Shift Mean Girls Meets Gone Girl A Gripping, Dark, Psychological Thriller For YA Readers, Perfect For Fans Of We Were LiarsThere Were Two Things Everyone Knew About Miranda Vaile The First Was That She Had No Parents They Were Dead And The Second Was That They Were Dead Because Miranda Had Killed ThemOlive Hasn T Always Been A Loner She Used To Be The School Queen Bee But That Was Before Her Breakdown Now She Can Only Watch As New Girl Miranda Latches On To Her Ex Best Friend Katie, Talking Like Katie, Dressing Like Katie And Even Going Out With Katie S BoyfriendAnd Then Katie Dies Everyone Thinks It Was A Tragic Accident But Olive Isn T So Sure What If Miranda Really Is A Killer

Em Bailey is an Australian living in Germany where, despite having been a vegetarian for many years, she now enjoys the occasional Wurst Em used to be a new media designer for a children s television production house and is now a full time author Shift is her first YA novel, although she has written a number of books for children under the name Meredith Badger When she s not writing, Em is gene

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Shift Author Em Bailey –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Shift
  • Em Bailey
  • English
  • 09 January 2017
  • 9781405282888

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    Wow This book practically threw me off balance The story itself is amazing with a lot of twists and turns If you ve read my IMM 25, you would probably know that this book is soaked wet, and I spent hours drying it And that was when I couldn t help but took a peek and instantly, I was hooked.Our main character Olive is a beautiful, witty, sarcastic but problematic teenage girl Ever since her father left, she has not been the same as her old self She is convinced that she is the reason of her father s leaving and she blames herself for it Her best friend is a sensible and logical girl, Ami who also suffered a similar family tragedy.Then, a newbie comes to school Miranda Vaile s her name Rumors are flying around that Miranda killed her parents And Olive is intrigued When she discovers Miranda s strange behaviour and Google it online, she found a shocking word shape shifter A shape shifter is said to be an organism that sticks onto its host and drain his her life force away Olive doesn t know whether this is true, but evidences are pointing towards it.What is so great about this book, you ask 1 The blurring of the fine line between fantasy and reality Yes, this is a modern day young adult novel, set in a normal place in a normal country BUT, the author s words seem to gravitate towards the paranormal at times and then back to the real world And guess what I myself am not sure about it Oh, how I love books that make me guess.2 Oddities and Disturbing Behaviors Olive gets paranoid about Miranda s getting close to her ex best friend Katie, and fears that Miranda is really a shapeshifter as Miranda slowly takes on the shape of Katie herself while Katie slowly shrinks and becomes a skeleton Before that, Miranda was fascinated by Katie she imitates the way Katie walks, talks and wears She was always murmuring lines words that are previously spoken by Katie herself At this point, I was really worried that Miranda is crazy But then, tidbits are revealed about Olive herself, and I started to question her sanity as well There, the author makes me doubtful again.3 Quirky Romance A real hottie nice guy liveguard, Lachlan becomes interested in Olive, and while she does like him, she is self conscious of her current status as the school s pariah and also her dark past She tries her best to make him go away even though in her heart, she really, really likes him But Lachlan has no interest in the pretty, typical cheerleader type girls in school He s only interested in Olive Later, he becomes Olives anchor to sanity in a rough, stormy ocean.4 Twists and Turns The author cleverly spun a thriller based on a devious plot, and I, the pleasantly surprised reader, shall happily applaud her for it I was outsmarted than once can I use that word and not even once I did not go, What OMG.5 Flawed Characters What I appreciate about flawed characters is that they are real people that makes mistakes, have problems and are sometimes troubled by events in life They may not be perfect or dream like or posses super powers, but they are true to life.6 Writing Style The author tells the story with ease and adeptness The words are simple and easy to read, but at the same time, it also portrays the author s unique writing style I like how the author describes some of the personal traits of the characters, they felt so real that I can t help but imagine what they are like.7 High on The Creepiness Factor Don t let yourself be fooled This book is not what you think Symptoms after reading include fear, minor discomfort and a high admiration for the author s brilliant mind.I hope these seven reasons are enough to convince you that Shift is indeed a highly exceptional, gripping and engrossing debut in the sea of young adult books If you want a fresh breathe from the usual teen romance, vampires, werewolves and shape shifters, go read Shift Mark my words You won t regret reading it.http the

