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Alchemys Daughter Santina Pietra Is Seventeen And In Medieval San Gimignano, Daughters Of Merchants Are Expected To Marry But Santina Cares Only For Calandrino, A Brilliant Young Scholar Who Is Preoccupied With His Ancient Alchemical Texts Soon Santina Meets Trotula, The Village Midwife, Who Might Or Might Not Be A Strega, Or Witch Trotula Challenges Her To Forget Calandrino And Become The Woman She Is Meant To Be Some Say She Is A Victim Of The Midwife S Spell, But Santina Is Determined To Follow In Trotula S Footsteps Even As Calamities StrikeThe Setting Is Th Century Italy, Yet In Santina Contemporary Readers Will Discover A Strong Minded Young Woman Whose Search For Meaning Echoes Their Own Alchemy S Daughter Is The Author S Second Novel

Mary A Osborne is the award winning author of Alchemy s Daughter and Nonna s Book of Mysteries Her stories were inspired by travels to Tuscany and the walled village of Certaldo home of medieval author Giovanni Boccaccio where Ms Osborne envisioned her young heroines slipping through the narrow, cobbled streets and ancient piazzas Reading about alchemy, including work by C.G Jung, gave her th

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  • Paperback
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  • Alchemys Daughter
  • Mary A. Osborne
  • English
  • 20 August 2019

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    Santina won me over Her curiosity, her intellect and desire to learn, as well as her quest to find her purpose in life all causing her to suffer many losses while contemplating her path Her stubbornness causes calamities and her well being at stake as she becomes the talk and suspicion of nefarious skills, her rogue choices suffering ramifications Her highs and lows, mistakes and heroic deeds make this one fascinating read While this is a romance of sorts, the narrative focuses on Santina and her transformation into the woman she wants to be during a time when options were severely limited for females Independence, determination, sacrifices and strength serving as blessings and curses for this young headstrong woman willful enough to carve a life for herself fearlessly undeterred The plot is full of numerous points of interest pertaining to the development of medicine, herbal medicinal cures along with elixirs and poultices, Black Plague is addressed as well A few surprise twists really complete the already wonderful reading experience Full of excitement and adventure fusing well with such a standout protagonist Fast paced, captivating, full of intriguing information written in a eloquent hand, undoubtedly, will appeal to historical fiction fans with an emphasis on Mideaval times Fabulous book, looking forward to reading from Osborne.

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    This is a remarkably captivating tale of a young woman s desire and determination to learn of Alchemy Santina s Tudor, Calandrino, was a young man who marveled at Santina s interest and understanding of Alchemy as well as her other studies.Santina s sisters were interested in marrying and homemaking skills Although Santina learned these, her heart longed for greater learning and understanding.A discrepancy was discovered and Santina was forbidden to see the Tudor again and to forget learning Alchemy She refused to comply, leaving her home to live with her mother s friend, Trotula, the Alchemist.Given the time period, Alchemy was considered by some as witchcraft so had to be carefully used mostly by midwives Trotula tried to gently teach and apprentice Santina Santina s pride and stubbornness became intense Like so many youth, Santina felt constrained, underestimated and constantly pushed for advanced possibilities One day, she finally pushed too far Now her flaws from inexperience and pride may have cost a dear friends life and perhaps her own The story does not end there, but only takes a new direction There is just enough new situations and adventures that arise, to keep the readers on edge He she will not want to put this book down for long New circumstances continue through the last pages of the book An added bonus to this book is it is very cleanly written The Title is fitting but not totally representative of the story The Book Cover although dark depicts the tale well.I offer a Four and a Half Stars rating This book was sent to me in exchange for an HONEST review, of which I have given.

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    The story in Alchemy s Daughter takes place in the 1300 s where science, philosphy, superstition and church doctrine are at loggerheads Our heroine, Santina, is the daughter of a cloth merchant whose curiosity in alchemy and philosophy and her own personal ambition soon lead her into opposition with her father She becomes an outcast and begins to learn new skills, skills that can be used as a weapon against her Her love of learning and experimentation soon place her in mortal danger While this book can be classified as a historical romance, it contains a lot of interesting information about the development of early medecine, the black plague, hygiene and herbal healing remedies.The story in this book flowed smoothly and had several plot twists and surprises Once I started reading it I couldn t put it down until I was finished This book would be enjoyed by both YA and adult readers alike.

