The Dinosaur Knights

The Dinosaur KnightsThe Dinosaur Knights is a strong sequel to its predecessor, and many of the issues like pacing, world building, and character development has some improvement I enjoyed this than The Dinosaur Lords There is sufficient action and a delayed amount of suspense running through the story.The novel begins right after Princess Melodia s escape, and Karyl and Rob going to Providence Here, we get a detailed view of the Garden of Beauty and Truth, and its philosophy which so much upsets the Pope and the Emperor of Neuvaropa The looming threat of the Grey Angel crusade is the primary plot stirrer along with the subtle politics of the humans Victor Milan here elaborates about the world of Paradise, its kingdoms, and the lore and history surrounding the myths.The characters in the story are the same as the first book, although a few new characters makes their appearance Karyl, the legendary ex mercenary is my favored Milan gives some valuable insight into his personality, yet he remains the same rogue hero stereotype His purpose still remains vague, but as a military leader and a fighter he is shown in the supreme calibre Princess Melodia is given space in this story Yet, she is the one character I m always frustrated with I don t know why she makes stupid decisions and act like a spoiled child She elevates herself as a warrior, both strong in war and spirit under Rob and Kary s tutelage, but when she reunites with her father she loses her individuality and confidence She becomes the Princess again The other characters like Rob, Jaume, Bogardus the leader of the Garden, and Violette the sly woman have their own moments in the story They are charming in their own ways, making their own moves and playing their games in the greater game.The Dinosaur Knights is brutal in action The last 200 pages was a boom, where Dinosaurs and Men ride into battle with gire splattered in every page The book almost verges on the grim dark side when we are given a view of the bodies and violence that is being inflicted And, so we get to see the mysterious and feared grey Angel Raguel in the battlefield He and his horde who burns and ravages everything on their way seemed like an army of the undead with murderous intent The most shining part of the action where I did hold my breath was when Karyl crossed blades with Raguel Believe me, it was a sight that became the stuff of legend instantaneously And, the readers who are worried about dinosaurshere there are plenty Karyl obtains three Triceratops and other hornfaces, and at the climax he is reunited with Shirra, his feared Allosaurus And, one of the most peculiar aspect is that we are given a brief insight into Shiraa s mind through her own brief chapters, which were amusing to read.The Dinosaur Knights maintained its standard as a good action packed sequel which delivers an epic punch with the introduction of the fabled Grey Angel into the story I have already finished reading the third book, and waiting for the fourth I believe, we would be getting of the mythical elements of Paradise into the play along with other supernatural factors entering the field Victor Milan has ingeniously written the climax apart from the slow burning plot, which alone deserves the stars I m about to give. Aye Dios mio, this was such a rollicking and epic book And not epic in the dumb, ubiquitously thrown around frat boy way No No no no Look up the definition THAT That right there.I was worried it would take me a while to remember characters and their arcs, since it had been a while since I read the first book Nope Came right back Huzzah.There isn t a POV character in this amazing and dinosaur filled book that I wasn t glad to spend time with Even the villain, as it were, was too busy fighting the good fight to be truly hated for the reprehensible shit he had done previously to make him said villain The plots builds and builds, climaxing in the most thrilling battle sequence I might have ever read Like seriously, it went on for many, many pages I was exhausted after reading it not like that was too much reading exhausted, but like I felt I was there with them, swinging a sword from the back of an Allosaur.On an off note, and touching on a particular rant of mine, I ve noticed many people comparing this series to GRR Martin s Song of Tits and Midgets Heh heh, cracked myself up, there I don t have a problem with that I get the comparison But many I ve seen state it s a flat out ripoff That shit gets my goat My goat is GoT What makes this a ripoff The fact that it s realistically written grimdark fantasy That there are wars in it that have people fighting with, like, swords n crap That people say fuck and use crossbows I say that ALL fantasy stems from what comes before, inspired by and road paved by This is no a ripoff of SoIaF than that series is a ripoff of The Black Company, and so on and so forth, back through the printed history, over all the brain candy TSR novels of my youth, and the Lewis and Tolkien, the Howard and Lovecraft, back to the goddamn 1800 s with that mad Scot, MacDonald Ok, bitchy rant full of run on sentences over Final thoughts time Read this book If you haven t read the first one, read that book, and then this book There are fucking knights on dinosaurs, man It s not brain rocket surgery science. It S Like A Cross Between Jurassic Park And Game Of Thrones George R R MartinParadise Is A Sprawling, Diverse, Often Cruel World There Are Humans On Paradise But Dinosaurs Predominate Wildlife, Monsters, Beasts Of Burden, And Of