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Because of Miss Bridgerton Sometimes You Find Love In The Most Unexpected Of PlacesThis Is Not One Of Those TimesEveryone Expects Billie Bridgerton To Marry One Of The Rokesby Brothers The Two Families Have Been Neighbors For Centuries, And As A Child The Tomboyish Billie Ran Wild With Edward And Andrew Either One Would Make A Perfect Husband Someday Sometimes You Fall In Love With Exactly The Person You Think You ShouldOr NotThere Is Only One Rokesby Billie Absolutely Cannot Tolerate, And That Is George He May Be The Eldest And Heir To The Earldom, But He S Arrogant, Annoying, And She S Absolutely Certain He Detests Her Which Is Perfectly Convenient, As She Can T Stand The Sight Of Him, Either But Sometimes Fate Has A Wicked Sense Of HumorBecause When Billie And George Are Quite Literally Thrown Together, A Whole New Sort Of Sparks Begins To Fly And When These Lifelong Adversaries Finally Kiss, They Just Might Discover That The One Person They Can T Abide Is The One Person They Can T Live Without

1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and in 2001 she did so in grand style, competing on the the game show The Weakest Link and walking away with the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British an

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    If you can believe it, this was my first experience with a Julia Quinn book, and I had no IDEA what I was missing I ve heard great things about Julia Quinn, but I ve been burned in the past by overhyped writers, especially in the historical romance genre It turns out, I have very specific tastes in historical romance I ve fallen in love with the Tessa Dare and Courtney Milan brand of historical romance, which mainly consists of smart, out of the box women, snappy dialogue, lots of humor, and slow burn romances I ve become pickier and pickier with each book that I read, and I have little patience for books that waste my time I m so happy that this book lived up to my expectations, because now I can one click away at Julia Quinn s back list with gusto Billie Bridgerton is exactly the type of MC that I enjoy reading about She is smart, independent, and shrugs off the expectations of her status without being too overbearing or preachy about it I loved her sense of humor and how stubborn she was, but it never got to be so much that I found her annoying I really liked her as a person, and I loved seeing her slow slide into romantic feelings for George George was a good counter balance for Billie, though I thought that he certainly took the backseat personality wise in this book The chemistry between them grew and grew which is how I like it , and I loved the interactions between them and between them and their families The plot was pretty straightforward very few twists and turns there , but it was a ton of fun never boring It was a simple acquaintances to lovers story, but Julia Quinn is such a talented writer that it felt smooth, polished, and endlessly entertaining While I thought that the ending was a bit rushed, the book is so engaging that you ll want to devour the whole series, book by book Julia Quinn will just have to write faster to appease me Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Because of Miss Bridgerton started off quite unsteadily For the first half of the book, the writing was too fragmented, and the flow wasn t as fluid as I d expect from a Julia Quinn novel It was almost as if Ms Quinn was still trying to get a solid foothold on things in the first 30% 40% There was an abundance of unnecessary details and dialogues that didn t blend well together.It was hard to get into scenes like this No, he said dryly, you re much too sensible for that Billie decided to let this one pass It scratched me, she said, jerking her head toward the cat Did it We fell George looked up That s quite a distance Billie followed his gaze The nearest branch was five feet up, and she had not been on the nearest branch I hurt my ankle, she admitted I reckoned as much She looked over at him in question You would have just jumped to the ground, otherwise I don t know about you, but This Feels Too Fractured And I Can t Get Myself To Like It.Nor Could I Bring Myself To Enjoy Paragraphs Like This One She looked up sharply He looked so solid And strong And dependable He d always been dependable, she realized She was just usually too busy being irritated by him to notice.Also, in the first half, Billie was super annoying, and George was as interesting as a cardboard box This last bit was made even obvious whenever George had a scene with Andrew, his little brother who reminded me so much of Sebastian from The Devil in Winter I even started rooting for Andrew at one point, because I got bored with George.BUT yes, there s a but things did pick up from the 50% marker The writing improved, the pacing became less draggy, and the characters likeable There were moments in the last 50% when Julia Quinn s trademark wit shone, but I just wish that things could ve been balanced in the story I ve read enough of her works to know the magic she s capable of, and that s why I say that this was an underwhelming display of her usual brilliance.Now, you might be wondering, Why the three stars, Daniella Well, despite the book s initial imperfections, I truly fell in love with the story The thing about Billie and George is that they weren t great characters individually, but together, they were amazing I loved the banter, the subtle glances, the discreet gestures I savoured them I lived for them And in the end, I was convinced of their love for each other Sure, you could argue that a big reason for this is that I m a sucker for stories wherein the hero pines after the heroine Yes, that s a big reason why I enjoyed this as much as I did I m a hero centric reader, and that s what works for me If you re not, then you might not rate this as highly.Also, the epilogue was extremely short, so this may bother some of you guys who love to bask in the post drama bliss.Overall, I ended up liking this I didn t expect to, especially when I was still in the first few chapters, but I did I m super excited for the next books in the series.

