Dancing in the Light

Dancing in the LightThis would have been around a 2 1 2 for me The story started out well, but it just got so predictible and sappy I enjoyed the first books in this series quite a bit, but this one was just too much cheese for me There were some things that I enjoyed, and if she had made the story a lot shorter, with less velveeta it would have been great. I started this book over a month ago The first couple of chapters were a little much for me as in super sad I just wasn t wanting to read something like that So late last night when I couldn t sleep out of desperation than anything, I opened it up and skipped a chapter or two and started reading again I don t know if it was the mood I was in, or the book But I ended up reading most of the night away and finished it the next day For the most part I think the story was well written I was interested in the lives of the characters and where life would take them I did have some problems with the book the same old problems I have with just about every Mormon Romance novel In this case I didn t like how the author used their book as a platform to discuss hypocritical and unkind things done and said by other Mormons It makes it seem like those kind of things are everyday occurrences, when in fact they are generally few and far between and could happen anywhere, in any religion or association Because, after all, are we not all hypocrites None of us are perfect and we all fall short of what we know to be right, kind and true I could understand one situation being included that would be integral to the story but it seemed like every single major character in this book was going through some negative experience due to the unkindness, immorality, or nosiness of other members and all at the same time It was a little much And if I were of another faith reading this novel I think it would do harm than good, giving a disproportionate few of the Mormon faith, and it s people. Have You Ever Justhad A Feelinglike A Spiritual Impression, Butsubtle Subtle, Maybe, Butstill Undeniable And It S Likeyou Re Being Prepared For Something As Trials Come Thick And Fast, Wade Morrison Finds Himself Facing Devastating Loss And A Desperate Loneliness Greater Than He Ever Could Have Imagined Thankfully He Has A Large And Loving Family, Without Whose Support He Could Not Survive Ultimately, However, Wade S Greatest Source Of Strength Comes Through His Faith And Reliance On The Savior S Unconditional And Atoning LoveJust When It Seems That The Bottom Has Fallen Out Of His World, Wade Finds Love In The Face Of Loss, Trust In A Time Of Personal Betrayal And Happiness Greater Than He Had Ever Hoped To Experience Again In This Romantic And Tender Page Turner, Author Anita Stansfield Creates Another LDS Classic In Her Inimitable Storytelling Style Powerful And Insightful With Sensitive And Compelling Characters, Dancing In The Light, The Sequel To Timeless Waltz And A Time To Dance, Is A Tribute To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit And The Joyous, Healing Power Of Love These books are really a guilty pleasure I don t find these books to be superior prose but I enjoy reading them because they are quick and give me just the taste of romance I sometimes need. Ugh We read some of these books in our book club, and as usual, it was completely cheesy and ridiculous It s basically the clean version of the typical romance novels A little too much for me There are some of her books which are not quite as cheesy as the others but, it takes a lot of picking through I know lots of women in the church though who love her books so, don t count them out if you like cheesy love stories. I was forced to read Dancing in the Light for a class on morality in fiction I ve read a lot of genre fiction in my time, and I thought, How bad can this be The answer seriously bad One of the worst, if not the worst, books I have ever read The story, the characters, and the writing were badly conceived and poorly carried out Never, not once, did I ever feel connected to the main character or his actions despite the fact that Ms Stansfield gives us than 400 pages listing everything he does, from the laundry to the massive amounts of weeping that he does in this book That s exactly what this book reads like a list First he did this, then this happened, then that was his reaction Ridiculous.Finally, I find the whole thing one big exercise in manipulative sentimentality Poorly done, since at no time did I feel sentimental toward anyone or anything that happened in the book, but still No sex or drugs or bad language, but unrealistic and deceitful portrayals of the way life and faith work You betcha.Deseret Book, I understand that you re trying to market to the squeaky clean LDS audience here, but is this seriously the best you can do Did any of your editors even glance at this manuscript before you released this garbage to your unsuspecting and, apparently, largely unsophisticated, considering Ms Stansfield s wide audience readership I haven t read any of Ms Stansfield s other works, so I can t comment as to whether Dancing in the Light is typical or whether she was just experiencing an off month when she wrote this Honestly, I don t plan on finding out any time soon. This book was really good until a MAJOR plot flaw It is not possible for a man to be sealed to than one woman without permission from the 1st Presidency, even in 2006 I can usually overlook little things because it is a work of fiction but if you are going to try and stay true to the LDS Church and standards, things like this should be taken into account. I ve decided that I don t really like Anita Stansfield s writing, even though she is one of the number 1 LDS writers She seems to repeat herself a lot and her stories drag on They are like a lot of romance stories where the format is the same and you know how they will end I m not going to read any of her books. Being pregnant i was too emotional to read this series of books I cried the whole time and finally had to read something else Pregnant ladies can probably relate I ll try again after the baby. This is the third book in a series about two people who fall in love This story has romance, dancing, laugh out loud moments, and very serious moments If you like romance and are LDS I would highly recommend reading this, it is definitely one of my favorite books.

Anita Stansfield, the LDS market s 1 best selling romance novelist, is an imaginative and prolific writer whose romantic stories have captivated her readers With sales approaching a half million, Anita Stansfield has clearly found a niche in this market, said Nicole Martin, Publicist for Covenant Communications Her popularity stems from her ability to empathize with and write about the issues

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  • Paperback
  • 423 pages
  • Dancing in the Light
  • Anita Stansfield
  • English
  • 10 December 2018
  • 9781598111378

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