War Ard Knights Ride Dinosaurs To Battle Legions Of War Trained Triceratops And Their Upstart Peasant Crews Karyl Bogomirsky Is One Such Knight Who Has Chosen To Rally Those Who Seek A Way From The Path Of War And Madness The Fact That The Empire Has Announced A Religious Crusade Against This Peaceful Kingdom, The People Who Just Wish To Live In Peace Anathema, And They All Are To Be Converted Or Destroyed Doesn T Help Him One BitThings Really Turn To Mud When The Dreaded Grey Angels, Fabled Ancient Weapons Of The Gods Who Created Paradise In The First Place Come On The Scene After Almost A Millennia Everyone Thought That They Were Fables Used To Scare Children They Are Very Much RealAnd They Have Come To Rid The World Of Sinincluding All The Humans Who Manifest Those Vices THE DINOSAUR KNIGHTS Is The Second In Victor Milan S Lush, Exotic Tale About Knights Knights Riding Dinosaurs Review for The Dinosaur Lords hereThis book was a marked improvement over the first on the series I think the reason for this is two fold First, we just know about the world this takes place in now, so less of the text has to be dedicated to explaining the world and cultures Not that it doesn t take time to further expand on it, just that these passages are a bit less forced All the Towers of Nuevaropa, Mayor y Menor, were equal before Imperial law But the Spa oles were, as the saying went, equal than the others, and appearances must be preserved. Secondly I noticed Milan wisely decided to cut back on the forced dinosaur metaphors similes and stick to traditional proseHer thoughts were simple as a blade and direct as an arrow s flight So with both of those issues squared away the story flow was much smoother and the reading experience was improved.The story itself was also a nice improvement The first book, in retrospect, was mostly about setting the stage and furnishing a context for everything that follows In this one we get a much deeper dive on Imperial politics and their version of the Pope and, much to my liking, the greater conspiracy involving the supernatural creatures that appear to hold the fate of humanity in their hands Because this isn t earth we are dealing with, but some other strange world construct Hogar, Home, Old Home When they were done making Paradise, and found it good, the Creators brought humans, their Five Friends, and certain useful crops and herbs here from the world we call Home Ancient accounts teach us it is a strange place It is cold, and we would feel heavier there, and find the air much thinner The year is 1.6 times as long as ours We must admire the fortitude of our ancestors in dwelling on such an inhospitable world, and always praise the Creators for bringing us to our true ParadiseBut all that world building and grand conspiracies aside, books are made or broken on their characters Just like last book Rob and Karyl were the heart and soul of this book Mostly because Karyl was a badass and Rob was a cycnical son of a bitch who got stuff doneWhy do you put up that treacherous, fat fuck Melchor he asked Karyl The other surviving town lord, Yannic, still sulked in his manor, claiming incapacity from the wounds he d had at Blueflowers Rob reckoned he was malingering, and good riddance Better to have him where we can keep an eye on him Which presupposes a man can stand the sight of him Karyl shrugged I told him that if he showed any sign of getting out of line, I d kill him Rob laughed Not because he thought Karyl was joking But precisely because he wasn t I loved it every time they were on page together and I think their relationship is the best one in the book.The others were, sadly, not as strong Melodia was the most problematic because it just seemed like the only way she could develop as a character was by climbing over a pile of corpses I liked where she ended up but it was a bit painful to see her getting there plus, you know, the corpses Jaume was alright and gave us a good view into the Imperial affairs, plus he had to make some pretty heavy moral decisions Even Falk was sort of interesting as a character and I liked that we got time with the Emperor Overall the characters were better than the first book and enjoyable to read about.I also really liked the action in this book Milan, in my opinion, did a nice job setting up and explaining the dino battles and made them rather exciting The showdown at the end of this book was quite excellent, but Milan didn t sacrifice the pacing of the story to talk about battles.I also liked that this book retained the chapter header art and the little segments of world building that prefaced all the chapters It gave a nice, non forced, bit of world building for the reader like this one, which also sets the tone for why the changes in the Church were such a big dealLos Libros de la Ley, THE BOOKS OF THE LAW The Creators Own Law Popularly attributed to Torrey, the Youngest Son, who stands for Order They are largely filled with explanation and annotation, since the actual laws are few and simple for example, establishing worship of the Creators as the worldwide faith, although allowing it to take many forms enjoining people to actively enjoy life abjuring eternal punishment mandating proper hygiene and forbidding slavery and torture So while this isn t high literature, I did find it to be an enjoyable read and the hook at the end made me eager to continue the story. I actually enjoyed this one far less than the first Have no fear, I intend to read the third book, and there are parts of this book that are great.As many other reviewers