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The Maze of Bones The Maze of Bones The 39 Clues, 1 , Rick RiordanThe Maze of Bones is the first novel of The 39 Clues series, written by Rick Riordan and published September 9, 2008 by Scholastic It stars Amy and Dan Cahill, two orphans who discover, upon their grandmother Grace s death, that they are part of the powerful Cahill family, whose members constantly fight each other for Clues, which are ingredients to a mysterious serum The novel has received generally positive reviews 2012 39 1391 221 11 5 1 51 9786002910080 1392 21 1392 264 5 14 5 21 39 9786006225357 1 9786006225340. an easy read, very nice, refreshing and relaxing certainly not a difficult book but nonetheless enjoyable I am already starting the second one. I ve signed up for an online account, and am told I am a Lucien Let the hunt begin One of my 7th grade teachers read aloud the first chapter to her 130 students on Friday Guess how many requests I have for the book now I finished the book last night, have entered one set of cards and unlocked my first clue, and have mastered the first five tasks the online game has presented to me I wanted to be able to answer student questions about how to play or what was required I plan to raffle off for free the other card sets to interested students and circ the books without cards I m planning to display the one card that can be reused by every player in a plastic stand near the computers with the website listed and I ll see what the interest is Riordan did a good job of kicking off the series, although I will agree with some other comments that it certainly is predictable in many places our heroes do all the work to unearth a clue and the rival teams show up just at the right moment to steal it from them but I loved the history included For instance, in their Ben Franklin research the boy learns that Ben wrote a whole essay about the importance of farting true and the magic number boxes that Franklin did for fun are part of the game the kids say, you mean Franklin invented sudoku They re leaving Paris now and are off to Vienna in the next book to follow the clues that lead to Mozart I ll be there with them. Adventurous and exciting treasure hunt with great humor The information about Benjamin Franklin and the scenes in Paris were interesting A really intriguing start of the series A few minutes later they stood in a muddy graveyard, looking up at the dark silhouette of St Pierre de Montmartre The church was made of gray stone slabs A single square bell tower rose from the left hand side, topped with a lightning rod and cross Dan thought the building looked angry and resentful If churches could frown, this one would. Grace Cahill changed her will moments before she died For Amy and Dan, the loss of Grace, their grandmother, is a terribly sad event They will miss their weekends spending time at the family mansion hearing stories of Grace s past adventures and exploring the many rooms.After the funeral, certain family members are invited to the reading of the will Amy and Dan are included Everyone is anxious to find out what their inheritance will be No one expects what happens Everyone is given a choice take one million dollars or give it up for a clue A clue that will lead to a deep family secret The one who follows all 39 clues and uncovers the secret will become the most powerful Cahill in the world.Amy and Dan are 1 of 7 teams competing for the clues The other teams may be made up of family members, but that doesn t mean they aren t dangerous Everyone wants Amy and Dan out of the way They think they have inside information since they were Grace s favorites The problem is, Amy and Dan know even less than everyone else They were never told how much influence the Cahill family has had in the world throughout the years Because of their lack of knowledge and kind natures, Amy and Dan s lives are put in danger several times as they fly to Paris and search for Clue 2.39 CLUES THE MAZE OF BONES is a fast paced, adventure filled, mystery Each book comes with a set of clue cards You are encouraged to visit the website, create an account, and begin solving the puzzle You can win over 100,000 in prizes The second book in the series is called ONE FALSE NOTE and is written by Gordon Korman and will be released December 2, 2008 Book Three is THE SWORD THIEF by Peter Lerangis and will be available on March 3, 2009 Seven books are planned and the series will be completed in 2010 OH and if this the clue cards and interactive website aren t enough, the books have already been optioned for a movie Word has it, Steven Spielberg is going to direct WOW It was a good read. Jo jedna knjiga koja mi je ao to nisam itao kada sam bio mnogo mla i Napu teni brat i sestra sami protiv sveta u borbi za kontrolom nad istim Pa skoro sami, par saveznika imaju od kojih je jedna angrizava ma ka ist stil pisanja, sa relativno jednostavnim likovima koji su skoro isto crno beli mada imaju malo zatamnjenja isto da ne budu dosadni, interesantna pri ica sa fokusom na pronala enje i re avanje zagonetki i tempo koji kre e odma od po etka i ne popu ta do kraja.Preporuka za svakoga, naro ito ako ste 15 ili manje D The Maze of Bones Is this book for me Checklist I love clue hunts and solving puzzles I want to feel like a child again I was once a ninja My grandmother is crazy but pretty cool My family constantly fights over money I have social anxiety I wish my cat had silver fur Minutes Before She Died Grace Cahill Changed Her Will, Leaving Her Decendants An Impossible Decision You Have A Choice One Million Dollars Or A ClueGrace Is The Last Matriarch Of The Cahills, The World S Most Powerful Family Everyone From Napoleon To Houdini Is Related To The Cahills, Yet The Source Of The Family Power Is Lost Clues Hidden Around The World Will Reveal The Family S Secret, But No One Has Been Able To Assemble Them Now The Clues Race Is On, And Young Amy And Dan Must Decide What S Important Hunting Clues Or Uncovering What REALLY Happened To Their Parents In Which Rick Riordan AttemptsAnotherHarry Potteresque Cash Cow Good God, is this man the most shameless author currently working in children s literature First the highly derivative but at least marginally entertaining Percy Jackson, and now this a hokey National