The Sisters of Blue Mountain

The Sisters of Blue Mountain A Sisters SecretA Mysterious PhenomenonA Murder That Ties It All TogetherAn Emotional, Suspenseful Novel About The Bond Between Sisters And The Secrets We Hold To Keep Our Family Safe, The Sisters Of Blue Mountain Is A Thrilling Mystery That Hurtles Towards An Unexpected Ending That Will Leave Readers SpeechlessThe Small Town Of Mountain Springs, Pennsylvania Thrives On The Snow Geese Migration Each Year, The Birds Flock To The Dam, And The Tourists Follow, Filling Up Linnet S Bed And BreakfastBut One Morning Linnet Wakes Up To Discover Hundreds Of Dead Geese By The BB And Her Life Is Thrown Into The Media Frenzy When Her Father A Former Ornithology Professor Is Asked To Study The Case As The Tourists Cancel Their Plans And Linnet S Father S Health Grows Increasingly Worse, The Last Thing She Expects Is To See Her Estranged Sister, Myna, On Her DoorstepMyna Has Never Stayed In One Place For Long After Running From Mountain Springs Although She And Linnet Were Close Growing Up, A Family Secret Broke Their Bond, And Myna S Return Has Brought Back Memories Both Sisters Have Tried To Keep BuriedWhen A Reporter Arrives In Town Who May Have A Connection To The Sisters Past, Linnet And Myna Are Forced To Confront The Event That Tore Them Apart But When A Young Professor Who Was Assisting Their Father On The Case Turns Up Dead And Their Father Becomes The Primary Suspect Linnet And Myna Realize That Their Secret Won T Stay Hidden For Long

Karen Katchur is an award winning suspense novelist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a master s degree in Education She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Sisters of Blue Mountain  ✩ Karen Katchur –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Sisters of Blue Mountain
  • Karen Katchur
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9781250066824

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    Talented Karen Katchur returns following 2015 The Secrets of Lake Road with another emotional mystery domestic suspense, THE SISTERS OF BLUE MOUNTAIN two timelines connect for a riveting page turner of the strong bonds of family Set in a fictional tourist town of Mountain Springs, PA, two young sisters Linnet and Myrna grew up in a home with a professor for a dad and a mother who suffers from extreme depression When the girls were young, the father decided they would turn the large home into a Bed and Breakfast Inn, called the Snow Goose.True to its name the Snow Goose was the main attraction in the small town, thriving on the snow geese migration Each year, the birds flock to the dam, and the tourists follow The geese migrated late winter and early spring, flying over Pennsylvania en route to Canada Tourists traveled from as far away as Virginia to see the snow geese making their trip north, swimming in the dam, resting in the fields.The girls are now grown The mother is deceased, and the father has moved to the guest house and suffered from dementia He is a retired ornithologist Linnet the older sister , now oversees the management of the inn with her husband Ian, and twelve year old son, Hank The younger sister, Myrna left the small town life, years earlier and resides in Florida Why did she want to escape the memories She is very unsettled in her own personal life since Ben wants to get married and she does not believe in the institution, with no role models from her own childhood.Something happened when the girls were teens A tragedy A dark secret The sisters were once close and now estranged.As the book opens, it is their busiest season, and the geese are dead Everywhere Hundreds of them How could this have happened Linnet cannot have dead geese in the yard Pop the dad is seventy three and his mind is not what it once was He is called the Bird Man Pop had taught classes at the university years ago, and the inn was left to the mother Of course, with her depression mental illness , a lot of the work was left to the girls The girls have a lot of guilt from an event in the past.Of course, the dad is not sure this is a nightmare or reality with the geese.With another storyline, Jake is a reporter from Leigh Valley and sent to cover the story He also has ties with this town His dad died in a car accident years ago, and Jake was still not satisfied with the results of the investigation He thinks this may be a good time to kill two birds no pun intended Jake had found an old Nokia cell phone He was going to have a hacker try and locate the last phone number dialed The phone was found with his dad s body at the car crash What was his dad doing on a road in this town How is this family connected to his father s death The town makes national news, and Myrna returns home There is friction between her and her older sister In the meantime, the professor who gets called in to investigate the birds death helping the father since he is too old , turns up dead Then fish The father is the prime suspect , and his best friend Charlie is the chief of police, putting him in an awkward position Pop loved the birds as well as the townspeople They relied on the birds to bring tourists and money into the town With panic from everyone, not only do they have a crisis on their hand, now a murder They cannot allow their father to be charged with the murder In the meantime, the closer Jake gets to solving the case of his father, the the two sisters fear their long hidden secret will be unraveled They are not speaking to one another Keeping secrets can become deadly and stay with you through life As the investigation unfolds, the sisters must confront one another and their hidden past Karen keeps you hooked from the first page to the last turning the pages with several different mysteries and suspense going on at the same time The most intriguing storyline is the mother and the girl s past and how they are intertwined possibly with Jake s father The author also crosses some moral lines and proposes some thought provoking questions As in her first book, the author delves into the complexities of interpersonal relationships, families, and the parallels between land and life An ideal choice for book clubs and further discussions Fans of Mary Alice Monroe and David Bell will enjoy, this well written complex yet powerful family saga of sisters, combined with nature and lush settings Interview with the Author The Big Thrill A special thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for an early reading copy cover love JDCMustReadBooks Check out RIVER BODIES Coming Nov 1, 2019 and my QA With the Author.

