Lethal Deception

Lethal Deception Who Wanted Her Dead Having Rescued Cassidy McKnight From Kidnappers In South America, Gabe Sinclair Thought His Job Was Done Not That The Former Navy SEAL Could Ever Forget The Brave, Beautiful Single Mother But When The Danger Followed Her Home, Gabe Promised To Protect Her Why Anyone Would Want To Kill Cassidy Was A Mystery Was The Motive Related To The Orphaned Toddler Cassidy Was Raising, A Sweet Little Girl Who Brought Out The Father Fi Gure In Maverick Gabe Or Did A Newly Revealed Family Secret Have Killer Consequences


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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Lethal Deception
  • Lynette Eason
  • English
  • 07 September 2019
  • 9780373442805

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    Well, that was better than I expected I loved how this short novel was both suspense story and survival story The beginning chapters in the jungle were a fun twist The characters were very sweet and realistic, and I especially loved Alexa Her and Gabe were so adorable The suspense and action was spot on There were a few jerky sentences and badly edited scenes that detracted some enjoyment of the story, but overall, I did enjoy it Recommended for ages 16 for mature themes view spoiler There are mentions of the MC s father having an affair before becoming a Christian, and having a child with a woman Not overly detailed, but described in brief Also a hefty amount of violence gun fights, attacks, attempted kidnappings, etc hide spoiler

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    While the mystery is a bit intense and suspenseful than I enjoy, this is a good story, with a quite surprising resolution I appreciated some of the reminders of God s love for me, and stayed up way too late to finish the book.

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    4 Stars As U.S Ambassador to Brazil, Cassidy s father is an influential man and also one under constant threat from the human traffickers he is determined to put out of business After the murder of her missionary friends, Cassidy travels to Brazil to assume her role as guardian to their two year old daughter, Alexis At the orphanage Cassidy is kidnapped by rebels who hate her father Gabe is an ex Navy SEAL, who two years before had been in command of the mission that took Cassidy s brother s life When Cassidy s father asks him to go to Brazil to save her, his guilt over Micah s death won t allow him to refuse After a perilous escape, Gabe and Cassidy make it safely back to the U.S with Alexis Their attraction to each other is strong, but Cassidy still holds anger towards Gabe for refusing to divulge the details of her brother s death When further attempts are made on Cassidy s life, Gabe aids the police in finding out who wishes her dead.This debut from Ms Eason had me hooked from the first pages I adore Navy SEAL heroes and Gabe filled his role deliciously Cassidy is a very strong heroine, one easy to relate to There s a lot going on in this story, but Ms Eason balanced the action suspense and the developing relationship very well The elements of faith are very well done and appropriate to the storyline The child, Alexis, was a lovely way to bring out Gabe s tender side, and to aid Cassidy to see him completely While Gabe was a hero in charge in Navy SEAL mode, he was also a man struggling with his own demons from the past, and fears for a future without Cassidy in it Ms Eason very cleverly added a tiny cliff hanger to the close of this story that has me very eager to read the next in this trilogy I thoroughly enjoyed this love story

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    Romantic Suspense requires the author to balance two sometimes very different elements thrilling adventure and heart warming romance I used to read a lot of it, but it s been a while So when I was in the mood recently I grabbed this book I hoped to get my RomSus fix without all the sex that is in most of the books I ve read recently.The beginning scenes in the jungle really required me to suspend my disbelief I didn t get the feeling that the author knew anything about rain forests, Navy Seals, or anything else she was writing about But I went along, expecting it to get better once our MC s hit the US Unfortunately I didn t like the romance part, either Unexplainable attraction, weird outbursts that separated them for no reason, and family problems that had me rolling my eyes made me give up at the half way point I can t recommend this for either the romance or the suspense, unfortunately.

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    Suspense in Many LayersWho s trying to kill Cassidy McKnight and why Is it because of her young ward, or her efforts to stop human trafficking in Brazil, or is someone jealous of her jet setting lifestyle Ms Eason delivers many twists and turns along the way as Cassidy and former SEAL turned ER doctor, Gabe Sinclair, try to unravel the mystery before anyone else dies.

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    Good one

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    Nice and easy read with lots of suspense and action I enjoyed it and it kept my interest the whole time Looking forward to the sequel.

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    really good book kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.

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    4.5 stars Adventure, Book 1

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    Lightweightwish I hadn t spent money on this Typical, predictable Fast read Good for mind numbing,time wasting Disappointing Check it out from the library.

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