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    This book was such fun I love Billie Bridgerton She is full of snark, a tomboy, watches over her father s estate, wears breeches as much as possible, she s just great She is definitely not like the woman in 1779 She likes to ride her horse out and check on the crops and the tenants I think it s brilliant But she won t be the one inheriting, one day it will be her younger brother I m sure she can whip him into shape though They are also great friends with the Rokesby family Billie s best friend was Mary and two of the brothers, Edward and Andrew She never did get a long with George though, as the eldest he is Lord Kennard and he stays home while all of his younger brothers go off to war This does not make George happy because he wants to go as well, but alas, he stays home as well as the youngest brother The setting takes place in Kent, England and the beginning of the book is what caught me and had me laughing as Billie is stuck on a roof. with a cat EXCERPT Oh bloody hell, what did it matter what the time was It wasn t going to get her off this damned roof This is all you fault, she said to the cat.Predictably, the cat ignored her I don t know what you think you were doing up in that tree, she continued Any fool would have known you couldn t have got down Any fool would have left it up there, but no, Billie had heard the mewling, and she d been halfway up the tree before it occurred to her that she didn t even like cats And I don t really like you, she said.Needless to say who do you think comes to her rescue George, only some crazy stuff happens and he gets stuck on the roof as well They have a great arguing match with each other Although, he s not to harsh with her as she has hurt her leg when um. her and the cat fell from the tree onto the roof Anyway, they soon get rescued by Andrew, George s brother who is back from the war because of an injury I love the banter between these three any time they are together EXCERT Sixty two, she saidHe almost stopped walking You counted I had nothing else to do The weather was beastly, and I couldn t go outside George knew better than to inquire about embroidery, or watercolors, or any of a dozen other indoor pursuits commonly taken up by ladies of his acquaintance Probably a few now, Billie admitted It s been a prodigiously sunny spring What are we talking about Andrew asked He d got a bit ahead of them and they d only just caught up My freckles, Billie said He blinked My God, you are boring Or bored, Billie countered Or both Must be the company I ve always thought George was dull, Andrew said George rolled his eyes.ButSomething strange is happening between Billie and George They are acting strange around each other You know what that means right And then one day there is a kiss a kiss did you just kiss me did he just kiss me What just happened There are a little house parties that Billie detests because she has to wear dresses for these George doesn t really care for them either It seems someone is always trying to set the both of them up with people And little known to anyone else or to themselves, they are slowly falling in love There turns up some bad news in the Rokesby family and the Bridgerton family is there to lend their support And finally confessions are made and it s mostly all good I do believe I m going to have to continue on with this series as it comes out to see what all is going to happen But I really enjoyed this book I would like to thank Avon Books for a print copy of this book through The Reading Room in exchange for my honest review Even though the book is out now, I got to it a little late and with this being the uncorrected proof copy I have to add that the excerpts may have changed in the published edition MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestDNF Sometimes you read a book and the pages fly by Other times, you read a book and each page drags on and on You set the book aside for other, better books But each night, when you go to bed, you see the book sitting there on your nightstand Judging you Mocking you BECAUSE OF MISS BRIDGERTON is the latter.In other words BOOOOOOOrriiiiiiin Boring Yes I ve noticed this problem with a lot of newer historical romances like, written within the last five years or so They play it way too safe Rather than coming across as politically incorrect, they do their best to be as inoffensive as possible, with no mention at all of any sort of unsavory topics like plague or war or racism, sweeping those all under the fringed jacquard carpet to indulge in a bit of costume romance The dresses make it seem historical and everyone speaks very prettily, but the focus of these books is solely romance and beyond that, not a whole lot of conflict.I think I like Julia Quinn s earlier romances , because they at least had a bit of fire to them This book was dull When we begin the novel, the heroine is up a tree trying to rescue a cat Then getting down from the roof takes about two chapters There s a couple chapters at a dinner table where they all tease each other and the heroine, Billie s, sister feels left out Then there s talk of a party Then the hero, George, and the heroine, almost kiss and immediately go on the defensive to themselves that they don t really like each other, not really.How dull I had to DNF at that point, because the whole thing felt so tedious I buddy read this with Karishma and she liked it at least, so maybe if you enjoy light, fluffy reads, you will too.1 to 1.5 stars

