Leopards Heart (The Therian Way #1)

Leopards Heart (The Therian Way #1) An Assassination Attempt On The American President Threatens To Expose The Existence Of Therians To The Human World Baran Knows That The Fringe Have Become Bold In A Race To Find The Next Assassin Before He Strikes, Raina And Baran Must Travel From Washington DC To The Elven Capital Hidden In The Smokey Mountains Rising Tensions Between Therians Who Respect The Centuries Old Alliance With The Elves And Fringe Sympathizers Who Clamor To Sever All Ties Between The Two Peoples Make The Case And Baran S Relationship With Raina Even Difficult To Navigate Circumstances Have Forced Them Together, But Is It Only Duty That Drives His Actions Does Raina S Heart Belong To Her Old Childhood Sweetheart Or Is The Leopard S Heart Still To Be Won Leopard s Heart is a fast paced fantasy adventure with a strong romance at its center In a world of Elves and Humans, Therians animal shapeshifters struggle to live among the Humans without being detected Raina a flamboyant and daring leopard daughter of an Elf and Therian couple and Baran a rule abiding uptight tiger have been joined in a peace marriage an arranged political marriage Their personalities alone make the relationship fascinating to watch They hold my interest as much as the intensely suspenseful plotline made up of mysteries and political social tensions The main couple s relationship and the plot are believable and interesting Their marriage and the continued world building are a nice fulfillment of promise of the prequel Raina and Baran s explosive relationship and the deepening mystery of the Fringe offer plenty of promise for the series to come I am eager to read the next installment of the Therian Way. I have liked almost all of the other stories that I ve read by Kimberly Rogers a couple had cuss words in them and I couldn t finish them , and this one is another one that I really enjoyed.In our contemporary world there are paranormal creatures, shape shifters, that the humans know nothing about Some of these shape shifters are a blend of elf and therian, half bloods they are called by the therians of the Fringe, a group that wants to rid the therians of the half bloods keeping their race pure Raina is a half blood and a tracker Baran is a pure blood and a general in the Therian military They have a Peace Marriage, a marriage where a elf and a therian marry to keep the peace between the two races She is a leopard, he is a tiger Their marriage isn t one of affection, but a partnership where they work together to bring down the fringe As the story moves along they find that they care for each other than they thought they would There s quite a bit of fighting and some gore in this story during the battles between species There isn t any bad language though and innocent kisses when there are any. In this Earth based present day urban fantasy, three species co exist Humans, Elves, and Therians There are also assorted nasties held back by a mysterious barrier.Humans know about the Elves, but they don t know about the Therians, who work incognito for their protection Therians are shape shifters with three forms humanoid, animal, and half beast Each Therian is born into one beast family and has only one beast form.If this intrigues you and you haven t read the prequel, Tiger s Paw, don t read any farther because there s a spoiler to the prequel below I highly recommend reading the prequel so you ll be oriented in this complex world before starting book one, Leopard s Heart.I found Tiger s Paw a bit of a hard read, partially because it s from the point of view of General Baran the tiger and he s, as the impudent leopard he s assigned to work with says, Tall, Dark, and oh so Serious The major difficulty in reading was simply absorbing the way the story world works the hierarchies and relationships among the different species of beasts, and how they work unseen among the humans.Now, if you re still here, prepare to learn something about how Tiger s Paw ends.Raina the leopard on the cover of Leopard s Heart is in an arranged marriage to Baran Raina s also half Elven, exposing her to prejudice and attacks from those who want to keep the Therian race pure.The novel is about the two of them working together to thwart a plot to expose the Therian race to the Humans A subversive element among the Therians, the Fringe, is behind this and is also stirring up hate crimes against half Elven Therians.Among the unfamiliar circumstances, though, we find two strong and likeable characters in an arranged marriage a classic romance situation that we re comfortable with We may not be able to relate to shape shifters, but we can relate to hearts And to danger and the need to stop the villains.The story is mostly told in the first person, from either Raina s or Baran s point of view I wish the chapters opened with the narrating character s name, for easier reading, but it only took a few paragraphs to find out each time.Leopard s Heart is a compelling read, clean fiction with a Christian theme the Therian Way is a code of honour based on faith in Yeshua It s violent in places, with fighting and blood than I m used to, but nothing is gratuitous Still, by the end I was a little battle weary.I won a copy of Leopard s Heart in a giveaway, and bought Tiger s Paw so I could start at the beginning I like Raina and Baran, and I m glad to have come this far with them in the series.Kimberley A Rogers is a fantasy author and Masters in Religious Education student For about the author and her books, visit her website, So You Want to Write Christian Fantasy

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Leopards Heart (The Therian Way #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Kimberly A. Rogers author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 350 pages
  • Leopards Heart (The Therian Way #1)
  • Kimberly A. Rogers
  • English
  • 20 April 2019

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