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    1.5 starsEasily my biggest disappointment of 2012 so far.I was so excited for Shift So excited I love psychological thrillers and horror novels, and Shift sounded like it had a nice combination of both Besides, look at that amazing cover It s beautiful and so evocative and creepy.I read it quickly I ll give Bailey that But, in all fairness, I was on a five hour flight home from Turkey The only thing that saved it from a one star rating was a twist at the halfway point that I totally didn t see coming, which was amazing because it is nowhere near a new twist, and I was totally impressed at how well Bailey managed to hide it from me.Everything else I despised.It s made even worse by the fact that, on paper, I should love this novel I should be giving it 5 stars and applauding its brilliance, imagination and creepy factor All of those things are totally absent.It s a shape shifter novel where a kind of emotional vampirism from the teenage girl villain, Miranda, is a metaphor for an eating disorder she literally wastes away Olive s ex best friend, Katie , bullying she does this mostly through psychological takeover and teenage girl cliques, where Miranda spends the first half of the novel moving into Katie s life, driving away all her other friends, playing on Katie, an aspiring model s, insecurity and body image issues in order to trigger severe anorexia, until Katie has an emotional breakdown and Miranda, who has blossomed from a drab nobody literally she seems to have no physical form to a magnetic and charming beauty queen, finishes her off by betraying Katie and seducing her boyfriend multiple times.That is not going under spoiler tags because a it s about 30% of the novel and b it s totally, blindingly obvious.Now, I know what you guys are thinking, because I m psychic and awesome like that.Doesn t Katie sound like she should be the main character Well, I hear you Even if that s not what you were sayingshhh There are books in which having an otherwise secondary character as an observer should work well, like The Secret History Shift is not at all like that, given that Olive and Katie rarely to never interact, and when they do, it s in cliches and trophes no please you have to believe me , I just want to be beautiful , God, Olive, why don t you lose some weight and stop being so crazy so that it s impossible to care about what will happen to Katie Not only that, but the writing in Shift is among some of the clumsiest I ve ever read yes, I m aware that this review is clumsily written, too Bailey really needs a lesson in show don t tell , because there are walls of text that simply seem to go like Katie let Miranda borrow her headphones Miranda started wearing the headphones all the time Katie stopped hanging out with her other friends It was just her and her boyfriend and Miranda Miranda was starting to look blonder She kind of looked like Katie Katie started to look pale Katie was losing weight and I was worried about her There s no deduction, no room for the reader to engage his her brain, we re just led along by the hand and told how each thing happened The foregone conclusion aspect of this could have been creepy, but it wasn t because of the wooden and drab writing, and the fact that it s not just foregone, it s unbelievably obvious Everything about Miranda is weird and evil from day one There is also bizarre overuse of the word lush , which seems to show up on every page.It was as if Bailey had a checklist of things that she wanted to write in the novel and she was just putting them down on the page without really thinking about whether they would be interesting or enjoyable, because she really wanted to get to the end, damn it At some points, it feels almost like reading an outline for a scene that Bailey wanted to write later Never fear if you think the novel should have been told from Katie s perspective, though After half the novel has been wasted spent on Olive drably observing Katie s breakdown from the outside, view spoiler Katie dies, hide spoiler

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    1.5 5Subtlety is not this book s strong suit so, this wasn t that much of a psychological thriller Obviously there s a history here with everyone aware but having the same go unspoken Yet, with the big ginormous hints littering the path toward the reveal, there really was no thrill for me in this one At points, I even felt a little insulted by how it seemed someone had taken my hand and positioned my just so, as if saying, see this this is the way things went down and that that is why things are the way they are now There s zero figuring out going on in here There s than one mystery to figure out in an attempt to make matters interesting More than one unknown quantity entered the picture though Lachlan s type lay on the side of the predictable What did we have in him Why, yet another new hot boy crushing on the odd girl out Question Who s been there and done that with me Answer Anyone whose picked up a YA paranormal in the recent past The fact that he s interested in her was not new the fact is I saw little point in him save YA hotness quotient being fulfilled It s Miranda and her oddness that should have upped the ante Eventually, however, the same problem of things being handed to me happens with regard to her My complaints ran along the lines of wanting to be allowed the chance to figure things out on my own As in stop leading me along like a baby and let me do it Plus, it s the mostly oddly arranged thing I ve read in ages and that s not really a good thing Imagine your typical story of a building up, a climax, and a resolution thereafter now imagine a big old knife slicing it clean in half and swapping those halves places , or apt, skipping the tail end and then doubling up on the start Why SHIFT had the same thing taking place twice over Imagine again my frustration over how people in it just didn t see I mean, why piece things together at all, when midway through it s clear that it s already been done for you What an aggravating experience this was Not even mentions of toxic friendships and blow by blow of how they could tear each other apart kept me interested And even when things eventually did change up a little well, there was no steam left The tension before resolution Absent. Instead, there s a big squelchy plop y sound to mark the ending.

