choices they each make, their lives take very different directions from what their parents anticipate Vimla at first comes across as independent but through heartbreak she becomes pliable to her parents wishes Krishna is first introduced as a troublemaker and a free spirit Krishna s father is the head spiritual leader in their community and strongly desires his son to train to take over for him when he dies Vimla and Krishna both have to work past their parent s dreams for their lives and discover what paths they want to take whether it be together as a couple or separately Krishna s self determination fails him at the most inopportune times and his repeated apologies to Vimla eventually take a toll on their blossoming love affair It feels like everyone in this novel turns out to be much complex than they appear to be at the beginning and the story draws you in and keeps you engaged I would recommend this book as a great read but wouldn t say it felt specifically like a romance novel. A Sparkling, Witty And Confident Debut From A Rising Canadian Star Whose Trinidadian Roots And Riotous Storytelling Heritage Inform Her Completely Delightful Novel It Is In The Town Of Chance, Trinidad Home To A Colourful Cast Of Cane Farmers, Rum Drinkers, Scandal Mongers And A Bright Year Old Schoolgirl Named Vimla Narine After Passing Her A Levels With Extraordinary Results And Accepting The Coveted Teaching Post At Saraswati Hindu School, Vimla Is Caught With The Village Pundit S Son, Krishna Govind At Night Holding Hands By Morning, Even The Village Vagrant Has Heard The News And The Govinds And Narines Find Themselves At The Heart Of Chance S Most Delicious Disgrace Since A Woman Chased Her Cheating Husband From The District With A Rolling PinVery Quickly, Vimla S Teaching Post Is Rescinded, Her Mother Goes On Strike From Everything, Her Father Seeks Solace In The Rum Shop And Vimla Is Confined To Her Home While Vimla Waits For Krishna To Rescue Her, Krishna S Father Exiles His Boy To Tobago With A Suitcase Of Hindu Scriptures And A Command Krishna Will Become A Man Of God It Is His Duty Just When Vimla Thinks Her Fate Couldn T Be Worse, Her Best Friend, Minty, Brings Word That Krishna Has Become Betrothed To The Beautiful Chalisa Shankar And Chalisa Wants To Meet Vimla Together, Vimla And Minty Devise A Scheme To Win Krishna Back That Involves Blackmailing A Neighbour, Conspiring With Chalisa, Secret Trysts In Cane Fields And Unearthing Surprising Truths That Could Change Vimla S, Krishna S And Chalisa S Lives Forever I just could not put this book down I was in love with it from the very start What Ramnanan does is weave many different perspectives into the story and you feel like you are getting a bit of everyone equally, although really, Vimla and Krishna are at the centre of it The story is written phonetically and I really felt was if I was transported to Chance, Trinidad The dialogue bits were my favorite because of that, but even if some sections were heavy on the dialogue, Ramnanan somehow is able to build the world so wonderfully Just the overall structure of the book and how everything unfolds between the Govinds and Narines was so incredibly fascinating I found myself laughing a lot because of the silliness from some characters and I also found myself getting incredibly frustrated at some characters like Sangita, but that just goes to show just how well written this book is There is a bit of every character and every character is so well rounded This is a wonderful story and the title is just perfect, because there s nothing like love Love is not perfect, love is complicated and this story depicts not only romantic love, but love in friendships Vimla Minty Krishna Dutchie , love in family Vimla and her parents, Krishna and his parents and Krishna and his aunt , love in neighbors even when they don t deserve it , and also, finding love again Sangita and Rajesh This was an incredibly fun, laugh out loud, charming book I just loved it and I would highly recommend it to those looking for a fun read this summer This is Ramnanan s debut novel and I am incredibly excited to see what she writes next Full review on the blog Ramnanan transports us back to 1970s Trinidad with rich characters It s the coming of age story about Vimla, a young girl who went from community darling to shunned and disgraced when her secret romance with is discovered Star crossed lovers struggle against family expectations and somewhere along the way, Vimla must determine what she really wants The descriptions are vivid you can feel the languid heat and the scent of spices and flowers, but for me, the dialect and dialogue were the novel s strengths I m partial to well written dialogue and love it when the author pushes it to new levels which Ramnanan did It took me back to my high school days in a West Indian neighbourhood, and I felt myself lost in nostalgia An excellent debut. I could really relate to this story a lot I am from a tropical island that s a lot similar to Trinidad and I could literally see the country I had grown up in all throughout the story, be it at the story beach, in the cane fields or among the intruding, gossip loving people who mostly have double standards and absolutely cannot just go on living their own lives and minding their own business I loved how real that felt, it was like being transported across the world, back to that small island and living all of it it again It reminded be of the hot summers in this cold, North American country and I realised that I do miss that place, somewhere inside There were some characters that I loved and really my heart breaks for them Vimla, her parents, Minty, Chalisa, Krishna And speaking of Krishna What actually happened to him I normally don t judge a book by the cover, but seeing it online, it s so pretty I couldn t resist clicking to find out I won an ARC from Goodreads First Reads and I was so excited when I received it It took me longer then usual to read since life kept interfering, but when I finally did get the chance to sit down with it, I flew through it quickly Books that expose different cultures and beliefs are always so intriguing to me I author did an excellent job of weaving the different characters stories together I ve already passed on my copy to a friend because I knew they would enjoy it as much as I have Thanks again for the free copy of this book A hugely entertaining read that was just what I needed to get me through the last dull days of winter I loved the larger than life characters the female characters, in particular, ooze swagger and the dialogue is extremely well done with the colloquial speech making it so fun and believable Next thing you know Ramnanan will be writing a TV comedy pilot for the CBC the Hindu equivalent of Little Mosque on the Prairie They ll call it Tiny Temple on the Tundra Looking forward to meeting her at GritLIT next month. A wonderful debut Really enjoyed this one and certainly hope there is from this author in the near future. I really wanted to like this book, and not all of what I read was terrible, but it didn t grab my attention While the colourful speech enhanced the quirkiness of the characters, it was sometimes hard to interpret and the flow between chapters was jarring I often felt that I was somehow missing something There s too little time to read a book I don t care about and a DNF is an automatic 1 star.

Sabrina Ramnanan was born in Toronto to Trinidadian parents She completed her B.A in English and B.Ed at the University of Toronto In addition, Sabrina is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto s School of Continuing Education Creative Writing Program and the recipient of the 2012 Marina Nemat award Her work has appeared in Diaspora Dialogues, Cerulean Rain, Writing in the Margins, The

[Reading] ➶ Nothing Like Love  By Sabrina Ramnanan –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Nothing Like Love
  • Sabrina Ramnanan
  • English
  • 20 August 2019
  • 9780385681025

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