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Boxed Set Leila Whit Can T Believe It S Been A Year Since She Married Billionaire Playboy Jacob Whit A Year Since She Took On America S Sweetheart And Personal Nightmare , Actress Rachel Laraby A Year Since She Rebuffed Celebrity Crush Cade Wallace A Year Since She And Jacob Overcame Every Obstacle Put In The Path To Their Happily Ever After She S Happier Than She Ever Thought Possible Until Jacob Starts Pulling Away Is The Honeymoon Over, Or Is He Keeping Secrets The Billionaire S Wife Series Complete Collection Contains All Four Parts Of The Best Selling The Billionaire S Wife Series

Ava Claire is a sucker for Alpha males and happily ever afters When not putting pen to paper or glued to her Kindle, Ava likes road tripping, karaoke, and vintage fashion.

❮Read❯ ➹ Boxed Set  ➼ Author Ava Claire –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 160 pages
  • Boxed Set
  • Ava Claire
  • English
  • 04 October 2017

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    See individual book

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    Not Bad I would have liked to see what happens next with the brothers Wishing there was exploration of the relationship with Brit and Cole as well.

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    See each book for review

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    I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest reviewGENERAL INFO The Billionaire s Wife Series Complete Collection Year Pub 2015 No RePubBook Type 3 Part Series This is the 2nd book 4 part Novella all in one Genre Romance Sub Categories Anthologies, Serials, Light BDSMBook s Price 2.99Price I d Value 4.00Standalone Cliffhanger StandalonePart of a Series Installment Entire Book 4 parts included This is the 2nd of 3 series Epilogue Included No POV Leila h Jacob H BOOK DESCRIPTION Please read the His Submissive Series and after reading this book, continue on with the Billionaire Dom SeriesI am SO excited by this series.I am SO excited by this book I love how Ava continues to develop the characters and their stories I almost hated the ending until I went to Ava s blog and found out that this is not the end of their story, just the end of the series no there is no cliffhanger per se, just too many loose ends There are 4 Novellas included in this bookThe Billionaire s Wife The Billionaire s Wife, 1 I was extremely excited for Jacob and Leila Getting to read about their happily ever after is a treat Jacob and Leila are still working out their issues, and while Jacob has grown, I love how Leila s character has developed We are re introduced to Jacobs mother, and see a glimpse of hope for her character The book ends with a cliffhanger secret being revealed While the cliffhanger was a bit anti climatic, it did leave me with enough interest and questions to look forward to book 2 The Billionaire s Wife The Billionaire s Wife, 2 It s a quick read and we pick up where we left off at the end of part 1 Leila has found out the secret Jacob was hiding and in her typical manner tries to help and protect Jacob We see of Alicia and I love the changes we see in her so far The story ends with a cliffhanger secret revealed by Jacobs mother.The Billionaire s Wife The Billionaire s Wife, 3 We pick up where we left off in book 2 Leila gets Alicia Whit to open up a little We ve been waiting for this moment Jacob is devastated by the revelation his mother has made about his newfound brother Cole Leila is successfully promoting her troubled artist Jessica when we are left with another cliffhanger I m looking forward to book 4 The Billionaire s Wife The Billionaire s Wife, 4 We pick up where we left off in book 3 Leila was kidnapped by Jacobs brother Cole This instalment shows the deep love connection between Jacob and Leila It also sheds light on Cole and his true motivation This was a very quick read and while I feel the end was a bit rushed, I look forward to the next series with these two characters Ratings 1 low 5 high M F M M M M F etc M FHEA HFN etc Ending HFNContains Cheating NoMulti Luv n M nages NoContains Children NoContains Flashbacks NoJealy Possy OTT Rating 3Angst Level Rating 3Feel Good Level Rating 3Steam Factor Rating 4Kink Level Rating 3Amount of Sex In The Book StandardOverall Smex Rating 3 CHARACTER DESCRIPTION HERO Hero Description Alpha 4, BillionaireHero Likability Rating 5HEROINE Heroine Description Strong 4, TrustingHeroine Likability Rating 5 H h RELATIONSHIP INFO Buildup Instant Just Right Too Long Just RightAny H h Separations NoAmount of Time H h Spends Together Just RightOverall H h Relationship Rating 4 TRIGGERS WARNING Light BDSM Any Triggers Warnings NoDetail Overall Rating 4Do You Recommend This Book YESWill You Re read This Book Yes Would You Read More Books By This Author Definitely COMMENTS NOTES Please continue to read the finale for these characters in The Billionaire Dom Series.

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    This series is about Jacob and Leila Whit one year after marriage We ve seen this couple previously in the His Submissive series It s only been a year and Jacob is already keeping secrets and even his mother is in on this one After Leila finds out the big secret, she steps in to try and help mend some fences Things take a turn for the worst, unexpectedly and here comes Alicia with another bomb to drop, which destroys Jacob AGAIN During this insane part of Jacob s life, someone has kidnapped Leila and he really goes crazy He might know who took her but the situation might not be what he thinks it is.This is another fantastic series by Ava Claire with strong characters and a strong story line Jacob and Leila are still very much in love and he excepts her for who she is Their chemistry is still off the charts HOT Jacob has a crazy temper but luckily Leila knows how to defuse it I love seeing Jacob the husband for a change, instead of always Jacob the Dom Seeing Jacob the husband shows the depth of his love for Leila Lots of plot twists, some new characters and plenty of DRAMA I can t wait to see what s up next for this very talented author.I was not compensated for my review.I was not required to write a positive review.The opinion expressed is my own.

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    Yea We get to continue with Leila and Jacob s journey as they traverse the world married Their love and connection is just as strong though Jacob exhibits some behavior that has Leila concerned Jacob s mother is back and she is just as evil as ever There is even a new bomb shell that I never saw coming I love the spunk that Leila shows us when she feels Jacob is hiding information and pushes him to reveal what is really going on Jacob still has a lot to learn about how to be open with Leila, remembering it s ok to include her with his troubles Their love and connection is just as exciting and off the charts sexy as Leila continues to submit to Jacob Love how this story is building Leila and Jacob s relationship and at the same time opening them up to their families and how this will impact them as a couple Jacob keeps fueling the fire for Leila with all of his fun and sexy games This is a great continuation of Leila and Jacob s journey which really allows us to see them as a couple after all the trials and tribulations to get here Of course, their road is never easy and Ava Claire definitely knows how to deliver the surprises.

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    Wow. this was very very good I loved the obstacles, the love, and everything in between The characters chemistry was amazing and oh so so so hott The writer keeps you sucked in until the end I seriously could not put the book down until it was over that s how good it was I will recommend this to all my friends and am so glad the author allowed me to read and review it.

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    I relived this nightmare again Such an amazing in the moment series that left me complete when it was all over Knowing that a piece of Leila is with me all the time gives me a window to Ava s soul I personally got to witness the growth in Ava and her writing She s come a long way from a cheating boyfriend series to this Major Kudos Pick this box set up You ll be glad you did

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    Wow that was really intense Leila is such a lovely character and always on a path to fix things even though no one deserves her not even Jacob I surely hope there s to come from jacob,leila,megan and cade Although I could do without the evilness of Alicia Exceptional read.

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    Awesome sequel This is a great continuation sequel to the His Submissive series Plot line was familiar, but was different enough that it kept me entertained

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