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    Aww, I m so glad I stopped torturing myself with a bad series and followed up with Julia Quinn Her first Bridgerton series was soooo good Apparently, this series is set before the Bridgerton series, and we get to learn a couple of things, such as the birth of The Mallet of Death.This book was a really sweet romance that built slowly and had all of the delicious banter that JQ writes so well She has a way of writing situations and conversations that are full of dry wit and quirk I always find myself chuckling over her books In this one, we get a very fiendish cat who starts the ball rolling in the romance department It s a good thing that all cats are evil, or our H h might have never gotten together Don t let their evil cuteness fool you It s a trap.There is one thing that always bugs me when I read these historical romances, though I can t help but always think about how smelly the world must have been back then All crowded into hot ballrooms, in clothes that are rarely washed, with bodies that are rarely washed, and no deodorant, and no running water or toilets It s gross I find myself distracted by thoughts of bad breath, body odor, and greasy hair full of powder wanna dance, baby But, I guess that just my craziness superb sense of cleanliness talking.Plus, their teeth Don t even get me started on their teeth Get this man some Crest Whitestrips and the number to an orthodontist, STAT But, even with all of those thoughts running manically through my head, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book Is it as good as The Duke and I Not at all Is it a cute and funny read anyway yeah Go for it, historical romance fans

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    3.5 starsWhen in doubt, but you want a high rating anyway, go for the half stars.I ll just copy paste the blurb because historical romance nothing new, really Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of placesThis is not one of those times.Everyone expects Billie Bridgerton to marry one of the Rokesby brothers The two families have been neighbors for centuries, and as a child the tomboyish Billie ran wild with Edward and Andrew Either one would make a perfect husband someday Sometimes you fall in love with exactly the person you think you shouldOr not.There is only one Rokesby Billie absolutely cannot tolerate, and that is George He may be the eldest and heir to the earldom, but he s arrogant, annoying, and she s absolutely certain he detests her Which is perfectly convenient, as she can t stand the sight of him, either But sometimes fate has a wicked sense of humorBecause when Billie and George are quite literally thrown together, a whole new sort of sparks begins to fly And when these lifelong adversaries finally kiss, they just might discover that the one person they can t abide is the one person they can t live withoutSo what makes Miss Bridgerton different from those other HR novels out there For once, the main characters actually speak their mind They don t go assuming and brooding Both Billie and George are honest with each other, which is a breath of fresh air in a literary world where most lovers assume the worst and keep silent As soon as our girl suspects the guy of going with another lady, she confronts him at once I like that I don t believe in suffering all by yourself The world would be a much better place if we asked for clarifications instead of guessing.Then, even if Billie is a virgin, George is not constantly trying to shag her They honestly dislike each other at the beginning of the book, even if they grew up together So there s no insta love lust in this novel Their feelings start growing and it takes time That means George doesn t try to harass her sexually I very much liked that Even if I like hot, excruciating passion, too, a respectable man is nice once in a while.Anyway, if you enjoy HR and would like something a little different than the norm, you should give Because of Miss Bridgerton a try.

