Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games

Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games This is a fun book It s cute and funny The pictures make it even fun and hilarious My children, who can relate to only wanting to play video games and then remembering how much fun real life is, thought it was great It also came with fun stickers. I really liked this book. All Kitty Wants To Do Is Play Her Favorite Video Game But Kitty Has Been Playing Her Video Game For FIVE Hours Now It S Time For Kitty To Go Outside,draw A Picture, Read A Book,do Anything Other Than Play Video GamesKitty Doesn T Want To Do Any Of These Things But Eventually She Does Anyway, And Discovers That Some Things Are Way Fun Than Video Games Cute, very short, picture book Series fans will not be disappointed. If only that actually worked on kids today No matter how many books they read, how much fun they had outside, or how many pictures they drew, screen time is what s most important And sadly, it s no different for adults. I like the book I like the idea of having a Kitty because I love.I also like the idea of Kitty reading, drawing and playing. As often happens, playing video games is so engaging that time slips away In the case of Bad Kitty, her human companion decides that five hours spent on the machine is far too long, and the cat is sent off to spend her time in other pursuits before earning time with her games again But surprisingly, Kitty ends up enjoying other activities, including reading In fact, once she gets her video game privileges back, she decides she prefers a good book to a good game While I, of course, completely agree with her sentiments, I m not sure most youngsters will and I also wonder if those that do prefer reading over gaming will also prefer to read their books on a device rather than going old school with a physical copy of the book Ah, well, I can dream, though, and hope that some young readers will follow Kitty s lead and become enchanted with the wonderful book she s reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit Oh, Kitty This time you made the right choice There are stickers in the front and back of the book too. This book was good on so many levels Kitty s facial expressions are hysterical, as is her constant reaching for the drawer with the tablet.I liked the rules for getting the game back, too Nothing too difficult, but there definitely needs to be a break after 5 hours of playing the video game I also really liked that Kitty did stuff related to the game pretending to be in it, drawing fanart, etc because that s how she still had fun.And, of course, I loved the ending too. For reviews, check out my blog Craft CycleAnother silly Bad Kitty picture book that has a good message at the end In this one, Bad Kitty plays the same video game for five hours so she is cut off and given three tasks she must complete before going back to play I liked this book because it doesn t say that playing video games is bad, but that you should play other things too By the end, Bad Kitty realizes how much fun it is to do other things as well Fun illustrations The facial expressions of Bad Kitty are excellent, especially for asking children emotion related questions Why is Bad Kitty mad I work with kids, sorry, I can never turn that teaching part off A good book with fun pictures. I enjoy the Bad Kitty books, and this one is nicely done and ties into digital citizenship Bad Kitty is becoming addicted to games and technology, and attempts to find other things fun and entertaining around By staying away from videogames and technology, new likes and interests are discovered I wish it were so easy with all kiddos, but at least this tale brings up the idea for discussion Most of my students enjoy this series, so I expect this one to be well received too

Nick Bruel is the New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of children s books including Bad Kitty, Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, Bad Kitty Meets the Baby, and Boing , among others Nick is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, and during his down time, he collects PEZ dispensers and grows tomatoes in the backyard He lives in Tarrytown, NY with his wife Carina and their lovely cat Esmerelda.

❄ Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games  kindle Epub ❦ Author Nick Bruel –
  • Paperback
  • 24 pages
  • Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games
  • Nick Bruel
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9781626725829

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