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    Linnet grew up in the small town of Mountain Springs, Pennsylvania where she now lives with her husband and continues to run the family bed and breakfast Linnet s father was always known as the bird man around town since he spent his life studying birds as a ornithology professor Now retired and starting to suffer from dementia Linnet s father still lives in the guest house with Linnet caring for him One day they awaken to find that hundreds of geese have fallen from the sky and the town turns to the former professor to help solve the mystery of why they died A current professor is sent out to collect samples and run tests but is found on the property dead the next morning and Linnet s father is suddenly a suspect having been the last to see the man With reporters circling and police investigating Linnet calls in her sister Myna to come visit The sisters however have somewhat of a strained relationship due to family secrets that have been buried for years but now it s time for them to come together for the sake of their father The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur is a bit of an emotional suspense read There is a lot of family issues between the sisters along with some buried secrets to uncover all the while dealing with the mystery of the dead geese and then the mystery of what had happened to the young professor that had been brought in to help This one was quite touching to me having dealt with dementia with my own grandmother I immediately became attached to Linnet s father as he had his good times and bad during the story With so much going on in this story it never became dull and always had my attention as the characters grew on me and Both the past and present mysteries were not too terribly hard to figure out but the answers still somewhat crept up on me as I was also involved in the characters lives and emotions I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    The beautiful cover and the intriguing blurb made me curious about the book I love reading books about estranged sisters, secrets in the past and I especially I love books set in small towns The title The Sisters of Blue Mountain also intrigue me very much I took me, to be honest, quite some time to get into the book It just didn t feel that intriguing as I had hoped it to be and first did I have a hard time connecting with the characters However, I did not give up and I m glad to say that the book got better Still, the story is a bit predictable, the secret not so surprising and the conclusion on the death of the professor was predictable Still, I did come to like the book and as the story progressed What made the story interesting was the bond between the sister, Linnet, and Myna, and the shared secret that in the end came to drive them apart Growing up with a mother that was depressed was hard on them, and Linnet did in many ways become Myna s mother And, now with the death of the snow geese s is Myna returning home for the first time in five years and it s interesting to see how the sisters because of everything that s going on have to deal with the past I loved both the present story on how they have to cope with everything that s going on as through flashbacks the past is revealed The Sisters of Blue Mountain did not start off strong, but in the end, it was a book that I came to enjoy reading I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review

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    A longer review is available on my blog really didn t read like a mystery for me I would categorize it as women s fiction than a true mystery There are some questions that are raised in the book but it moved so slowly that it felt like women s fiction or literary fiction There were also not too many shockers in the book, either The reader is kind of led to the answer to what the secret that Linnet and Myna have kept from the very beginning and there were a lot of hints dropped about who killed the professor The characters were not that interesting, with the exception of Dr Jenkins He is such a likeable character and the only shocker in the end is who Dr Jenkins is and what he really understands about the world The story was an interesting one but the story just moved too slowly and the writing was not suspenseful enough to make me want to put this one on my list of favorite books It is not a bad book, I was just a bid bored by it I think it would be enjoyed by a reader who frequently reads women s fiction and some lighter, less suspenseful mysteries Thank you to Netgalley and St Martin s Press for an advanced copy of this book All opinions are my own.

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    GNAB I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, Karen Katchur, and St Martin s Press in exchange for an honest review Thank you all, for sharing your work with me This is a very interesting novel, a fast read with subplots that include elder care and dementia, the world of Canadian Snow Geese, life in Pennsylvania s Pocono mountains, and the tendency of oldest sisters to micromanage everything, especially younger sisters I am the oldest sister of four I understand that part very well The mystery here is quite interesting but not necessarily the focus of the story I loved the way the personalities were portrayed, flaws and all This is a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and will watch for from Karen Katchur pub date April 4, 2017St Martin s Press

