Mystery on Church Hill

Mystery on Church HillSteven Smith combines mystery and history in his books, all, so far, in the area around the state of Virginia, so kids get histories lessons that are not boring to them This story has the brothers, Sam and Derek going with their class mates to Richmond, Virginia to see St John s Church where Patrick Henry gave his Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death speech While there, Sam heads for the restroom and gets lost I can understand that I do a lot of that in my old age now It is during this time that he runs into men who are digging stones out of the church wall He gets suspicious and sneaks up on them and hears them talking about the job and realizes that they are trying to find something they are thieves They catch him spying and run after him, but he gets back to his classmates in time Once home he tells his brother Derek what happened and they get their parents to return to the church, without telling them about the thieves Having found a treasure at St John s Church this time, they sneak it home and look at it in their bedroom and upon realizing that it has to do with George Wythe, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, they talk their parents into going to Williamsburg, Virginia to see the George Wythe museum After visiting the museum the boys and their friend Caitlin return to the museum and sneak in One of the thieves returns and finds them, and the book becomes real interesting. Think Hardy Boys meet National Treasure This was a great sequel to Summer of the Woods The characters are likable and realistic although Derek seems a bit older than a 4th grader The story is well written and I love how Mr Smith weaves US history into a great mystery I think even kids who aren t history buffs will enjoy reading the book I enjoyed the action in the book and the mystery had me guessing Mr Smith writes exciting books that are appropriate for all ages I think it may also get some kids interested in learning history too I am looking forward to Mr Smith s next book NOTE I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is book 2 in the Virginia Mysteries I liked it better than book 1 The characters are evolving The author s writing is evolving This series is for younger children It features brothers Sam and Derek Johnson, who started out at ages 8 and 10 but age during the series I think they are 10 and 12 in this book This series is mystery and it also teaches history This book has mystery and interaction with the brothers solving it In this book we learn about Patrick Henry when a class trip takes Sam and his friend Caitlin to an old church in Richmond where the speech was actually given We also learn about Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence along with George Wyeth, one of the signers of the Declaration I learned some things that I never knew And of course, there is the mystery An actor who plays Patrick Henry seems to be everywhere the brothers go and he is up to no good But the boys beat him to the punch. I enjoyed Steven Smith s first book in the series Summer of the Woods very much, but this book is even a step up from that one I think the plot is a bit tangible and interesting, and the mystery is very Hardy Boy ish and fun to read Plus, in this book, kids are involved, which always makes a book interesting.Mystery at Church Hill interweaves modern day life with the USA s founding days While Revolutionary characters like Patrick Henry and George Wythe might not be the most exciting subjects by themselves, throw in a buried treasure, a scheming, sinister bad guy, and you ve got a rollicking adventure that any kid will love Plus, they ll learn something about American History Icing on the cake The book is easy and fun to read You don t need to read the first book in the series to enjoy this one, although that book is a great adventure for kids too And if you live near a historical area, especially anywhere in Virginia, you might just have to go explore it and find out about the Revolutionary War, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers Reading this entertaining and thought provoking story will make kids and adults too want to explore our past even Nik s Picks Book Reviewswww.nikki A gift from the author and a treasured one at that I loved this book and gave it to my grandson and he read it in one day It is historical and entertaining at the same time Loved the book and highly recommend it for adults as well as children. My 11 year old son read this book He says it was a great mix of fact and fiction and a fun way to learn He showed it to his history teacher and the whole class ended up reading it together I think that says a lot about the quality of the book We received our copy through goodreads first reads but that doesn t affect our review of the book. Of the three Steven Smith Derek and Sam mysteries, I like this one the best Derek and Sam have their usual brother banter going on Poor Sam usually loses out, but this time, he discovers the answer to the mystery which revolves around the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and George Wyth He also has the help of his classroom nemesis Caitlin is there anything she doesn t know Smith knows how to keep the story going with the brother s antics and they are never boring. Mystery on Church Hill is a young adult book however, this review is written from the prespective of an adult reading the book I first became aware of the series when I saw this book on sale at St John s Church in downtown RVA Mystery on Church Hill is far better developed than Summer of the Woods the first book in the series The plot is complex and contains mystery The addition of a female character to go along with the two brothers was a wise choice Mystery on Church Hill is fun reading for adults and likely young adults as well. Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BHQHKDAMagic Tree House Meets Hardy BoysYoung Brothers Sam And Derek Have A Knack For Uncovering Mystery And Adventure When They Visit Richmond S St John S Church For A Reenactment Of Patrick Henry S Famous Liberty Speech, They Stumble Upon A Hidden Piece Of History As The Boys And Their Friends Dig Deeper, They Find Clues From America S Founding Fathers And A Secret Plot To Steal A Treasure From Our Nation S Past Join In The Mystery As The Search Races From The Cemeteries Of Richmond To The Streets Of Colonial WilliamsburgThe Virginia Mysteries Adventures With A Twist Of HistoryBook Summer Of The WoodsBook Mystery On Church HillBook Ghosts Of Belle IsleBook Secret Of The Staircase audiobook Not as enjoyable as the first Caitlin, a classmate, was a new addition to the young brothers and quite likable Patrick Henry still has a cameo thread to the mystery with relation to the George Wythe, a lesser known signer of the Declaration of Independence There were instances I had to replay scenes because it seemed like the Derrick was acting like Sam or vice versa The book blurb of comparing this series to The Magic Tree house is misleading.

Steven K Smith lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife, three sons, and a golden retriever named Charlie Born and raised in rural northwestern New Jersey, Steven began writing poems and short stories in the third grade, and currently writes on his blog,, about raising three young boys.Steven is the author of the middle grade series The Virginia Mysteries, adventures with a twist o

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