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    This is of a 4.5 star kind of book Every time I ve seen Shift in the store, I ve always picked it up and put it back down and it wasn t until my housemate and I discovered a mutual love for YA that I actually read it because she lent it to me You need to read this It was edgy, gripping, original, funny, emotional, frustrating and it had everything that makes a great novel It s a story about a girl named Olive, who is now a little messed up in the head and on medication after a failed suicide attempt Olive is trying to fit back in at school again after being ditched by her now ex best friend, Katie The only friend who understands Olive is Ami Miranda is a new girl at Olive and Ami s school and it s rumoured that she murdered her parents, there s something not quite right about Miranda apart from the fact she allegedly killed her parents and Olive is determined to figure out what Oh, there is also a hot guy named Lachlan who is fairly interested in our main girl Let me start off by saying, I thought the characters were AMAZING Em Bailey has done a magnificent job at creating three dimensional and realistic characters by giving them all little quirks and characteristics which makes somebody them All of her characters have such unique personalities in contrast to eachother and I adored Olive s characterisation because although she was one of those MC s that said she was ugly or plain looking ala EVERY HEROINE IN YA EVER , she was funny, quirky, cute and you can relate to her on some level Like how when she was nervous around a guy she likes, she d be a bitch to them, yeahhh Even the stereotypical cheerleader type had a personality Now, when I started reading, I wasn t expecting such a cool supernatural angle at all I found the supernatural aspect of this was incredibly unique as the focus is on shapeshifters Here s the thing, the shapeshifters in this world don t turn into animals and other creatures, but they latch onto another person and basically drain their energy and turn into the other person gradually but also terrifyingly quick The mind games aspect of this novel was fascinating and the further you read, the invested you get into this world which is basically our world, but with creepy life sucking shapeshifter people The one thing that did annoy me though, was after the incredible twist half way through seriously, I ran to my housemate and said WTF JUST HAPPENED WHAT IS GOING ON , the story kinda took a completely different turn At first I didn t like it and I thought Olive had turned into an idiot, but then it redeemed itself and got progressively interesting and terrifying and you ll find yourself yelling, Come on, Olive What are you doing I haven t read a lot of psychological thrillers in the YA genre, however I ll definitely try to get my hands on because Shift left such a lingering impression on me, that I m still thinking about how haunted I felt weeks after reading.

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    Oh My God There are almost no words to describe my state of mind after reading Shift Em Bailey should be applauded, and I am definitely grateful for her impeccable writing skills that never once failed to leave me questioning my own sanity.This genre wasn t one I d usually take to, but this book just begging me to read it, and so I did I was pleasantly surprised All the characters were written so well Miranda always left me wondering Was she just a psychotic girl, suffering from her desperation to fit in or was she something else entirely Olive, who we slowly discover, was wonderful to read I just love the fact that Bailey could write her so realistically blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, ending the book with the mysterious disappearance of Miranda that left the story hanging giving the reader something to wonder about.After a day s worth of reading, I can honestly say I am half in awe of Bailey and half frightened by how much this book has made me think Honestly, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a story filled with twists that will surely keep them awake until the early hours of the morning.

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    This was one CREEPY book Half way through the book I was in this state Despite it s obvious creepiness I couldn t put it down.So Olive was this typical once popular now loner kid with issues, but what those issues were was not so clear in the beginning At times I was totally frustrated with her and I was screaming at the book what are you doing and yes I was totally scared of the people in the book I just had chills all over and by the time I finished I was doubting my own reality I ll be keeping an eye out for books from this author

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    4.5 StarsI absolutely loved this I just grabbed this at the library because it was available, and I was sick of waiting on titles, and now I m so glad I did I went into it not really knowing what to expect because none of the people I follow have read this and I hope that changes after this review because it s a great book , and usually I prefer to go into things knowing a bit about what to expect, but it was fun to be taken by surprise for once.The story is about Olive who has some quirks and some kind of issue that happened in her not so distant past She was the beta to the alpha female and then she found herself on the outside after her Incident leaving her one friend Ami Ami is the perfect friend for Olive because she doesn t judge her on how much she s changed, or how weird any of her thoughts might be, but one day a new girl comes to their school and everything is thrown into chaos for Olive and Ami Miranda Vaile was rud to have killed her parents, and when she arrives at the school the alpha female initially shuns her Slowly but surely Miranda works her way into not only being part of the clique, but becoming the new alpha herself There s something about her though that Olive and Ami just don t like, and even though it is completely illogical, they can t help but wonder if she is some kind of shape shifter and liken her to a parasite It does seem as though Miranda is almost stealing the life force of her new best friend though now doesn t it It isn t until Ami encourages Olive to confront Miranda that things take a turn for the worse view spoiler And let me tell you, I so did not see that twist coming At all hide spoiler

