Drömmen förde dej vilse

Drömmen förde dej vilse Maria Wern Est Une Jeune Inspectrice De La Brigade De Police De Visby, Charmante Petite Ville De L Le De Gotland, Au Sud De La Su De Une Nuit, Alors Qu Elle Rentre Pied Apr S Une Soir E Arros E O Son Amie Erika Lui A Pr Sent Son Nouveau Compagnon, Elle Aper Oit Trois Hommes Qui Frappent Brutalement Un Gar On D J Terre Elle Tente De Les Arr Ter Mais Les Agresseurs Se Retournent Contre Elle Et La Rouent De Coups A Son R Veil L H Pital, Elle Apprend Que Le Jeune Gar On Est Mort Ce Meurtre, Relay Par Tous Les Medias De L Le, Est Un Traumatisme Pour Une Petite Ville Calme Comme Visby D Autant Que Deux Jours Plus Tard, C Est Une Jeune Infirmi Re De L H Pital Qui Est Retrouv E Assassin E, Horriblement Mutil E Avec Leurs Maigres Moyens, Maria Et Ses Coll Gues Se Lancent Corps Perdus La Poursuite Du Tueur, Pr Ts Retourner Toute L Le Pour Comprendre Mais Il Se Pourrait Qu Il Ne Soit Pas N Cessaire D Aller Tr S Loin

Anna Maria Angelika Jansson is a Swedish crime writer and nurse from Visby, Gotland.

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  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Drömmen förde dej vilse
  • Anna Jansson
  • French
  • 11 March 2019

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    I purchased a copy of Killer s Island by Anna Jansson, a Swedish crime writer, after I heard such good reviews about this novel I was not disappointed, as this was a fast paced crime novel.On the Swedish island of Gotland, there have been a number of vicious and ritualistic murders The killer seems to know a great deal about his victims He is highly intelligent, emotionally disturbed and full of anger He is described as a man in a dark cape, a sleepwalker, a drunk and evil Maria Wern, a police officer and Erika Lund, a pathologist, are best of friends, and were at a bar, where Erika had met Dr Anders Ahlstrom The three left together and then Maria continued on her route home Maria hears a cry for help, and saw three hooded men standing around someone on the ground, kicking him The person on the ground was a boy around thirteen The boy was unconscious, and when Maria intervened,she was viciously attacked Her attackers had stabbed her with needles Maria described a man in a overcoat and cap who walked past while the assault was in progress, but did nothing Maria recovers in hospital, while the young boy, Linus died.Maria s colleague Erika takes the lead on this case, since Maria herself has been attacked, and would serve as a witness Maria is in love with Per Arvidsson, a detective, injured on the job, and dealing with depression, who returns to work shortly.Erika and Jesper Ek were brought in to work on a homicide, a ritual murder The victim looked like a bride holding lilies of the valley The victim, Linn Bogren, a nurse was found in the Pavilion to the Botanical Gardens The murderer wanted his victim displayed a psychopath Maria was assigned this case.Harry Molin, a neighbour of Linn and a patient of Dr Anders, became the third homicide, all within one month of each other, in the same part of the city All three were patients of Dr Anders.I have to admit that the first few chapters were a little slow, allowing all the characters and their relationships to be setupbut after that the novel really took off I couldn t put it down.If you enjoy reading crime novels, don t miss out on this one I will definitely read some other novels by this talented writer.

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    This is the first English translation of Swedish author Anna Jansson s crime series featuring Detective Maria Vern Although this title is the 11th book in the series, Maria actually doesn t figure much in this story, so I didn t feel I was missing essential plot elements by not having read earlier installments.On the Swedish island of Gotland, there have been a number of vicious and ritualistic murders The killer seems to know a great deal about his victims, who share some similarities Maria s colleague Erika takes the lead on this case, since Maria herself has been attacked, although she was not killed This fact turns out to be a possible clue to the killer s motives Erika juggles the demands of the casework with her personal life, and this compromises her dedication to solving the crimes Meanwhile, suspense builds as the deaths continue and red herrings pile up, and dangers increase for the detectives involved in the case It doesn t help matters that Erika bears a striking resemblance to some of the previous victims Discussion In trying to make ambiguous the guilt or innocence of one of the main characters, the author has the character behave quite inconsistently and therefore this person is not too convincingly wrought It s an interesting problem from an authorial point of view you want to create good red herrings, but you still need to create believable characters Another red herring is the introduction of a plot line that in the end turns out to be totally unrelated to anything, and therefore its inclusion seems baffling rather than clever Other authors have accomplished the art of constructing credible red herrings, but I don t believe that Jansson has done so in this particular book Evaluation In spite of some shortcomings, this is an entertaining page turner I had some problems with the story see the Discussion, above , but would still recommend it for those wanting familiarity with popular Swedish crime writers Stockholm Text, the publisher, intends to translate of these popular authors for English speaking audiences For me it is a bonus of globalization