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    2.5 StarsI still remember what I felt when I read the Bridgertons for the very first time It was pure fun I loved them From Daphne to Gregory s stories, I could inhale them I still remember when Gregory inadvertently pushes Simon into the river The wit, the swoon worth romance, the writing, all of it was gold that is why, it pains me to say this now, but it feels as if the author has lost that magical touch Sure, I had some fun reading the beginning of this story Billie is supposed to be an hellion and what s his name George is all conservative and formal you know, true to the time in which he was living As for Billie she comes out as someone somewhat cold doesn t like cats _ never a good sign , someone who is indifferent to her younger sister to the point of having George admonish her.I liked George _despite having forgotten his name cough _, his bafflement over his sudden interest in Billie was fun to read, but in the end this story s plot was practically non existent.Do you want me to prove that to you This is what happens Stubborn girl grows up with responsible boy and his two brothers One day out of the blue they both find each other interesting.They kiss.______Love is in the air I can t marry her , says he I will have to marry her, of course , says the above mentioned.There s a ball so that the girl can wear a pretty dress.Said girl is considered the belle of the ball.Guy can t dance with the girl due to very weak plot circumstances _ Hearts are broken.There s make up sex.Promises of marriage are made.George is tested in the above mentioned weak plot circumstances I said this already, haven t I Girl acts all brash and idiotic.George questions his intelligence I question your intelligence as well, George Vows of forever love are renewed.The End.Ugh.It has the Bridgerton trademark, so of course I was expecting much .

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    Everyone expects Billie Bridgerton to marry one of the Rokesby brothers The two families have been neighbors for centuries, and as a child, the tomboyish Billie ran wild with Edward and Andrew Either one would make a perfect husband someday.Billie Bridgerton has always been expected to fall in love with one of the Rokjesby brothers The two families have been neighbors and friends for centuries and the tomboy Billie has always been close to Edward and Andrew and someday one of the would make a perfect husband The only on of the brothers that wouldn t make a good husband is the older brother George He and Billie have always had a strained relationship That is until fate steps inI was kind of desperate the other day for a change in genre I had read so many crime novels in a row that I just couldn t face reading another one and guess what This book showed up in the mail I was literally going locking my door going down the stairs thinking I need something else to read and this book was in my mailbox Like magic Or perhaps thanks to the publisher and the mailman and some magic Anyway, I devoured this book in a single day, most actually during one sitting Which is odd since it s a romance book and the one genre I read very little of But, I guess it was what I needed at the time The book wasn t perfect, but it was damn funny and easy to read The only part where I felt the pace slowing a bit down was during George and Billies stay in London, but it was the typical part of the book when the both have realized that they love each other but haven t confessed it to each other The love dance, or the mating ritual part of the book For some reason, I always get a bit annoyed with having to read about two people clearly in love but unable to express it other than being jealous.But, all and all, the book was good I loved the intro with Billie stuck on a roof and having George rescue her and the Pall Mall game with some guests as also fun The book also took a serious tone towards the middle of the book when George s family got some bad news I like the mix of romance, comedy and drama in books and it worked fine in this book So if this book can make even a non reader of romance happy, then I guess the ones that usually reads romance will love this book I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review.

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    Hmmit was fun, but definitely not Quinn s best This book was a nice change from some of the books I ve been reading recently, so that was a definite plus for it there It was fun because I tend to like the sort of love hate bickering opposites attract dynamic, which is somewhat present here Billie and George don t get along, and that s mostly because they re pretty much polar opposites, with Billie being the adventurous spirit, while George is staid or, to her, the stick in the mud Though I still think Hugh Sarah George Billie when it comes to bickering and love hate Hugh and Sarah were far amusing in their interactions, imo And, oh, man, Quinn should ve had scenes of George being silently insanely jealous, because I found those to be the most amusing parts of the novel.But, there were aspects of it that I didn t like or were just odd to me Right from the beginning, Quinn starts the not like other girls refrain with Billie.The future Lady Kennard would be delicate, feminine She would have been trained to run a grand house, not a working estate She would dress in the latest of fashions, her hair would be powdered and intricately styled, and even if she possessed a backbone of steel, she would hide it beneath an aura of genteel helplessness.Men like George loved to think themselves manly and strong.She watched him as he planted his hands on his hips Very well, he was manly and strong But he was like the rest of them he d want a woman who flirted over a fan God forbid he married someone capable.As if women who are feminine or fashionable or flirt over a fan aren t capable And why is it that women, like Billie, who can run estates can be considered capable, but not those who are able to run grand houses So Billie considers herself to be capable aka better than like nine tenths of the women around because, really, how many of them are going to be owning, much less running, estates like she does, right And I guess I ll never even come close to being considered capable because I ll never even own a grand house, so let s just forget about the estate And neither will plenty of other people Like, I ain t kidding, guys Not like other girls is strong with this one Other young ladies might read romantic poetry and Shakespearean tragedies Billie read treatises on agricultural management.And.If that made her some kind of strange, unfeminine freak, so be it She would much rather be out on her horse Or fishing at the lake Or climbing a tree.Or anything, really.Not for the first time Billie wondered what her Heavenly Father had been thinking when she d been born a girl She was clearly the least girlish girl in the history of England.And.She d known even then that she wasn t like other girls She didn t want to play the pianoforte or pick at her sewing She wanted to be outside, to fly through the air on the back of her horse, sunlight dancing across her skin as her heart skipped and raced with the wind.Look If your female protagonist, like 91.648790325% I ve done the research and this is an accurate stat Trust me of the female protagonists out there, isn t like other girls, statistically speakingSHE IS If almost every book I come across talks about how its female protagonist is not like other girls, that means she actually IS like other girls, because then those feminine and girlish girl female protagonists are in the minority So, technically speaking, THEY are the ones who are not like other girls.Besides, what s so bad about being like that anyway What gives Billie the right to deem a woman incapable just because she s feminine Or can t or, likely, isn t allowed to run an estate like she does Or, God forbid, she flirts a little What s with people having to set one woman apart from the rest in order to elevate her by comparison Just stop You re doing a huge disservice to everyone by continuing to encourage and spread this mindset.Anyway Moving on When I usually read Quinn s novels, I find that they tend to lose steam in the second half some of the time This one felt the opposite to me, in that it started off slowly but picked up after the halfway point Things just started happeningwhich was where I had another issue I felt that the events that occurred even before the halfway point were forced It didn t make sense to me how the story jumped from one event to the next, with there being a house partyand then suddenly view spoiler Edward s missing And now they re going to London And, oh, there s ball And Arbuthnot hide spoiler

