Wetware As A Programmer For Galapagos Wetware, Hal Briggs Is Responsible For Writing The Genetic Code For Simple, Efficient Creatures To Be Employed In Menial Jobs Sweeping Streets Or Washing Dishes But The Demands For Wetware Are Changing, And Briggs Is Given A Project That Calls For Sophisticated Models Clients Are Demanding Human Appearance And BehaviorAs The Project Progresses, Briggs Finds Himself Endowing The New Models With Than The Specifications Dictate, Giving Them Distinct Personalities And Talents And Highly Developed Acumens When Two Of His Pet Projects, Jack And Kay, Escape, Briggs Reexamines Their Codes And Makes A Terrifying Yet Provocative Discovery From Craig Nova, A Master Of The Modern Novel, Comes A Tale Eerie In Its Vision Of A Future Not Far Off, Of A World Precariously Close To Today S

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wetware book, this is one of the most wanted Craig Nova author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Wetware
  • Craig Nova
  • English
  • 23 December 2017
  • 9781400031177

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    Is there a underappreciated writer in the United States than Craig Nova Wetware has the atmosphere of Blade Runner in its plot, but it is the tackling of deeper human mysteries that makes Mr Nova s work resonate with profound moral beauty at times At the core of this novel is the question why do we care about anyone besides ourselves Put another way, Mr Nova tells stories to ask what does it mean to be human Do yourself a favor do not neglect the novels of Craig Nova.

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    M John Harrison once said that if you are writing in a genre you have to find out what that genre is scared of and use it against it Nova writing Scifi had the same idea Wetware is a strange, slow book that revels in beauty and loneliness and has some stuff to say about humans and their obessesions, how the things we think we want aren t really what we need, and the things we actually need are much simpler than we realise Exquisite

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    really weird some parts were interesting, some were hot, some sad.

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    Made me think, cringe, and roll my eyes, all in equal measure A curious premise.

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    I picked up this one for a different reason than usual, the author is going to be one of my professors in the fall I m not a huge science fiction person, as far as I usually go is Ender s Game or maybe some Anne McCaffrey depending on where you draw the line The descriptions are beautiful The futuristic world is believable and disturbing There is a morbid beauty to the entire thing There was a bit sexually explicitness than I anticipated but it suited It was a bit hard to get into until over halfway through when all the strands really started coming together In the end I was left with a sense of beauty and hope and terror, ironically description that apply very accurately to Kay and Jack and what Briggs was trying to achieve I always forget to talk about the story Briggs is an engineer of sorts charged with writing the genetic code for creating human beings with specific purposes The job he is charged with is carried out, but he makes changes along the way for the sake of beauty you might say In the end though I think the reader is left with questions similar to those Briggs might be asking himself Was it worth it Was it safe Will it happen again

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    Mr Nova s characterization is what made this book keep going The reviews I read about the book said somewhat the same However, the pacing of this book is far too slow until the final ten chapters of the book where things go far too fast and seem not to match the pacing of the first part of the book I find the world interesting and Craig Nova lends the world description that feels damp and like the title of the book I could sense the dryness and dampness of the world Though, it would have been nice for the world to have taken on just a bit dynamic life, it felt a little 2 Dimensional to me.

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    This book was my first exposure to Nova s work, and I only have about 40 minutes until I have to be at work so this is gonna be a short review Basically, it s like Philip K Dick if he could write dialogue and without the sometimes taxing overlays of religiosity and paranoia The sentences keep coming in a clipped, unpretentious way that makes the noir references I ve seen to Nova s work make sense Nova s also capable of very poetic and insightful prose that can catch you slightly off guard, after so much efficient plot forwarding In other words, I dug it, and look forward to reading The Constant Heart , his latest.

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    I found this book thoroughly engaging The characters are convincingly human, even the ones who aren t as human as we are I found the evocation of their needs particularly moving We all deal with loneliness and purpose Craig Nova relates the struggle with both in a strange and fascinating near future, near reality setting I loved it If you like intelligent sci fi, then definitely give this a read.

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    In the Philip K Dick tradition without the paranoia In the future where people who do unpleasant jobs have to be manufactured I find it interesting how Nova paints scenic word pictures as both natural humans and manufactured humans pass through the environment, using the passing scenery to show that they are the same without passing a moral judgment.

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    Part Science Fiction, part a novel set in the future, there is a common dilemma of what is man s responsibility to what he may create In the end, the two humans Briggs creates draw the conclusion that they were slaves This novel was bewildering but thought provoking.

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