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    In the idyllic seaside town of Visby on Sweden s Gotland island, murders are cropping up Cop Maria Wern is attacked and beaten when she tries to intervene when three masked men are stomping a young boy to death Because she was involved, Maria is excluded from investigating this case, but she does get called to action when seemingly the same criminals begin killing other people in the same neighborhood The novel asks some existential questions do the police prevent or punish crime, for instance Their attitude remains sympathetic to the perps What can be done to prevent vicious crime In Visby, the police are unable to prevent crime, or even follow up if there are no witnesses or evidence But bystanders who do not intervene are not without guilt The problems of women reporting sexual crimes are also explored Maria s best friend, a pathologist named Erika, is also attacked and stalked The circle draws smaller and smaller, and turns in on itself, as the killer draws closer and closer The novel is sentimental and sensational, but still good For one thing, the women characters are evolved sexually, and appear to ask the same things from their work and social relationships as men have in less advanced countries This social and psychological depth, along with a tight plot, are the hallmarks of the best Scandinavian noirs.

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    If like me, you are seeking other Swedish crime thrillers, I recommend skipping this one It takes most of the book to understand the two lead characters Detective Inspector Maria Wern and her friend co worker Erika Lund, a forensic technician , probably because this is Book 11 in a series Maria stops to defend a young boy being viciously attacked by a trio, and is rewarded by being stabbed with a syringe filled with blood The police are making no progress on this case, when Maria is called to a crime scene where a beheaded woman, dressed as a bride, is found Then, a neighbor is found hanged in another cop s home, with the connection being a psychiatrist, who is dating Erika Figured out the killer about 75% of the way through, after an incorrect guess about 60% through.

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    No hay nada que genere tanta culpabilidad como el amor El amor y las deudas de gratitud, el amor y la traici n, el amor y todo lo que uno es capaz de hacer para que no lo abandonen Ok, por d nde empezar Me gust , pero hay muchas cosas que siento que tengo que criticarle Bueno, la historia en s resulta muy atractiva y atrapa durante toda la lectura, pero cuando todo est centrado en los personajes, ah es donde quise golpear a la autora TOO MUCH DRAMA Todo lo interesante del asesinato se escapa y uno pasa las p ginas pidiendo a gritos que asesinen a otro personaje porque ya no se aguanta lo dem s Y pasa, por suerte, por lo tanto se vuelve a tornar interesante.So, volviendo a esto de la rese a me gust pero s lo eso El final me dejo at nita, y si bien puede llegar a entreverse algo muy poco, en realidad de lo que termina pasando, me parece que la autora se centr mucho en aparentar e incriminar demasiado a ciertos personajes en lugar de agregar cantidad de sospechosos para que el lector pueda jugar con las pistas Todo se soluciona incre blemente r pido y uno se desilusiona bastante En cuanto a las relaciones entre personajes no puedo opinar mucho, ya que este libro es el n mero once de una serie, entonces quiz ya se vienen dando cosas de las que no tengo conocimiento Sin embargo, y repito, me pareci que exist a demasiado drama entre elllos, siendo gente madura Whatever, uno nunca est exento del drama.

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    Detective Inspector Maria Wern and her friend and co workers Erika Lund, a forensic technician, were out for an evening when Det Wern decided to head home On her way, she heard a young boy s cry for help Up ahead Det Wern saw three men standing over a defenseless young boy punching and kicking him When Wern yelled Police Stop the men turned to her and gave the boy another kick and he appeared to stop moving The men then went towards Maria and began hitting and kicking her until one of them had a syringe filled with blood in his hand and began jabbing her with it The next thing she remembered was being in the hospital and learned later of the 13 year old s demise as well as her being tested for HIV for many many months to come.As time passed and Wern was not getting any further into finding out the identities of the men who attacked her and the young boy, she was called to a crime scene A woman had been found dressed as a bride holding a bouquet of lilies of the valley As time goes on, another grizzly murder is discovered and the police wonder if there is a corelation between the murders Could there possibly be a serial murderer on the loose A terrifying and brutually explicit account of a madman gone totally bizarre Fabulous crime novel

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    Maybe it s because this a later book from an ongoing series, but Maria and Erika especially felt like unexplored characters for me I didn t care too much about them The first chapter is as easy as the first 20 minutes of saving private Ryan I almost didn t keep reading After the really brutal deaths were over, and I started my own hypothesis of who the murderer was, I was a lot invested in the story, even though I wasn t attached to the characters.

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    This was a slow starter, but once it got underway, I found it a really solid police thriller, if a bit implausible Some translation problems, those are forgivable.

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    En av Anna Janssons b sta b cker oj, vilken sp nning hela boken igenom Det gick inte att l gga ifr n sig boken.

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    Excellent Scandinavian Noir Kept surprising me to the end Horrific crimes but time spent on character development relationships than graphic descriptions.

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