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    Spring came early the year the birds fell from the sky That s the opening line of Karen Katchur s new novel, THE SISTERS of BLUE MOUNTAIN ThomasDunne St.MartinsPress Suddenly, hundreds of snow geese migrating from Pennsylvania to Canada, are dropping dead all over the property of Linnet Jenkins Bed and Breakfast and washing up on the dam This is at the height of the season when tourists come to stay at the BB, specifically see the birds, tens of thousands of them fly overhead, creating a snow globe appearance.Soon the media is all over the small town Her father, Dr Henry Jenkins, a well respected bird expert, past his prime is being hounded by reporter s questions he has no answers to A young, ambitious professor from the University is brought in to take over for him The story goes national and after seeing it in Florida on TV, estranged sister and daughter, Myna comes to town.In addition to facing the current turmoil in their lives, the sisters are forced to look back and reconcile with a serious mistake that they made together as teenagers Did they commit a crime Was it morally wrong Does the fact they were teenagers make it okay Was the way they grew up a cause Writing a novel about sisters always poses a unique set of possibilities and potential landmines for the writer There s the shared intimacy, the potential for jealousy, envy, the list goes on, but what I find most interesting is, what is not spoken or communicated Sisters have a distinct way of just knowing that no one outside that bond understands It s subtle, but Karen creates it between Linnet and Myna She walks a fine line, but is able to capture the reconciliation, which I really didn t think was going to be possible and it s real.A lot goes on in THE SISTERS of BLUE MOUNTAIN but the focus for me was the relationship between the sisters and the takeaway was don t let anything come between sisters Karen Katchur holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University and a Masters of Education degree from East Stroudsburg University She is an active member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two children She enjoys running and tennis and playing with her flat coat retriever, Tucker and her cat, Carly.

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    Maybe 2.5 I thought this book was so S L O W moving and very predictable others seemed to really have liked it with all the 4 and 5 star reads. oh well..

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    This is a quick and enjoyable read, just what I was looking for and why I like to mix some women s fiction into my mystery thrillers reads Kutcher pulls the reader in from the first moment a snow goose falls from the sky and lands in the dam near Linnet s BB With the spring migration come tourists to this sleepy mountain town A dam filled with dead snow geese will have a huge economic impact on the community Answers are needed and the town turns to Linnet s father, retired ornithologist Henry Jenkins The professor is struggling with early signs of dementia, and Linnet and her husband call for help to the nearby college for assistance Events will lead to the arrival of Myna, Linnet s estranged sister and a reporter with connections to this part of Pennsylvania he intends to follow up while following this unusual event for his newspaper I enjoyed the foreshadowing the author uses throughout the story She draws the reader in wondering what the reasons are for Myna s inability to commit to a relationship and what horrific event s in the past led to the riff in this family The reporter, Jake, carries a lot of unresolved grief of his own and a need to find out the true story behind his father s death I didn t have to think too hard about the reasons behind a good portion of the drama and that was fine with me Events from the past shape the people and their relationships in the present I enjoyed watching the story unfold An author to add to my must read list I m on a roll in 2017.ARC received from publisher in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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    Suspense that squeezes the heart Karen Katchur s second novel is superb Excellent writing that kept me on the edge of the cliff throughout the story of tragedy and secrets The secrets that separates Linnet and Myna are heart wrenching but were made while young in attempt to keep their family together as they watched their mother s decline into the dark reaches of depression.

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    Linnet and Myna haven t seen each other in years The sisters were really close when they were children, but something in their past changed their relationship and now they hardly speak Linnet is still living in their hometown Mountain Springs, where she s running a bed and breakfast She s crazy about her husband and son and is looking after Pop, her increasingly forgetful father Myna has left and never wants to live in the small town again She hasn t visited in years, but an incident makes her come back home for a short while How will the sisters take seeing each other again The bed and breakfast is near a dam and each year the dam attracts large flocks of geese, which is a popular attraction that fills Linette s rooms Pop used to be an ornithology professor, but his failing mind forced him to stop working at the university he loved so much When dead geese are being found by the dam, Mountain Springs is hot news all of a sudden Why did the birds die A professor is there to research the case and a journalist shows than just a regular interest in the sisters A murder destroys the balance even Especially since Pop seems to be the only one who knows what happened When the truth is coming to light Linnet and Myna need each other than ever, will they be able to set their differences aside The Sisters of Blue Mountain is a gripping story about family, deceased birds, a terrible death and secrets of the past I was immediately intrigued by everything that s happening in and around Linnet s bed and breakfast I loved how Karen Katchur makes the past and present come together There s a lot going on in the lives of Linnet and Myna and spending time with each other for the first time in years, doesn t make it easier for the sisters to overcome their problems There s a lot of pain and there are plenty of unresolved issues that they have to deal with, while also trying to find a way out of their present situation The dead birds are bad for business, they gather a lot of unwanted media attention and the situation gets out of hand completely when the area close to the dam becomes a crime scene I loved this amazing chaos, especially since Karen Katchur is in complete control all the time She s written a story that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end Karen Katchur has a fabulous descriptive writing style that completely captivated me She knows how to work with suspense and the result is a fantastic thrilling story with many surprising twists and turns I enjoyed reading about Mountain Springs and the beauty nature has to offer Unfortunately sometimes gorgeousness can turn into ugliness and that is an excellent basis for a story The combination of a natural process that has somehow failed, together with a suspicious death and plenty of tension in one family makes the experience complete I absolutely loved The Sisters of Blue Mountain, it s a terrific compelling story.

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