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    Although this is a prequel to Nonna s Book of Mysteries the main character here is the great grandmother of the main character of the previous book , this can easily stand on its own Whereas the previous book dealt with the dawn of the Renaissance, this one is firmly pitched into the Middle or Dark Ages the reader should appreciate that whispers of witchcraft and heresy and childbirth are not to be taken lightly While a wealthy young woman like Santina may have some license to push the boundaries of social convention, first by falling in love with someone unsuitable and then by following her desire to learn midwifery, it s easy to understand why these things inspire panic in her family Then again, Osborne subtly poses the question whether those taboos and others would be as significant if they were given less weight by people like her father and sisters.Osborne notes at the beginning that she s an artist and not a historian, but her story is still rich with painstaking detail, whether it s the food the Pietra family serves for family celebrations, the herbs Santina and her mentor gather to heal the sick, the description of her town or the stalking path of the plague in Italy As with Osborne s last book, I m incredibly impressed with the amount of research that went into this.There is something for everyone here romance, history, adventure, philosophy and, perhaps most importantly, very serious questions that remain pertinent in any period about power, justice, free will and the power of the individual versus the group While I happily recommend this to YA readers, I also think this would be a satisfying read for most adults.

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    Alchemy s Daughter by Mary A OsborneSet in the 14th century Italy, this book follows the life of Santina Pietra from 1344 to 1348 The daughter of Iacopmo Pietra, she is mesmerized by Calandrino Donati, a young scholar who helps his father with his alchemy experiments Santina is haunted by the death of her mother, Madonna Adelieta, who died giving birth to Pietro, her youngest sibling Iacobo trusted Maestro Traverseri the physician over the midwife Trotula Learning that her mother had learned midwifery from Trotula, Santina joins the midwife and moves out of her house to become an able healer Santina becomes obsessed with Cesarean Sections, because she correctly deduces that the procedure could have saved both her mother and her young brother.After performing one against Trotula s wishes, she saves the lover of a prominent merchant who accuses them of witchcraft In a world where science was distrusted, Santina must choose between marrying a prominent merchant, Tadeo Da Certaldo, her love for the scholar Calandrino, and her passion for midwifery.Narrated beautifully from the third person point of view, the writer takes you back to the Middle Ages science, religion, superstitions, Bubonic plague, intrigue, and women s rights It s an easy, lovely read.I loved the book and recommend it highly

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    Read my full review of Alchemy s Daughter on YA Book Shelf I ve been waiting since 2010, when I read Nonna s Book of Mysteries, till this book was published, and it was worth the wait While the former book took place in the Renaissance, a period of history that I ve always loved, and is a kunstleroman, a book about the development of the artist, Alchemy s Daughter takes place in the Medieval world before and during the Plague I ve never been as comfortable with Medieval literature, in part because my university prof left something to be desired, but Mary Osborne makes this world and the challenges that Santina goes through accessible Alchemy s Daughter is a book about falling in love at an early age, but Santina finds that she can t be with her love because of circumstances beyond her control Instead of wallowing in self pity or marrying someone else who she doesn t love, she goes to the home of Tortula, the midwife of San Gimignano, Italy, and begins her training as Tortula s apprentice At the same time, she is constantly looking to secure her knowledge of the alchemist s path and the Elixir of Life Many setbacks obstacles appear along Santina s journey, and just when she feels settled in her life, she finds her happiness taken away once again However, through it all, Santina demonstrates a strength of character and sense of individuality that readers will identify with as from a modern time and setting Much of this novel is about the grieving process and pushing against the limited roles that women were allowed to have during the time period In addition, the dichotomy between midwifery and Medieval doctors, some of whom are willing to be bought to protect the wealthiest individuals, is worth noting It s also interesting that Santina, a midwife, is interested in using Arabic methods, such as proper hygiene, while the doctors stick to bleeding their patients or applying leaches to their skin, which we now know is pure quackery In addition, the threats of the Plague and the superstitious Medieval world, which views the skills of midwifery as the work of witchcraft are very real and put Santina in danger at every turn This award winning novel will get the attention of teens and adults who are interested in the Medieval period, but will also appeal to readers like myself, who usually shy away from this historical period.

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    This historical novel opens with critical acclaim for both the book itself and its sequel Nonna s Book of Mysteries, and is dedicated to the memory of the author s grandmothers Writer Mary A Osborne indicates in the novel s acknowledgements section that she commenced writing it when her son was in preschool and finished it during his seventeenth year as a student Also opening the book is a timeline of various historical events such as the foundation of the Order of Hospitallers and relocation of the Papacy from Rome to Avignon, France, not to mention maps of San Gimignano and Certaldo, Italy, alongside a depiction in Europe of the Via Francigena, the road to Rome from France.The chief protagonist is a female named Santina, who takes lessons from a scholar named Calandrino and becomes comfortable as a bookworm ever since her older sister Lauretta married and moved away Santina has loved her instructor since she was fourteen, having thought that he could have cured her mother, Adalieta, three years dead, of her health issues, becoming interested in things such as alchemy, The Book of Thoth, and the philosopher s stone central to the forbidden art of alchemy Santina ultimately becomes the apprentice of Trotula as a midwife after her father forbids her to see Calandrino, and she attends several childbirths, learning about things such as Cesarean sections.Santina ultimately faces the decision of joining a convent or entering a loveless marriage, although she takes the middle route and pursues her former love Calandrino, who continues to fuel her interest in alchemy with a package, and she continues her pursuit of him Ultimately, this is an enjoyable historical novel, with the glossary making sense of unfamiliar terms and the author showing her work in the story s bibliography The subject of alchemy certainly isn t new to literature, and has been touched on in other media such as the Japanese manga and animated series of Fullmetal Alchemist, but the book is certainly a worthwhile read.

