The Ebenezum Trilogy

The Ebenezum Trilogy A MALADY OF MAGICKS Guxx Unfufadoo Is My Name And Killing Wizards Is My Game Thus Spoke The Dreaded Rhyming Demon, Come From The Netherhells, To Munch A Bunch Of The Great EbenezumOnly It Didn T Quite Work Out That Way Ebenezum Lived, Cursed By Guxx With A Mighty Curse That He Should Henceforth Be Allergic To MagicSo Ebenezum And His Hapless Apprentice Wuntvor Must Journey To The City Of Forbidden Delights To Seek A Cure They Find The Road Fraught With Peril And Dark Magic, From Tap Dancing Dragons To Enchanted Chickens, Slobbering Trolls, Winsome Witches And Sinister ShrubberyIt S Up To Wunt To See Them Through, To Utter The Sounds Of Power And Speak The Spells That Will Insure Their Health, Wealth And Continued Life It Only He Could Remember The WordsA MULTITUDE OF MONSTERSI Ve Got You Now, You Wizardly Pest, In My Stomach You Soon Will Rest Thus Spoke Guxx Unfufadoo To The Mighty Wizard, Ebenezum The Dreaded Rhyming Demon Had Cruelly Cursed The Mage With A Malady Of Magicks And Now He Was Determined That The Suffering Sorcerer Never Reach Vushta, The City Of Forbodden Delights, Where He Might Find A CureA NIGHT IN THE NETHERHELLSIn The Conclusion Of The Ebenezum Trilogy, The Wizard Ebenezum And His Hapless Apprentice, Wuntvor, Must Do Everything In Their Power To Save Vushta, City Of Forbidden Delights, From Guxx, The Rhyming Demon

Peter Garrison

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  • The Ebenezum Trilogy
  • Craig Shaw Gardner
  • 09 July 2019

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    It was clever as it showed that being a sucessful Wizard is about much than being able to perform magic For me that is true in the real world as well, but this kept me smiling through the three books in the series.

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