have pointed, this book does pass the Bechel test When the women talk to each other, they do not talk about men.And yet, there is something off about the women in the book We are given several characters to follow, of those, the only woman is Melodia, who was wonderful in the first book but seems to have been dosed with stupid pills in this one And yes, considering the view spoiler rape and imprisonment hide spoiler after a long introduction in the Dinosaur Lords see my two reviews of that one, on publication and now and until about half way here, the book gets really, really good and makes it worth getting there don t want to spoil too much as the real story only starts around page 200 of this one, but when it does the series goes up a notch to top level in today s fantasy, the book is impossible to put down, dinosaurs finally become really important and not mostly a prop as before and the ending while somewhat predictable from a point on is still stunning and offers huge promise for book 3 which now became a real asap for mehighly, highly recommended and a top 10 novel of the year for me I am still really torn on this.1 I love dinosaurs Always have As a kid I could name anything you could point at While my skills are greatly diminished these days, I will always love them Apatasaurs will always be Brontosaurs in my heart.2 I love fantasy books, particularly ones that include a nice big epic battle sequence that isn t just blown off I love the magic, the monsters, the bravery and heroism, the strength of will and sense of wonder I really like when there is no chosen one crap and the plot can develop sensibly I am all for The Lord of the Rings or Dragonlance, but I have a special place reserved for the heroes of the Doomfarers of Coramonde or The Rose Sea.3 The problem, then, lies in the characters Lots of fantasy is populated by thin characters World building and plotting are always throwing their weight around and it makes it hard for characters to stand out, particularly when so many are ciphers of hairy footed reluctants yes, I made that word up, welcome to the use and abuse of English or pig keeping orphans.The men are idealized warriors of slightly different flavors The superhuman, the rowdy, the noble beauty Their capability and ability to make the right decision in spite of appearances is never in doubt, even if they are wracked with it.The womenwell, let s be frank, there is A woman Smurfette if you will, because there is a virtually gynocidal narrative at work here that seems to touch nearly every woman but her So, Smurfette is a princess, but unlike the men folk protagonists, she makes decisions that the author wants to make sure we understand are stupid, and uses her friends as object lessons.Speaking of her friends, one of them has a particularly horrible and pointedly pointless death which turns into a bizarre sideshow of gratuitously anthropomorphized obscenity While she mourns this person off and on, a male character with a decided attachment of his own is first horrified and grievinguntil the end of the scene 20 minutes later in the narrative, he acts as if she never existed There is lip service later, but nothing that feels real Mostly he s back to ogling women and commenting on their sexiness in his head with nary a thought for someone that we are supposed to believe he cared about.I think it s this lack of narrative respect for the females populating the story that bothers me I get that Rob is a misogynist chauvinist It s impossible to miss But the narrative itself doesn t seem to like the women it shows us much, either.In the end, it is this one element that makes me hesitant to keep rolling with this series, butdinosaursthe siren call of dinosaurs and riding them into battle andarghthis one has TRICERATOPS WAR HOWDAHS How badass is that Anyway, there you have it I enjoyed this one a little than the first but for the death of SPOILER THAT YOU CANNOT UNHIDE , who I was hoping would be an ongoing character I m still angry about that part Angry like I was when Oberyn died so stupidly in another series that shall go nameless and nearly caused me to throw my book across the room.Well, nothing to see here Carry on. Because duh This author better not have screwed up the idea though Gotta read the first one first. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum my wonderful time with Victor Mil n s The Dinosaur Lords last year, I was understandably quite anxious to take on the sequel The Dinosaur Knights However, there were some aspects with this follow up that made me think the honeymoon period might be coming to an end While I still love the epic fantasy meets dinosaurs premise behind this series, admittedly the magic has faded somewhat due to this book s uneven pacing and my growing dissatisfaction with a couple key characters.The Dinosaur Knights continues the narrative from the first novel, following or less the same handful of characters In the Empire of Neuvaropa, a fictional land reminiscent of 14th century Europe, everything is in turmoil as rumors of a Grey Angel Crusade lead desperate men to form the most unlikely of alliances We pick up Rob Korrigan s story in the pacifist town of Providence, where the dinosaur master and his friend the famed noble captain Karyl Bogomirskiy are on trial for their perceived crimes against the adherents of the Garden of Truth and Beauty At the same time, Princess Melod a and her maidservant Pilar are on the run after escaping imprisonment in the palace from the traitor Duke Falk von Hornberg Eventually, their search