Promise of Zion (Barrington Family Saga, V. 4)

Promise of Zion (Barrington Family Saga, V. 4)the last book in the series better than the middle 2 but very typical anita stansfield except for the gables series, she seems to stretch her stories to make series and they could be better as stand alone books lately all her characters have the same problem internal struggle and getting past it how many times can a reader read the same story, just in a different setting book 4 did move better than i expected. So enjoying this series I love historical fiction. I loved this book It was great I loved how it taught that if you do want the Lord asks of you great rewards will come This was another book that made me want to be a better person I loved the church history in this book and also I learned much from the struggles that Iris was going through I learned a great leason through Iris on not Judging people It had a great ending and a few parts that made me cry But I really liked it alot. Historical fiction is such a great way to put my own feet on the pioneer trail and experience to a small degree what these great people sacrificed for their faith I m absolutely indebted to and appreciative of those who came before me. This final vol in the Barrington Family Saga is a very rich and powerful love story between Casey Harrison and Iris Barrington Casey comes to the Barrington Homestead looking for work to get supplies for heading west with the Saints, as he s just had his life changed by the Book of Mormon James Barrington feels strongly about Casey, but Iris feels differently James has been told by Brigham Young to stay in Iowa City for another year to assist the Saints moving west, as Iowa City is the place for the Saints to get supplies James and Eleanore have always left it to Heavenly Father as to when the time would be right to go to Salt Lake Casey and Iris have problems with trust, esp with Iris not trusting men They both have to come to terms with some deep buried anger in order to feel at peace It takes two important life changing moments while on the trail to bring both Casey and Iris to fully understand that it takes faith, obedience and forgiveness to find peace and happiness I highly recommend this 4 volume series to everyone. This was by far the best of the 4 books in this series The first one I liked a lot and by the end of the book, I cared very much about the characters But it was a bit incongruous The first part was like a really great Jane Austen esque book and I was completely engulfed But a little over half way through, it fell flat for me and started feeling like a Gerald Lund knock off The end was somewhat redeeming, however I have very mixed feelings about the next two books They were tedious at best except when they were riveting But those parts came at the end of many pages of redundant explanations, over exageration of characters feelings and mundane subplots If I had been her editor, these books would have received some serious slashing As a side note, the author writes men very unrealistically The main character sensed every emotion his wife was experiencing without her having to explain it and talked endlessly about his feelings with her like a girlfriend would One or two conversations like that at pivotal self discovery type moments would have been nice, but every conversation Got tedious and unrealistic real fast The 4th book however was wonderful I couldn t put it down The main male character was well written and realistic The conflict was very heart felt and captivating And the conclusion was wonderful and completely satisfying I recommend the series on the 4th book alone, but keep in mind the second and third are at times hard to get through. Casey Harrison Guided His Mare Over The Bridge And Halted For A Moment As The Barrington Home Came Into View Something Imperceptibly Warm Tingled In His Chest He Knew The Feeling Well It Had First Come To Him When He D Realized The Missionaries Harassing Him Actually Knew What They Were Talking About, And He D Felt It Again When He D Read The Book They D Given Him He D Felt It When He D Come Out Of The Waters Of Baptism, And It Had Come Again When He D Arrived In Iowa City, Where The Saints Were Gathering In Preparation To Move West But Nothing Could Prepare Casey For The Emotional And Spiritual Storms That Lie Ahead As He Anticipates A Future With Iris Barrington, Whose Wounded Heart And Spirit Threaten To Rob Them Both Of Their Eternal Destiny This Is A Story Of Love, Miracles, And Redemption It Is A Story Of Sacrifice, Obedience, And Courage Of Faith As Firm As The Mountains Toward Which The Barringtons Travel Savor Once Again The Superb Storytelling Skills Of Acclaimed LDS Author Anita Stansfield In This Triumphant Epic Of The Barrington Family Saga Journey With The Barringtons As They Continue To Claim The Promises God Has Made To Them Not The Least Of Which Is The Promise Of Zion The series was a nice change in pace from what I had been reading political educational books Anita Stansfield s writing was fresh and enjoyable, stirring emotions of true love and the power of the Spirit I ll admit, by this book, I was just trying to finish the series Something in my OCDness compels me to finish a series, whether I like them or not And truthfully, I wasn t too thrilled with this one The first two were fine, but by the 3rd and 4th, they dragged for me I almost felt like, Enough of the overpowering Spirit driving experiences Those don t come that often, at least not to me I know, I know I must not be living right I could have told you that The spirit does not speak to me in strong ways nor as often It s subtle and consistent, mostly at fast and testimony meetings. Okay, so I m a total fan of Anita Stansfield and my husband knows that when I get a new Stansfield book that I will be mostly unavailable because I m reading It s normal for me to become so caught up in one of her books that I read it in one day I also usually give her books 5 stars That being said, this one just wasn t what I m used to from her I liked it, not as well as the first book in this series It just didn t pull me along like her stories usually do and the epilogue seemed awkward, like she s not sure she plans to continue the story with a book 5 Stansfield fans will still like this book, but to me it was a bit of a departure from her usual gripping storytelling. I really enjoyed this series the Barrington Saga However, this final volume left me feeling like she spent too much time on Iris s feelings and not enough on the rest of the family So many times in these multi volume series, the author seems to end up rushing to finish and the end comes up too fast with not quite enough substance Other than the final volume, I would totally recommend this series to read.

Anita Stansfield, the LDS market s 1 best selling romance novelist, is an imaginative and prolific writer whose romantic stories have captivated her readers With sales approaching a half million, Anita Stansfield has clearly found a niche in this market, said Nicole Martin, Publicist for Covenant Communications Her popularity stems from her ability to empathize with and write about the issues

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