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    Santina is a 17 year old girl from the medieval town of San Gimignano, Italy As the daughter of a prominent merchant of the 14th century, she is expected to marry But her heart has already been given to her tutor, Calandrino When he leaves the village in pursuit of scholarly activities, Santina is heartbroken and yearns to find a purpose in life She becomes an apprentice to the local midwife, who may or may not be a Strega, a witch Thus begins her adventuresome, sometimes dangerous way of life.I learned a lot about medieval life in Italy in this book For example, women who used herbal concoctions to heal sicknesses were suspected of witchcraft Santina herself is accused of it when she performs a Caesarean section, saving mother and baby Alchemy was practiced secretly in the hope of producing gold Or was there to it, a deeper meaning to alchemy Could it have a symbolic meaning In the words of Calandrino we are never through with the process of perfecting ourselves This is the essential task of the alchemist Yet the most precious gold is found within the soul True riches cannot be touched, but only felt within the heart How romantic Life in Italy in the small villages was a curious combination of superstition, malocchio, the evil eye featuring prominently in it, combined with a sort of Christianity To deal with the evil eye people would say a few incantations then recite The Lord s Prayer The Book of Hours is referenced, a type of devotional book made especially for women, popular in the Middle Ages These books encouraged spiritual practice, offering specific prayers to be read at various times of the day.The glossary of medieval Italian words is helpful, as is the timeline of medieval historical events.I believe this story will appeal to today s teens because it deals with a strong heroine, romance, adventure, history, choices and consequences.

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    Alchemy s Daughter follows a young girl, Santina, who has many dreams, which defy her father s pre destined fate for her First, she becomes infatuated with a tutor, who teaches her about alchemy and allow her to watch experiments of turning things to gold Her father, an alchemist himself, did not mind her interest in this subject But when her father discovered the budding romance between Santina and Calandrino, everything started to go wrong Calandrino fled the city and left Santina all alone.That s when Santina made a decision to talk to Trotula, a midwife of the town Even though Trotula help save lives and deliver babies, townsmen still think of her as a witch who practices witchcraft Maybe don t trust her, yet they need her to deliver children Going against her father s wishes, she moved in with Trotula and learned many skills to being a midwife s apprentice Although Santina is inpatient, she spent a quiet few years learning the skills of midwifery Surprisingly, C section was experimented with, although everyone else thought it as stregoneria witchcraft A few years later, trouble comes to Santina and Trotula when they allegedly delivered an illegitimate grandson of a rich man He brought trouble upon them and accused Trotula of being a witch for killing his son Soon, another disaster awaited Santina, when her father finally forced to get married to Toddeo, someone who turns out to be very nasty about Santina s opinions of alchemy and midwife skills This young adult novel follows Santina, growing up from a teenager to a young women, becoming wiser with the expertise she learns throughout the years If you re looking for a bright, inspiring character, here is one for you Taking place in the 14th century, in Italy, Osborne takes you into the world of medieval time period and what life was like then.

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    Mary A Osborne in her new book, Alchemy s Daughter Book Two in the Alchemy series published by Lake Street Press introduces us to Santina Pietra.From the back cover Santina Pietra is seventeen and in medieval San Gimignano, daughters of merchants are expected to marry But Santina cares only for Calandrino, a brilliant young scholar who is preoccupied with his ancient alchemical texts.Soon Santina meets Trotula, the village midwife, who might or might not be a strega, or witch Trotula challenges her to forget Calandrino and become the woman she is meant to be Some say she is a victim of the midwife s spell, but Santina is determined to follow in Trotula s footsteps even as calamities strike.The setting is 14th century Italy, yet in Santina contemporary readers will discover a strong minded young woman whose search for meaning echoes their own.Alchemy Can you imagine a time when what would be modern medicine then would be considered witchcraft This is a historical novel This is a coming of age novel There is a lot going on with the development of medicine, herbal medicinal cures as well as the Black Plague There are sections that are quite exciting There is even a romance This is an exploration of a time that is long gone but is still fascinating Ms Osborne has given us lots of characters to keep us interested and to show us what people thought back then and how difficult it was to present new ideas I found this fascinating.Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Italy Book Tours I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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