The Book of Hygge: The Danish art of living well

The Book of Hygge: The Danish art of living wellIt s beautiful, no doubt It s vaguely inspiring It also meanders around the topic with no clear direction and a host of ephemeral pleasantries However, points for including excellent quotations from other writers. The main thing I took away from this beautiful little book, was to appreciate the small things in life This may seem really obvious, but in reality it is something that can be quite difficult to remember to do with a busy lifestyle It is certainly something at this moment in time I need reminding of The book encourages you to really examine the relationships you have with the people and surroundings in your life, to appreciate and cultivate them into something that makes you happy To create relaxing environments, taking time to enjoy what you have Blankets are mentioned a lot, I m guessing because it s generally colder in DenmarkThis is a really beautiful little book, lovely photographs and a wonderful layout A perfect gift book. This is a beautifully produced book, lovely to hold in the hand, with an attractive cover, lovely illustrations, and printed on high quality cream paper It clearly explains the concept of hygge and all it encompasses a blend of mindfulness, cosiness and sincerity a focus on people and relationships rather than things and business It also makes Denmark sound like a wonderful place to live, a sort of egalitarian utopia, and it is true that it regularly appears towards the top of any quality of life index.However the book very quickly became repetitive for me with each successive chapter repeating much the same as the one before with only the slightest change in focus I guess once you have expanded on the meaning of hygge, there is really not that muchyou can say about it. What white nonsense is this I m familiar with the Norwegian koselig, and since even this book references it when explaining hygge I assumed it would be similar In reality I think it is, but this book only spends a bit of time on the etymology and history of the word concept The rest of the book reads like a new agey idealized and myopic view of Danish culture It presents families as a safe place, all problems can be solved if we just sit down and have a cup of tea The books seems to try to package and sell this snake oil to Americans who eat up this white fantasy land where we can all just get along, if we all are that same I m not looking for an Scandinavian Eat, Prey, Love. With Spring just around the corner, I m kind of over the whole let s get cozy in front of the fire with hot cocoa and fuzzy slipper socks thing Cabin fever has set in with a vengence Probably not the most optimal time to read a book about Hygge.Still, it was all right Muchaccessible than other Hygge books I ve read For example, this Hygge book didn t try to sell me candlesor encourage unhealthy eating habits, like binge eating cakes and pies and such This book also didn t suggest that Hygge was something exclusive to Danes and no one else could really achieve it I knowhow pretentious, right.Rather, this Hygge book talked about the actual elements of Hygge Like comfort, coziness, togetherness, and happiness through simple pleasures HA I KNEW it wasn t about buying 1,001 candles Kind of common knowledge I didn t learn anything new I didn t already know from observing my cats, who are both Grand Masters of Hygge.AH HA Now THERE S a book I should write All I Need to Know About Hygge I Learned From My Cats p.s What s up with the random photos, though They re like something a shrink would show you Describe how this photo makes you feel about your mother when they re trying to get inside your head. This book was quite boring The most interesting parts were the quotes from other writers If anything, it made me want to read their works, so I shall list them here in case anyone wants to skip a step and just go straight to the sources The writers she quoted are William Morris, Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford, Annie Dillard, Gaston Bachelard, Erich Fromm, Tove Jansson, Care of the Soul A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life by Thomas Moore, and Ordinarily Sacred by Lynda Sexson. I won Louisa Thomsen Brits The Book of Hygge from a Books Are My Bag competition on Twitter, and couldn t have been happier with my prize As an object, the book is beautiful it is a sturdy yet compact hardback, which has been filled with the most lovely and calming photographic accompaniments, some of them double paged spreads Thomsen Brits book is essentially a manual on hygge, and she demonstrates how to notice the little moments and take pleasure in everything Hygge is a big thing in my life, although I must admit that I didn t know that there was a precise word for it until a couple of years ago The Book of Hygge is a comforting and nicely written read, which really makes you take note of what is around you, and the little moments which you should never take for granted It is a particularly perfect tome to curl up with in front of a roaring fire on a winter s day there s a wonderful hygge moment for you right there. Naprosto zbyte n kniha o tom, e pohodu a spokojenost naleznete v m stech, kde se c t te bezpe n a s lidmi, kter m te r di Autorka po d dokola mele to sam a cel je to pln zbyte n a receptu na t st se nedo k te Ilustruj c fotografie jsou podle m depresivn Celkov vzato zcela vyhozen pen ze a promarn n as, kter jsem mohl v novat n emu u ite n mu V podstat cokoliv by bylo u ite n j ne ten t to knihy. This is a beautiful little book, with some gorgeous images and some lovely sentiments Hygge is something that seems both delightful and yet also deeply claustraphobic Part of me gets the feeling that the emphasis on Hygge is a reaction to a Danish past where showy, violent one upmanship was the norm Having read a few books about life in Denmark I am not sure that I could survive in a society that seems to value group cohesion and conformity above all things In some ways I get the feeling that it is this Nordic conformity that allows all of the real nastiness to escape in the form of their excellent but incredibly dark crime fiction So thanks for conforming to the poin where such great writing and drama leaks out Basically part of me loves the concept of relaxing into a soporific world governed by Hygge and Jante s law, while another part thinks I could well end up shaving my head and going all Lisbeth Salander on someone s arse Either way this is essentially a great nordic take on Mindfulness and one that I find quite a lot easier to read about without gagging The Most Beautiful Guide To The Danish Custom Of Hygge, The Everyday Life Philosophy For Better LivingHygge Is A Feeling Of Belonging And Warmth, A Moment Of Comfort And Contentment This Beautiful Little Book Will Help You To Find Hygge And Embrace It Every Day Make A Pot Of Coffee, Relax In Your Favourite Chair And Discover For Yourself How Life Is Better With Hygge Best Book For The Philosophy Of Hygge You Magazine A Philosophy For Mindful Living The Guardian Her Book Is A Thing Of Beauty Irish Examiner

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  • The Book of Hygge: The Danish art of living well
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  • 10 October 2018
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