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    Miranda Vaile is the strong point of this young adult novel It is well worth reading for her alone Miranda is offered to us, on the one hand, as a supernatural demon and on the other as a rolled gold bitch who is disturbed and rageful, but also charming to the nth degree For good measure, she can also be seen as the symbol of a destructive inner voice, enticing one unlucky girl into anorexia Whatever she is exactly, Miranda has the psychopaths s ability to pinpoint and play to our longings, fears and frailties, without a particle of real empathy.The narrator is fellow high school student Olive Corbett, who has plenty of her own issues to work through Family stuff Huge amounts of confusion, guilt and anger have knocked her off course In the early part of the novel she is trying to sort herself out while also observing Miranda from a distance.Olive has ample evidence that Miranda is vicious and destructive, and decides, reasonably enough, to avoid her That s all thrown out the window, though, when Miranda turns her attentions to Olive Miranda is fun, cutting through social barriers to get her and her underage friends of the moment into nightclubs and posh fashion shoots The devil indeed wears Prada Miranda inspires obsessive adoration, which is also seductive, even while separating you from the humble everyday world.It s a life lesson a scary person who suddenly turns sweet, and even flatters you, is almost irresistably seductive, a dream come true Reason and rationality won t defeat them.The rival that a demon cannot defeat, though, is the genuine lover someone who knows you well enough to offer respect, tenderness and passion Who or what is Miranda really In a way, it doesn t matter Herman Melville didn t need the fantasy genre to show us Moby Dick as the gliding great demon of the deep He just had to float the idea.The double is used as a literary device throughout, to explore personal identity.Males generally appear in a positive light the young ones anyway but in the romance tradition they are pretty much wooden props, even when they say and do the right thing.

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    Okay, so I decided I d give this book to someone else before I reviewed it Just because, well, I wasn t sure whether I wasn t getting it because I am stupid, or whether I wasn t getting it because I wasn t SUPPOSED to get it Turns out, either we re both stupid, or it s just one of those books.You know the ones I m talking about the ones with the fantastic writing, brilliant prose, life like characters those books that leave you SO UTTERLY CONFUSED So basically, the story settles itself quite tightly around the life of one Olive as in the name a troubled individual as she examines the destructive, unnatural and downright creepiness of her new classmate, Miranda Together, Olive and her best friend Amy, investigate Miranda as deeply as they can and promptly decide that she s dangerous.A few chapters in, you feel that you ve started to get the hang of the story curious bestie, hot new guy, creepy new girl, popular bitches Olive seems so normal she has a regular job at a cinema, a crazy loyal best friend and a simple, common family situation with a mother and one little brother You start to see that this is just a regular if slightly realistic than most YA fantasy novel The suspense is building and your guessing that, a little later on, the horror and action will start, then somehow, against all odds, Olive will trump her opponent and walk away with a nice little happily ever after.AND THEN SOMETHING not telling what not going to ruin the surprise nope NEVER turns your entire understanding of the story on its head It takes what you thought you knew about Olive s life, what you predicted for it, and then rips it to shreds Now you have NO IDEA where you re going, what s right and what s wrong, what s true and what s false Now you just have to ride out the rest of the story like a wave, feeling totally out of control having ABSOLUTELY NO understanding of what s going on.But, and here comes the genius of Em Bailey, despite what you decide is well at least how you re going to take it as the truth, the outcome, the message and the entirety of the novel itself is the same It s either a fantasy or a dark realist but either way it s chilling and brilliant.

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    Flicking through books on offer, I stumbled upon two Em Bailey novels Intrigued by both, I decided to give one of the books a read Without looking at the books on Goodreads, without any idea of the reviews and ratings, I decided Shift sounded like the interesting option and if I enjoyed it, I decided I would be back for the other Em Bailey novel.Despite how interesting Shift sounded, I found myself rather disappointed by this one It is a book where I was stuck between a two star rating and a three star rating, where the former won out as it really wasn t quite enough for me to round my two point five star rating up In truth, I really should have known better No matter how interesting young adult thrillers sound, I m always let down I threw myself into adult thrillers before reading young adult thrillers, and due to this my standards have always been set higher For me, young adult thrillers are always too predictable for my liking and fail to have the high impact of their adult counterparts I m sure there are plenty of good young adult thrillers on the market, I simply have trouble enjoying them as much as I would like.Even by my mental standard of young adult thrillers, Shift was a bit too predictable It was filled with far too many clich s in terms of situations, characters, and events which made it difficult for me to get down deep into this story It was a quick and easy read, meaning I was able to finish it in next to no time at all, but at no point did the story shock me or really get my heart pumping.The story had potential, but it didn t quite do it for me I may give the other Em Bailey novel a read, but I doubt I will be going back to the bookstore and buying it anytime soon.

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