Treasure meets Amazing Race mash up 10 books, each written by a different author, that follow a sibling duo as they globetrot, attempting to piece together the titular clues in order to reveal a single earth shattering prize that will restore the power of their family name Come On I m all on board for books that tantalize reluctant readers, but this is just one poorly executed, paper thin Money Train that sacrifices excellent ideas and promises of excitement for soulless character building and trite, episodic adventures For the sake of arguing about plausibility, I m going to suspend all disbelief at the patently absurd plot, and pay attention to the most egregious errors errors that cannot be cast aside simply because the book will appeal to many children Reluctant readers aren t stupid Aliteracy isn t the product of stupidity But this book treats its readers like they re stupid and that s what I resent than anything else The one dimensionality of Dan and Amy is insulting enough they should have development than Good At Math And Typical Male Impulsiveness Dan and Loves To Read And Is Scared But Determined Amy What s even repulsive is the development of the secondary and tertiary characters Nellie, the au pair, is a lazy, iPod attached twenty something who suddenly starts speaking Spanish Is it an attempt for Riordan to show off some of his linguistic know how Is it an attempt to create a multicultural character Who knows Nellie argues on the phone with her father in Spanish and then it s never brought up again, except for her to admit quite casually that she also speaks French, which comes in handy when the kids go to France In Nellie s words Duh My mom taught French She was, like, French Perhaps the most insulting endeavor to add a multicultural spin to the book is the character Jonah Wizard A swaggering reality television star, Wizard is a crass attempt to create a thuggish, streetwise black character who plays up his cultural identity to the cameras, but is actually much less black around people he knows Witness as he says, in front of the paparazzi, Yo My peeps and then, inside a car without the flashing bulbs of the press, speaks without any vernacular whatsoever Even when the reader is first introduced to Jonah Wizard, we are told that he tries to act like a street punk , which makes his patois even caricature like Hand me the clue, homes he demands to the executor of the will ARE YOU KIDDING ME And then we learn his reality show is called Who Wants To Be A Gangsta , that he has an album called Gangsta Life, and that France has just released his pop up children s book called you guessed it Le Li l Gangsta Livre InstantanJonah Wizard is a disgusting stock character who is one freshly rolled joint shy of being completely racist The fact that author is a middle aged white man makes the character even insulting and less authentic Riordan should be ashamed of himself Want bad character development Meet the pumped up Holt family who wear matching athletic gear and whose patriarch shouts ridiculous things like, Company, FALL IN , the Kardashian like Kabras who jetset around and smuggle weapons onto planes, and Irina, the former KGB spy who hides poison tipped needles in her fingernails It s like Riordan sat down and pulled together every single unlikely but cliched character possible and thought, But how can I cram them all into one book It would be a satire if it weren t written so damned seriously, which is a problem in itself The writing Oy The plot driven storyline, filled with the typical I don t know how to write a mystery so I m just going to have the characters make silly guesses , is so ludicrously bad that it feels like it s been cobbled together by eight different ghost writers and smooshed into perfectly contained danger filled episodes During a house fire, Amy and Dan are crawling on their hands and knees below the smoke line yay, fire safety when Amy notices ornate dragon carvings on the wall that all seem to be leading to an exit They are A secret passageway that leads the duo to safety Seriously Even Dan Brown, Grand Poobah Of Bad Action Oriented Writing, would call shenanigans on that Then there s the bombing of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that decimates one team but leaves Dan and Amy curiously unscathed, even though they were inches from the detonation Add to this that book is insanely predictable Every time Amy and David find a clue or a scrap of information that will lead to a clue, one of the other teams has sneaked up on them and either hears the clue or steals it Then there s a fight, both physical and vocal That plot contrivance doesn t get old at all.Riordan s final failure is his inability to capture a solid tone, which gives the book a truly obnoxious inconsistency Panicky episodes are carelessly turned around with unbelievable sibling banter that paints Dan as a goofball and Amy as a shrill harpy after being told that sedan chairs are not meant to be occupied by his scrawny 90 pound frame, Dan proclaims, RESOLUTION Start eating ice cream Riordan must think that reluctant readers like corny humor because his misunderstanding of what young adults believe is funny is peppered throughout the book a dog that rolls over and plays dead when commanded to pay attention, a hotel in Paris whose name translates into House of Roaches, and Dan s incessant ADD laden distractions and quips will only provoke eye rolling from much of its intended audience It all smacks of Trying Too Hard Also Trying Too Hard The heavy handed Harry Potter copping First in Percy where the similarities were so obvious that even the names had the identical number of letters Harry Percy, Ronald Grover, Annabeth Hermione , now in The 39 Clues, where we read about a House divided into quarters, with each house representing a particular archetype The houses are governed by a dying then dead figurehead whose encyclopedic knowledge is cherished by some and scorned by others Additionally, the protagonists are reluctant heroes who realize their fate is to protect the world from falling in the hands of ne er do wellers The fact that Gordon Korman, another author of dubious talents, writes the follow up guarantees that I will definitely not continue with the series.

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