WonderEver Wondered Who You Really Are Alice Wonder Gets An Offer From A Wonderland Monster A Little Help To Locate The Six Impossible Keys In Exchange Of Knowing Who She Really Is And Why She Killed Her Classmates In The School Bus Alice Agrees, Knowing The Consequences Might Put The Whole World In DangerOne Step Into The Truth, She Realizes She Needs The Pillar For Help But The Pillar Is Gone He S Not Coming Until Fourteen Years Of Her Life Passes Unless She Finds A Way To Bring Him Back Maybe The Number Written On Her Asylum Cell S Wall Is A ClueMeanwhile, The Cheshire Is Stirring Havoc In Jack S Body, Only To End Up Shocked By The Things Roaming In Jack S Head And Suddenly, The Cheshire Is Looking For Alice Too, Because Knowing What Happened In The Past Will Only Kill Her Before She Could Even Locate The KeysWill Alice Survive Will She Know What Happened On The Bus Will She Find About Jack S Secret And Why He Came Back From The Dead Another winner again Cameron Jace has done it again for the 5th time in a row I love how this book goes in depth with the individual characters Near the end it made me want to cry and through the whole book there was a lot of times I was in awe by the twists and turns The very last sentence of the book has me in shock I say it everytime but I can NOT wait for the next one Keep it up Thanks to Cameron for sharing the copy of Wonder It was the coolest new year s giftThis review may contain a few spoilers and quotes as usually I am darkness wrapped in black blood, dipped into the abyss of the deepest ocean. Welcome to the Freak Show Or I must say the Show of Wonders The Show, in which you probably have to find your Wonder to stay alive The Show, in which you probably have to time travel to unravel all the secretsBut time travel is impossible , you may sayAll is impossible, the Time may answer you, because he can do whatever he wants.Yep, it was a small spoiler that the book will contain time travel again But hey I love time travel stories But thing is, the time travel is the book This time Alice needs to know all about her future and even past.Let s start.My reaction to the whole book WHAT THE F CK DID I JUST READ IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD, BUT AT THE SAME TIME I HATTED CAMERON FOR THIS PLOT WHY SOOOO MANY TWISTS OF FATE WHY YOU RE JUST KILLING ME But I like it So, I m waiting for Checkmate like Hachiko, really.Let s continue Alice Wonder is 19 y o girl, who killed her classmates in the bus Alice is a student of Oxford University, who lives in the asylum Alice is a hero, who saved many lives But who is she, really The Real Alice The Good one Or Bad one A Monster Carter Pillar is a professor at the same University, who killed 12 people And after that he started living in the asylum too And became hero with Alice But this is true, really Why did he disappear for 14 years Why the 14 Maybe this number has a connection with number 14 written in Alice s ward Jack Diamonds is a guy who loves Alice so much Who is probably dead Or not How is it possible to be dead and alive at the same time Is the Queen of Hearts a dumb small person or an intelligent woman, who thinks through the moves in advance And the Duchess An ugly woman serving to the Queen of Hearts or a rebel, who has own secrets and plans The Cheshire.. My lovely Cheshire This cat the one of my favourite characters for unexplained reasons Um no I know why I like him, but I won t tell, coz it s to spoilery.This book told us about all of the listed above characters, revealed all their secrets and gave new food for thought.As I mentioned before, the book is based on time travel And all this for finding the Six Impossible Keys At first, Alice was sent to future, where she finds herself at age 33, living among sane people But are they really sane She lives in a world, governed not by those people with whom she expected Now it is splitted into two parts and you can t really say, where sane people live People like Alice The future is like a video game Shoot the bad guys And when it s game over, rewind to the past and play it all over again. The quote is very appropriate, because the future is an unstable thing But the BIG problem in the PAST Just then are revealed absolutely all the secrets who is Alice, the location of the Six Impossible Keys, and what is a WONDER Btw, every Monster from Wonderland has own Wonder This Wonder can be good or bad, it depends on a Monster Wonders with their consequences, that have taken place in the fifth book.I don t want to cross the borders of Spoilerland, so my favourite part THE QUOTESSmoking hookah is good for the skin Pain is like the Cheshire A parasite It can only feed on you if you let it Sometimes the truth is a slow burn of continuous pain The longer it takes to reveal, the it cuts through A sword s stroke is always merciful a thousand small cuts are the real torture After taking a break from the insanity series, I finally started Wonder And it reminded me why I love these books Fortunately, it was better than the last two books, which wasn t as good as the first one I was a little skeptical over the whole time travelling, but it worked just fine The author handled it great and the alteration of the povs were smoothly achieved All the characters are back, but this time we get a little inside of their background stories, and of course, Alice s, which was a grant mystery from book one And when we finally got to the bottom of it all, Cameron did it again and blew things up with the last chapters of Wonder Fortunately, I have the next one ready to go D Like all of the others in the Insanity series, I loved it This one has a ton of twists and surprises, some of which you ll be shocked to read, others that will make you stop, and wonder all of the possibilities this will lead up to Mr Tick and Mrs Tock are introduced in this book as an ancient couple who work for time himself itself And time always finds a way This is the only book in the series that has actually managed to make me shed a tear The present becomes clear, and Alice discovers who she really is, and why everyone is so curious about whether or not she is the Real Alice. Words cannot describe how much I loved this book I devoured it in one sitting I have to say its a tie between the first book and this book as my favorite books of all time I don t want to say too much but I am SO excited for the next book Keep up the awesome work Cameron Jace So I decided that I m gonna finish this series, it s going downhill but I m determined to complete it. So another one of the Insanity stories done I think this is my favourite so far, although i feel that every time i finish one of Cameron Jace s Alice stories I really liked the way the story has developed with Pillar and Alice this time, you feel their connection, so not so many Alice nods to the original story this time but i think Mr Jace needed this story to enhance the characters i have checkmate waiting in the wings to read but i don t want to start it too soon as i don t have the next one yet and so need to slow down if you enjoyed the others in the series you won t be disappointed On another note there were a few editing errors again in this one, words used twice, spelling mistakes, grammer errors etc, but Mr Jace has addressed this to his readers and now has new editors moving forward, so hopefully this has been resolved It would be a shame if people were put off the first few because of this as the stories themselves are so good. Well done once again Mister Jace, I salute you This one starts off a bit slower than the others but it doesn t take long for the story to take off.This one digs deeper into Alice s past, and she s faced with some decisions about her path and part in the Wonderland wars Nothing of course, is what it seems.Just when you think the answers are simple, something else sneaks up behind you and taps you on the shoulder.Some of the answers in here were a bit shocking but as later events came into play, it all made a twisted sort of sense as only Wonderland can The view spoiler time travel part was tricky hide spoiler I didn t think the insane could become insane until I read this book I absolutely loved Mr Tick and Mrs Tock Their idea of fun is freezing time and messing with people just to see the chaos that ensues They send Alice to the future and back in time to find the keys Alice learns a lot about herself during these trips Will Alice be able to save Jack and find her wonder I absolutely love this series even though it is slowly driving me mad Is Alice good or evil Who will win the Wonderland Wars As it is said many times in the book we are all mad here Maybe book 6 will make some sense out of the insanity Either way, I certainly can t wait to read it

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