for a safe haven leads them to Providence, where the fates of our major characters finally converge.Meanwhile, Melod a s lover and Karyl s rival the Count Jaume dels Flors has joined forces with Emperor Felipe, hatching up an insane plan in the hopes of stopping the Creators Grey Angels from returning to Paradise As war erupts across Neuvaropa, even those who just want to withdraw into peace and isolation are swept up in the rising wave of fear and madness Worst of all, despite the extreme efforts by the Empire, there s no telling whether the weapons of the Gods can even be stopped.First, the good news All this will ultimately culminate into one hell of a climax and ending The bad news I felt like I had to plod through than 200 pages just to reach the point where things start getting interesting I experienced little to no emotional engagement or suspense for the first half of the book, because it was impossible to shake the pesky feeling that the author was simply biding his time until he could maneuver all his characters into place, after which he can finally usher in the real action.I was also disappointed with the characters, especially Princess Melod a, the only female POV in a cast dominated by men She was my favorite from The Dinosaur Lords, and my one regret was not seeing her play a significant role compared to Rob or Jaume In a way, I got my wish granted, since Melod a received a lot page time in The Dinosaur Knights, though I remain unconvinced this was actually an improvement I didn t like the way her character was repeatedly set up to be duped or to make mind bogglingly bad decisions, undermining the hard won admiration she earned from the previous book Then there was Rob, who frequently displays respect and compassion towards his dinosaurs than his fellow human beings, which is especially apparent when it comes to his sexual objectification of women I don t usually let this kind of stuff get to me, but there were so many unnecessary allusions in this vein that even I couldn t help but notice With Melod a being almost useless for the first half of this novel, and Rob going from passably charming to downright insufferable, it was harder to engage with the characters this time around.Happily, the dinosaurs are still amazing For one thing, I just love the smattering of chapters we get from Shiraa the Allosaurus point of view These brief glimpses into the dinosaur s head can be a bit incongruous, but I can t help but appreciate them for being one of the series cooler idiosyncrasies Further, Mil n continues to excel at writing fantastic dino battle scenes They re the real highlights of this novel, with the largescale combat sequences in the final section going a long way in making up for a humdrum first half.This sequel also delves deeper into the lore of the Creators and their Grey Angels With dinosaurs and angels, this series is really starting to build into something a lot complex than I had anticipated when I first picked up The Dinosaur Lords And while world building continues to be a work in progress and we still don t have all the answers, I admit I m curious to see how all the puzzle pieces will fall into place.It should come as no surprise then, that I still have plans on continuing this series It s true that I felt the second book slump with this one, but several promising developments in the last half of the book also give me hope that the third installment will pick things up again Plus, there s no dismissing those final climactic chapters, and with the book ending with the Empire of Neuvaropa in even of a mess than when we started, I m definitely keen on finding out where our characters will go from here. I enjoyed the first volume, The Dinosaur Lords, but the second volume The Dinosaur Knights is better The world is already established, the reader knows the main characters, and the action is already underway The dinosaurs continue to be awesome and the rules of their behaviour in Paradise our non Earth setting are refined a bit Now it is clear to me why the Tyrannosaurs don t run amok What is less clear and may be fodder for future installments is who exactly the Creators are and what their aims may be.There are an awful lot of gritty battle scenes in both books, which generally are not my thing However, to counter act that, we have Imperial Princess Melod a joining the rebels and learning to be something besides an imperial princess This book continues to honour the Bechdel test, as Melod a discovers unexpected female friends along the way My only reservation is that these amigas seem to be very expendable and Milan eliminates them almost as quickly as he introduces them and never gently There are fewer sex scenes, which is a blessing, as I don t care for Milan s execution of them I think the trick to enjoying these books is to go into them with an open mind Probably it helps for me that I have never read any of George R.R Martin s books, to which Milan s books are compared, most notably on the dust jacket Milan shares Martin s willingness to dispose of characters, and a certain gritty, somewhat medieval like setting Empty yourself of any other expectations before entering the world of Paradise, and you will be free to enjoy what Milan is offering.There are a certain number of editing errors which bugged me along the way our instead of your and similar little glitches that would require re reading of sentences to figure out what was meant But over all, these small snafus didn t ruin the reading experience.

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