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    At long last, Julia Quinn has come back to the family we all love, the Bridgertons But, what do we think of her new book Because of Miss Bridgerton We ask two of the Bridgerton series craziest fans their thoughts on the new book.So girls, what were your thoughts when you saw that Julia Quinn was bringing a new book featuring the Bridgertons Annie I lost my shit The Bridgertons is one of my all time favorite Historical Romance series and I still believe it s some of Quinn s best work so when I learned that she would be returning to this beloved family, saying I was excited is an understatement.Suzanne There may have been some squealing and happy dancing going on, luckily I didn t turn incontinent poor Annie, losing her shit like that but I was definitely busting some moves The Bridgerton series is not only one of my favourite series by Julia Quinn, but also one of my favourite Historical Romances The humour, the romance and love, not just between the couples, but between the whole family really shines, you can t help but fall for every member of the family.Now that you have read the book, did it live up to your expectations Annie Yeah, it did I was expecting the same trademark wit and humor that the original series had and this book definitely had some of that I was also looking forward to exploring of the family as it was such a big part of the other series Quinn delivers she has the same elements in this series that she had with the other but it s still different enough that you can read this series without having read the Bridgertons.Suzanne It did and it didn t I don t think was as good as her original Bridgerton series, it didn t manage to hook me in like those did But, as always with Quinn, she did write a humourous and sweet romance, one that I enjoyed and I hope that I feel the sense of family as I read through the series I didn t quite feel it like I did in the Bridgerton series.What did you think of the hero and heroine Did this have the traditional Bridgerton mixture of humour, romance and passion Annie If you ve read a Julia Quinn book then you know it s fairly easy to fall in love with her characters From the moment George and Billie find themselves stuck on a rooftop, arguing, I knew I was going to enjoy this book Not many authors can put their characters into such ridiculous situations and make them work, let alone make them fall in love.Suzanne Quinn s books, even the Bridgerton series, all follow a pattern and this one was no different if you like one of her books you are very likely to enjoy them all So, it did have that mix of humour, romance and passion I enjoy from her however, it didn t quite have the special something that makes the original series special.Will you be rushing out to get the next book in the series Annie I m looking forward to it I wonder who s next Suzanne Despite how negative some of my comments seem, overall I really liked this book and I will be looking forward to read the next one I can t wait to see who is next.What do you rate this book Annie A solid 4 stars I enjoyed this one than the latest few releases from Quinn but I m still holding off until I ve read in the series to determine if its as good as the Bridgertons Suzanne I would say 3.5 stars but this is also a book I would recommend anyone who wants something light and funny paired with fantastic writing to give a go.Read my review alternate review at Fresh Fiction

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