The Day the President Was Shot

The Day the President Was Shot This was really actually quite informative I learned about Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter and John Hinckley Jr and even Jodie Foster Recommended for historically interested people ages 13 and up. The Year WasJust Two Months Into His Presidency, Ronald Reagan Was Shot After Leaving A Speaking Engagement In Washington, D C The Quick Action Of The Secret Service And Medical Professionals Saved The President S Life Mere Days After His Near Death Experience, Reagan S Personal Strength Propelled Him Back Into His Presidential DutiesAdapted From Bill O Reilly S Historical Thriller Killing Reagan, With Characteristically Gripping Storytelling, This Story Explores The Events Of The Day Reagan Was Shot From The Scene Of The Shooting And The Dramatic Action Of The Secret Service, To The FBI S Interrogation Of The Shooter, The Life Saving Measures Of The Medical Professionals And The President S Extraordinary Recovery, This Is A Page Turning Account Of An Attempted Assassination And Its AftermathThis Title Has Common Core Connections This was a very interesting read learning about the tragic day President Reagan was shot and all the events that lead up to it was unbelievable Only 2 months into his presidency, he was shot from a bullet that ricochet off the limousine he was just about to get in There were actually two other men that were shot, among the six shots fired from a mere ten feet away These bullets were from the man, John Hinckley Jr., who claims he was trying to impress an actress that he admired It is incredible how close they allowed people to get to the president They did have secret service and security, but they would let people come basically right up next to the president even in 1981 It took Hinckley only 1.7 seconds to shoot those six bullets you d think with weapons that fast and powerful they d protect the president a little , but nonetheless, the work of the people and secret service that day, was the difference between the fifth assonated president in American history and the survivor, that Reagan turned out to be To find outabout the what people really think happened that day and what took place leading up to it, read this fantastic book by Bill O Reilly I would recommend this book to anyone that loves historical nonfiction books and learning about these types of terrible catastrophes. 4 The Non fiction book, T h e D a y T h e P r e s i d e n t W a s S h o t , is split up in the table of contents into three parts, Part One The Road to the White House, Part Two March 30, 1981, and Part Three Moving On There are 38 chapters between the first two parts and the last part chronicles President Ronald Reagan s life during and after the White House through 16 short chapters I found this book stood true to it s table of contents and I liked how it was split into 3 parts The chapters were split up so that you had to keep reading in order to finally make it to Part Two It met my expectations that it would be like Bill O Reilly s other books, L i n c o l n s L a s t D a y s , and K e n n e d y s L a s t D a y s , which I had previously read This book was extremely well researched and very accurate It s many sources include Memoirs of Nancy Reagan, a book written by Jerry Parr who was the secret service man that saved President Reagan s Life, and FBI and CIA files There was little to no biased propaganda which I found surprising because Bill O Reilly is a conservative TV host for Fox News It was overall a very factual book chronically Ronald Reagan s Life.5 Bill O Reilly is neither harsh or compassionate Since he was writing a non fiction book, he was trying to show no bias which he achieved He wrote inof an informative tone which he could get certain points to the reader in order to lead up to the main idea of the book, the assassination attempt This book will appeal mostly to readers who love history and want to learnabout our nation s presidents This book also appeals to teens because of the fact that it has pictures to help tell the story An adult may beinterested in the Bill O Reilly s bestselling K i l l i n g R e a g a n which is the same just without pictures However, If I was an adult I would prefer T h e D a y T h e P r e s i d e n t W a s S h o t because pictures tell a story words alone can t describe. Synopsis just two months into his presidency in 1981, Ronald Reagan was shot in Washington, DC Quick action saved his life. In March, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot by a deranged man hoping to impress an actress The quick actions of Secret Service agents and medical professionals saved his life This is an adaptation for young people from O Reilly s adult book Killing Reagan Told in very brief chapters, the author tries to explain what lead up to the shooting and the aftermath in an easy to understand way for middle and high school students Political commentator, O Reilly, is making a lucrative living producing popular non fiction about political topics The reviews have certainly been mixed, pointing out errors and criticizing the author for using a co writer ghostwriter I ve read several and found them to be quick, engaging reads This one, however, is different The chapters are ridiculously brief, some as short as one page and often end with a teaser line in an attempt to build suspense This only serves to create a choppy narrative that slips back and forth in time and actually confuses the reader Although all the players are here and from what I can tell the facts are correct, but this is certainly not a well crafted book Text includes some random facts about Reagan the office of the President Includes a timeline, index, and For Further Reading One other minus the story ends before Hinckley s release in September, so the story is incomplete. The Day the President Was Shot chronologically depicts the timeline of events leading up to the day President Ronald Reagan and others were shot In fact, readers follow a timeline from birth to present day and get to know each character in the assassination plot The character portrayals of the Reagans and John Hinckley, Jr become revealed with each page and haunting picture Most notable is President Reagan s personal strength to survive the tragedy as it spills over to the reader through words and pictures.This young readers adaptation of O Reilly s Killing Reagan successfully introduces historical facts and recreates this time period for younger audiences Much advancement in presidential security developed in the United States due to this single event and is described to the reader One begins to question the legitimacy of the not guilty by insanity plea and the whereabouts of Hinckley due to clever reporting by the author This book is sure to start conversations about other aspects of history that are mentioned throughout the book Mild profanity and a reference to an R rated movie were present This book is appropriate for readers in grades eight and up Reviewed by Sharon Portell What a coincidence In the news just this morning, they said that Hinkley was being released to live with his mother, and that he didn t appear to be a threat to himself or others This book tells about the build up to Hinkley and how he debates what he wants to do to create importance for himself and for the options that are available Jody Foster was his major love interest, and that was a big part of the plot in the book The President s Secret Service detail was phenomenal I was so impressed with them, and this many years later, it was very amazing the care and professionalism that was shown After several of them had been shot by Hinkley and they made it to the hospital for the surgery It was said that the hospital was at peak number of doctors and specialists This no doubt helped to save several of their lives Reagan, Brady and others were taken care of and had terrific care This book was well written, and I feel that it is a supplement to Killing Reagan Recommend. Not what I expectedHaving just read Killing Reagan, I was intrigued by this book I ve read other O Reilly books and enjoyed them all When I bought this book, expected ain depth account of what happened on the day Reagan was shot All I got was a rehash of what I just read a few days before in Killing Reagan, almost word for word A fewpictures were added to add length in the book, but it is basically nothing new from what I just read No need to read both books. THE DAY THE PRESIDENT WAS SHOT BY BILL O REILLY takes an indepth look at the days prior and after the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan You meet Hinckley get a visual on his thoughts, his life the torrid love affair he imagined with Jodie Foster You get get a glimpse on the before the during and the aftermath of the shooting, including not only Reagan, but the officers, the agents James Brady.I am not a fan of O Reilly s But you cannot help but praise his writings on figures of history as well as the events that he writes about, and this book is no exception.

Bill O Reilly s success in broadcasting and publishing is unmatched The iconic anchor of The O Reilly Factor led the program to the status of the highest rated cable news broadcast in the nation for sixteen consecutive years His website is followed by millions all over the world.In addition, he has authored an astonishing 12 number one ranked non fiction books including the histo

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